March 2016

Beautiful Places to Visit in Cornwall

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Travel is truly a passion with many people and the urge to discover new places revisit favorite haunts are ingrained in them. For those of you who are bitten by the travel bug and wish to travel to the beautiful and scenic Cornwall, here are a list of must see places. Cornwall has plethora of places to offer even to most jaded traveler. There are beautiful quaint villages, beaches historic places to visit and is child and dog friendly to boot.

Places to visit in Cornwall

Penzance Corn wall is one of the best places to visit as it has very scenic views of lovely Mount Bay .There is a lovely art gallery in the town so that you can indulge in culture as well. Since it is a coast you can also take boat rides to nearby places. Mousehole is a small harbor located near the area of Penzance also to be visited as it has lovely village views of winding lanes and traditional cute cottages lining it. Do not miss their Christmas lights as it will transport you to fairytale Christmas scene. Lovely pubs are also here to put you in the spirit!

Sennen cove is a quiet harbor which is a place to chill out in the beach and observe sharks. It can get busy with people flocking to the place in summer. If beaches are your passion, two more popular beaches Gwithian and Godrevy beaches are your best bet for fun. They are both quite stunning in all weathers. It is a popular haunt for surfers and thrill seekers as there is a lot of activities to do like cliff climbing and kayaking.

Lizard Peninsula is a marvelous peninsula which has a jaw dropping sea view and peaceful atmosphere to soothe your frayed nerves. There are lovely areas to visit like rivers and beaches and can drive into the quiet countryside for picnics. Coverack is another one of those postcard villages set in Lizard peninsula. It has a romantic and adventurous past as a smuggling point. So indulge a few days in fantasy and make believe while you splash about in the little rock pools in the beach.

Natural Ice Skating Places Around The World

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Östergötland and Södermanland in Sweden: In Östergötland and Södermanland you can ice skate in the summer and winter. People even go for moonlight skating tours here. The ice is crystal clear in the cold months and placid in summer. There are professional guides and tour operators during all seasons and they will guide you to skate on the strongest ice and even customize the distances for you.

The Rideau Canal, Ottawa, Canada: This natural ice skating destination is famous not only for skating, but also for other winter sports, like ice hockey and ice walking. It runs through the centre of downtown Ottawa. During winter, the running water thickens into the world’s largest ice skating rink — the Rideau Canal Skateway, which is 7.8 km long and is floodlit at night. This is one of the most scenic ice skating destinations from where you can see the entire city, its landmark buildings and nature’s bounty.

Natural ice skating places around the world

Keystone Lake, Colorado, USA: The 5-acre Keystone Lake is a destination for families. It is known for skating as well as skiing. Here you will find the cleanest snow. The view is also amazing with snow-topped mountains and forested slopes. The place is famous for its gorgeous mountain view (plus plenty of room for hockey games). It is also a great shopping destination as it has several shops, restaurants, hotels and spas surrounding the place.

Lake Placid: It is famous for its winter resort — the Lake Placid Club, which has played host to two Winter Olympics. The lake freezes in the winter, and soon it becomes the hot spot for skating and hockey.

Lake Morey, Vermont: When temperatures drop and the lake freezes, skiers flock the place. The place is also known for snowshoeing.

Canyon Ferry Lake, Montana: This man-made reservoir near Helena is a favourite with natural ice skating fans since the weather is not too rough. The lake becomes a smooth sheet of black ice and it is great for iceboating, too.

Anchorage, Alaska: This is a place where you will find plenty of snow. The most popular place in Anchorage, Alaska, for skating is the frozen Westchester Lagoon. The place is well kept. The ice is smooth and clean as it is mopped every day. Even the thickness of ice is tested regularly.

Stockholm, Sweden: During the chilliest Stockholm winters, the city’s waterways freezes, and people start flocking for ice skating. An added advantage of this natural ice skating destination is that the brackish ice’s salt is less dangerous as it doesn’t crack very easily.

Kenai Lake, Alaska, USA: What makes this lake special is its depth. It has many skating locations, but Kenai is the most favourite.

Lac de Joux, Switzerland: Lake Joux is not very deep, and for the very same reason it freezes quickly. It is surrounded by unspoilt countryside and is a world of its own with a rugged charm.

Lake Lyndon, Canterbury, New Zealand: It is a glacial lake, which typically freezes every few years. It is a place where you can take your kids for fishing. It is nestled in New Zealand’s Southern Alps, and is yet another popular natural ice skating destination.

Natural Tropical Island in Queensland

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Queensland is a celebrated natural holiday destination in the world. Queensland has the most exotic tropical islands off its coast along the great barrier in the northern part.  It offers something for everybody from sun kissed beaches to natural rain forests and wonders like Great Barrier Reef etc. A holiday in Queensland should be on every traveler’s bucket list. The Great Barrier Reef is a world heritage protected

When it comes to tropical getaways there are few places that can beat Queensland’s attractions. There are several natural tropical islands, several of them accessible only by flights, which offer perfect holiday spots to discerning tourists

Natural Tropical Island in Queensland

Hamilton islands are worthy of mention as a main island among 74 islands which are  most awe inspiring and jaw dropping beautiful  natural tropical island in Queensland. Whitehaven beach is a glorious spot to enjoy lovely sunset and sunrises, and a range of activities including golfing and diving, even night clubbing!

Fitzroy islands are one of those places where no amount of descriptions captures the pure natural beauty present. You can just relax and be at peace with yourself. Time slows down in these beautiful surroundings where you can trek through secret garden and the rainforest and come to the lighthouse and summit trail. Snorkeling is a delight in this place in peaceful surroundings.

Dunk Island is mostly a national park protected for its flora and fauna. Amazing rainforests are here home to exotic species of birds and butterflies including the celebrated Ulysses butterfly. There are a range of reptiles also that are rare and protected species. So the abundance of wildlife alone is worth making this trip for. There are jets skis and catamaran services locally available so you can be as active or laidback as you want to be.

Whitsunday islands are one of the most sought after destinations in the tropical islands of Queensland. It is extremely budget friendly place with the natural attractions present in all of queen’s lands tropical islands. A must visit island which offers easy connectivity to other islands from here.

If you are looking for a romantic getaway, look no further than Brampton islands. It is an Idyllic island which offers sunny beaches coral gardens, nature walking trails etc for your enjoyment. You can decide on the level of activity you want to take up. There are so much panoramic and simply stunning views all over the place that you may just lose yourself in the lap of nature.

Moreton Island is a sand island which is ranked third in the world. It is beautiful untouched and mostly protected by Natural Park. It has a lovely warm weather even in winter! Well connected by ferry, you can make this beautiful place home for a few days in your travel schedule.

Only a few islands are covered in this as there are simply too many islands and attractions. You will keep going back to the tropical islands of Queensland to relax and enjoy your holidays.

Fascinating Swimming Pools around the World

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The word ‘swimming pool’ conjures up images of crystal clear waters gently undulating in breeze, enticing us to take a dip. While this is true for even ordinary backyard pools, there are elegant, extravagant and outstanding swimming pools in the world.

Fascinating Swimming Pools around the World have lured many people around the world. The idea of swimming pools is to provide a place to cool off and let go of all your worries. Pools have now evolved into perfect backdrops for parties, they are temperature controlled, variously themed and is the main attraction in many resorts and hotels worldwide. So even if you are looking to build a pool in your backyard these ideas.  Let’s look at the best of swimming pools in the world at a glance.

Blue Lagoon, Iceland 2-800x435w

Mariay Sands Resort Infinity pool is a beautiful pride of Singapore. An infinity pool as the name suggest is made to look as if pool is never ending. You can look at Singapore at a vantage point from this pool. The next notable pool is the Hanging Gardens Ubud pool ails; in infinity style and it’s surrounded by lovely greenery so that you can feel one with nature.

If you thought all pools were sky blue, think again! The next pool which is ranked among the best is in Lhasa Tibet, called St Regis Gold energy. The pool is golden in color because of the tiling used. It looks opulent and lovely and temperature is perfectly maintained.

If you are a nature buff who is not attracted to luxury try the Chongwe River hous pool which is the pride of Zambia, Africa. You can swim in the lap of Mother Nature observing wild life all the time.  Tarangire National Park in Tanzania also offers the same features where you can observe animals right from the pools. Immerse and surrender yourself to nature at these beautiful stunning locations.

Golden nuggets Pool in Las Vegas is fitted with water slide so that you can make a splash! There is also a tank which has beautiful fish which gives you the illusion of swimming with them. If you fancy freezing weather there is the Cambrian which is situated in Switzerland which is surrounded by gorgeous mountains.

Apart from the movers and shakers of the world, Los Angeles offers a great luxury swimming pool. There is a rooftop pool called the standard roof top pool where you can chill in and watch celebrities. If celebrities begin to bore you, there are places like San Simeon in California which has the Neptune Pool at Hearst Castle. It has a lovely architecture and gorgeous Greek statues surrounding the pool. You can feel like a roman senator amongst all this opulence! While we are on topic the ultimate is the biggest pool in the world in Algarrobo, Chile. The pool is filled with sea water and is so enormous, that you feel that you are in an ocean!