April 2014

Countries that Offer Best Food

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Thai foodFor a healthy, fast and spicy food Thailand cuisine is the best choice. Thailand is full of yummy treats from noodles that are fried with spices, to juicy steamed pork and curries that are World famous. They all come with exotic sauces of all sorts. Thailand is the ultimate destination for foodies who want their food served in time for a lesser price with a good amount of healthy vegetables. Picking will be a great task as the cuisine offers so much of variety and whatever chosen is guaranteed to be cooked to perfection.


For people with classic taste France is the country. It will take quite a taste to beat the boeuf bourgignon on a chily night or a generous slice of the tarts with cream or a good serving of onion soup. There are a varied reasons why France is always in the top of the best country with good food. The complex sauces that are served with cold meats and shellfish are a tasty treat to the palate. It is a visual treat to look at the fresh produce displayed and the

Tips for booking tours online

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The mere word HOLIDAY brings a smile on everyone’s lips especially with mercury soaring all around us. Weekend getaways and planning for summer holidays becomes the only topic of conversation on breakfast table, among families.

Holidays and package tours go hand in hand. With most of the things available just a click away or ordering through Flipkart, checking for package tours on the net is a must. With so many lucrative offers and tempting schemes in newspapers, online or just people talking about it, one cannot refrain oneself from checking the options available.

As every offer or product comes with a warning, there are certain important points one has to keep in mind while booking package tours. They are as follows-

Planning– The success of a good holiday depends on how good is the planning for it. If the tour is well planned with a proper itinerary then the money spent on the complete package turns out to be quite nominal. Last minute planning would leave a gaping hole in the pocket and a situation where one is a beggar than a chooser.

Budget– Like every perfect dish carries the most important ingredient SALT to taste,
similarly, budget for package tours play a pivotal role in terms of number of days, type of travel arrangement, places to visit, shopping and type of accomodation.

Advertisements/ Reality– Internet is flooded with numerous travel sites offering many deals including discounts, tickets,transfers in case of foreign trips and photographs of the accomodation. But Beware because many a times ,the reality is the stark opposite of ones expectation.Generally in hurry to do the bookings, people ignore to read the fine print which might carry vital information. Doubts creep up in terms of actual payments including taxes, the strict timetable one has to follow, the meals being offered and extra payment for it and also the hygenic factor in terms of washrooms and bedlinen. If terms and conditions are not properly looked into, the whole holiday could turn out to be a case of sour grapes.

Important Documents– It is always advisable to carry ones passport, pan card, voter I card

Credit cards, booking papers, photographs, photocopies of important papers, emergency contact numbers and basic medicines for precaution. These are of importance for verification and also for transactions.

Site Seeing and Shopping– As dry ingredients and raw products are necessary for a dish, no holiday is complete without visiting the places of interest, tasting local cuisine and carrying momentos and souveneir of the places visited. If one opts for a tourist guide, it is a big possibility that he would take only to his specific or fixed places. Sometimes the hotel is at a large distance so a lot of time gets wasted in commuting. It is aiways better to check the official websites or government retail or wholesale shops along with bargaining to buy the desired items.

Holidays play an important role in getting families spend quality time with each other so it is of utmost importance to check, recheck and verify with reliable sources for a rejuvenating holiday

Interesting Things to do in Singapore

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The Temple of Buddha

buddhaThough it is only six years old it looks like a temple from an earlier age. The temple is situated in the south bridge road of china town district. Said to have a tooth relic from Siddhartha Gautama, it has the architectural styles of the Tang Dynasty. Vesak day is the best time to visit this temple of Buddha, which usually falls in May. It is interesting and beautiful to watch the inside and outside of the temple.

SuperTree Grove of Gardens by the Bay

Though it does cost visit the areas inside the Bay, the super-tree grove is absolutely free. Its image is now the Icon of the Marine Bay area. The Super-tree grove is about twenty five to fifty metres in height. These vase type structures are not only are a visual treat, but one will also get awed about its function. The instruments fitted in these super-tree groves help in the photosynthesis process of plants. The sound and light shows are the best to watch during night time.

Bukit Batok Town Park

Situated in Singapore

Understanding overseas travel insurance

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Whether you are flying abroad for a vacation, for educational reasons or business purpose, there is a lot more that needs to go into your planning than just stressing about the place, accommodation and your wardrobe. And overseas travel insurance is one of them. Travel insurance is a policy that travelers and students who go abroad may require. When you set foot into an unknown land, alone or with a group, travel insurance can come in handy in a number of ways.

Why do you need travel insurance?

Do not consider travel insurance as an option but as a need. What happens when you suddenly fall ill and have to be hospitalized when on a backpack trip in Europe or relaxing on a beach in New Zealand? You can get help with just a phone call, provided you have your travel insurance. Most insurance companies help you getting cashless treatment. Medical travel insurance also covers emergency medical evacuation and in case of death, repatriation of mortal remains. In addition to medical expenses, travel insurance also covers other aspects like loss of luggage, accidents or delay in flights.

When you lose your baggage and have to go shopping to get supplies for your basic needs, travel insurance can come in handy. All you have to do is submit a claim form to the insurance company with your bills, copy of passport and necessary documents from the airline acknowledging the missing baggage.

In case of loss of passport, you can approach your country embassy directly to get a duplicate passport and your expenses can be claimed easily from your insurance company. Travel insurance also covers other situations like delay or missed connections, financial emergencies as well as loss of valuables.

Things to keep in mind

There are a few things that you must keep in mind before you choose the right travel insurance for you. Look at all the policy options available. Don

Best places to visit in Kerala

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Kerala, otherwise known as