Best places to explore in East Asia

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Travelling around the world not only relaxes but also opens up new realms of thought and bounties of experiences to cherish for the rest of the lifetime. One life may be too short to explore all places in the world. While most of us love to travel and visit places it also gives tremendous avenues to understand culture, people, places, faith and food to know life like never before.

Mount Fuji, Tokyo

Lush green rice paddies on one side and the rapid economic development on the other reveals the power of Japan to enthrall everyone. The towers and other architectural magnificence in Tokyo to the serenity of the sacred beauties of Mount Fuji give any traveler a perfect blend of fascination. Setting out on planned excursions in the gardens of Kyoto and embarking on an adventure travel in the Shinkasen bullet train you are free to explore the places around at your own pace. Mount Fuji stands admirably tall at 3776 meters. Cruising on Lake Ashi to ride the Komagatake Ropeway is a popular sightseeing trip. Take some breathtaking views of the Hakone National Park to know more about this interesting place. You can also take an aerial tram to have a astounding view of the Izu peninsula and the Izu islands.

Shanghai, China

China boasts of a splendidly diverse geographical, ethnic and social Nation that is progressively advancing at a rate that is matchless in the history of world civilization. With cutting edge architecture getting added almost every day in the modern cities that are all efficiently interlinked with high speed rail networks; it would be a traveler’s fancy to visit this twenty first century dreamland. Apart from seeing the Great Wall of China, the Terracotta army, the Yellow river; China has it all to keep the tourist entertained to the hilt.

One of the best places for an avid travller’s would be Shanghai the leading business city of China. From watching the high rise skyline, the snaky subways, the prestigious art centers and the gleaming malls and luxurious hotels; Shanghai is indeed a destination worth to splurge on material pleasures. Some of the contemporary attractions in this place are the Shanghai Museum, the Huangpu river and the gardens of Yu Yuan.

Macau, Hongkong

One of the oldest European settlements Macau is one place which you would love to relax as you sail across the sea. You can easily explore the UNESCO World Heritage listed ruins of St Paul and A-Ma temple. Start your Macau trip with the scenic Guia circuit which hosts the annual Macau Grand Prix. Visit the Kun-Lam temple and watch the enchanting bronze statue of the Goddess of Mercy. Then proceed to see the Macau Tower standing at an astonishing height of 1108 feet. If History fascinates you then do not miss to remnants of the historical church, the stone carvings and sculptures.


Taiwan is relatively less trotted destination by western travellers. The island has become an ecstatic mix of Chinese, western and Japanese influences. Taiwan offers some sensational food and exuberant temples that is sure to give you the perfect treat. It has some great National parks, hot springs and towering mountains to usher both adventure and excitement. The Taiwan Strait separates Taiwan from the People’s Republic of China. From Enjoying the golden sand beaches to doing some snorkeling and other water sport activities that are meant to pamper you in fun. Penghu and Kinmen islands are truly photogenic with enormous geographical significance.