Billionaire Vacation Playgrounds Around The World

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The sheer advantage of having endless flow of cash is being able to afford finer things in life that most people can’t. It makes perfect sense for the rich and famous to dig out holiday destinations that a common man can only dream about. That is exactly the focus of this article, dream destinations that only the rich and famous can afford that literally is the quintessence of luxury. I bet most people wouldn’t even have a clue of coupla destinations listed below unlike the rich that are in total love with these destinations and frequent them regularly.


This famous island nation situated in the Indian Ocean is a very common vacation spot for the well-to-do for many reasons with the most prominent being serene beaches, stunning  waters, unrivalled seclusion. The Island boasts of magnificent white sandy beaches, friendly locals and extraordinary weather. The island is a haven for celebrities that are starved of unrivalled privacy in addition to tropical luxury



This is yet another favorite destination among the elite that draws rich honeymooners plus high-end tourists. It is quite understandable as to why this French Polynesian pearl of the Pacific is a hit among romantics and the rich alike. Surrounded by a lagoon and barrier reef Bora Bora boasts of some of the finest aqua-centric resorts in the world. Activities like snorkeling and scuba-diving in and around the lagoon are a few of the popular pastimes out here. Do we need to say anything more, it sure does find a spot in the list of dream destinations?


Aspen tops the list of dream destinations as a coupla celebrities themselves have vouched for the same that they just cannot get enough of this city. The city boasts of many attractions with the most notable being its celebrated and lavish ski resorts. It sure does exceed your vacation expectations particularly if you are staying in one of the best ski resorts in the world.  The tourists are so very in love with this place that a coupla them have chosen it as their permanent residence. This destination has become a place that only the rich can afford to live with reports stating single family homes are priced above one million US dollars.


Hvar is mostly an unheard of tourist spot to the common man unlike the rich and famous for whom it’s a most common holiday destination. They even compare it to St. Tropez in Europe thanks to its splendid Mediterranean coastline that is flocked all year round. A coupla celebrities that frequent Hvar would be Bill Gates, Steven Spielberg, Eva Longoria etc. A few attractions of the coastline include stunning beaches, isolated  coves, thriving vineyards, finest restaurants, lavish boutiques and vivacious nightlife.


Yet another celebrity getway in the Caribbean would be St. Barts. It boasts of designer boutiques, spotless beaches together with lavish yachts. The most important thing that the island offers is the most sought-after time-out longed by celebrities from paparazzis and never ending camera flashes. The island is mostly flocked during winter


Situated in the French Riviera, this is yet another billionaire destination in France. The rich and famous love to brag, big time, about Saint Tropez’s glamour and archetypal luxuries. One gets to have the best ever yachting experience during this French vacation. Now you know where to head to if you wanna spend on some of the most luxurious and biggest Yachts in the world. Sounds super duper fin indeed.

A few other favorite holiday destinations among  celebrities would include Ibizia, Las Vegas, Monaco, and Dubai.