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5 Offbeat Destinations From Around the World

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What on earth other than a holiday trip, can revive up your souls and to know the adventurous you! AN adventurous person plumps into a holiday destination, which can regale the Spirit of adventure in him/her. Adventure trips have become the talk of the town for such people categorizing it under experiential holidays. Amongst several other theme based offbeat destinations, adventure based offbeat destinations are gaining momentum in the recent. Here are the 5 offbeat destinations from around the world to have a perfect adventure trip.

Boracay Island

adventureBoracay Island is hallowed with a white sand beach and it is the most popular beach in Philippines. It is otherwise known as the

Five out of the Ordinary Destinations for Adventure Traveller

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Rock Climbing, Yangshou, China

adventureYangshou, a picturesque fishing village is surrounded by Karst peaks and bordered on one side by the Li River and it is easily accessible making it the adventure capital of China. Rock climbing is the major tourist attraction here. Approximately 200 routes are documented and new routes are being established daily. Most of the routes are bolted, single pitch sport climbing routes, however, more multi-pitch sport routes are also being developed as climbers explore over the first anchor. It is also a great place for traditional climbing. The most famous of these crags is Moon Hill with several 5.13 graded lines. Other crags include Low Mountain, Twin Gates, Baby Frog, The Egg, Bamboo Grove and wine bottle cliff. Many routes are well bolted, though the more intrepid climber can still find fresh and in some cases near vertical routes to conquer.

Mountain Biking, Avoriaz, France

It is a French mountain resort in the heart if the Potes du Soleli. Today Avoriaz is one of the major French ski destinations catering for all standard of skiing and ranks top among the snowboarding destinations of the world. Avoriaz is also centre for trekking, golf, mountain biking and other outdoor activities. Though it offers more activities, the man made bike trails and Alpine tracks create a spectacular playground for mountain bikers. The area which includes Les Gets and Morzine, opens 25 ski lifts during the summer for riders who would rather earn their thrills the easy way. There are more often six hundred and fifty kilometers of trails in Portes du Soleli ranging from easy to pro levels. Towards the end of June month, the mountain bike festival draws in about 4000 bikers or an exciting seventy-five kilometer race that is generally downhill.

Stand-up Paddleboarding, Dominican Republic

The rugged northern coastline of the Dominican Republic offers 500kms of empty surf breaks buffeted by North Atlantic swells and stand-up paddle boarding is an easy way to catch the waves. This also gives you the option of exploring the region

How to pack for a family

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* In every piece of luggage, place a photocopy of your complete itinerary, including your home address, all flight information and hotel addresses including all travel dates. If your bag gets lost in transit, it will be easier for the authorities to forward your bag to the place you are in.

* Instead of folding clothes items, roll them into tube shapes, then stack them. Your clothes will fit far more easily, rarely wrinkle and even kids can help pack with this method.

* Too much luggage spoils the vacation. Lighter bags and less stuff to haul around is important.

* A TSA luggage lock comes in handy as the TSA officials can open it with a universal key if they need to without cutting your lock for a random security check.

* Before you go on vacation, buy a collapsible hamper. This can be used for dirty clothes. If you have to do laundry while on vacation, you will have something to carry it in.

* Always tuck a crushable duffel bag into an outside zippered compartment in any of your luggage which can be used in overweight baggage situations as can be used to transfer some belongings to avoid penalty.

pack for a familyIf you are traveling with your baby or toddler, take some denture cleanser tablets for cleaning sippy cup lids, baby spoons, pacifiers, and anything else that is hard to sterilize while on the move.

* When traveling with kids, it is important that to keep your hands free to tow them. Inexpensive carabiners will help you in this aspect.

* It is important to calculate for flight delays and baggage getting lost. Always pack all the very essential items like medicines, a set of dress, some extra diapers and baby wipes in case traveling with a child, some snacks and beverages in a hand luggage, to evade any emergency situation

* A Ziploc bag with laundry detergent and a sink stopper always comes in handy for washing the some items of clothes and also helps to cut down on the amount of baggage.

* If you are going on a beach vacation forget not to pack baby powder which help in shaking off the sand that clings.

* It is good to keep enough sanitizing liquid in the handbag or the hand luggage to clean hands while on the move when even water or soap is not available. This is a

Destination Peru/Brazil-Travelling with Emperor Traveline

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Famous for being home to one of the world football teams, the Rio de Janeiro carnival and the remarkable Iguazu falls, Brazil is an exciting world class destination


Largest city in Brazil and also one of the largest in the World for its population. Located in Southeastern part, it is known for its skyscrapers, gastronomical and robust culture. Although known for its concrete jungle, it has a large number of public parks and even a portion of the Atlantic rain forest.


Located in the Brasilian highlands, it is often referred to as Utopia, was installed the capital in 1960. Brazil

Destination Europe-Travelling with Emperor Traveline

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LondonLondon, England:

The capital and the largest city of both UK and England. The best place to visit are the Millenium Wheel is also known as the London Eye with a neck breaking height of 135mts and the Tower of London which is actually the Royal Palace of the Queens. This monument by the Thames has a lot of significance.

Paris, France:

The best attractions are the Eiffel Tower and Louvre museum. A landmark guarding the richness and beauty of Paris is the Eiffel Tower. If you are an art lover do not miss the Louvre museum which has artifacts dating back to 19th century AD. For Shopaholics this is the place with all brands in one place.

Rome, Italy:

People visiting Italy should make it a point to visit Roman Colosseum. It is a huge and a marvelous wonder with brilliant roman architecture which was an amphitheatre with a seating capacity of 50,000 people in the ancient times. If you are a diehard Fashionista then Milan is a great choice for the next stop in Italy.

Barcelona, Spain:

Another worthful visit is the second largest city of Spain, Barcelona. This beautiful city is full of outdoor markets, restaurants, shops, museums, churches and beaches.

Istanbul, Turkey:

Touring Istanbul

Destination China-Travelling with Emperor Traveline

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China, the curator of the World

Destination Australia/Newzeland-Exploring the world with Emperor Traveline

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Australia is one of the most interesting countries to visit with its unique culture and nature. With very less population, it is a perfect getaway from the crowd and sound.

Largest and the most populous city most famous for its Sydney Opera House designed by the Dutch architect Johnulzon. Other tourist attractions are the marine aquarium at Darling Harbour, Jenolan Caves, the Harbour Highlights Cruises, the Hunter Valley Wineries, and many others.

Fraser Island: