December 2013

Attractions to Visit in Jaipur

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Every time someone talks about touring India, the first and most popular tour that comes to mind is the Golden Triangle tour that includes Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. Though Delhi and Agra have rich history and is the abode of several ancient monuments, Jaipur constitutes the golden part of the tour, as this city exuberates remarkable Rajasthani culture and tradition like no other city! Fondly referred to as the

All You Need To Know About Shopping In Dubai

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It is without doubt that Dubai has grown to be a shopper

Temple Destinations of South India

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India is a land of rich culture and heritage, which is greatly portrayed by the ancient temples of the country. However, in order to understand and experience the true magnificence of our enchanting heritage and the inspiring architecture of the Dravidian times, there is no better place than Southern India, which is the proud abode of numerous spectacular temples. These temples truly depict the glory of our ancestral years and are a major source of attraction for both domestic as well as international tourists. The exemplary ancient architecture stands out and exhibits tremendous aesthetics and lavish designs. Some of the parts of Southern India are rich populated with such spectacular temples and are referred to as temple towns, as these temples have been the center around which the entire town practically developed. Let

Trip to Dubai Shopping Festival 2014

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It has become very common to associate the word shopping with Dubai! Dubai has become the premier destination for exclusive and extravagant shopping. And as we all know, the Dubai Shopping Festival is the most eagerly awaited extravaganza by all shopping enthusiasts. The New Year marks the commencement of this grand festival, which is scheduled to take place from January 2 2014 to February 2 2014. The entire city is in preparation mode and the festivities have already begun for this exclusive gala as people from all over the world travel to Dubai for the Shopping Festival. It proves to be a shopper