September 2012

Things to do in Maldives

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The Maldives Island, bestowed in the bed of Indian Ocean, has been one of the most sought after holiday destinations. Maldives is popularly associated with the phrase ‘sunny side of life’. As the name rightly suggests it definitely brings out the sunny side of our life – entertainment, adventures, enjoyment; name it we have it. The island is the right place to chill out with family or for the honeymooners. It seems like God bestowed this place with the perfect back drop we long to have in life. The clear blue sky and the untouched clear deep blue water will draw us back to this wonderful island over and over again to relive our life. It is a place full of life where people sit and enjoy the beach and sunset with a cocktail in hand watching the fishes swim around the coral reef just a few steps away. It is a personal paradise one can choose to have.

Weather also seems like picture perfect to one’s eyes. The sunlit days and breezy nights make Maldives a dreamers land with the temperature at 30 degree Celsius. The temperature hardly changes which makes one’s life easier and simple. You need not waste time in packing – wow! The rare thunderstorm brings a welcome respite from the bright sunny day. The warm temperature still allows you to go for a stroll in the rainy weather – thoroughly a wonderful experience. To enjoy a more exhilarating experience, take a swim when it is drizzling – the sea will be extra warm.

Here are some of the things to do in Maldives:


Swimming with the unseen fishes and other underwater creatures which inhabit the Maldivian waters is a definite to do in list. Water sports is one of the most sought activities in Maldives. Enjoy water polo and surfing with friends.


To add beauty to the package one needs to experience some of the untouched island and conclude the day with safari.

Spa and wellness

Just listening to the calm wave sounds and nothing else itself is like music to the ears.The salt in the air and the feel of the white sand is so relaxing.

To add more to the fun one needs to enjoy the ultimate fish supper in Maldives. The menu runs tempting with spiced scallops and tuna sahimi to lobster fricassee. The names look interesting and so does the taste cooked to tick off one’s taste bud. Take the right chance to visit this small island of the world which is a treat to one’s eyes.

To enjoy and experience Maldives to the fullest, get in touch with a reliable travel agent who will arrange a tour package according to your budget and tastes.

A Visit to Dubai Shopping Festival

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The Dubai Shopping Festival is a paradise on earth for all shopaholics! It is not only an attraction for shopping enthusiasts, but a dream come true for the entire family as it has a mammoth array of entertainment and evening shows as well. The Dubai Shopping Festival kicked of in February 1996 and it has since then become an annual event which has been attracting hundreds of holiday makers from around the globe! It initially started off as a promotion event by the government to encourage trade and has grown bigger and better with each passing year!

Dubai Shopping Festival

It is called as “Layali Dubai” in Arabic and the festival runs for one month carrying the slogan “One Family, One World, One Festival”. The festival offers huge discounts, great deals and bargains on the most popular and best brands in the world. Since Dubai has low import duties and literally no taxation, the festival features the lowest prices ever! This is what makes Dubai the most enthralling shopping destination in the world during the Shopping Festival. In the year 2012, the festival attracted over two million visitors who indulged themselves in the shopping and cultural extravaganza.

The Dubai Shopping Festival 2012 was a melting pot of various types of entertainment that kept the entire family happy and satisfied! This year the festival kicked off with a scintillating opening night fireworks and lights show across the Dubai Creek. The festival featured international fashion shows, nightly fireworks, musical shows by leading international musicians, and cultural performances by world famous artists. It also had the Cartoon event which was a dream come true for children of all ages! The children enjoyed with their own Pokemon, Casper and Tarzan! The festival also had numerous daily cash prizes and daily car draws that had the entire crowd excited and thrilled! The festival also featured a mammoth array of gourmet and local food stalls that made a gourmand’s paradise!

The 2012 Dubai Shopping Festival carried the marketing slogan, “Dubai at it’s best” and the festival truly delivered on those terms! The massive success of the festival has been the encouraging factor to make the next edition even brighter and bigger. The festival dates of 2013 have been decided keeping in mind the dates of spring break in neighboring countries, so as to attract more and more people to the event! The major attractions to look out for in the coming year are tax-free shopping, attractive daily and weekly prizes such as the Lexus LX750 and 21 kilos of gold! Moreover, the committee has also a pipeline of cultural and entertainment shows planned throughout the event! The Dubai Shopping Festival is a once in a lifetime carnival experience that has added more glamour and allure to the city of Dubai!

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Best International Educational Destinations

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Educational tourism is a new and upcoming mode of imparting education, which initially was confined to within the four walls of a classroom! Educational tours are important as they have the ability to make a lasting impact and brings about a significant change in the student’s growth. It enables them to gain a better perspective and be appreciative of what education and the world has to offer them. It is a great opportunity to learn and understand the significance of various historical events at the place where it happened! It brings the entire classroom to life and enables the students to develop a stronger connection to the subject! Here are some of the popular educational tour destinations outside India:

United States of America: The U.S.A is an obvious pick, simply due to it’s diversity and life-altering advancements it has achieved in science and technology. A visit to the NASA can truly be an enriching experience for the student and helps them to better understand the developments that have been achieved in the areas of outer space and technology. Cities such as Boston and Philadelphia depict rich American history and culture. The Harvard Square, Harvard University and the JFK library will turn out to be great inspiration for the students. California in the west coast will be the best place to portray the tremendous advancements in electrical and electronic fields. No trip to the U.S will be complete without visiting the magnificent White House, Lincoln Memorial and the Capitol Hill in Washington D.C!

Italy: Italy is a scintillating country known not only for it’s serene scenic beauty, but for it’s fascinating history, heritage and culture as well. Italy is the most popular destination for student tours as it features some of the world’s best museums and monuments. There is so much of history and legacy associated with the Roman Colosseum and the Vatican City. Moreover, Italy is the abode of Renaissance art of world famous painters such as Leonardo Da Vinci. Italy is a great place to soak in history, culture and architecture!

United Kingdom: London is a premier educational tour destination as it boasts of some of world’s most famous personalities such as Shakespeare, Queen Elizabeth and the Beatles. It is the melting pot of various forms of art, literature, music, entertainment and rich legacy. A visit to the famous Big Ben, the Windsor Castle, Houses of Parliament and the Buckingham Palace will prove to be a truly royal experience for the students!

Spain: Spain is a very vibrant and unique country which is a melting pot of various cultures and this is clearly depicted through the various forms of art, people, cuisine and the infrastructure. It is home to some of the world’s most spectacular churches, museums, monuments, sculptures and cathedrals. Spain is a wonderful educational destination as students can get the feel of diverse kingdoms which have ruled the nation in the past. The tomato festival will add more fun to the tour and will be a memorable experience for the students.

Australia: Australia is a country that is popularly known for it’s rich flora, fauna and the diverse wildlife. An educational tour to Australia will be a great learning experience for the students about the rich diversity of wildlife and marine species of the island continent. Australia also has a very rich and interesting history and a contemporary culture that is unique to the land and can be completely understood only by visiting the native people of the country. It’s advancements in the area of sports is another lucrative point which enables students to combine sports studies along with history and culture as well. Visiting the Great Coral Reef will definitely be the most awe-inspiring moment of the trip!

Educational tours arranged by professional travel agencies are hassle-free and enables the students as well as teachers and organizers to completely focus on the learning experience and not worry about logistics and other travel issues!

Tips to Book Cheap Flight Tickets Online

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Traveling in flights has become very common these days. This is mainly due to the cheap air fares which make them more affordable. More people are attracted to choose flights as their travelling option because flights are faster and now they are cheaper. In order to get cheap flight tickets and the best value for money, there has to be some effort from the passenger side. Booking flight tickets online for a very low and competitive rate is not easy for the weary travelers. There is no real shortcut for locating cheap air fare tickets, hence it is essential that you shop around in the internet and check various sites to find the best deals and attractive pricing options. If you are really ready to save huge bucks on your flight tickets and when you are also willing to put some extra effort and time, then you will be rewarded big time.

Search and compare various sites – One primary rule to book cheap flights is that never book the first price you see. Check your dates and the options with various websites. Doing so will help you in gaining an overall idea about the pricing model and will help you in deciding better.

Change the dates, timing and switch airports – You can save a lot of money when you switch the dates just one day ahead or a day after the normal vacation. When you avoid major airports and choose other options to reach your destination, it will have a major impact on the ticket prices. Switching the timings of your travel also helps to reduce a significant amount of money.

Fly during the weekdays – Ticket prices hike up usually during the weekends since many people will be travelling in the same time. Travelling during the weekdays will help you gain attractive ticket prices.

Plan and book your tickets early – During vacations and the peak traveling season, the ticket fares sky rocket. The ticket prices increase as the holidays become imminent. Hence, it is essential that during these seasons you plan and book your tickets well in advance. When you are planning for international travel, booking tickets 3 to 6 months in advance will have a huge difference in the ticket prices. There are times at which you may get lucky in last minute deals, which leads into the next tip.

Buying tickets late – When the airline is not able to fill their flights they will announce some last minute deals, these prices will be reduced to half or even less. There are other airlines which release weekly newsletters in which they provide information about such last minute deals. If you are willing to withstand the suspense until the last minute then you will be able to find huge money savers.

Check for the deals and discounts –Sign up for alerts and notifications with the airlines and travel website. This will help you gain important information about the season sales, package deals and also many last minute deals.

How to Apply for U.S. Visa

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All those who wish to travel to the United States either for work, vacation, study, deputation or business reasons will have to obtain a required non-immigrant visa in order to enter the United States for temporary stay or an immigrant visa for permanent stay. There are different kinds of visa that are issued depending on the purpose of travel. It is important that the travelers clearly define the reason for their travel to the United States and apply for the correct type of visa. The different types are:

US Visa

B-1/B-2 Visa: This visa is issued to those who are traveling to the United States for vacation or holiday. B-2 is issued for those who come to the U.S for medical treatment.

F-1 Visa: The F-1 visa is applicable to students who are enrolled into educational institutions and universities in the U.S. F-2 visa should be applied for dependents and spouses of F-1 holders in order to travel to the United States.

H-1B Visa: H-1B is issued to professionals and specialists who have obtained job offers from specialized companies in the U.S. Their spouses and dependents will have to get H-4 visa to enter the U.S
Similarly L visas are issued to expatriates who come to the U.S on intra-company transfers. O visas are issued to foreign nationals with specialized skills in Science, Arts, Business or Athletics. Cultural Exchange visitors can travel to the U.S with a Q visa. Performing athletes, entertainers and artists are issued P visa so as to travel to the US.

Each of these visa categories requires a specific set of documentation to be submitted in order for the visa to be processed. Tourist visa applicants who are traveling to the U.S to visit family or friends will have to submit an invitation letter, copy of sponsor’s passport and visa along with their financial documents as proof that they will return to their country after their visit. Other tourists who are visiting just for tourism will have to submit a copy of their tickets, hotel accommodation confirmation and their itinerary. People who are going on business or work reasons have to document proof of their employment and approval forms from USCIS.

Apart from these, all applicants have to submit certain mandatory documents. They are:

Passport with minimum 6 months validity.

3 Photos – 50 mm * 50 mm with white background, no spectacles.
Financial Documents – Bank Account Statements, I.T papers.
Fee receipt showing payment made to set-up appointment at the Consulate.

It always helps to make use of a professional travel agency for visa purposes. They pay the required visa fee on our behalf and also clearly indicate the documents required and set up appointment dates on our behalf without any hassle. They also give detailed instructions as to how to answer in the visa interview at the Consulate and ensure that we are successful in obtaining the visa required for out travel to the United States.

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