A Camel Ride in Jaisalmer

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jaisalmer2Welcome to the famous Thar Desert where exotism meets the golden sand. The shining golden crests and troughs provide a sparkling glow to this golden city of Jaisalmer which is located 575 kilometers away from the pink city capital of Jaipur. It is apt to call Rajasthan as the Land of the Kings which is the reason it is referred Royal Rajasthan. The state is a perfect amalgamation of ancient architecture in the form of majestic forts and loads of modern attractions. Jaisalmer is the slice of this royal heritage that is host to the world famous Jaisalmer Fort which is renowned for its incredible yellow stone architecture.

In Jaisalmer you are sure to get even more addicted to the golden colour that is so much an integral part of this beautiful city. Let us know more about the Camel Safari which is one of the main highlights of Jaisalmer tourism.

While sitting on an elephant can fill in pride; sitting on a camel depicts an exercise of character. This is because it is not just about sitting on the animal it is about finding the correct balance to enjoy the true essence of this desert magic. It is great to see the long legs of the camel pulling through the sands as to make the person seated on it feel the dance of its body. And as we embark on the animal the hot desert wind wraps around our face as the ride sets out slowly on the sandy path leading to the horizon. During the safari it is charming to see the drifting sand dunes, the far stretched Havelis, explore isolated places that are all tucked in to the desert. Just seated on the saddle and the animal being guided by a person you are sure to love the bumpy ride and the desert tranquility. The sweeping stretches and the breathtaking crimson horizon during sunset can leave you in an ambience which probably no materialistic luxury could ever provide.

There are short day long Safaris too. These Safaris give you a glimpse of the desert on the whole. Most of the camels Safaris start from the Fort town of Jaisalmer. The camel cart joins the entourage backed up with food, utensils and other essential supplies so that the entertainment of the tourists is not compromised on any end. Long camel safaris spread for a few days and during the trip camps are set at night near the vicinity of villages. The camel safaris open up limitless excitement and thrill that are unlikely to feel if you decide on an SUV trip to this place. It is one of the enchanting experiences to sit on the camel back and ride through by watching the traditional lifestyle of the villagers revealing the rustic desert life which most of us might have only read in books. This is a chance to actually see them all right in front of our eyes. For diehard adventure enthusiasts there are longer duration of safaris that come in options of 14 days, 21 days and 30 days. The entire travel itineraries are all exclusively tailor made according to the customer preferences. The best time to visit Jaislamer is during the cooler months starting from September to March to avoid the grueling desert heat