Virgin Island Tourist Attractions

Virgin Island

On the whole, three governments of three different countries namely British Virgin Islands, Virgin Island of United States and Puerto Rico (Spanish) control Virgin Island. Official currency of all these three regions is US Dollar. As a tourist, one would find their driving habits to be a peculiar one as vehicles are driven on the left side of the road on US and British Virgin Island but steering wheel will be found on left side. Though US Virgin Island and British Virgin Island are separated by boundary, people can’t differentiate them as their culture coexists. Foods they consume are spicy and common food is Roti.

Why Virgin Island for the Tourists?

There are plenty of reasons why Virgin Islands is an undisputable location for tourists. Some of them include the stunning coastlines with white sand beaches, hillsides bestowed with abundant greenery that goes deep down to the bright turquoise waters, jagged mountains and green plains craft an attractive demonstration for the mind, which makes the whole lot of tourist population enthralled.

Major Attractions in Virgin Island

1. Virgin Gorda

It is the third largest island and belongs to British Virgin Island. The shape of the island looks like a fat lady and this made Christopher Columbus to name it “Fat Virgin”. The major town is Spanish Town and is most notable for “Baths” (beach area). This is the area where it shows the evidence of volcano’s origin. Billionaires and movie stars because of the natural beauty occupy Virgin Island. Most notable residents are Morgan Freeman and Richard Branson.

2. Blackbeard’s Castle

Located in the Island of St. Thomas, Blackbeard’s Castle is one among the five National Historic Landmarks of US Virgin Island. Initially, it was called as ‘Skytsborg tower’ because of the terrific height. Main attraction being the architecture, it was used as a vantage point at that time and served as a watchtower. It is now surrounded with pools, bars and restaurants for tourist attraction.

3. Coral world Ocean Park

Inaugurated in the year 1970 and situated very close to Blackbeard’s Castle, it is one of the most important tourist destinations in this Island. It is the home for Underwater Observatory Tower, which is located 20 feet below the ocean where people can go there and watch the ocean life. Other major attractions include Stingray pool, sea lion show and Shark Shallows. This was awarded EPA, an environmental quality award.

 4. Josiah’s Bay plantation

This is located at British Virgin Island, which once this was once a ruin and currently resurrected by Freddie Freeman. Major attractions include art gallery of Caribbean, antiques of wooden furniture (collected out from ruins) and open restaurants.  From the arts and antique one can learn entire history of British Virgin Island and that is the uniqueness of Josiah’s Bay.

5. Buck island national wildlife refuge

Buck Island national wildlife refuge is situated at St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands of the United States. It is a famous pleasure trip place for divers, snorkelers, and boaters since magnificent reefs and a shipwreck envelop it. It is also said to be the home for migratory birds as huge number of endangered birds’ species are found inhabited here.

Hong Kong Disneyland Rides

Hong Kong Disneyland – A place that avails the families with magical memories is situated in Lantau Island of Hong Kong. It is the first of its kind for Disney Company in China while being the smallest Magic kingdom Park. It is also the Disney’s 5th “Magic Kingdom”-Theme Park. The visitors get on on an exquisite expedition through seven uniquely themed lands from day to night. Every day, when the sun sets down in the evening, millions of small lights give the Disneyland in Hong Kong, a spectacular make – mover. In addition to this, the place is filled with colour and music in order to ascend the senses of the visitors with imagination. This article encompasses some of the most popular and exciting rides in Hong Kong Disneyland that any visitor can’t afford to miss out.

Hong Kong Disneyland

1. Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars

This is a themed roller coaster ride encompassing a section that goes reversely and Audio Animatronics. One can imagine of a huge Thunder Mountain Rail Road that convene the voyage Everest with an insignificant rush of Country bear carnival. The end result is a combination of adventurous ride and detailed Disney attraction with the truly endearing bears.

2. Buzz Light-year Astro Blasters

This is an interactive ride in the Toy Story Universe that nestles the shooting games set. Buzz Light-year Astro Blasters, though a straight replica of the Disneyland version is one of the popular attractions in Hong Kong Disneyland. Fast pass can be availed for this ride, but generally it is not necessary to obtain one.

3. Mystic Manor

The enthralling music box in this trackless dark side ride brings life to the museum or manor that is filled with displays. This ride has set a new gold benchmark for Disney’s appeals. Any word to describe this ride would be understatement. The splendid exteriors, the queue that hints for subsequent happenings, pre-show that reveals its brilliant characters makes it to ensure an enthralling sensory experience. Given its incredible quality, there isn’t much a wait for the visitor to witness this memorable experience. Hence, the visitors should prioritise for Mystic Manor even if it is an engaging day that result in delays.

4. Space Mountain

It is one of the best versions of Space Mountain with regard to attraction experience. Space Mountain is a dark roller coaster that rides through the outer space. The glowing planetoids overhead in the Launch Port Load Area distinguish itself from the ones that are in Tokyo Disneyland and Disneyland versions. The key attraction in this ride is witnessed during the main ride since, it has a cool “Hyper gate” launch and protrusion alike Ghost Galaxy at Disneyland during Halloween, apart from the on-board audio. Fast pass can be used in the afternoon or evening for Space Mountain.

5. Jungle River Cruise

This is a comedic ride that takes through the various jungles in the world. Jungle Cruise and Jungle River Cruise share the same premise – the skipper remaining to be icon of the show with landscape being the background of their jokes. There are three different lines available for Mandarin, Cantonese, and English boats. Because of these three lines, this ride has long lines. Hence, it is ideal to go for this ride early in the day probably after completing Toy Story ride.

Things about Road Trip in America

For many, taking a break from a demanding work career has become inevitable. It is best appreciated when a holiday availed for this purpose, is well spent. Many people are of the opinion that travellers prefer air travel in order to save time and hence, the epic road trip in America has become a thing of past. But things are the other way round. Despite the fact that there is a declining trend in take a ride in a car just to witness “On the road” feel, most of the Americans prefer road travel for vacations regardless of however small, the duration of vacation is.  Americans are apparently in favor of taking the road for frequent though shorter family visits or vacations. The reason is simple. The enticement of the road is irrefutable, rather eternal; it almost looks as if it is rooted in one’s own maquillage.

Here are a few things about American road trip, which can be of good use in optimizing the experience on the roads of America.

1. The car should be cleaned before and during the road trip

It’s essential to take time, every couple of days during and prior to the trip for it can be a day filled with regret when the traveller fails to use the Shop – Vac. Avoid accumulating junk that drives one crazy in the near quarter which describe a road trip.

2. Have a flexible and convenient plan

Road tripDriving significant distances means that delays are inevitable. Apparently, in the recent past, “Bridge Out” signboards are a rare sight but not “Road Work Ahead, Merge to One Lane” signboards. Never over schedule the trip for it can be a trap where the traveller has to slog during the last few miles after the intention to sleep props up. In that case, the hotel reservation made originally has to be cancelled to pay for another hotel, which is located, much ahead of the actually planned destination.

On the other hand, it is equally undesirable to go for a road trip without a plan. A few road trip destinations in America require reservations to be made well in advance in order to visit the place without any hassle.

3. Get off the highway but watch for the Blue Highway

Adhering to the schedule while having a particular destination in mind is a must in order to hit the roads and view the country. Despite spending some time on back roads is worth an effort, a few “Blue Highways” are no better than never-ending strip malls.

4. Anticipate trouble spots

When there are grinding miles that are assured in front of the road trip, it’s not so uncommon to oneself in a wrong place at a wrong time. For instance, attempting to cross the Hudson River during peak hours, or moving across the lengthy bridges to Key West on a memorial weekend or a Friday afternoon can be cumbersome.

5. Division of Labor is the need of hour

Long distances can be tiring when one attempts to do all the work by him. Divide the work accordingly among the travelling partners who are good at doing respective things. For instance, some may be well versed in navigation, but others can’t read the map even if they’ve attempted to. Likewise, few people may be good in planning meals while others are no better than carrying a bag of junk food for the meal. Hence, things get done efficiently when such delegations are made that add up to the satisfaction of all.

Best Places to Visit in Turkey


Turkey is the only country in the world where citizens enjoy dual citizenship of two continents namely Asia and Europe, because their geographic boundary extends from Western Europe to Southeastern Asia. Since, Islam being the main religion most of the monuments and attractions are usually mosques. Turkey is also home to two of the seven wonders of the ancient world, which are the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus and the Temple of Artemis. In 2013, Turkey was ranked 6th best tourist destination in the world. Here are some of the best places that any tourist visiting Turkey can’t miss out.

Blue Mosque

The mosque was originally named as Sultan Ahmed Mosque and popularly called as Blue Mosque because of the eye catching high ceilings lined with the 20,000 blue tiles of different patterns. Built between 1609 and 1616 A.D., the mosque contains the tomb of the founder. This is one of the largest mosques in the world and also one of the two mosques in the world to have six minarets.

Hagia Sophia Museum

Initially built as a church later converted to mosque, the Hagia Sophia Museum is presently a renowned museum. UNESCO also considers it as a World Heritage. Hagia Sophia means “Divine Wisdom” in Greek. It is one of the greatest surviving examples of Byzantine architecture. It was awarded traveller’s choice 2014 winner from Trip advisor, so one shouldn’t miss it.

Aspendos Theater

Those who like to enjoy the play performance of Romans then Aspendos Theater is a retreat for them. Founded by the Hittites in 160 A.D., it is still used for performances. It is crowded with visitors in the middle of the day in high summer. Even if the traveller visits the place in high summer, one can enjoy the Aspendos Opera & Ballet Festival in September with performances in the marvelous theater.

Mount Nemrut

So far, there were descriptions about places where one can spend quality time during morning or middle of the day and that is Aspendos. What about places to visit by sunset? So here comes Mount Nemrut that amazes everyone. What attracts everyone is seeing the sunrise from east terrace where bodiless heads and orange hues can be found.  Also from summit, the visitors can have a clear view of all other surrounding mountains.


To spend quality time in pools and hot springs, look no further and dive in to Pamukkale. The word Pamukkale refers to “Cotton Castle” in Turkish. The limestone- laden thermal springs create the alluring white calcareous castles. This forms the incredible pattern of potholes, stalactites, and cataracts.

Bodrum Castle

This is one of the must see locations in Turkey. This castle surprises its visitors with the enthralling mix ancient and modern architecture behind those daunting stonewalls. Viewed either from land or the sea, Bodrum’s Castle is a standing example of medieval architecture. It took several years to construct it on a 30000 square feet surface are at the castle’s base. During its period, Bodrum Castle was a prodigious symbol that describes the unity of Christians populated Europe that stood against the scaling power of the Ottoman Empire.

Best places to visit on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is an auspicious day celebrated by lovers around the world. With dreams in their eyes, couples come together to appreciate each other. This day is considered the best time for love proposals. To make way for this, places around the world offer a great deal of welcoming treats to entertain love birds from various destinations. Here are some of the best places that are a must see to make your D- day much more special.

Paris, France:

Valentine PhotoIt is the first place that flashes our mind when we think of love. It has been an all time favorite destination for lovers. Every couple dreams of spending their quality time, thronging along the romantic lanes of Paris. The Champs Elysees is a famous avenue bordered with lush green trees. Beautiful gardens with fountains and gorgeous buildings reflecting the wonderful craftsmanship are fine sights not to miss. Several cinemas and restaurants line up all along the street. Take your better half for a delightful French gourmet dinner for the later part of the day. Not to mention, the Eiffel Tower is another popular attraction for all ages. The ‘Wall of I love you’ at the Abbesses garden and Luxembourg gardens are places not to miss.

Venice, Italy:

This is an exceptional place, especially if you both are art lovers. Gallerie dell’Accademia features some extraordinary works of great artists. Check out some of the amusing modern art displays at Peggy Guggenheim collection. Stand in awe as you gaze at St Mark’s Basilica and Doge’s Palace. Do some shopping at San Marco and San Polo that has some of the famous brands of footwear, fabrics and jewelry. Movie screenings at the Arena di Campo San Polo is a best way to relax after a busy day.

Hawaii, USA:

If you are ready to have some adventure, then pack up for a memorable dating trip here at the Hanauma Bay. Gear up for some swimming and snorkeling. Take a drive up to Mount Tantalus, passing across a thick rain forest filled with wonders. Diamond Head Volcano, Moana Valley and the Puu Ualakaa State Park, Nuuanu Pali volcanic cliff are other attractions destined for lovers.

Cayman Islands, Caribbean:

A variety of entertaining factors like diving, sailing, snorkeling and hiking await at this popular destination. The Seven Mile beach is a very famous spot for such adventures. If you are a nature lover, take a guided tour down the Mastic Trail to discover some rare flora. Get thrilled at the Stingray City, another hot spot you should go to get surrounded by these massive creatures. Eden Rock, Devil’s Grotto, Bloody Bay Marine Park and Captain Keith Tibbets Wreck have loads of surprises to offer. Indulge yourself in the most amazing Caribbean wonders to make your trip memorable for you and your beloved.