20 travel blogs any traveller can’t be without – Part 2

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Travel folks, here is another bunch of travel blogs and websites for you to get some insightful and handy info and updates on the world of travel. Go on, keep reading.

 11. Fresh Off The Grid

Website: www.freshoffthegrid.com

Description: Founded by a traveller-couple, this is an excellent cooking resource for outdoor enthusiast.

image001  12. Carnets De Traverse

Website: www.carnets-de-traverse.com/blog/

Description:  Another creative outlet for travel photographers, travel writers and bloggers.

image003  13Meraviglia Paper

Website: www.meravigliapaper.com

Description:  An online travel mag aimed at travellers interested in fascinating, unique places with collection of stories, articles and reviews.

image005  14. Jungles in Paris

Website: www.junglesinparis.com

Description:  Not just another blog on nature and culture. It explores planet Earth in all its glory and diversity covering themes such as culture, craft, wildlife and geography.

image007  15. Roads & Kingdoms

Website: www.roadsandkingdoms.com

Description:  An award winning website, it is an independent journal of food, travel, politics and culture.

image009  16. Petite Passport

Website: www.petitepassport.com

Description:  A collection of some of the nicest (design) places on the earth, according to its founder, to inspire travellers around the world.

image011  17. Huckberry Journal

Website: https://huckberry.com/journal/

Description:  Want to buy some of the coolest travel gear at the best prices online, as well as read inspirational stories, at the same time? Then check this site out to find lot more.

image013  18.  Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Website: www.mrandmrssmith.com

Description:  Excellent resource in the form of hotel guide books and a website that takes one on a virtual tour around the most sizzling hotels in destinations around the globe.

image015  19. Camels and Chocolate

Website: www.camelsandchocolate.com

Description:  A traveller-author chronicles the experiences of her extensive travel around the world, with the best of the lot coming from American South and Latin America.image017  20. Cup of Jo

Website: www.cupofjo.com

Description:  A daily lifestyle site; one of the best blogs for women, you can find everything from fashion, design, beauty, food, travel, motherhood, relationships to lifestyle.


Did we miss a whole lot of other good travel sites? We strongly feel so. The internet is as a big as an ocean. Why don’t you write to us about your favourite travel site? Also, let us know why you like the site; there, of course, must be a reason to do so. We believe you like our collection of travel sites in this two-part blog series, and don’t forget to bookmark them on your browser, so that you may keep reading and keep coming to those sites for more. We will be adding more blog posts to our site for you to make the most of our writings.