February 2014

Family Adventure Destinations in India

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Holidays always mean sitting and relaxing on the beach or a resort sipping coconut water enjoying the breeze and the sun, why not try something different and unleash the adventurous side of you! If you are thinking a holiday in terms of adventure and thrill, there is no need to look beyond our own country. Here are some of the most popular adventure destinations in India.
Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir:

Its breathtakingly beautiful landscape makes you fall in love instantly. Ladakh is famous for its trekking and mountaineering. Zanskar trek, Indus, Ladakh, and Markha valley are some of the most popular trekking areas. The most exciting white water rafting expedition on the Zanskar River should be a

International Travel Tips

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Traveling involves careful planning for a smooth and enjoyable experience. While traveling abroad, certain things have to be kept in mind. Below are the list of those things that are to be remembered.



Be aware of any travel alerts and warnings for the particular destination selected. Travel alerts disseminate information quickly about terror threats, weather, or other relatively short term or transitional conditions that could pose a significant threat and affect the travel plan.

Travel documents:

A passport is an internationally recognized travel document that verifies identity and citizenship. All foreign countries require a valid passport to enter and leave. For children, some countries have instituted requirements to present proof of relationship to the child to prevent child abduction. Some countries require that a traveler

The Best Of Egypt

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It’s easy to see why Egypt is a popular holiday destination as it offers a multitude of attractions and activities ranging from ancient sights of Cairo and Luxor to beach lounging along the Alexandrian Mediterranean Coastline. Here are the

Emperor Traveline

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Emperor Traveline has been an active member of domestic and international travel associations, organizations, and boards. Our association at a global level helps us serve you better and we bring the emperor traveler face to face with the world.

ADTOI – Association of Domestic Tour Operators of India

The Association of Domestic Tour Operators of India (ADTOI) functions as the National Body of Domestic Tour Operators in the country and serves to bring together the efforts of all travel organizations working to promote domestic tourism in India. The group