December 2017

How to fly overseas? Tips to arrive more refreshed

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Are you a first time air-traveller? Early nerves, jittery about the experience associated with air travel? May be you just need a quick refresher to shed all your fears and reservations about flying abroad. Here is a list of easy-to-do ideas you should do when flying overseas and arrive more refreshed:

travel agencyStay Hydrated:

Having a large unopened bottle of water in your carry helps in fighting against dehydration. Dehydration is one of the biggest reasons for fatigue.  Yes there is water on the plane, but they are usually not enough.

Book a Premium Seat:

It is worth paying a tad extra to have a premium seat or exit row if you can afford it, so that you have a little extra leg room. If not try and go for another isle seat so that you can stand and stretch your body often.

Comfortable shoes:

Wearing comfy shoes will not only make check-in lot more comfortable, but they tend to give, and swelling of legs and feet are quite common when you’re travelling; go for a comfortable pair of shoes.

Bring things to do:

You can always carry things that help you while away the time: a good book, magazine, I-pad, tablet PC, etc. Don’t forget to bring your own earphones as they help block noise.


It is important to eat only healthy snacks and remember to pack some like nuts, dry fruits, etc. Remember most airline snacks are usually peanuts or chips that are full of sodium that are unhealthy.


If you are suffering from leg cramps, you can walk up and down the aisles or do simple leg and arm stretches while on the seat. Neck rolls, heal raises and foot circles can be preformed to relax a bit and for your body to be flexible.


It is important to get good sleep even though if it’s a short snap. Don’t forget to carry neck pillow, eye mask, ear phones or ear plugs. Your doctor may come to your help if you are having trouble sleeping during air travel.

Positive Attitude:

Travelling can be, more often than not, strenuous and taxing, but it’s worth your efforts if you have a positive attitude, and once you arrive safely at your destination.


How to get along with your Travel Companions

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Travelling with companions can be rewarding in most cases and sometimes frustrating too. However there are a few things you can always do to make your journey together smooth and stress-free as planned.  So whether you’re travelling as a group or as a couple or volunteering an overseas trip with your kith and kin, remember the reason why you were there in the first place – you like each other, don’t you?

Travel Companion

Communication is the key

Communication is the key, like anything else. It matters a lot in finding out your co-traveller’s likes and dislikes; intention of the trip; tour itinerary and changes, if any; planned budget, etc. Pre-planning what and what not to see, well in advance, can minimise surprises and heart burns leading to agony and conflicts. Always remember: no two minds are the same. Communication, and more importantly effective communication with a definite gameplan, can keep everyone happy, positive and comfortable throughout the journey.

Magic of Compromise

As we had already discussed, don’t try to impose your viewpoints on others, especially on the kind of activities people wanted to enjoy.  Have an open mind and embrace diversity, not as a condition or a rule, but something you can use to explore hobbies or unravel new passions. ‘Variety is the spice of life’; why not compromise a bit with your travel companion? Consensus is an important element when travelling with others. Give every touring member a fair chance and you will find him/her to be lot more involved and happy.

Similarly, conceding to go along with your travel partner that he/she is excited about is a good idea. Even if you aren’t interested and the other person is well aware of it, you may be appreciated for having agreed to come along.

Do your own spadework

It is OK to drag an unwilling individual or group to a tourist attraction you really want to go – after all it is a matter of compromise as well! But ensure you do the spadework properly: work out the cost involved, how to reach the destination, how long do you need to travel and how long you would be content spending time there. Hopefully, even the most reluctant audience will become curious and join the party; even if they don’t, ensure you stay positive. You can be a soft target if things don’t go well as planned having convinced people to the trip.

Mix & Match

Once the group is done enjoying your choice of activity, take a look around to see if you can halt somewhere else that others may be interested about. If you show genuine interest in the travel needs of others, your travel partner will appreciate your gesture and this will go a long way in making the travel mutually enriching and inclusive.

Caring for the needs of others

Any travel situation may either involve your close acquaintance (not every time, mind you) or a group of total strangers onboard, and how you deal with the known and the unknown is the key. For instance, if you find a chatty and garrulous passenger seated next to you, it can kind of irritate you. But it can be a good ploy to overcome nerves, especially during the first 10 minutes of take off and ensure the next 10 hours of travel is flattering.


Finally, you are there to chill out, and don’t forget that. A lot of time and effort goes into the planning a tour and you must try making the most of it. Remember, it isn’t about showing your muscle; it’s about having an open mind and a positive outlook, and it’s about showing humility and empathy with your fellow traveller or travel buddy. Let trivial matters not take centre stage during travelling. Enjoy your personal space. Yes, by all means (of course) and share some space, when required, with others. How often do we complain about not spending quality time with our best pals? Don’t you think travelling can unite hearts, or may be even heal a broken heart?  Finally, the most memorable holiday experiences are those that come unrehearsed, free and easy. Be appreciative, considerate and optimistic, and rest assured, you’re off on the trip of a lifetime.

20 travel blogs any traveller can’t be without – Part 2

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Travel folks, here is another bunch of travel blogs and websites for you to get some insightful and handy info and updates on the world of travel. Go on, keep reading.

 11. Fresh Off The Grid


Description: Founded by a traveller-couple, this is an excellent cooking resource for outdoor enthusiast.

image001  12. Carnets De Traverse


Description:  Another creative outlet for travel photographers, travel writers and bloggers.

image003  13Meraviglia Paper


Description:  An online travel mag aimed at travellers interested in fascinating, unique places with collection of stories, articles and reviews.

image005  14. Jungles in Paris


Description:  Not just another blog on nature and culture. It explores planet Earth in all its glory and diversity covering themes such as culture, craft, wildlife and geography.

image007  15. Roads & Kingdoms


Description:  An award winning website, it is an independent journal of food, travel, politics and culture.

image009  16. Petite Passport


Description:  A collection of some of the nicest (design) places on the earth, according to its founder, to inspire travellers around the world.

image011  17. Huckberry Journal


Description:  Want to buy some of the coolest travel gear at the best prices online, as well as read inspirational stories, at the same time? Then check this site out to find lot more.

image013  18.  Mr. and Mrs. Smith


Description:  Excellent resource in the form of hotel guide books and a website that takes one on a virtual tour around the most sizzling hotels in destinations around the globe.

image015  19. Camels and Chocolate


Description:  A traveller-author chronicles the experiences of her extensive travel around the world, with the best of the lot coming from American South and Latin America.image017  20. Cup of Jo


Description:  A daily lifestyle site; one of the best blogs for women, you can find everything from fashion, design, beauty, food, travel, motherhood, relationships to lifestyle.


Did we miss a whole lot of other good travel sites? We strongly feel so. The internet is as a big as an ocean. Why don’t you write to us about your favourite travel site? Also, let us know why you like the site; there, of course, must be a reason to do so. We believe you like our collection of travel sites in this two-part blog series, and don’t forget to bookmark them on your browser, so that you may keep reading and keep coming to those sites for more. We will be adding more blog posts to our site for you to make the most of our writings.

20 travel blogs any traveller can’t be without – Part 1

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As we are approaching the end of another year, we will try to list some of the most popular websites and blogs in the world of travel this year, not in terms of traffic or popular votes, but by offering online audience infotaining and valuable content that would kindle the spirit of travel, adventure and creativity. These travel blogs have inspired travellers around the world to travel safe, smart and with a definite sense of purpose. The experiences shared by the bloggers, mostly hardcore traveller-writers, have proved more than useful in making travel decisions. Here they go… our favourite blogs no traveller can be without.
(Note: We don’t endorse, promote or intend to drive traffic to any of the blogs mentioned below)

1. Scandinavia Standard

A unique blog to understand Scandinavian lifestyle in English.
Tour operators in coimbatore2. Lost with Purpose

Started by a backpacking couple travelling full-time, the site takes you to some of the offbeat world destinations.Tour operators in coimbatore3.This Is The Place I Was Telling You About

By far the longest web address any blog would have had, the founder-couples who started this blog share their travel stories, and pretty much endlessly!tour o

4. Landcruising Adventure

A traveller-couple takes you to the various corners of the world on their vintage Land Cruiser, an ongoing, 15-year long journey, to give readers some delightful stories and awesome photos.image0075. Culinary Backstreets

Hear stories of a city’s foodways bent on a more traditional side of urban culinary life. image009

 6. Roam Magazine

A unique, creative outlet for travellers, photographers and travel writers that inspire readers to seize the fleeting moments of travel through words and photographs and explore the marvels of Mother Nature rich bounties.image011

 7. Melting Butter

A Pinterest-esque layout capturing some of the coolest and gorgeous spots handpicked by curators with real taste.image013

8. Tiny Atlas Quarterly

A photography-based lifestyle travel brand and niche social community for travel that is more than life: in their magazine, through products, events and on immersive adventures. image015

 9. Our Wild Abandon

Started by two best pals, it documents their lives on the run and tells stories about the people in their journey.image017

10. Travel Fish

An independent travel guide covering Burma (Myanmar), Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand.image019

Though we have covered a handful of travel blogs and website in this post that we love, we promise to bring you some more in the next part series of the blog. Until then, it is happy travel time from us!

How do you choose the right travel backpack for your next trip?

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Travelling around the world can be one of the finest experiences for most people, be it leisure, business or a combination of business and leisure lately known as ‘bleasure’.  For most people it is all about passion and the thrill that comes out of their travel experience. Whatever, no bit of travel can be an ‘experience’ without planning it out well, and the even the best of the travel requires the right travel backpack, if not a lavishly expensive one.  Here’s a quick few tips of things you should be aware in order to pick the right travel backpack:

tour operators in coimbatore


There are tens of thousands of backpack models and types available in the marketplace to choose from.  Whether you choose a traditional backpack or a travel backpack with wheels for mobility is up to you and your specific travel needs.


A travel backpack with a capacity of 40-80L will just do the thing if you’re plotting a 3-7 days personal or business trip.


Check if your travel backpack comes with a water-resistant or waterproof material to save your valuable contents from the effects of water, snow, or rain.

Multiple Compartments:

Going for a backpack with multiple compartments helps to keep your contents organized, secure and prevent overflowing during travel.

Front-loading Compartment:

Those who do a lot of travel may well tell you that having a front-loading compartment in your backpack can help you access your contents quickly and easily, especially when you are on the move.


Check for backpacks that are provided with chest straps, padded shoulder straps and waist strips for higher level of comfort and greater convenience.

Laptop & Tablet compartment:

Any business traveller or tech-savvy traveller would tell you how important it’s to have a compartment with sufficient padding and foam support for laptop, notebook, tablet PC, chunky smartphones and other electronic devices.


Empty backpack that weighs 2-4 pounds is good enough to carry reasonably huge contents. If the weight is too heavy, the backpack can actually pull you backwards, and this isn’t good news.

Raw Materials:

There is a good choice of materials for backpack to choose from depending upon your budget. But Polyester and Nylon are found to be lightweight and highly water-resistant.


The price of any backpack may depend upon what your choice of brand is, functionality and quality it delivers. Therefore, the price range of an average quality backpack may fall between $50 and $100; if you are looking for premium quality backpacks, you may have to shell out anything between $100 and $300.

You may add a few points to the ones listed above. However, if you consider these factors, then you can get a reasonably priced travel backpack with satisfactory quality. Remember that quality always has a price tag attached and premium quality backpacks may burn your pockets.