30 Best Travel Podcasts every time you travel – Part 3

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Here we come again with more travel podcasts – the list getting fatter and bigger. The concluding blog of the three-part blog series, we believe, will be more infotaining and fun at the same time.

10. Travel Freedom

The podcast aims to help travellers travel more and unearth travel freedom with interviews of digital nomads, plus money-making ways of online entrepreneurs and travel hacking methods for travelling the globe, full time.



9. Keep Your Day Dream

The podcast, started by Marc & Tricia, and with over 100 episodes (during the time of writing), the travel podcast is a compendium of inspiring tales from fellow travellers, who with their unconventional thinking, left their comfort zone to explore the unexplored.


8. Living Unconventionally

Started by Britany Felix, and with 150+ episodes, the podcast is a collection of life stories of fellow travellers, travel safety tips, creating online business, and freelancing on the road, articles for the ‘she’ travellers and how to travel with kids, and, of course, replies to her listener’s questions.



7.The Expat Chat

Started by Tony Argyle, this podcast, with 100+ episodes, has some remarkable stories of people who have ‘travel’ in their blood. They discover life overseas and live a life of their own. Tony also discusses where to live, how to travel, how to afford it and other questions that travellers usually have in their minds.




6. The Suitcase Entrepreneur

Started by Natalie Sisson, a New Zealand entrepreneur and adventurer, she helps entrepreneurs develop life-changing habits, routines, tools and mindset to feel the pulse of personal and professional freedom day after day so that they can lead a life they truly deserve, while also running a profitable business they’d wish for.



5. The Dirtbag Diaries


Hosted by Fitz Cahall, this podcast has been bringing tales of outdoor adventurers since 2007. With intriguing stories from roads, trail, rivers and other notoriously wild places, the Dirtbag Diaries is everything what an outdoor enthusiast crave for in terms of diverse travel experience.



4. Airplane Mode

Started by two former Warby Parker execs, Away started things out as a luggage company but fast turned out to become much more. This podcast, hosted by Will Warren, features themes including business travel, wellness, in addition to interviews with people that belong to diverse industries who are pretty much passionate about travel.



3. On She Goes


This podcast is the perfect companion for women who wish to travel more adventurously and more confidently featuring stories shared by their community.





2. Travelogue


This podcast by Condé Nast Traveler is a kind of interesting roundtable-style discussion on a plethora of travel themes and tags such as sustainable travel, impact that home sharing would have on the hotel industry,  the best places to travel during a particular season, and whether it’s ethical to travel to certain countries. The theme music is a plus.


1.The Switchback Kids

Planning a trip to a national park, here is a podcast for you started by Elizabeth and Cole Donelson, who have visited all 59 national parks. It is worthwhile to listen to their experiences of travelling to country’s public lands such as deep dives into some parks, budgeting hacks, top rated parks and much more.



Our list would seem desperately short if we stop with this. There are many podcasts online which we haven’t covered at all. Why don’t you review them, mail us your thoughts on how they have actually influenced your travel decisions. We would simply love to hear back from you.