October 2012

Tips to Book Indian Railway Tickets Online

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India is home to some of the most prominent destinations and every day, hundreds and thousands of people travel across different cities within the country for various reasons. The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited (IRCTC) has trains serving the length and breadth across the country, and helps the citizens enjoy India’s outback, regional areas, coastal towns and cities in comfort. Being the most cost effective mode of travel, the Indian Railways continues to be the mode of preference for a majority of the travelers. It has also been the first choice for transfer of commodities and goods.
Indian Railway Tickets OnlineThe launch of the IRCTS website a few years ago has made it possible for travelers to book tickets online. However, the task seems to be a daunting one for many. Here are a few tips that will help you book Indian railway tickets online in an efficient and cost-effective manner:

Registering as a new user – Booking tickets online through the IRCTC website involve user registration as the first step. Ensure you provide accurate name and correspondence address with valid mobile number. If you need to avail the SMS service, it is essential that you enter the correct mobile number. It is advisable to maintain only one account at a time; those with multiple accounts can experience termination of one or all accounts.

Decide between i-Tickets and e-Tickets – Online reservation lets you book i-Tickets and e-Tickets. After booking, i-Tickets are couriered to the address specified by the passenger while e-tickets are available immediately to be taken as a printout. While e-tickets can be booked on the same day till a certain point of time, i-ticket can be booked anytime before three days from the date of journey. Assess your situation and decide the type of ticket you need to book.

Booking in advance – It is always better to book rail tickets as early as possible. Tickets can disappear very quickly, especially during holiday season and even weekends. You may book tickets up to three months early before the date of travel.

Booking in Tatkal quota – The Tatkal quota opens up at 10 am sharp in the IRCTC website. Occupy your computer half an hour before and stay active in the website to ensure your session does not expire or get timed out. You can save time by auto-filling captchas and keeping train and passenger details ready.

Syncing the date and timings – A simple yet important point to make is synching the date and time between your computer and the IRCTC website.

Emperor Traveline operates a central ticket terminal and offers on spot ticket reservations and confirmations. With a single telephone call to us, you can easily book your train tickets to any destination within a few minutes.

Visit Best Wildlife Sanctuaries in India

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India, the abode of heritage and culture also takes pride in its vast awe-inspiring beauty of flora and fauna. Our country is abundantly blessed with an unimaginable wild home for a vast range of uncommon animals. Such regions are protected by the Indian government and they are none other than the wild life sanctuaries. Being a home that serves to the fabulous wildlife sanctuaries and national parks, India is indeed a spot that can be called the nature lover’s paradise. The country’s untouched landscape invites the enthusiast into its rich wildlife ensuring that they have a different experience each time.

Wildlife Sanctuary

There are around over four hundred wildlife sanctuaries and eighty national parks in India. Visiting these sanctuaries which are spread from north to southern part of India is something that one should not miss during a holiday season. To help a traveler plan his or her trip, here is a list of the top five best wildlife sanctuaries that are waiting to be explored.

1. Rathambore National Park, Rajasthan: Tiger lovers would go spell bound visiting this park. Royal Bengal tigers are found roaming free. Once the hunting ground of the royal Rajasthan Kings, the Rathambore National Park today is considered as one of the major tourist attractions in the country that inspires every wild life photographer. Tigers are spotted throughout the day.

2. Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand: Proudly celebrating the completion of 75 years, this park invites over 75,000 visitors ever year. It is opened from 15th November to 15th June. The rest of the year is closed as a result of the monsoon season. Also known as the Land of the Trumpet, Roar and Song, its breath taking landscapes and wildlife is a worth an experience. The residents of this forest are the Asiatic Elephants, Bengal Tigers and about 600 species of the richest birds. It is great bondage one shares with the nature.

3. Bandhavgarh National Park, Madhya Pradesh: Nestled in the Vindhyas of Madhya Pradesh, this park was once the home of majestic white tigers. Named after an ancient that was built in the region, the park was once the hunting ground for the Reva kings of Jabalpur. Riding on an elephant back, one can easily wander through the forest spotting some tigers and other wild life attractions like the Wild Boar, Chinkara, Chital, and sometimes a jackal or a Fox. It is a place where the serene nature embraces the wild.

4. Periyar National Park, Kerala: Set in the mountains of the Western Ghats in God’s own country, this place is the home of Tigers, Indian Bisons and the Wild Boars. Its great scenic charm gives the visitor an utmost satisfaction.

5. Kaziranga National Park, Assam: This Park located in the lush lap of Mother Nature in Assam, is shelter to the one horned Rhinoceros. A ride by the river would be a wonderful means to spot lovely dolphins. Also known as the birding paradise, this park will definitely be worth the trip.

Wild life enthusiasts and nature lovers should grab this opportunity and put on their ranger’s hat and reach out to the travel agent who would make this trip a memorable and a safe one with cherishing memories carried back home.

Diwali Holiday Travel Deals & Packages

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Diwali is fast approaching and along with the season comes holidays and the time for merriment. If you are looking to take a break and tour during the holidays, check out the exclusive Diwali holiday travel deals and packages from Emperor Traveline. With our range of exciting local and international destinations, you can be sure to get your fill of Diwali cheer. Our tailor-made packages cater to all budgets and interests. All you have to do now is choose where to go.

Diwali Tour Package14th Nov. 2012 – Thailand Tour 4 Nights / 5 Days

• (Bangkok 2 Nights & Pattaya 2 Nights)
• Departure from Bangalore

Thailand is one of the most vibrant Southeastern Asian countries. Bangkok, the capital and largest city and chief port of Thailand is well known for its typical Buddhist architecture. The city has been a dream destination for shopaholics and food lovers. Bangkok is home to some of the most contemporary architecture including temples and buildings in Asia. Pattaya is an ever-green destination to experience sun soaked mornings and cool evenings in sparkling blue beaches. Our Thailand tour package gives you the opportunity to enjoy the beauty and splendor of these leading cities.


14th Nov. 2012 – Uzbekistan Tour 3 Nights / 4 Days

• (Tashkent 3 Nights)
• Departure from Coimbatore

This landlocked republic in west central Asia is emerging to become a popular tourist destination. Uzbekistan brims with architectural monuments and places of interests to adventure options and cultural tourism. The capital city Tashkent has its own unique flavor. It brings together medieval buildings, wonderful European architecture, and modern skyscrapers. The diverse restaurants in the city not only offer delicious cuisine but are also renowned for stylish food presentation, beautiful interiors, and perfect service. Experience an unforgettable Uzbekistan family tour with our convenient 3 nights 4 days package.

15th Nov. 2012 – Dubai Tour 3 Nights / 4 Days

• Departure from Chennai

Dubai is a place like no other. This port city of the United Arab Emirates offers a kaleidoscope of must-visit destinations and attractions, letting you transcend from the lively bustle of the souk to the timeless tranquility of the deserts. Dubai has and is experiencing a fantastic pace of development, making it one of the luxurious and ultra-modern cities in the world. Futuristic skyscrapers such as the Burj Al-Arab and Emirates Towers dominate the skyline. Embark on our 3 nights 4 days tour to Dubai and we promise you an experience of a lifetime!

16th Nov. 2012 – Malaysia & Singapore Tour 5 Nights / 6 Days

• (Kuala Lumpur 1 Night, Genting Highland 1 Night, Johor Baru 1 Night & Singapore 2 Nights)
• Departure from Chennai

If you are considering a trip outside India, Malaysia and Singapore are one among the best international destinations. The Garden City of Singapore has proven to be a remarkable line between the West and the East, and has been radiating with the warmth and friendliness of Asia. Singapore is great for honeymooners and is ideal for family vacations too. Malaysia is the home to some of the finest beach destinations in the world. It offers an abundance of natural beauty and fascinating tourist attractions. Our 5 nights 6 days tour package to Singapore and Malaysia give you ample opportunities to experience and enjoy best of the two worlds.

22nd Nov. 2012 – China & Sri Lanka Tour 8 Nights / 09 Days

• (Beijing 3 Nights, Shanghai 3 Nights & Colombo 2 Nights)
• Departure from Trichy

What an exciting combination China and Sri Lanka are! Our package takes you through the crème of China – the capital Beijing and the sizzling Shangai. China is an interesting mix of different destinations. Some places are renowned for their history, a few others are bestowed with very colourful ethnic features; some boast picturesque landscapes while some are economically prosperous. Sri Lanka, the tropical paradise of South Asia is gifted with a rich heritage, stunning beaches, beautiful landscape, cultural beauty, and an amazing island spread.

Out tour packages are flexible and we try our best to accommodate the specific requirements of our customers. For more information on our tour packages, please get in touch with us.

Europe Tour Packages

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Europe is one of the seven continents in the world. Europe is a place where you can see people of diverse culture, rich history and traditions. Ancient Greece in Europe is considered to be the birthplace of Western civilization. Europe has a prominent place in the global affairs and has huge importance when it comes to the world economy. The continent is bordered by the Arctic Ocean in the North, Mediterranean Sea in the South, Black Sea in south east and in the west by the Atlantic Ocean. It stands second in the list of continents that have the smallest surface area and is the third most populated continent after Asia and Africa. It has 50 countries within the continent, out of which Russia is the largest.

European history in brief

In the pre historical period, the earliest civilization traces were found in Europe. The Homo Erectus Georgics (upright man) lived in Georgia about 1.8 million years ago. Europe is also the place where the Neanderthals lived and became extinct. Ancient Greece which was the birthplace of the Western civilization has a profound impact in the policies of the western nation such as individualistic culture and also the principles of democratic nature. Romans also have their share of being the major influencing factor on Europe. The continent as a whole has its part during all the ages such as the early age, middle age and the modern age as well.

Tourism in Europe

It can be said that the more than half of the top destinations in the world for tourism are in Europe. The place also has a wide array of honey moon areas which are unmatched and exclusive. The place is filled with breathtaking sceneries filled with pristine nature, architectural marvels, tranquil beaches, historical monuments and scenic coastlines.
Some of the must see places in Europe:

London – One of the most spectacular places on earth! You can find places where you can soak into culture, art, and history. There are places like the London Eye, British Museum, Madame Tussauds, Tower of London and many more o keep you busy all day long.

Italy – It is one city where you can stay for a year and still feel that you have barely seen anything. Amazing historical places, extra-ordinary art, mouthwatering food and what not, this place has so much to offer.

Paris, France – One of the top tourist destinations, every traveler will make it a point to visit the major places in Paris. It includes the Eiffel tower, Louvre, Notre Dame and the list goes on. The tourists can also find some of the best wines in the world here.

Barcelona, Spain – This is a must see place for the architectural lovers. The place consists of medieval wonders of the Romans. You will be able to find architectures in a fanciful way all around the city.

Istanbul – The place has a mix of various cultures due to its positioning. The tourists can spot a potpourri of Greek, Roman, Ottoman and Byzantine architectures all over the town.

Europe has more than 68,000 attractions and also many places to be visited such as Switzerland, Rome, Florence, Prague, Berlin, Dublin and the list is endless. It is the perfect destination for family and couples looking for an unforgettable vacation.