Adventurous travel places for kids

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Kids are hard to please members in the family. They are very selective about what they eat, what they watch and where they want to go. They hang out only with their ideal pals who share their likes and dislikes and attitudes. They are smart and informative so much that we can learn a lot from them. With these implicit qualities we have to be extra careful in crafting the best holiday travel to treat their senses. To help you in doing so, here are a few very interesting places around the world that are not only interesting to you but also to your toddler or teenager.

African safari:

The Zambia African Safari takes the centre stage when it comes to an adventurous safari in the wild Africa. This is the apt safari experience for your kids to be awe-inspired with a complete Africa experience. The highlight of this expedition is the top-notch animal view. The best part of the trip includes the 300 ft Victoria Falls, tiger fishing, canoeing, and rafting in the Zambezi River and bungee jumping. The Livingstone Island at the brink of the waterfall is the perfect place to gaze at the rainbow and swim towards the infinity pool. The South Luangwa National Park offers a three-day walking safari that gives you a chance to spot exotic creatures and a pride of lions. The Puku Ridge overlooking the wetlands gives you a chance to spot the elephants, giraffes, wildebeests, impalas, leopards, rhinos and hippos. What more could fascinate your kids than this safari filled with shrills and thrills.

The Grand Canyon:

The Grand Canyon, Bryce and the Zion National Parks are the best grounds for an adventure of the American Southwest. This is a wonderful opportunity for the kids and teens to go on an all-hike and all-bike tour through the high-desert landscape. The north rim camping site is an amazing camping site right at the Grand Canyon. Kids can ride mules while the adults can enjoy a windy hike down the Kaibab Trail. The Bryce Canyon is the next stop for another interesting hike from a maze of arches and pinnacles. Teens can enjoy a biking trail through the blue spruce, Douglas fir forests to rainbow point which is the highest lookout at Bryce Canyon.

The Galapagos Islands:

The ultimate kid-friendly destination like no other is the Galapagos Islands. This wonder world has clear sandy beaches where the exploration starts for your kids. They can sit and wait while curious sea lions provide company. Kids can spend all day on the waters or on beaches without getting tired. As part of their adventure, they can venture into the waters, snorkeling along with the 306 species of fish. They will be amazed at the glance of sea turtles nest. Kids get a chance to play with the marine iguanas or paddle in the water alongside white-tipped reef sharks. The beaches are bordered with the beautiful moss-draped highlands that can be explored on an interesting hike trail. These highlands are the living grounds to the giant tortoises that roam freely and do not hesitate to say hello to the kids.

Great Alaska:

The Glacier Bay at Alaska is your ultimate chance to sneak out from your regular boredom and enter into the bay of dreams. Unlike the Alaskan Cruises that offer you only a bit of Alaska, you can choose to go aboard your own base camp and come face to face with sea lions, minke whales, humpback whales, pods of orca and otters, up-close and up-front. Small boat expeditions are available for kids to venture out to explore the beauty of hidden inlets, coves and calving glaciers. Kayaking and running skiffs to the shore gives you the time to track bears, walkout onto a glacier and pick wild strawberries. Back in the bay, explore the moss-draped forests and wildflower meadows and listen to the amazing underwater whale calls with a hydrophone and enjoy a meal of fresh Dungeness crab for dinner along with kids.