January 2014

Dubai Shopping Festival – The Place to be

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Best bargains, exclusive products, extravagant malls and fun filled stuff – that’s Dubai Shopping Festival for you. The Dubai Shopping Festival is an internationally acclaimed carnival that brings people from all parts of the globe to experience the thrill and pleasure of shopping the best stuff at the best prices. The endless shopping bargains, promotions and entertaining activities offer the most memorable time for visitors and residents alike. From retailers to spas and restaurants, you get to witness and experience the best offerings everywhere this festive season. If bargaining is your forte, the Dubai outlet mall is the place to be. The mall is home to over 1,200 of the world

Best Deals And Events At The Dubai Shopping Festival

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The Dubai Shopping Festival is the most exciting event of the year for all shopping enthusiasts! The month long extravaganza attracts millions of tourists every year to Dubai and features some exclusive events apart from the jaw-dropping shopping options for the visitors. It is a great family vacation as there is something to do for everyone such as, street plays, fashion shows, fireworks, film festivals and other entertainment programs. The Dubai Shopping Festival has grown to be the most glamorous and proud event that attracts even celebrities to visit Dubai during the month long shopping festival. If you are looking to visit Dubai this year, this is the time to go and there are still a couple of weeks left in this year

Sri Lanka

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For years, Sri Lanka has seduced travelers from all around the world with its serene beaches, magnificent palm trees, exotic wildlife and luscious green landscapes that are dotted with sprawling tea plantations. This small teardrop shaped island continues to be the finest island of its size and has something to offer for people of all ages and interests. It enjoys a legendary reputation for its natural breathtaking beauty, rich cultural heritage that is portrayed through their temples and holy relics, palm-fringed scenic beaches, exotic spices and the list goes on. It is a paradise for nature lovers, photography enthusiasts and for anyone who is looking for either a romantic or an adventurous vacation! Sri Lanka is the place to be and here

Destination Tibet – The Intriguingly Beautiful Country

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Though tourism in China has flourished during recent times, there are still not many people who have had the opportunity to visit Tibet

Visiting the Land of Smiles

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Whether you are looking for a cultural tour or a beach holiday or even a bustling city vacation, Thailand has a slice of paradise to offer for each one of you! It is the hub of Southeast Asian tourism and many international visitors find it convenient to have Bangkok as their gateway to this part of the world. With Bangkok as their base, it is easier for them to make trips to various parts of the country as well as other regions in Southeast Asia. Thailand is the perfect destination to go on exotic beach vacations as well as explore the ruins of the ancient country. Tourism flourishes in this part of the world as airfares to Thailand are relatively more affordable and accommodations and food tend to be very cheap. On the contrary if you are looking for a lavish holiday, you can find $10,000 per night rooms at exotic beach resorts as well! Irrespective of your budget and your interests, Thailand is a must-see destination that has something to offer for everyone! Here are some of the top attractions.


The Grand Palace: No visit to Thailand would be complete without visiting the Grand Palace in Bangkok! It is undoubtedly the city