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Solo travel tips for women

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Travelling solo as a women traveler can be both exciting and challenging as it has its own risks. But you definitely got hope to avoid those risks by being cautious about the place you travel. Women travelers often find themselves in challenging situations like theft and harassment. But by taking a little extra effort in educating yourself about the place you travel will help you to pre-plan and gives you all the time you need to get geared up for the travel. Here are some useful tips that will enable you to have a safe and enjoyable travel.

Be confident:

Get rid of your fears and try to be confident. When you are in a foreign country, don’t give chances to strangers by being vulnerable. Put up a confident attitude and make an impression that you are well aware about the place. Keep a local map handy so that you can refer for directions whenever you need. In case you are lost, know where to approach. Do not ask directions to strangers. Approach another woman or a family or a shop or a well crowded place to get directions.

Be resourceful:

When you are on foreign grounds, dress like a local. Try to learn a few important words of their colloquial language so that you can use them to confront locals the right way. Always have some money with you. Have the map handy. Have some of the local emergency numbers like the police which might help you in case something goes wrong.

Avoid night strolls:

Avoid touring at night. If you want to go out, tour the place in the daytime. Going out at night can be very dangerous for you as a solo female traveler. No matter wherever you go, know the directions to reach your place of stay. If you want to use the ATM, use it only during the daytime. Also use an ATM located in a crowded area.

Say no to cabs:

You could be surrounded by compelling cab drivers. Be careful not to go in these local cabs which are totally unsafe. Use the public transport system like the bus or train. They also charge nominally and are extremely safe for you.

Choose good hotels:

When you choose your accommodation, be sure not to go for hotels located away from the city. Always opt for well-known hotels located within the city. If it is somewhere closer to the local police station or hospital, it would be fine.

Update your social status:

Always make it a point to leave the breadcrumbs of your travel. Post your pictures then and there on your regular social media platforms. Inform your family beforehand about this and give them a timeframe. Ask them to check it on a daily basis and if you don’t post anything for more than 4 days that means something is wrong. This will allow your family and friends to know your whereabouts. In case something goes wrong, your people will be able to track you from these vital clues.

Follow these simple tips to enjoy a safe and interesting travel.

Adventurous travel places for kids

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Kids are hard to please members in the family. They are very selective about what they eat, what they watch and where they want to go. They hang out only with their ideal pals who share their likes and dislikes and attitudes. They are smart and informative so much that we can learn a lot from them. With these implicit qualities we have to be extra careful in crafting the best holiday travel to treat their senses. To help you in doing so, here are a few very interesting places around the world that are not only interesting to you but also to your toddler or teenager.

African safari:

The Zambia African Safari takes the centre stage when it comes to an adventurous safari in the wild Africa. This is the apt safari experience for your kids to be awe-inspired with a complete Africa experience. The highlight of this expedition is the top-notch animal view. The best part of the trip includes the 300 ft Victoria Falls, tiger fishing, canoeing, and rafting in the Zambezi River and bungee jumping. The Livingstone Island at the brink of the waterfall is the perfect place to gaze at the rainbow and swim towards the infinity pool. The South Luangwa National Park offers a three-day walking safari that gives you a chance to spot exotic creatures and a pride of lions. The Puku Ridge overlooking the wetlands gives you a chance to spot the elephants, giraffes, wildebeests, impalas, leopards, rhinos and hippos. What more could fascinate your kids than this safari filled with shrills and thrills.

The Grand Canyon:

The Grand Canyon, Bryce and the Zion National Parks are the best grounds for an adventure of the American Southwest. This is a wonderful opportunity for the kids and teens to go on an all-hike and all-bike tour through the high-desert landscape. The north rim camping site is an amazing camping site right at the Grand Canyon. Kids can ride mules while the adults can enjoy a windy hike down the Kaibab Trail. The Bryce Canyon is the next stop for another interesting hike from a maze of arches and pinnacles. Teens can enjoy a biking trail through the blue spruce, Douglas fir forests to rainbow point which is the highest lookout at Bryce Canyon.

The Galapagos Islands:

The ultimate kid-friendly destination like no other is the Galapagos Islands. This wonder world has clear sandy beaches where the exploration starts for your kids. They can sit and wait while curious sea lions provide company. Kids can spend all day on the waters or on beaches without getting tired. As part of their adventure, they can venture into the waters, snorkeling along with the 306 species of fish. They will be amazed at the glance of sea turtles nest. Kids get a chance to play with the marine iguanas or paddle in the water alongside white-tipped reef sharks. The beaches are bordered with the beautiful moss-draped highlands that can be explored on an interesting hike trail. These highlands are the living grounds to the giant tortoises that roam freely and do not hesitate to say hello to the kids.

Great Alaska:

The Glacier Bay at Alaska is your ultimate chance to sneak out from your regular boredom and enter into the bay of dreams. Unlike the Alaskan Cruises that offer you only a bit of Alaska, you can choose to go aboard your own base camp and come face to face with sea lions, minke whales, humpback whales, pods of orca and otters, up-close and up-front. Small boat expeditions are available for kids to venture out to explore the beauty of hidden inlets, coves and calving glaciers. Kayaking and running skiffs to the shore gives you the time to track bears, walkout onto a glacier and pick wild strawberries. Back in the bay, explore the moss-draped forests and wildflower meadows and listen to the amazing underwater whale calls with a hydrophone and enjoy a meal of fresh Dungeness crab for dinner along with kids.

Top tips for a healthy travel

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A vacation sounds great. It is exciting the moment we even think about it. But too much excitement takes you off-road from seeing the real picture. Of course, a jolly good travel uplifts you physically and mentally but you must never forget that it could come with a few unpleasant surprises too. So it is very important that you prepare yourself to encounter those culprits that tend to ruin your holiday mood. Here are some simple tips that will be of vital help for you to have a safe, healthy and happy travel.

Get vaccinated:

Discuss with your doctor to find out if you have to be vaccinated specifically for any disease that could possibly harm you in the place where you visit. This absolutely depends on the country you visit. By getting the proper vaccination, you can stay safe even in a place where hygiene and healthcare are major issues. Your safety measure will keep you safe from disease causing germs, insects like mosquitoes and other harmful elements.

 Keep your first aid kit handy:

Give priority to your first aid kit while packing your luggage. You may have to deal with a lot of issues like nausea, headache, jetlag, cramps and so on. So make sure to include a liquid hand sanitizer, a couple of Avomine tablets to deal air-sickness and other prescribed drugs to treat stomach problems. Also include some bandages and Neosporin to treat wounds and cuts.

Stay dehydrated:

Drink plenty of water throughout your journey. This will keep you calm and relaxed during long flights. This will also help you take frequent trips to the toilet which helps you to move around. This way you can have a little exercise. Avoid alcoholic drinks on the plane as those drinks might deprive your sleep.

Pack your sunscreen:

Don’t ever forget to pack a good sunscreen lotion in your luggage. It is very important to protect yourself from the harsh sun and heat. Especially, if you are on a beach vacation, using a branded sunscreen lotion is a must.

Change positions:

Staying in the same position during long flights will hurt your legs. This could cause muscle pain and blood clots. As a result you will find difficulty in walking normally. So keep changing your position often. Walk down the aisle at regular intervals to keep the blood flow normal.

Eat light:

Don’t get excited and try all of the local food available. Look for hygienic eat-outs. Particularly, if you have food allergies, stay away from those meals that you suspect of containing such ingredients.

Beware of bugs:

Bug bites are annoying. They could ruin your entire vacation and also after that. When you check-in to a hotel, make sure you don’t let the bed bugs bite. Place your luggage somewhere in an open shelf. Don’t place it on the ground or on the floor. Check the beddings, if you find bugs, inform the authorities to clean the room or ask for another room. When you return home after the vacation, be sure to clean your entire luggage thoroughly so that you will not spread those bugs in your house.

These are some of the useful tips that will help you prepare for a healthy travel.

Croatia Travel Guide

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Croatia calling
We have lots of amazingly bright ideas woven together to make your holidays worth reminiscing in every fabric of your heart. While you plan to get soaked in the sun beside the Adriatic Sea, hold on your adrenalin for some exciting tips we have to tell you before you pack your bags to Croatia.
For a first time traveler, you would be eager to know about top sights, beaches, recommended highlights. There is plenty you can do to make your holidays active by indulging in scuba diving, rafting, Kayaking, fishing, rock climbing, or playing some golf . Croatia is becoming an emerging tourist destination. The country is associated with pebbles, National parks, Nature parks and over 6ooo km coastline.
Croatia climate
Due to its history, culture and warm temperature, Croatia is attracting tourist crowds every year. There is temperate climate spanning the mountainous regions and the south side enjoys a quiet Mediterranean weather. Summers are usually hot and dry. Winters are mild and humid. Summer is the peak time for tourists.
Stay in Croatia
Selecting the right accommodation is very important to begin the tour on a pleasant note. You have family hotels, hostels, spa resorts and you can get all the inside information you need if you are planning a trip. The prices of rooms are fairly reasonable and one can afford to have a comfortable stay in Croatia’s rentals and hostel rooms. However it is always best to plan your travel ahead so that you can discover places that require a second visit. The locals are friendly and intriguing. The food is yummy to satisfy our taste buds. Croatian nights are splendid as there is lot of sightseeing in the offing which is one of the best ways to get recharged.
Getting around Croatia
Croatia has a simply fantastic bus system. Croatian bus system runs on intercity basis. This means that you will get to travel from one city to another based on the type of travel pass you have purchased. There are many options and you need to take some time out to plan your transportation. Moreover buses connect between cities and they are inexpensive makes them the most preferred mode of transport. However for longer routes it is advised to buy ticket and get the seats allocated. Refer the Croatia Bus time table for all details.
Taxi cabs are the most expensive means of transport in Croatia. If you are a budget conscious traveler then it is best to take the bus or train to travel around.
Rail network
The Croatian Rail system is partly private and partly owned by public. They have a convenient mode of navigation throughout the cities. Refer Croatia Rail time table for all details.

There ferries too available to cross the Adriatic network. As summer time is peak season it is best to plan ahead and check out the ferries timetable during off season to make sure whether you shall be dropped from where you actually started. Refer Croatia ferry time table for all details.
Best time to visit Croatia
May, June and September could possibly be the best time to tour Croatia. The average temperature around this time is 20 degree C and it is relatively less crowded. The peak season starts in July when you see the temperature rising up to 26 degrees C. Winters could get cold and sometimes it could make the Adriatic coast close down. Mountains get decked up in the pristine snow in some parts of the state.
Currency in Croatia
The official Croatian currency is the Kuna. There are foreign currency exchange centers all around the place.
Get to discover the best of Croatia
Croatia Hot Spots
Dubrovnik Sea Kayak- Set out with a small group out into the blue sea and get some enchanting views of Dubrovnik.
Plitvice Lakes and National park- There are 16 lakes that meet each other through cascading waterfalls around the dense National Park.
Sailing from Dubrovnik to Split
Just sit and recline and enjoy the lazy afternoon. It is yacht time which is meant to pamper you. Just take a cruise in the yacht and explore the secluded islands and beaches. Discover the nightlife and experience the perfect blend mix of country and culture.
Diocletian's_PalaceDiocletian Palace
The Diocletian Palace faces the harbor and is an example of the Roman ruins prevailing today. It looks neither a palace nor a museum in reality. It is situated in the heart of the city covering an area of 31ooo sq meters. An architectural marvel in its own right, the palace is built on white stones brought from the island of Brac. The Diocletian have lavishly imported marbles from Italy and Greece and sphinxes from Egypt.
Mljet Island
Mljet Islands are beauty personified of all Adriatic Islands. The island is covered with Vineyards, National parks and lush greenery draped around. The place also boasts of spectacular salt water lakes and pine forests that add to the scenic beauty. It is like being close to Mother Nature’s arms where you can experience the pinnacle of tranquility in the atmosphere.
You can call it the most lovable of Mother Nature as Istria is a heart shaped peninsula. The 3600 sq km Istria stretches till the south of Trieste in Italy. The rolling hill, fertile plains captivates Nature lovers and adventurers to Istria’s hill top villages and hotels. Further some fresh sea food and the sprinkling historical charms of the place gives the feel as though it is paradise on earth.
Zagreb has it all that a passionate heart would yearn for. The capital city is filled with arts, culture, music, architecture that are right ingredients needed to make a place a hot favourite among the tourists. The modest metropolis is made for walkers to stroll through the streets into coffee houses, enjoy theatre, concerts and galleries. Around spring time and summer, everyone takes a dip to Jarun Lake to sail and swim. Nights are spent dancing away at lakeside discos.
Zlatni Rat
If you love to wind surf and get soaked in the sun then it is great to take time off at Bol in Zlatni Rat. A magnificent beach made of smooth white pebbles that get shuffled due to the wind and waves. The pine trees and rocky cliffs give a sharp look to the beach environment.

Places to visit in Auli

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Auli located in Uttaranchal is considered one of the best skiing destinations in India. So if you love skiing then you cannot afford to give visiting Auli a miss. It is situated in Chamoli district of the Garhwal region. One always feels closer to Nature especially in higher altitudes and nature lovers can relax here at an elevation from 2519 meters to 3050 meters above sea level. The place is naturally blessed with breathtaking views of the Himalayan mountain ranges from all angles and therefore becomes the preferred choice for professional skiers.

Every year this place attracts tourists and skiing aficionados from India and all parts of the world. While we do know Auli is a must see tourist spot, we shall take you through the place and help you with all that you wanted to know about it.

452032394_d9f3befe36_bGurso Bugyal

This is just 3 km from Auli and you shall experience the scenic beauties of the Himalayan ranges from here. This place personifies Mother Nature in her peak youth with lush green pastures during the spring time and shades of ageing notices when snow sheets clad up during winter. Gurso Bugyal has large acres of forest land that are predominantly occupied by Oak and conifer trees.


This is the smartest choice one can ever make to get away from the routine fast paced life. Chattrakund gives you a sip of Nature’s purity with the likes of the Chattrakund lake that holds crystal clear water. So if you are looking for some breath of freshness coupled with innermost fairy tale fantasies then Chattrakund is something you have to eagerly watch out for.

Kwani Bugyal

The Kwani Bugyal is a hot favourite among Trekkers. It is located 12 kms from Gurso Bugyal at about 3380 meters above sea level. The ideal time to visit Kwani Bugyal is June and September.

Auli Artificial Lake

One of the world’s largest man made lake that has been developed to create artificial snow on the ski slopes. A wonderful place with mesmerizing locales is made to recharge every tourist with full energy.


Joshimath is a pilgrimage site and it holds its spiritual relevance since the 8th century. It is said that Adi Shankaracharya had established one of the four Peethas here.

Trishul peak

The Trishul Peak is one of the most preferred destinations for photographers, adventurists and Nature Lovers. It is best to catch a glimpse of this place during sunrise. It is great to ski and enjoy the scenic beauty. Trishul peak is located at an altitude of 3049 meters above sea level. It is good to visit around November and March. Trishul peak is also famous for Nanda Devi National Park, Roopkund which is a spiritual lake on the foot of the mountains. This lake is popularly called Mystery Lake as several human skeletons and horses were found. The peak is just perfect for professional skiers and trekkers.

Auli Overview

Auli is often referred as the paradise of Uttarkhand. It is encircled with snow clad peaks, enchanting ski resorts and surrounded by the Himalayan bounties. On the other side, the place has some intriguing Coniferous forests and bright apple orchards that shine like an stones during the silvery white snow miracles. One can walk through the foggy slopes to experience the lofty mountain ranges of the Nanda Devi, Mana Paravat and Kamat.

How can you reach Auli?

You can reach Auli by air by touching Dehradun which is 279 km from Auli.

You can alight at Haridwar station if you come by train. Haridwar is about 273 km from the hill station.

If you decide to come by car , then Joshimath is the nearest point. It is just 16 km from from the place. There are many state run buses that can also take you to nearby tourists spots like Rishikesh, Haridwar and Dehradun.

Best of Eureka, CA

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Located in the Redwood Region of California, Eureka is enriched with a variety of attractive landscapes offering innumerable ways to spend your day off. Here are a few exciting getaways to enjoy your trip.

144526596_4da51c0fe8_b1.Sequoia park Garden:
The major attraction about this place is the gorgeous giant Sequoia trees. There are several Redwood trees too along with a variety of flowering plants that put on a colorful display. The best time to visit the park is late summer. The ‘wishing well’ is another attraction you will find here.

2.Sequoia Park Zoo:
The zoo is located next to the Sequoia Garden. Though small, it is the oldest zoo in California. It houses some exotic animals like the Red Panda. This is a great place to hangout, especially for the kids. It also houses some pigs, sheep and goats and children are allowed to get close to these animals. There are a couple of cute river otters too.

3.Humboldt Bay:
It is called the Birdwatcher’s Paradise as you can see a variety of exotic birds around the Hikshari Trail that is a part of the Bay. Salmon Creek and Hookton Slough are other interesting places to go for a walk. Seagulls, Pelicans, Cormorants, Kingfishers and harbor seals are a common sight. This bay has everything from parks, wildlife and oceans to make your day adventurous. Kayaking is also another attraction here.

4.Humboldt Botanical garden:

This is a one of a kind garden and the largest Native Plant Garden in all of North California. It has a great many species of attractive native, exotic plants and herbs. The entire park is also accessible to handicapped people as all areas can be toured on wheelchairs. Golf carts are also available for this purpose. The garden shows a gracious transition from red, orange, yellow to blue, all colors of flowers add on to the beauty of the park. The Woodland garden, Temperate garden and Heather garden are the other impressive gardens. The mediation labyrinth sculpture, Santino “All Happy Earth” Sculpture, a natural steam with a walking trail and the greenhouse are other eye-catching spots around the garden.

5.Headwaters Forest Reserve:
This is an amazing place for hiking. The hiking trail is located next to the Elk River and is a great place to be close to nature. It is also a great place for kids to ride a bike. It has some beautiful trees around. The BLM Headwaters Reserve Trail is a part of this place and it is a great place to know about the logging town. You can also enjoy some amazing views of the creek from here.

6.Lost Coast Trail:
This trail is great for camping and hiking. This is a thrilling trail with the sea and beaches along. It is great place to learn about the tides. Though it is exhausting it is definitely worth the effort and it is a truly amazing trail.

7.College Cove:
This is a pretty beach that could be reached by the Humboldt Trailhead. There is an amazing blow hole in Trinidad, California which you can view from the cliffs of this cove. It is amazing to see vegetation in the blow hole from these cliffs. The view of entire Trinidad Bay from the lighthouse is an amazing sight. It is a great place to spend your late evenings.

8.Ghost and Vampire Tours:
This tour includes some creepy inns and motels. The Eagle House Victorian Inn is one such place where there are dark hallways renowned for surprise visitors and paranormal experiences. If you look for something different, then this tour is for you. You will learn all about the old Eureka during this tour.