10 Apps to keep you safe while travelling – Part 1

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Though no app in the world can give you 100% security, there are a few travel safety apps that offer you a whole lot of benefits. What’s better than keeping your kith and kin informed of your location and alerting them if you get to face any problem during the course of your trip. There are a host of other useful apps that notifies traveller of inclement weather, security, disease or any other unforeseen circumstances on your trip. Just ensure you have an affordable and reliable mobile connection throughout the trip. Here are some of the best travel safety apps online for your kind reference:



StaySafe is the perfect GPS tracker app for both personal as well as lone worker’s security and protection. The iPhone and Android version-app comes secured with a GPS tracker that automatically texts or emails your contacts (marked as emergency) if you do not check-in safely when you are a lone traveller. The app is most useful when your exact GPS location is made known to your contacts for them to locate you quickly.

2.Official State Department App

The free to download US State Department App, available for both iPhone as well as Android users, is the official State Department app when you are travelling in the US. The app is highly useful in that the travellers gain access to updated travel warnings, travel alerts, country info, US embassy locations, maps and several other essential features. 

3.CDC Apps

The CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) gives you a range of apps featuring as a perfect companion to CDC’s trusted website. (www.cdc.gov). There is a wealth of information you can access such as popular journals, health articles, social media information and timely health updates.

4.CDC TravWell App

This app helps you plans safely during international travel. Get access to vaccine recommendations that are destination-specific., a comprehensive checklist of the essentials of travel planning, vaccination recommendations that are destination-specific and tailored healthy travel packing list. You can also maintain a record of your immunization and medications, store travel document, set alerts and reminders on vaccine shots and keep a note of what to take as medicines while you are on the go.

5.TravelSafe Pro

This app provides you with country or regional specific critical information and ensures safety and security in a particular region. Built with up to 12 languages (at the time of writing), TravelSafe Pro features emergency numbers of all the countries, in addition to vital embassy info of your country for the touring destination or location.

Designed with a location-sensitive emergency service databases, the App rightly connects you to the assistance service you’re looking for, and more importantly when you need the most. Whether you’re planning a road trip with your friends or out on the roads for some milk, to Mexico for the vacation or just out boozing late, this app does a remarkably good job in providing you access to fire, police and ambulance services, your partner, your parents or your best buddy — just a single tap away all from one single interface. The app is a bag of mixed user reviews in the past; therefore do check the most recent reviews to know how it can actually prove useful to you.