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How to choose best tour travel package

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Holidays are so precious to most of us who are caught up with white collar jobs in the city. When time is of the essence, it can feel good to get help from someone else who can plan your itinerary for you. Slow, solo travels would always be the cheapest form of travelling, but are not entirely practical at all times. If you don’t want to quit your job and hit the road for an unspecified amount of time, then you better get it all started with the help of a reliable travel agent who can help you in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Also, here are a few wise tips to save your penny while enjoying your ride.

service_imageCompare place, time and travel

There is no point trying to choose between a 30-day bus trip, a hop-on, hop-off bus tour, and a small group adventure tour operator who utilises some public transport. Settle on the type of tour you want before anything else.

If you’re using a travel agent to book, don’t go in without having done some prior research. Ask the options from the travel agent and choose the operator who is best for you. This is also the same with sight-seeing options. Don’t encourage all the tourist guides who approach you as soon as you visit. All the big travel agencies have agreements with one or two tourism operators to serve their clients.

Don’t go by the label

Don’t mistake trips labelled ‘budget’, ‘backpacker’ or ‘basic’ as automatically better value than that tour company’s standard trips. These ‘cheaper’ versions are sometimes used as a ploy to capture more of the traveller market. Look closely and you may find that the standard trip offers better value.

Don’t buy the extras

To save extra cash, don’t book any pre-and-post-trip accommodation or airport transfers through your tour company. It’s always cheaper to book additional accommodation independently, either through a hotel directly or by using an accommodation booking website. The same goes for airport transfers and private taxi transfers and airport shuttle service.

At last, one of the most important cautions and probably a rule of thumb is never to do shopping with a group. Also don’t get into all the optional activities set up by the tour leader if you think you can get a profitable deal by yourself. But if you feel that the price quoted by the tour guide is reasonable, quit wasting time and book the deal and start to enjoy the views, shopping and all that is in store for you in the place you travel. So instead of running halfway around the town to save money, book your tour right away and make the most out of your itinerary.


Things to do in Frankfurt

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Frankfurt is an internationally diverse city that has many great things to offer; from arts, outdoors, and shopping, to historic buildings and high-rises. Here are a few places that you can’t afford to miss.skyline-frankfurt-am-main

Christmas market

If you’re in Frankfurt, this might be something that’s worth the visit. The Romer offers the perfect setting for a Christmas Market. It is ranked as one of Europe’s best. The surrounding buildings are reminiscent of gingerbread houses. This plaza is also located near the water, so take a stroll around the neighborhood to enjoy the views. While wandering through the market, make sure to try currywurst, it is a sausage drenched in curry sauce and powder, kartoffelpuffer, which is fried potato pancakes dipped in an apple, garlic, or herb sauce, and the quintessential schnitzel sandwich with sauerkraut,  flattened pork in a bun, and the apfelwein (applewine).

Staedel Museum

It is one of the best art museums in Germany. If you are into painting, this museum is a must. It is one of the most comprehensive collections in Germany, ranging from medieval paintings to modern art. There is a permanent exhibition plus a changing one that gathers and borrows art from all over the world. In the current year, it is conducted in the fall 2016, a retrospective of Georg Baselitz.


If you are in Frankfurt and having a short time of period, and if you like gardens, this is a must see place to go. The entrance fee is 7 Euros and you can spend minimum 2 hours surfing and touring the garden. The “Palm Garden” houses plants from all over the world and can be visited during summer or winter. It is a great escape from the nearby skyscrapers. This garden dates back to the 19th century. The garden entrance is adjacent to KfW Bankengruppe bank, and is easy to reach by public transportation.

Senckenberg Natural History Museum

The Senckenberg museum houses a wide variety of animals, birds, and fish and also a nice collection of dinosaurs and fossils. It also has exhibits showing the evolution of mankind and the different habitats of animals in different continents. The world renowned Senckenberg Society has a permanent exhibition in Frankfurt. It’s about paleontology and evolution that has a complete collection of skeletons of dinosaurs like triceratops.

Cathedral of St. Bartholomew

This is a gorgeous massive church that is located at the heart of Frankfurt. This is believed to be built in the 7th century. It was destroyed in World War II and was rebuilt in the 1950’s. A fee of 3 Euros is collected to climb the massive tower, which is quite a hike, but it is absolutely worth it for the 360 degree view of Frankfurt and the Main River.

Best time to visit the Baltic States

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The Baltic States are three fascinating countries of north-eastern Europe, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The prime tourist season runs from April to September.  Travel agency holiday packages are also affordable at this time of the year.


May is often warmer and sunnier than June. Nature is at its full glory at this time of year, with fresh new leaves uncurling on the trees, riotous blossoms racing across the countryside, and storks coming home to roost. Hotel prices slash down to off-season rates and the country lodging also operates at off-season rates and cottages are easier to reserve at short notice. Lakes are often warm enough for a quick swim.


Summer is a time to consider getting out of the capital to explore the regions and its wide range of affordable ecotourism opportunities. Visiting the country during other seasons is another option. From October to March, Riga streets are reclaimed by locals, prices go down, and cultural events heat up. For outdoor enthusiasts, Latvia offers a host of inexpensive winter sports options.

In summer, the most popular destination for tourists and locals alike is Jurmala, a string of villages running along the sandy Baltic coastline nearest Riga. June is often cool and rainy; it is an excellent time to visit if you wish to experience the largest holiday of the year, the midsummer celebration. Most of the tour packages cover this in the itinerary. The weather in July and August is usually the warmest. But summer nights can be quite chilly.


Autumn in Latvia is long and beautiful. The leaves fall slowly and remain colourful until the end of October. Latvia usually experiences an Indian summer in September and into October, with warm sunny days and crisp, cool nights. Autumn is also the time of the harvest, with a bustling organic market cropping up in Riga, and a wide variety of fresh, local foods in restaurants.


January and February are the snowiest months, and the best time for winter sports. Unlike in Riga, where snow generally doesn’t stay for long, Latvia’s ski resorts are always white and festive. Most ski areas also offer cosy cottage rentals at excellent rates. Sigulda, apart from being the closest ski resort town to Riga, and accessible by a short train ride, also offers an exciting ride on its bobsled track. Riga, as well as many other towns, provides open-air ice skating during the winter season, and cross-country skiing through quiet forests and over rolling country hills is a national passion. New Year festivities also draw travellers who are interested in the fantastic nightlife. At this time of year, Riga becomes a magical Christmas fairytale.

Wooden Christmas markets sell hot cups of mulled wine along with handcrafted souvenirs. The medieval buildings of Old Riga become covered with snow, and warm taverns fill up with cheerful people. Latvia is a nation full of theatre-goers and Riga theatre, opera, and ballet are at their very best at this time of year. Tickets are quite affordable.


Things to know before visiting the Dead Sea

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Learning the facts before you experience something sounds like a good idea to keep yourself prepared for any situation. Swimming in the Dead Sea is definitely something amusing, but still getting prepared will help you enjoy this one of kind experience without being smitten by unpleasant surprises.26obku36c

Get dressed in an old bath suit

The salt content in the water is so strong that it discolours whatever you wear. So wear an old bath suit that you do not want to wear anymore. Once you get drenched in the Dead Sea water, your clothes will discolour or it will be so hard for you to clean up the grime that sticks on to anything that comes in contact with the water. It would be better if you just wear an old swim suit that you can discard afterwards.

Avoid splashing water on your face

The salt content is so intense it will burn your eyes if the water gets into your eyes. So be careful not to immerse your face in the water. Unlike the mud, the sea water can make your facial skin rough, especially if your skin is sensitive. So the right thing is to avoid getting that water onto your face.

Avoid shaving at least three days

Avoid shaving at least days prior to swimming in the Dead Sea. If you have any cut, wound or open sores, avoid swimming. When the water comes in contact with the wound, it really burns. The reason is again the salt content in the Dead Sea. The water is nine times saltier than the ocean. If you have a small wound, wrap it with a tight water-proof bandage before getting into the Sea.

Wear water shoes

The salt that lines the sea bottom is strong enough to cut the skin on your foot. Wear appropriate shoes that are designed to prevent water from getting in.

Quit swimming

When get to the water, move slowly to the deeper side of the sea and try to relax and float. The water will lift you high and you will float like you would with a plastic noodle.

Get the mud

Walk down to the shallow side of the sea and pick up the mud right underneath your feet. Rub all over your body, including your face. Leave it on for a few minutes before you wash it. Your skin will feel the smoothest as it would with an expensive spa treatment.

Why we still need a travel agent?

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Travel agency business has a very high success rate, despite the modernization and innovation of new technologies that allow travellers to book their packages online, 24/7. This explains why people still opt for the services of a travel agent

pexels-photo-largeHere are a few reasons that explain why we still need a travel agent.

Vast Knowledge

Travel agents are experienced and have vast knowledge in everything about travelling the world. Choosing a suitable travel agency package services is quite difficult for first-timers who travel abroad. Instead of trusting the online reviews, it would be better to take the word of a qualified travel agent to get the proper information about the place you would like to visit.

Value for your money

While going on a trip, travellers prefer to enjoy an all-inclusive trip that covers most of the city’s hotspots. A travel agent can ensure travellers that they don’t miss any of the amazing happenings in the vicinity, like a great restaurant down the street, or a live concert in town.

Setting the itinerary

A travel agent can gather the right information about the days and dates of special events and even make reservations. With a travel agent in charge, you can be sure that your itinerary has everything to take you to some of the exciting happenings around the city.


A travel agent is also an expert in estimating the total cost for a trip that you select. Though you are the decision maker, a travel agent presents a clear view of what will be entertaining to you based on your interests and will also help you determine your affordability.


A travel agent also offers advice on travel insurance and makes sure that the hotel where you are planning to stay is safe and that the company running the excursion won’t rob you. They also insure that travellers have the correct travel documents, so they don’t face problems in a strange country. Even if things take a wrong turn, travel agents have the resources and the contacts to get travellers to safe grounds.

Time Savvy

A travel agent takes care of all your needs by customizing your travel package. Instead of spending hours in researching and making reservations and booking tickets, all you have to do is to ask your travel agent fix it for you and within moments your ultimate travel package will be ready. All you will have to do is to pack your bags.


Travel Agency Trends & Statistics

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Global travel agencies must satisfy the needs of passengers and guests both in person and online, in real-time and across in multiple languages. Visit Emperor Traveline,one of the best travel agency which satisfy all your needs and also offers affordable travel agency packages for making your journey as a memorable trip









Tips for Indian Passport Renewal in USA

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This is a step by step guidance for Indian Passport renewal in USA with Cox and Kings in the jurisdiction of Indian embassy New York. The process is same for others including Houston, Washington DC, Atlanta, and Chicago and SFO Indian consulate.

Indian_Passport_635_generic_thinkstock_ndtvConsulate General of India, Chicago has outsourced the passport services to M/s Cox and Kings Global Services. For passport services, all applicants must send their applications or walk-in to the new India Passport Application Centre (IPAC) in Chicago, operated by M/s Cox and Kings Global Services, at the following address:

India Passport Application Centre

Cox and Kings Global Services [Passport Services)

Suite 1002, 19 S, La Salle Street, Chicago, IL 60603

Telephone: 213-213 5019

Email: passportusa@ckgs.com

Website: www.passport.in.ckgs.us

Follow these tips to get your passport renewed the right way.

Tip 1:


Apply for renewal 3 months before the final expiry to mitigate any contingency and delays.
Officially, you can apply 1 year in advance and there is no time limit for the late comers.

Tip 2:

Required Documents:


1) Expiring Passport with all other OLD passports.

2) 2×2 Inch photographs (White background, off-white is NOT allowed) – Total 3 in number

Forms (to be filled later):

1) Nationality Verification form

2) Cox &Kings checklist

3) NRI passport renewal application form

4) CKGS (Cox & Kings) Online Payment Receipt

Photocopy – Black and White:

1) Are you Married?


1) Spouse’s Passport’s front (page with picture) and back page (with address) OR Green Card

2) Marriage Certificate (Indian or any other).

No:  Move On.

1) Address proof (India) – Any utility bill (Electricity/gas – not older than 3 months) or driving license or Aadhar Card or Recent Bank Statement from Government bank (like SBI, PNB etc.).

2) First 5 pages of passport + last 2 pages.

First page with Photo, then page numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. The last two pages are supposed to include the ‘Observation’ page. Page number 34, 35, 36 and last page with address. This makes the total number of pages to be 10.

1) (Optional) – For ECR Stamp – Copy of Highest Educational Qualification Degree.

2) Photocopy – Color copy is optional but recommended

3) Address proof (US) – Any utility bill (Electricity/gas – not older than 3 months) or driving license or Rental lease agreement or Home Mortgage bill or State ID.

4) Current Valid US Visa OR I-797 OR Green card OR Employment Authorization Card (EAD) or I- 797 approval notice or Valid I-20.

US Visa – B1/B2 is not considered a valid visa for passport reissue. Also, I94 is not a valid Proof.

Tip 3:


Following documents need to be notarized:

1) Passport Application form – Specifically Q no. 29. If it lands on 3rd page, then notarize only page 3.

2) Address proof (India).

3) Address proof (USA).

4) Copy of Visa or Green Card or I797 approval notice.

5) Copy of Marriage Certificate (ONLY If you are married).

6)  Spouse Passport copy (ONLY If you are married).

Tip 4:

Pay online or Buy Cashier Check Or Money order Or Demand Draft

  • Payment is accepted online by debit or credit card. You will be asked to pay online when you reach the payment step on CKGS website.


Tip 5:

Buy Postal Envelopes:

1) Choose USPS and their standard delivery with tracking which is reasonable.

2) Buy Main envelope – Flat rate Large size envelope from USPS with tracking.

3) Buy Return envelope – Flat rate normal size envelope from USPS with tracking.

4) Go to USPS office and get the two envelopes.

5) Ask and pay for stamps and tracking at this time itself

6) Paste one set of stamps and tracking code slip on the Return Envelope and other on the main envelope.

Tip 6:

Fill Up online forms for Indian passport renewal

CKGS application form.

Sample Nationality Verification Form

Sample NRI Passport Form

Tip 7:

Packaging everything together

1) Final Checklist – The documents to package together

2) CKGS Document Checklist – Just write the name of all documents on a piece of paper that you are submitting. We would call this a document check list.

3) NRI passport renewal form Notarized.

4) Nationality Verification form

5) Photocopy – Passport (first 5 + last 2 pages)

6) Photocopy Notarized – VISA or I-797 or Green Card or Work Authorization proof

7) Address proof (India)Notarized

8) Address proof (USA)Notarized

9) Photocopy Notarized – IF Married – Your Spouse’s Passport (front page + last page)

10) Photocopy Notarized – IF Married – Marriage Certificate

11) Original Fees Payment Receipt – make a copy or scan and keep with you for evidence.

12) Original Passports

13) Use paper clip or paper pins to tie all the above documents together.

14) Return shipping Envelope – Verify that you have written the CKGS address and your OWN address.

Place all the above documents in the main envelope. Stick the shipping label on this envelope. Close the envelope. Write your own address to get the packet back in case it is not deliverable to CKGS, for any reason.

Tip 8:

Mailing and Tracking

1) You can drop it in any USPS drop box (which allows for packets less than 13 Ounces to be dropped) or handover to USPS office.

2) Next step is to patiently wait and track. The tracking won’t activate until the package reaches the CKGS hands and they scan the barcode on the shipping label addressed to them.

Contact your nearby reliable travel agent who is also an authorized passport services personnel in order to obtain a hassle-free passport renewal.

Emperor Traveline, The Leading Passport Service Travel Agent in Coimbatore

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The Passport and Visa Division acting under the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India provides various passport services to the Indian citizens. Citizens can apply for passports through two schemes for a different fee.

1. Normal Scheme
2. Tatkaal Scheme

Passports applied under Tatkaal Scheme will be processed in a short time that the applicant will be able to receive the passport within 3 working days. In the case of a normal scheme, the processing time takes longer.

The three services available in issuing passports are:

1. Issue of Fresh Passport:

If you are applying for the first time, you can make use of this service by filing your application with all the supporting documents for reference.

2. Re-issue/Renewal of Passport:

You can utilize this service based upon any of the following reasons:

1. Lost passport
2. Passport expiry
3. Damaged passport
4. Personal particulars update

3. Issue of Police Clearance Certificate:

The issue of PCC certificate comes under the miscellaneous services. You will be provided this service as part of the background verification procedure with reference to your personal particulars.

Indian Passport Services by Emperor Traveline

Emperor Traveline, a self styling travel organization in the city of Coimbatore provides quick and hassle-free Indian Passport facilitation services. They are the leading online passport travel agents in Coimbatore, approved by the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India. They ensure proper passport documentation and efficient processing of all Indian passport services.

Emperor Traveline operates with a goal to provide timely and infallible passport services to clients in a cost-effective manner. Their passport services in Coimbatore encompasses a golden opportunity for those looking forward to complete their documentation for obtaining a New Passport, Passport Renewal or Emigration Clearance work in a day thereby reducing loss of precious time and effort standing in long queues at the passport office for enquiry.

Getting your Indian passport done through the online passport services at Emperor Traveline also comes as an advantage to all working individuals or those into business, who have leave restrictions, housewives, school/college going children and a real benefit for senior citizens or minor kids who need assistance at every step. Getting an online passport appointment done is now compulsory; however it depends on the traffic of applicants.

At Emperor Traveline, they provide complete Assistance for the following activities in Indian Passport Services:

1.  Issuing new Indian passport

2.  Renewal of Indian passport

3.  Indian passport formalities

4.  Indian passport documentation

5.  Child passport services

6.  Online passport appointment

7.  Passport formalities

8.  Passport documentation

Their online passport services include complete guidance, preparing your Indian passport documentation online, scheduling your online passport appointment with Passport Seva Kendra for your bio-metrics, etc.