Things about Road Trip in America

For many, taking a break from a demanding work career has become inevitable. It is best appreciated when a holiday availed for this purpose, is well spent. Many people are of the opinion that travellers prefer air travel in order to save time and hence, the epic road trip in America has become a thing of past. But things are the other way round. Despite the fact that there is a declining trend in take a ride in a car just to witness “On the road” feel, most of the Americans prefer road travel for vacations regardless of however small, the duration of vacation is.  Americans are apparently in favor of taking the road for frequent though shorter family visits or vacations. The reason is simple. The enticement of the road is irrefutable, rather eternal; it almost looks as if it is rooted in one’s own maquillage.

Here are a few things about American road trip, which can be of good use in optimizing the experience on the roads of America.

1. The car should be cleaned before and during the road trip

It’s essential to take time, every couple of days during and prior to the trip for it can be a day filled with regret when the traveller fails to use the Shop – Vac. Avoid accumulating junk that drives one crazy in the near quarter which describe a road trip.

2. Have a flexible and convenient plan

Road tripDriving significant distances means that delays are inevitable. Apparently, in the recent past, “Bridge Out” signboards are a rare sight but not “Road Work Ahead, Merge to One Lane” signboards. Never over schedule the trip for it can be a trap where the traveller has to slog during the last few miles after the intention to sleep props up. In that case, the hotel reservation made originally has to be cancelled to pay for another hotel, which is located, much ahead of the actually planned destination.

On the other hand, it is equally undesirable to go for a road trip without a plan. A few road trip destinations in America require reservations to be made well in advance in order to visit the place without any hassle.

3. Get off the highway but watch for the Blue Highway

Adhering to the schedule while having a particular destination in mind is a must in order to hit the roads and view the country. Despite spending some time on back roads is worth an effort, a few “Blue Highways” are no better than never-ending strip malls.

4. Anticipate trouble spots

When there are grinding miles that are assured in front of the road trip, it’s not so uncommon to oneself in a wrong place at a wrong time. For instance, attempting to cross the Hudson River during peak hours, or moving across the lengthy bridges to Key West on a memorial weekend or a Friday afternoon can be cumbersome.

5. Division of Labor is the need of hour

Long distances can be tiring when one attempts to do all the work by him. Divide the work accordingly among the travelling partners who are good at doing respective things. For instance, some may be well versed in navigation, but others can’t read the map even if they’ve attempted to. Likewise, few people may be good in planning meals while others are no better than carrying a bag of junk food for the meal. Hence, things get done efficiently when such delegations are made that add up to the satisfaction of all.

Best places to visit on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is an auspicious day celebrated by lovers around the world. With dreams in their eyes, couples come together to appreciate each other. This day is considered the best time for love proposals. To make way for this, places around the world offer a great deal of welcoming treats to entertain love birds from various destinations. Here are some of the best places that are a must see to make your D- day much more special.

Paris, France:

Valentine PhotoIt is the first place that flashes our mind when we think of love. It has been an all time favorite destination for lovers. Every couple dreams of spending their quality time, thronging along the romantic lanes of Paris. The Champs Elysees is a famous avenue bordered with lush green trees. Beautiful gardens with fountains and gorgeous buildings reflecting the wonderful craftsmanship are fine sights not to miss. Several cinemas and restaurants line up all along the street. Take your better half for a delightful French gourmet dinner for the later part of the day. Not to mention, the Eiffel Tower is another popular attraction for all ages. The ‘Wall of I love you’ at the Abbesses garden and Luxembourg gardens are places not to miss.

Venice, Italy:

This is an exceptional place, especially if you both are art lovers. Gallerie dell’Accademia features some extraordinary works of great artists. Check out some of the amusing modern art displays at Peggy Guggenheim collection. Stand in awe as you gaze at St Mark’s Basilica and Doge’s Palace. Do some shopping at San Marco and San Polo that has some of the famous brands of footwear, fabrics and jewelry. Movie screenings at the Arena di Campo San Polo is a best way to relax after a busy day.

Hawaii, USA:

If you are ready to have some adventure, then pack up for a memorable dating trip here at the Hanauma Bay. Gear up for some swimming and snorkeling. Take a drive up to Mount Tantalus, passing across a thick rain forest filled with wonders. Diamond Head Volcano, Moana Valley and the Puu Ualakaa State Park, Nuuanu Pali volcanic cliff are other attractions destined for lovers.

Cayman Islands, Caribbean:

A variety of entertaining factors like diving, sailing, snorkeling and hiking await at this popular destination. The Seven Mile beach is a very famous spot for such adventures. If you are a nature lover, take a guided tour down the Mastic Trail to discover some rare flora. Get thrilled at the Stingray City, another hot spot you should go to get surrounded by these massive creatures. Eden Rock, Devil’s Grotto, Bloody Bay Marine Park and Captain Keith Tibbets Wreck have loads of surprises to offer. Indulge yourself in the most amazing Caribbean wonders to make your trip memorable for you and your beloved.

World’s top 5 museums

Museums, as we know, are houses of treasured artifacts that are of historical, scientific or cultural importance. The articles conserved are the priceless possessions of any museum. A popular museum will be known for the quantum and worth of the articles it preserves. Other aspects like architecture, location and, cultural and historical value of a museum are taken into consideration while assessing its popularity and worth. On the basis of these aspects, here are the most popular and noteworthy museums from around the world.

1.  Le louvre, Paris, France

Paris is one of the most adored places of the world with a number of historical sites. It hosts the best known and the most visited museum of the world- Le louvre. It was originally the fortress and palace of medieval kings of France, until the 19th century. Le louvre was inaugurated in the August of 1793, displaying 537 paintings. As of today, it holds about 35000 objects which are centuries old. The museum has a glass pyramidal structure at the entrance, which brings together the scattered parts of the palace. The objects include preserves dated since ancient times till the early 19th century. The “Sully Wing” is the heart of this museum. World renowned collections like the “Mona Lisa”, “Venus de Milo”, and “Winged Victory of Samothrace” are found here. A tour to Paris is complete only if you make it to this timeless museum.

2. State Hermitage, St. Petersburg, Russia

Russia is hardly popular for its artistic attractions. One of the few such attraction centres in Russia is the State Hermitage Museum at St. Petersburg. It conserves over three million inestimable articles dating back from the Old Stone Age till the early 20th century. The museum consists of exemplary works of da Vinci, Picasso, Gauguin, van Gogh, Goya, Cézanne, Titian, Tiepolo and many more. The prime attractions of this museum include the Treasure Gallery’s Gold rooms which present golden masterpieces from Eurasia, the Black Sea Littoral in antiquity and the Orient.

3. The British Museum, London, England

This museum, embraces archaeology and ethnography and is the largest of its kind. It showcases over eight million objects varying from prehistoric bone leftovers to some chunks of Athens’ Pertheon. Others such as the Assyrian palace rooms and exquisite gold jewels are some of the noteworthy insights of this museum. The Egyptian gallery at the British Museum portrays the world’s second finest assortment of Egyptian antiquities found outside Egypt. It includes the famous Rosetta stone, chiselled in 196 B.C.

4. The Acropolis Museum, Athens, Greece

The highlight of this museum lies with its “Gallery of Slopes” at the ground floor. A transparent slope of glass covering, gives a spectacular view of the excavations preserved underneath. Findings from the sanctuaries, smaller shrines and settlements developed on the slopes of Acropolis are showcased here. Yet another important attraction is the frieze of Parthenon which is fixed on a structure that replicates the dimensions of the Cella of Parthenon. An exclusive feature of the Acropolis museum is that, it lets the visitors take views from all dimensions for every object preserved as they are displayed open.

5. Vatican Museums, Vatican City, Rome

The Vatican museums are located on the borders of the Vatican City, founded by Pope Julius II. The “Collection of Modern Religious Art” at the Vatican museums, boasts the artistic works of painters and sculptors like Carlo Carrà and Giorgio de Chirico. There is this group of Sculpture museums which house around 800 awe-inspiring sculpted works of over 250 world renowned artists. Several other sections like the Tapestries, Chapel of Nicholas V, Minature Mosaics and Ceramics, here in the Vatican Museums, are adorable and worth a visit.

Packing tips for international travel

International travel can be hectic especially if you are a first timer. The first tip is, be anxious for nothing. Relax and sort out a perfect plan well ahead. Consider the duration of your stay abroad including the travel time. Whether it is a family, personal or business travel, it is essential to learn about the place you are going to visit. You must be aware of the opportunities that would facilitate your stay and those that would be a drawback that you must be prepared to deal with.

Pack Chic:

Pack your clothes in a hanging shelf with different compartments. This way you can hang it in the rod available in the shelf without messing them. Follow mix up and match style of clothing, which will take less space and give more room for other important things in your luggage. Take spill proof mini containers to store things like shampoos, hair gels and moisturizers. Pack all your toiletries in plastic covers so that you don’t have to worry about the leakage. If you have a health condition, then do not take risks of buying your medicines in the place of your stay. Buy all your essential medical supplies including some common medicines for headache, body pain and stomach conditions. Pack all your medicines in a separate box including your prescription. Don’t carry anything sharp inside as it might damage your luggage. Don’t put everything in your luggage, carry a few essential things in your hand bag including your passport and other details so that you don’t have to wait for your luggage to come to you. You can also be relaxed if you have missed your luggage. Choose a suitcase or a bag that could stand out from the rest. Pick bold colors or decorate your baggage with bright stickers, colors or ribbons for easy identification.

Know your place:

If you travel on your own or with a companion, try to learn about the place you are going to stay. If you are visiting a country where you are not familiar with their language, learn something that would help you communicate. Check out and buy a book that would let you communicate during your stay and include it in your luggage.

Have a Back-Up of all documents:

Scan all your documents like your bank details, your passport and photos and store it in your email id. This will help you in case of any mishaps.

Take care of your itinerary:

Plan your itinerary and take a copy of that and include it in your luggage. Place it somewhere visible in your suitcase like the outer zip or place it on top of all the other things. This will help the airport staff in tracking you in case you miss your luggage.

Leave your marks:

Just let your neighbors or relatives know about your international trip. You can also give them a copy of your itinerary so that this would be helpful for them to track you in case you don’t return on the fixed date. Give them details of email id and account number, just in case you are in need of any financial support under some unfortunate situations.

Follow these simple rules every time you plan for an international travel. These handy rules will let you have a pleasant trip abroad.

Visit Tangkuban Perahu China

Tangkuban Perahu is situated 30 kilometer from the city Bandung, the provincial capital to West Java in Indonesia. Being a dormant volcano it is very popular among tourists as they can hike and ride to the craters edge to get a good view of boiling mud and hot-water springs and even buy eggs cooked from the hot surfaces. This strato-volcano situated in Java, erupted last in 1983. Together with Bukit Tunggul and Mount Burangrang, one can see the remnants of Mount Sunda after a plinian eruption which caused the collapse of caldera.

Tangkuban PerahuIn 2005 April, Directorate of Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation raised alerts forbidding visitors to go up the volcano. Sensors fixed on the mountains slopes- Anak krakatoa and Tangkuban Perahu showed an increase of volcanic activity and gas build-up. The meaning or the translation of the name in Sundanese is” upturning of boat” or “upturned boat”. The story behind the volcano is that there lived a beauty “Dayang Sumbi” who cast-away her only son “Sangkuriang” due to his disobedience. She was granted ” power of the eternal youth” by gods for her sadness. Sangkuriang returned after years of his exile, long after, when both had failed and forgotten in recognizing each other.

Sangkuriang loved Dayang Sumbi and wanted to marry her. But Dayang sumbi recognised his birthmark just when he was going for hunting. To evade the marriage from happening, Dayang Sumbi asked her son to build dam on Citarum river and also a very large boat for crossing the river. She told him to build both of these before sunrise. Sangkuriang meditated and got mythical ogres called the green giants or buta heige to complete the work. Dayang Sumbi was surprised to see that the works were completed almost, so she called her workers and ordered them to spread the red silk cloths on the eastern side just to give an impression of sunrise. Sangkurai believed that he failed to complete his task and kicked the built dam and unfinished boat which resulted in enormous flooding and from the boats hull, Tangkuban Perahu was created.

In 2001, a study was conducted and it was shown in that study that the volcano has erupted at least thirty times in about 40,750 years. Studies of tephra layers, that is within three kilometers of the crater suggested that 21 eruptions of minor intensity and nine eruptions of major intensity had occurred. The eruption which occurred before 10,000yeras were phreatomagmatic/magmatic. The eruptions which occurred after 10,000 years were phreatic. The recent eruption of the volcano was on October fifth, in the year 2013.

Circling the Kawah Rutu is a less dangerous and popular route as the cliffs edge is secured with sturdy fences. One can climb to the rims top where the geological station is present or can go down to the Domas crater and stand on bed of the stoney crater beside the boiling sulfur- water which comes out from the ground. From Domas, strolls can be taken via cool woods to reach main car park just beyond Kawah Ratu.