February 2013

South Africa Tour

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Tourism in South Africa has been increasing since 2012 and about 16.8%of Indians are spotted touring South Africa in the same year. Diverse, rich, and ancient cultural heritage, landscape, wildlife, vineyards, the mighty Victoria Falls and the Zambia River and the remains of medieval period are worth seeing. Here is a short list of what one can experience during a trip to South Africa.

South Africa tour

Cape Town

Cape Town, the “Mother City”, is a spectacular place at the tip of South Africa, hosting a picturesque landscape, sandy beaches, magnificent mountains, national parks, and the best wine. This beautiful peninsula is bordered with steep cliffs that give us a breathtaking view. A trip to Cape Town is never fulfilled without a coastal ride. South Africa holds third in its richest bio-diversity. The Cape of Good Hope natural reserves and the world-renowned Kristenbosch Botanical gardens are a must-see. You will be able to watch the mighty “big-5”, say African elephants, the majestic Lion, Rhinoceros, Leopard, and the Buffalo. You can also witness the African Penguins in its own reserve at the Boulders Beach. Moreover, do not forget to shop at the Hout Bay craft market, in the village of Hout Bay, which is sandwiched between the lush green mountains and the silent ocean.

To take pleasure in the abundant flora and fauna and the most amazing panorama of Cape Town, is the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway. Touring at the Malay Quarter, and Milnerton must be a pleasure. Another important site to visit is the Cape Town Diamond museum that unfolds the story of a diamond. It also houses the samples of well-known Kimberlite rock, which is more than billions of years old.


Johannesburg is the second largest city in Africa, with so much to explore. Be it the culture, wild life, shopping, there is something interesting for everyone. The unique Gold Reef City here has a theme park and casinos to enjoy the tour. The sightseeing in a train ride is a unique experience. Love Africa and its culture through the museums, zoo, lake, botanical garden and so on. You can buy souvenirs and handicrafts from the crafts village at the African Craft Market. What is a trip to South Africa without a trip to the gold mine? Johannesburg is the Gold Capital of the world. Witness the pure gold in the Level 5 mine at the only remaining gold mine within the city limits. The gold pour and molten gold are never to be missed out.

Sun City

The luxurious holiday resort in South Africa is the most famous “Sun City” with plentiful entertainment and many exciting activities for kids. Various other amenities include casinos, sports facilities, Cascades Hotel, Madikwe Safari Lodge, and Game reserve, or visit at the Valley of Waves.

Emperor Traveline and the South African Tour

Emperor Traveline offers an ever memorable trip to this wonderful land of South Africa, starting from 24th April to 8th May ; the season most loved and enjoyable at Cape Town beaches. Enjoy 3 nights at Cape Town, witnessing the amazing beaches and wild life. Do not forget to visit the Big 5 while at your 2-night stay at world-renowned Kruger National Park. Enjoy the Sun City Resort and Gold mine at Johannesburg. Never miss out the African tribal dance at the mine.

Visit South African Tour Packages from Emperor Traveline. You can reaches us using contact form or call Coimbatore: +91 422 4500 600 / 2551171 Chennai: +91 442 8525022

Ladakh Travel Tips

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Ladakh, the mesmerizing heaven on earth, is at the Indus Valley at a very high altitude of the Himalayan ranges. What makes this cold, arid, and barren, desert, an epitome of unfathomable beauty is the scenic silence of nature with large snow capped mountains, glaciers, lakes, streams, strips of lush greenery, and unspoiled rich cultural heritage. However, this most wanted magical place on earth experiences scorching heat in summers and freezing cold in winters. To manage these drastic climatic changes, you must be aware of the weather, the best season to reach Ladakh, essentials to carry with and so on. This article on travel tips on Ladakh will guide you for an unforgettable adventure journey to Ladakh.

LadakhWeather and Tips

Due to the extreme chill climate during winter, with temperatures falling below -20 °C, Ladakh is closed to visitors in the months of November to February. Summers experience scorching heat with colder nights. As a rain shadow region, Ladakh receives an annual rainfall of 6”.
In summers, you can carry cotton wear for the daytime and trekking activities; still one needs warmer clothing during the night.
The best time to visit Ladakh is the monsoon season from June to September, as the area receives sparse rainfall. You can enjoy a warm climate, occasional showers, and chill winds. Trekking shoes, extra sandals, wind sheets, rain coats are essential.

Altitude and Precautions

As Ladakh is situated at a very high altitude of 3000 m above mean sea level, altitude sickness due to low oxygen level is most common. Some symptoms include headache, nausea, irregular breathing, fatigue, etc. To overcome this, some basic precautions to follow are:

• Drinking warm water at regular intervals
• Adequate rest for first two days
• While trekking, do not exert too mush strain on yourself
• Spend little time at high altitude passes
• Within one or two days, your body will get used to low oxygen and later you can spend your time with lots of ease.

Do not miss the activities

Trekking at Ladakh’s glaciers is the most adventurous and exciting activity in the whole of the world. As the trekking season starts from June, one can plan the visit during this period. Those not keen on long trekking can opt for short treks and visit monuments and monasteries. Adequate warm water and woolen clothing is essential even during trekking.
Mountaineering in the accessible peaks is another great activity that adventure lovers would enjoy. However, foreigners will need permission from the Indian Mountaineering Foundation.

Your adventure journey to this remote and most wanted place is incomplete without experiencing river rafting at the deep canyon and roaring white waters of Indus and Zanskar. Those experiencing river rafting for the first time can choose the stretch from Spituk to Karu. A guide’s help is always advisable.

Chief attractions at Ladakh

Buddhist monasteries, Leh palace, Hall of Fame, Palaces of Shey and Sto, Museum, and Shanti stupa are not to be missed out.

Dos and Don’ts

• Do not use plastic bags.
• Never litter waste and dispose them effectively by burning or burying.
• Do not photograph the local nomads without permission.
• In national parks, never try to disturb the wild life.
• Always carry a water bottle.
• Try to book tickets and accommodation in advance.

Top Beaches for tourists in India

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India has the most amazing beaches in the world. As a peninsular country, India is bounded by Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal, and Indian Ocean, with the largest coastline having the stunningly breathtaking magnificent beaches. For tourists who want to treat themselves with the scenic beauty of the beaches, India offers the secluded, pristine beaches and even the most surprising holiday beaches that host a lot of action and adventurous water sports. Here is a list of top beaches for tourists in India.

Beaches in India

Beaches at Goa

The world famous Goa lying on the west coast of India is known as the land of the beaches. The clear silver sand, fresh air, palm trees, and the wonderful scenic beauty makes Goa beaches a most sought after destination for all tourists. Goa enjoys a tropical climate all round the year. The most popular beaches in Goa are the Baga Beach, Arambol beach, Colva, Marjim, Calungate, and Anjuna Beaches. With loads of water sports, traditional Goan cuisines, tastier sea foods, beach parties, spas, or even the other way round, for those seeking solitude and relaxing time in pristine beauty, these magical Goa beaches are the best.

Daman beaches

The Union territory of Daman is home to the most famous Jampore and Devka beaches. These beaches are mildly populated and the serenity of the area is well maintained. The rocky beaches and black sand are picturesque assets of Devka beach. The sea facing spas and restaurants offer the tourists a breathtaking view of the vicinity. Tourists will find absolute pleasure in the boat rides and can take cruises to view the mind blowing sunrise and sunsets. Kids enjoying pony riding is a wonderful sight.

Panambur Beach at Mangalaore

Mangalore beaches are a paradise for peace seeking tourists throughout the year. The idyllic environment, the shady trees, and the silvery sand makes the Ullal and Panambur beaches the most sought-after locations for honeymoon couples and other tourists. The Kaupu and the Someshwar beaches are also equally astounding. The view of the sunset from the hill is marvelous.

Rishikonda Beach at Vishakapatnam

It is a must-see beach for all the beach lovers. The ride along the beach road from Kailashgiri hills to the beach is exciting with chill winds blowing on our faces. The sea view from the Kailashgiri hills is amazing. Isolated from the city’s hustle and rustle, it is a place of solitude for the honeymooners.

Marina Beach at Chennai

The second longest beach in the world is the Marina beach along the Bay of Bengal. This most popular beach among the locals and international tourists is also known for the crowds of joggers and those enjoying pleasant walk along the beach. Swimming pool, skating ring, horse riding, and lot of other entertaining activities draws the crowd to this beach. Elliot’s beach and Covelong beach are other beaches in Chennai where one can enjoy peaceful ambience and relax themselves.

Chandipur beach at Orissa

This is the most amazing and a unique beach in India, where the seawater recede nearly 5Km everyday and then returns back to the shore early in the morning. The tourists can take a walk into the sea, as the gentle waves always remain calm. Once the water is disappeared, they can walk back to the shore or even enjoy a jeep ride. The chill winds of the Casuarina trees, the red crabs that enjoy the mushy seabed, and the abundant seashells are mesmerizing sights you can witness when you walk into the sea.

How to Find Best Visa Agent?

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Are you travelling abroad? Do you like to know about the essential visa requirements and do you want to get through legal formalities? It is obvious that the process of application and documentation is tedious, daunting, and time consuming. To simplify the process and to get valid visa in a trouble free manner, acquiring the services of a recognized visa agent is utmost essential. The process of applying for the visa, th3e required forms, and the visa fee varies depending on the country to which you are travelling to. An experienced visa agent will take you through the complete process, right from advising you on how to collect the required documents and preparing you for the interview with the consulate to delivering the documents from the consulate location to your doorstep. If you are in the verge of looking for a trustworthy visa agent, here is a quick review to help you find a reputable visa agent.

Visa AgentChoose a wise visa agent who will advice you and even help you to arrange your visa requirements and sort out all your legal formalities.
• Check whether the agent is registered with the government or whether they have an exempt from license. Each country has certain unique regulations to be a visa agent and they must abide by the laws and code of conduct.
• Secondly, check out the years of experience, academic and professional qualifications of the agent in this field.
• Get to know about the reputation of the concern from friends and relatives.
• In addition, research online and research the visa service provider.
• Then, go for an initial consultation and understand the happenings of the firm, whether they have enough clientele or just you.
• Find the varieties of services they provide for visa processes and get the cost involved for all the services. Compare the service charges with that of other firms.
• Clarify all the doubts and never assume anything.
• Get written records about the commitments they provide.
• Never pay full amount prior to work completion.
• Do not sign blank documents.
• Discover what a service provider can do and know his limits. Do not fall prey to fraud service providers.
Apart from what is said above, you will have to do little research online about the laws, types of visas, availability of forms, submission dates, formats, passport validity of visas, and arrange other documents like copy of round trip flight tickets, sufficient bank balance, vaccination proofs, etc. Check the department website and the concerned country’s website and collect all the required information, even before going to the service provider. These are just a few of tips and document requirements for obtaining a visa. A trusted visa agent will be able to guide you throughout the documentation process.
Online visa application process is better and comfortable but not in all means. Protect yourself from frauds and scam and with a little extra service charge. With Emperor Traveline, you go hassle-free in the hands of an experienced and trusted visa service provider.

Trip to Andaman and Nicobar islands

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Andaman and Nicobar islands, one of the most exotic of islands and popularly termed as “Veritable Garden of Eden”, is an archipelago of more than 500 islands in the Bay of Bengal. The tranquillized beauty of the oceans together with gleaming silvery beaches and fantastic coral reefs attract numerous tourists to this marvelous place throughout the year. Here is what you need to know about these islands!
Andaman & NicobarCultural Heritage

Apart from the Andamanese people, one will be able to see the aboriginal “Jarawas”, and “Sentinalese” who are the tribal people of Andaman Islands. Comprising mostly of these isolated and serene tribal groups, this place is still mysterious and untouched by the fast moving world and other external cultural influences.


Historical places

You can find the historical remnants of British rule at Viper and Ross islands. Cellular jail at the Andaman Islands is a must-see destination. The Palm Beach at Corbyn’s Cove has the ruins of Japanese bunkers. The Samudrika museum and Anthropological museum are some of the other famous places to visit.


Active volcanoes at Barren islands and inactive or extinct volcano at Narcondam islands are must-see places during this trip.

Splendid Islands

Neil islands and Havelock islands are other beautiful islands with thick forests and sandy, isolated beaches. Nature loving tourists will have a joyous time at Andaman and Nicobar islands.

Coral Watch

You can enjoy the oceans and the rich marine life travelling in glass-bottomed boats. There are also numerous passenger ferries to take the tourists to each island.

Sight Seeing

Port Blair is the capital, a port city of Andaman Islands. The important places to visit are the Mahatma Gandhi National Marine Park, Sippighat farm, and coastal mangrove forests. The swamp and rivers host the famous salt-water crocodiles, which sometimes are spotted in the sea. Little Andaman Island and Andaman Strait are two of the islands where you can find numerous crocodile populations.

Things to Do

Adventure activities

Surfing, para-sailing, snorkeling, swimming, scuba diving, deep blue sea diving, sea cow spotting, ferry rides, coral watch in glass bottomed boats, are some joyous activities you can enjoy. Enjoy jungle trekking and overnight camping at the dense forest of the region. Another great ride through the Grand Trunk Road, takes you to the dense forests and you get to spot the Jarawa tribes of Andaman.

Mouth watering menu

Do not forget to taste the abundant seafood dishes, fresh coconuts, and the freshly prepared coconut milk from the islands.


A moderately sunny weather exists all round the year. The month of May experiences heavy monsoon and strong winds, which of course is not the right time to enjoy the pristine beauty if the islands. Tourists can enjoy mild showers from August to November and is the best time to visit the marvelous islands.

The breath taking natural beauty of this wide group of islands provide an unbelievable trip to all those who enjoy and love nature. The peaceful Andaman Islands are a paradise to honeymooners. The adventure options such as water sports, trekking and camping makes the Islands appropriate for youngsters and for all those looking forward to enjoy a perfect vacation.