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Best things to do in Brussels

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Brussels is a vibrant city that the social, political, cultural, and economic capital of the Flanders region of Belgium. It is also the most visited city with lots of fun spots and landmarks to visit.
This is a world famous cute chubby sculpture designed by Jerome Duquesnoy. It is actually a small fountain piece located at the Corner of rue de l’Etuve and rue Chêne. Though he is usually naked, he has an enormous wardrobe of over 600 outfits enclosed in the City Museum at Grand Place.


Grand Place Brussels Tow Hall:
It is today the main market square, though not in the olden days. It was only a small swamp between two brooks which was called ‘Broek Sella’ from which the name Brussels was derived. It developed into a commercial and political centre after the Town Hall was built. This place has its ancient touch with the rows of guild houses and cobbled streets. The best time to visit this place would be between March and October. The flower markets will be open during these months and once in every two years, they put on a 3,200 square feet colourful tapestry made with over 750,000 Begonias. The next celebration is in 2016 and is scheduled to be held on the third week of August. All visitors will be welcomed with live concerts and light shows. The place is flooded with local cafés and bars.

Hotel de Ville:
It is located at the Grand Place, Town Hall. It is one of the ancient structures of the city. It is an amazing example of gothic architecture that has some fine sculptures. The building also consists of a 96 metre high Brabantine Gothic Tower from which you can see the amazing views of the city market.

 Maison du Roi City Museum:
It is also located in Grand Place, just in front of the Town Hall. This is a three storey structure that is also called the King’s House, though none of the royalties ever lived here. It is also called the Bread House as this was the place where the bread market operated before hundreds of years. This museum contains the historical artifacts of Brussels including the colourful 600 outfits of Manneken Pis wardrobe.

Centre Belge de la Bande Dessinée, Rue de Sables:
It is the Belgian Comic Strip Center, the home to the renowned cartoon character Tin Tin. It is   the only comic strip centre in the world to have a large number of comic strip artists. It is located in the Waucquez Warehouse that was designed by Victor Horta. Here you can get a glance of the entire life of a comic character from the development of the concept to the final product.

 Musées Royaux des Beaux Arts – Royal Museums of Fine Arts:
This is where the art and culture of Brussels unfolds. This museum has two different sections. One is the Museum of Ancient Art and the other is the Museum of Modern Art added in the recent years. The first one was built by Napoleon and it has all the ancient art of the Flemish region. The second one has eight floors including underground sections. The entire museum houses all the art collections that comprise of paintings, sculptures and drawings of more than 600 years.

King Baudoin Stadium and the Atomium:

Formerly known as Heysel Park, this stadium encloses a stunning structure called the Atomium designed by Andre Waterkeyn. It is an incredible depiction of an iron molecule. It is an amazing 335 ft model that was erected to commemorate the start of Atomic age in the year 1958. It is made up of large steel spheres interconnected using tupes. It has a glass-roofed lift on the inside that takes visitors in just 23 seconds to the top.

 Bruparck, Mini-Europe:

It is situated nest to the Atomium. It is a beautiful park that extends to 25 hectare. It has a lot of hot spots including the Kinepolis cinema complex, a planetarium, L’Oceade Water Park and several other amusements with a group of cafés. It is called the mini-Europe as it has several miniature models of Europe’s famous buildings located in this place called ‘The Village’.

Top attractions of Snowdonia

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Snowdonia is a stunning mountainous National park with beautiful landscapes dotted with picturesque quaint villages. It is margined by the Snowdon Peak which is the highest mountain peak in all of Wales. This unadulterated natural treasure has a lot to offer to every weary traveler. Here are some of the top attractions of Snowdonia for you to explore.


It is an amazing mountain range with interesting hiking and trekking trails. The Llanberis Path is the frequently opted route by tourists which is adjacent to the Snowdon Railway. It is a great trial that kids can enjoy. You will be awe-inspired by some of the fantastic views after reaching the summit. Pyg Trail is the second most popular route that is also easy to follow. Altogether, it is a wonderful experience which is worth the time and effort.

National Slate Museum Site of the former Dinorwig slate quarry Llanberis Gwynedd North Snowdonia Museums Tourist Attractions

Welsh Slate Museum:

It offers you a peek into the slate industry which accommodates some of the oldest machineries used during the Victorian era. It also encompasses the old cottages and office buildings used by the employees. There is a giant water wheel that stands as a stunning masterpiece. A little railway and a lake cruise add more tranquility to your day.

Adventure Tours:

Snowdonia offers a lot of adventure activities for all those adventure enthusiasts. Llanberis and Betws-y-Coed offer thrilling Canyoning and Rappelling tours. A bunch of outdoor activities are at your reach to get the most out of your day at the park. A variety of tree top adventures are also available at Betws-y-Coed. Private day walks with a guide are available to the visitors at Bala. People who expect something out of the ordinary can get their way to the Adrenaline Extreme tours and Zipline and Ariel Adventures Betws-y-Coed and Blaenau Ffestiniog. You can go below underground to explore the mysterious caverns, caves and mines. These activities are well worth the money you spend.

Cader Idris:

This is a mountain trial offering beautiful views. The Pony Trail is considered the easiest among all the trails and is frequently taken by tourists. On the way to the summit, you will be able to enjoy the varying sceneries of the valley and the sea. It is a great spot for a picnic. The peak offers stunning views of the Cardigan Bay and Barmouth.

Conwy Castle:

It is a fantastic place to discover some history stuff. The castle towers offer great views. It is a good place for the entire family, especially for the kids to climb the stairs, enjoy the views and play through the mysterious tunnels in the premises of the castle.

Electric Mountain:

It is located in Llanberis and it includes a 90 minute exciting tour in which both engineering and fun is combined. Visiting the power station in a mini bus moving deep into the cavern is a thrilling experience that you can’t afford to miss.

Dolgoch Falls:

It is an amazing walk through the woods that has some interesting walking trails. You can explore both the upper falls and the lower falls. The walking trail to the lower falls is much easy than the way towards the upper falls, but it’s worth the effort.

Gwydir Forest:

It has a challenging MTB trail that has steep routes deep into the forest with sudden quick jumps. Here is your chance to view some amazing flora and fauna. You can start off at the Pont-y-Pair Bridge and move down the trail and reach the beautiful Llyn Elsi Lake that is a great spot for some nature watch.

Swallow Falls:

It is a beautiful waterfall near Betws-y-Coed. You can also follow a hiking trail that leads to the falls. It is a silent getaway for people who want to escape the madness of the crowd and relax in a peaceful place.

Caerau Uchaf Gardens:

It is located in Sarnau and it is a beautiful garden next to the Bala Lake. There is the Hovel where you can stay. It also has a great café that offers tasty cakes and coffee. A walk through the woods is refreshing. It is a great place to have quality time as a family. There are a lot of fun things to entertain the children like the hammock and the trampoline. The view of the Bala lake from here is breathtaking.

Fun Things To Do in Cagayan de Oro City

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Cagayan de Oro is the second largest competitive city in the Philippines with a whole lot of scope to emerge to new heights in the near future. This city blooms to vibe on certain special occasions where you will be able to capture the life around in its best. The best time to visit the city is preferably the month of August as it has some amazing surprises in store for curious travelers. Here are the top fun things you can’t afford to miss.


  1. Annual Kagay-an Festival:

This festival is celebrated on the 28th of August each year. The best part of this is the Kumbira, the largest culinary festival to treat your taste buds. It is the time of the year when you can forget about your diet and munch on every delicacy you find interesting.

  1. Tsada Kagay-an City Tour:

This is an enchanting bird’s eye view of the entire city from an AC coaster for about 4 hours. You will have a tour guide and a tour coordinator to assist you. You can learn about the history of the city while you come across the important landmarks. You will be offered complimentary sweets treats and beverages too. This tour covers all of the renowned places such as the Plaza Divisoria, Gaston Park, St Augustine Cathedral, City Museum, Cogon market and much more fascinating places to amuse you.

  1. Adventure sports:

Cagayan de Oro is titled the Whitewater Rafting capital of Philippines with its vivid water rafting adventures amidst the picturesque landscapes. White water rafting course is a 3-hour rafting adventure on the Cagayan de Oro River. A beginner course, advanced course and an extreme course are available. Another thrilling experience is the Night Whitewater Rafting to increase the adrenaline. It is best enjoyed on a full moon when you can experience the life of the clear river under the moon light. If these are not enough, canyoneering and river trekking are other adventures you can enjoy. Another range of sports is the Zipline Adventures at the Jatico Extreme Adrenaline Adventure at the Barangay Bayanga, Mapawa Nature’s Park at Barangay Cugman, Barangay Bugo which was awarded the city’s most child-friendly Barangay, whereas Cagayan de Oro is awarded as the most child-friendly municipality and city. Airsoft is another thrilling fun sport. It is a firearm shooting game that has gained popularity recently.

  1. Night café:

This is the best place to find everything at the cheapest rates. It is a great place to meet all sorts of people and enjoy some live music and have some great food like the Sinuglaw, a local delicacy, to quench your appetite.

  1. Malasag Eco-tourism and Gardens:

This is a wonderful way to retreat after a tiresome day in the city. You can explore the culture of local tribes and enjoy nature at its best.

Apart from all the fascinating places, fun-filled adventures and tongue tickling food, the city opens the gates to all the hungry shopaholics. The place boasts of several world class shopping malls that offer anything and everything to curious shoppers.

Top 10 tourist attractions in Bangkok

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Your trip to Thailand is not complete if you don’t visit Bangkok. This exuberant city has more to offer you than what you expect. No wonder why it has more visitors every year than any other city in the world. The richness of tradition, the liveliness of street life and a diverse gastronomy are reasons enough to enjoy a trip around this stunning metropolis. Check out some of the must-see hot spots around Bangkok and plan your next holiday.
1. Wat Pho:
This is the world famous temple of the giant reclining Buddha. It is situated in the Rattanakosin District next to the Golden Palace. It is known for its astounding architecture, exotic arts and statues that reflect the tradition of Bangkok in every single way.

ID-1001551472. Wat Arun:
This is known as the Temple of Dawn named after the Indian God of Dawn, Aruna. It is located at the Yai District of Bangkok. It is a stunning temple built on the banks of the Chao Phraya River. This is said to depict Mount Meru, the center of the universe according to Buddhist beliefs. It stands as a fine example to the architectural excellence of their people.

3. Grand Palace:
This spectacular palace was the residence of the Thai King and the seat to his government administration and the war ministry. It is situated at the heart of Bangkok and the most famous landmark of Thailand. It is an outstanding example for the creativity of the Thai architects. Today it stands as the spiritual symbol of Thailand. The sprawling palace ground encompasses the renowned Emerald Buddha and several other shrines.

4. Wat Suthat :
It is one of the oldest temples built by King Rama. It is a unique building with beautiful wall murals and hand-crafted teak wood doors. It is the home to a 13th century Bronze Buddha. It is located in the old city in the same neighborhood of Grand Palace and Wat Poh.

5. Giant Swing:
This is a 27 meters tall red giant swing, the spiritual ceremonial emblem in the Hindu religion. It is located at the entrance of Wat Suthat. It speaks of the traditional influence during the period it was built.

6. Golden Buddha:
This is one of the must-see sculptures housed at the Wat Traimit near the Hualampong Railway Station. It is a solid pure gold statue that weighs about 5.5 tons. This depicts the eons of history, culture and religious values of Buddhism.

7. Safari World:
None other than Safari World can give you a better sight-seeing experience. It consists of two parks, a Marine Park and a Safari Park. The Marine Park offers engaging dolphin shows. The Safari Park is a scenic experience that allows you to come close to some rare and endangered species of wildlife.

8. Siam Park City:
This is a 300acre amusement water theme park offering non-stop fun and adventure to visitors from around the world. A tour along with your kids will not be complete without spending time in these jolly rides.

9. Dusit Zoo:
Another kid-friendly spot is the Dusit Zoo located next to the Dusit Palace in Khao Din Park. It is the oldest zoo in Thailand that has attracted visitors ever since it was open to the public.

10. National Museum of Royal Barges:
This museum is located on the klong Bangkok Noi and it houses eight of the Royal Barges of Thailand. These are the last remaining royal boats. It is protected by the Royal Thai Navy. It is also accessible from a canal across a river from the Grand Palace.

What are you waiting for? Plan your itinerary, pack your bags and off you go to Bangkok.