March 2013

Visit Bangalore – The Green City

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Bangalore as Bengaluru as people call it now, is one of the most rapidly developing cities in India. With almost more than 50% of the multinationals and other corporate based at Bangalore, it can undoubtedly be called the Silicon Valley of India. However there is a lot more to Bangalore than just big buildings, corporate offices and shopping malls. Bangalore is also one of the greenest and the most beautiful metropolitan cities of India. So if you are planning to take a break, Bangalore might be a good option.


Although Bangalore houses a lot of buildings and complexes along with big wide roads bustling with traffic and people, Bangalore also boasts a lot of places which attract both tourists and locals. With a number of palaces and parks the city has a huge cover of green which allows its visitors to escape the city

Places to Visit in Nepal

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Home of the highest mountain in the world, Nepal is a country that sits wrapped in mystique. The country is a potpourri of ethnic groups and sub-groups who speak over 93 languages and dialects. The peak season for visiting Nepal is from late September to early December, a wonderful time when the air is fresh and skies are clear, giving the best views of the majestic mountains. Based on the elevation from sea level, Nepal can topologically be divided into three regions

Top Caves to Visit in India

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The ancient caves of India stand as a representation of the wonders of the past ages. Our country is home to some of the most prominent sculptures carved out of solid rocks. The caves of India are one of the best examples of rock cut architecture that depict the heart of diverse religions that have been in existence in the country.

Ellora Caves

Ajanta and Ellora Caves

International Vacations for 2013

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While each one is claiming different destinations for the right vacation, what are the must-see places you consider 2013? Tremendous attractions, historical places, adventure and action oriented, romantic and pristine locations, or the ones that fits into your budget. So what are your choices? Here is a compilation of few most soughed international vacations in 2013. Go ahead choose one.


Italy, Europe

Italy is the most visited countries in the world because of its cultural heritage, history, and especially cuisine. It ranks fifth in the world in tourism. As a Roman Empire, as a pilgrimage site for Christians and the most loved Italian architecture are few other reasons for Italy to be one of the best family vacations year after year. The Colosseum, Vatican Museums, Milan Cathedral, Leaning tower of Pisa, Venice, Milan, and Pompeii are major attractions in this country. Italy encloses maximum number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, which are must-see destinations.

Zimbabwe, Africa

Africa is just not a desert and the majestic Victoria Falls at Zimbabwe is a delight for family vacations. The pristine beauty of Medieval Highlands and the Grand Medieval Palace, abundant wildlife, rich culture, The Zambezi river, The Lake Kariba, Harare- Sunshine city, and UNESCO World Heritage Site- the Hwange National Park, are major attractions. Further, as UNWTO General Assembly will be hosted at Victoria Falls this 2013, a lot of tourism expansion could be expected.

New Zealand, Pacific

Famous for the movie “Lord of the Rings”, New Zealand is an amazing island of the Pacific and is one of the most wanted adventurous tourist destination. Glacires, snow clad mountains, spouting hot geysers, active volcanoes, huge National parks, and a large coastline of New Zealand add to the beauty. Uncompromising panorama of the land for such a small country is astonishing. , Hiking at the Milfrod Track is internationally famous.

Jammu Kashmir, Asia

One place that is a paradise on earth is Jammu and Kashmir. Located in the northern most part of India, it is the most beautiful, tourist destinations in the world. The amazing Himalayan ranges with its snow clad peaks and glaciers, gorgeous Dal Lake and house boats, breathtaking coldest desert in the world-Ladakh are some of the amazing chill spots at Jammu Kashmir. This is an amazing destination for both adventure lovers and for a romantic honeymoon spot.

Cruising at Caribbean Islands, USA

The warm climate throughout the year along with the chill breeze from the sea together makes the Caribbean islands a best vacation all round the year. Cruising around the islands is another great experience. At the Barbados, one can enjoy swimming with the turtles. In addition, at the Grand Cayman, swimming with Stingray is famous. Chichen itza is a world Heritage archaeological site in Mexico. Rain forests of Costa Rica, Scuba diving in the western Caribbean islands, make this destination a centre of tourism and a wonderful family vacation. Sandy white beaches, clear seawater, versatile culture, luxurious cruises, and cuisine allow one to enjoy the islands throughout the vacation.