Top five richest countries in the world

Being rich is nothing wrong until when it harms self and the society around. It is bound to create problems when it is the wrong hands. However this article doesn’t hover around the debate on the pros and cons of being rich. Below are a few good things that some of the richest countries offer to their fellow citizens. The country’s wealth is assessed through a wholesome comparison of the living standards between the countries. This can be arrived with the help of using a using a component called per capita GDP on the basis of purchasing power parity (PPP) un the existing rate of international dollars ($). It is otherwise referred to as Geary – Khamis Dollar, which considered as a assumed currency unit having the same Purchasing Power Parity as that of the US Dollar’s Purchasing power Parity at a given point of time.

5. Brunei Darussalam

Brunei DarussalamFamously known as “The abode of peace” is a country in the East, which is abundant of natural gas and petroleum fields. The country got its independence in the year 1984. Post independence, the economy of Brunei gained its momentum through its two natural resources, which had a huge scope for both domestic and foreign entrepreneurs. The country has one of the best and advanced health care systems in place where health and medical care are availed to citizens at B$1. Health care for children below 12 years of age are provided free of cost. Some of the Government run educational institutions provides free education, boarding and lodging to their citizens.

4. Norway

Nicknamed as the “Land of midnight sun”, Norway is the fourth richest country in the world with a per capita GDP of  $55,000. Only in the late 1960s the country happened to explore its natural resources, which was plenty with oil and gas. The boost in economy was aided by the free market activities and the majority of ownership being vested with the state governments in the important sectors. While blessed with a sound economy, the country has in possession, the scenic beauty like the mountains, northern lights, fjords, and of course, and the midnight sun! Norway provides its citizens – free education, healthcare and subsidized higher education and a good security.

3. Singapore

It is a market-based economy, which is a hub for diversified and globalized investments. The economy heavily bets on trade and manufacturing.The world’s third largest country with a Per Capita of $61000 provides free primary education through government run schools while providing subsidized education at secondary and pre – university level of education. This small country in terms of size has in place, the most efficient health care systems of the world. Singapore has one of the highest life expectancy rates of 80 years (males) and 85 years (Females) as per the World Health Organization’s data. The main reason for such high life expectancy is the quality water and sanitation facilities are accessible to the entire population of Singapore.

2. Luxemburg

The country is bestowed with scenic attractions, lakes, and reservoirs with a per capita GDP of $77000. The economy is highly dependent on steel, banking, chemicals sectors etc.; the citizens are availed with maternity, sickness and paternal benefits. It has the best healthcare system of the entire Europe, providing basic medical amenities to all of its citizens.

1. Qatar

QatarQatar, the world’s richest country has the third largest oil and natural gas reserves in possession. With a per-capita GDP of $102000, the country is under the monarchy of the Al-thani family since the 1800s. The state of Qatar provides free education from school to college, free books, water, electricity and health care. The citizens can easily access low interest housing loans, residential plots.

Advantages of going on a family vacation

In today’s world, not only the family system has changed on account of hectic and professional careers but also on the amount of time spent for l with their family members. Increased cost of living, financial losses and adverse economic situations also had made families unaffordable to take a break.  Just like attending to the daily chores, going for a vacation is equally important to lead a balanced and a healthy life. Taking breaks from demanding work hours, both at work and at home is quintessential for a happy and a healthy life to self and the family.  Here are a few things below, which enlists the benefits of spending time with the family and demystify the actual meaning of a vacation.

Increase in Vitamin D

Exposing the skin to sunlight is essential for availing Vitamin – D in the body. Vitamin – D, a fat-soluble vitamin, enables healthy bones and normal functioning of the central nervous system and the immune system of the human body. Vitamin – D, though available as a supplement, exposing the skin to sun while playing outdoors or resting in seashore provides the above mentioned benefits. Above all, it doesn’t cost a penny for exposing the skin under the sun. Vitamin D prevents various types cancers in the body viz., colon, prostrate and breast.

family vacationStress free life

People who go for a vacation or break at regular intervals are less prone to hypertension, depression, tiredness and fatigue. Without breaks, one tends to spend life in boredom, tiredness and insomnia. A few stress busters on a vacation are lying on the beach with a book, going for spa or a massage etc.,

One can break the rules at times

Spending time with kids has numerous benefits. One such benefit comes from playing with them. Since playingengages surprises, joy and happiness, it brings about a work-life balance in adults who are freed from rules, responsibilities and other restrictions for a while.

Improved mutual bonding

Time spent with the spouse enriches the bonding and mutual understanding of the married couple. Only on a vacation, both of them can sit together and speak about things freely without any time or place constraints. This helps them to come out of the coldness existing in the relationship due to lack of understanding.

Happy and healthy children

Children feel safe, affectionate, and loved with their family members for considering them as important in life. While having fun from playing with parents and grand parents, children also learn important lessons and values about life, which can be easily imparted in them at a very young age.

Memories unlimited

Spending a vacation in new places brings in a lot of memories, experience and learning about the places visited for the first time. They also get to expose to new culture, people and language.It also enhances the bonding between the family members by understanding their interests and desires. This holds true especially true while shopping, exploring new things, dining, and relaxing the leisure hours together. Such activities ensure the time to be well spent.

Cruise packing tips

Typically, most of us prepare a checklist for packing the right things for the trip well in advance. This is to ensure reduced space and money spent on essentials in the holiday destination. But this might not be of much use while filling the luggage for a cruise trip. The essentials should be of the highest priority than for the space it occupies. Cruise packing that focuses on clever space saving practices takes a toll on the fun to be had during a cruise vacation. The things forgotten in this process will cost time and money in shopping. Also, those things are very expensive in a cruise ship and are seldom used post-cruise. Here are a few tips regarding packing for a cruise trip. The packing list can be customized and varies based on the number of the days of the cruise travel. The following tips would be ideal for a week long cruise trip.

Cruise packing tipsTip 1:

Clothes that are to be packed should be Properly arranged after ironing them. The ironed clothes can be wrapped with a tissue, which eliminates wrinkles and spares extra space for some clothes. This neatness also gives an extra high when worn during the cruise. These tissues can also be used for re-packing the things that are bought during the cruise.

Tip 2:

The things that are to be in the carry on bags should be packed thoughtfully. The main reason is that, if the luggages are lost in flight transit to the cruise ship, those essentials packed in the carry on bags comes to the rescue. Also, if there’s a delay with the luggage reaching the cabin, the traveller can get refreshed using the essentials right away. This in turn doesn’t delay the traveller to enjoy the on-board activities as soon as he/she enters the cruise ship. The essentials that are to be ideally packed in a carry-on bag are:

* Wallet
* Passport and other relevant immigration documents
* Cruise boarding pass
* 1 Bathing suit
* Toiletries
* Medical first-aid kit
* A set of Change of clothes

Tip 3:

Separate luggage for him and her. Clothes of “his” and “her” should be packed in separate suitcases. If any of the baggage is delayed during the transit, this eliminates mixing up of the clothes when either of them wants to change his/her clothes. However this is not applicable for travellers who have tight flying schedules with no long breaks during transits.

Tip 4:

Undergarments should be first packed in a compact bag viz., pack-bag, zipper kitchen utility bags, and then can be put in a suitcase. This compressed packing of inner garments occupies lesser space in the suitcase. Also such packing ensures the clothes to remain dry even during heavy downpours.

Tip 5:

Every suitcase, which has to be taken for the cruise trip should be wrapped with a duct tape. This secures the baggages in adverse situations wherein the zips or locks of the suitcases are blown out or opened in the conveyor belt.

Best time to travel to Mongolia

Mongolia is located in the Central Asia. Ulan Bator is the capital city of Mongolia and the coldest capital in the world. The oldest National Park of the world is located in Mongolia which attracts tourists in large numbers. The world’s tallest statue of Horse is in Ulan Bator and a statue of Genghis Khan (founder of Mongol empire) sits on this horse. Mongol Rally is an adventurous one in which some people drive ten thousands of mile in car to reach Mongolia. Buddhism is the dominant religion followed in Mongolia. This place is a home for snow leopards. Still there are lot of tourist attractions to this place but if you don’t choose the best time to visit then you will not experience the best of Mongolia.

mongoliaTo have the best experience in travel to Mongolia it is best to keep into account its weather and climate. It has four very different seasons, winter lasting from November to February, and spring from March to middle of May, and summer form middle of May to August and autumn form September to October. The north of Mongolia experiences cold weather for about two months and so it is better to have all your winter clothes if you plan to travel to Mongolia. Mongolia has very different climatic conditions as it can experiences four seasons a day. It is said that Mongolia is called the Land of Blue of Sky as it has more than 250 sunny days. You can say that Mongolia experiences extreme continental type of climate.


It is very cold in spring. The unpredictable weather creates storm and this wind can make the cold or temperature worse. Maximum rainfall occurs in the northern border of Mongolia. There is zero humidity and has bright and intense ray of sun.


The perfect time to travel for Mongolia is mid may. Snowfall occurs till the start of May particularly in northern parts. The weather is extremely in good in June that is usually dry in the middle and southern regions. Naadam festival is on July and this month is the peak attraction for tourists. Thousands of tourists travel to Mongolia in July to see the Naadam festival.


August month is month of occurrences of heavy rainfall except in the southern regions of Mongolia. This heavy rainfall fills river and make Mongolia a greener place. This rainfall gives Mongolia a stunning look and makes it the best time to visit this pace. As advantages there are also few disadvantages to this rainfall. They can mess the roads and attract lot of mosquitoes which are very annoying. September is also a good month to visit Mongolia as the weather is cool. As mentioned above Mongolia can experience four seasons a day. During the month of October it is very difficult to get adapted to the climate because you will be experiencing a cool weather wearing normal clothes which suddenly changes and makes it colder making you change your clothing. This behaviour is unpredictable. Winter lasts from December to February and it is called the cold season.

Places to visit in California

California the place of dreams in the land of opportunities, known as the Golden state is the most populous and third largest state of United States of America. Sacramento is the capital city of California. It has fifty eight counties and Alpine is the smallest of all. Alpine county in California has no school, ATM’s, dentists or banks. California raised more turkeys than any other state in United States. California is also known for its variety of wine. The golden state, land of milk and honey, El Dorado state and the grape state are the various names given to the California state. When it comes to California the first few places that one must visit are the ever famous Alcatraz prison, the Golden Gate, Hollywood and Disneyland.

Alcatraz Prison:

california prisionAlcatraz was a prison on an island off the coast of California. Alcatraz Prison was once the most secured prison in the world. There were no confirmed escapes from the prison but there were three famous personalities who escaped from the Alcatraz on June 1962 and never been heard till date. Alcatraz prison was shut down in the mid 1960’s and now they have tours in and around the prison for tourists. A walk through the Alcatraz will give you an intense experience of the prisoners’ lives and their infamous pasts.

The Golden Gate:

One of the most beautiful structures ever built by man, the Golden Gate is a staggering 3 mile long suspended bridge. It was built in the 1930’s after the great depression when thousands were unemployed and were in need of jobs. A look at the Pacific right from the middle of the Golden Gate is priceless.


Disneyland is perfect place for you to visit if you want to relive your childhood again and it doesn’t get any better being in California. Disneyland was built by Walt Disney by looking at the happiness experienced by his daughters on a small “merry go round” at Los Angeles. Disneyland is such a place which was built on the mere happiness of two little girls. Today every kid’s heart is set at Disneyland but it had only eighteen attractions in the opening day. Hundred thousands of light bulbs are used by Disneyland to outline the main street of United States of America. The visitors are never more than thirty steps away from trash cans which helps them to keep the environment clean.


Hollywood is one of the leading industries in the world. Every day in Hollywood you can find something new and surprising. The universal studios in Hollywood is a must watch attraction because it is only in universal studios where you get a chance to live the life what the Hollywood stars have lived. You get down right into action from the views of the camera men to the stunts performed by the stunt men to the splendid performance given by the stars themselves. Looking at the Hollywood sign is an amusing experience by itself.