The most beautiful places in Iceland

Iceland – A country which is located in the middle of the Atlantic ridge while lying in the rim end of the Arctic Circle is a place where nature’s scenic beauty is reigning at its supremo. Iceland is situated atop one of the most active volcano hot spots in the world, where worn – out fjords, domineering glaciers, boiling hot water springs are the major places of interests. The main activities for tourists in Iceland include hiking with a good dose of literature and literature under the Midnight sun. Except for the capital city, Reykjavik, other towns in Iceland are not densely populated encompassing a cluster small fishing villages, pocket-sized towns, and tiny hamlets. But the remote and interior areas of Iceland remain unhabitated and unexploited by humans. Those areas are still under the care of Mother Nature encompassing the amazingly beautiful ice fields, wind – wiped upland plateaus, immature lava mould, ash dust deserts, and the frosty enormity of Vatnajökull, which is the largest glacier in Europe. Here are some of the most beautiful places in Iceland.

Blue Lagoon

Probably, this Blue Lagoon, a man – made geothermal spa is the only lagoon wherein a person can swim at 40°C throughout the year, while the vicinity is surrounded by snow and ice. The by – product from the nearby Svartsengi geothermal power plant is rich in mineral contents which adds to the background of the Blue Lagoon. The landscape of the blue Lagoon is black while its surrounding frozen water is sharply in contrast with the lagoon, thus making the location more attractive especially for photography destinations in Iceland.

The Great geyserThe Great geyser

The Great Geyser is a naturally formed hot water springs which is situated in the South – West Iceland. This geyser is active for more than 10000 years where the boiling water surges upto great heights in the air (upto 7 meter). The occurrence of geysers occasionally is due to the presence of surface water at 2000 meters below ground level. Hence, when the water reaches its boiling point, it starts spurting boiling water with steam. This scene can be well appreciated when watched in person.

The Gullfoss Waterfalls

Iceland is a home for several waterfalls, thanks to its rainy weather which is conducive for waterfalls. Gullfoss is one such key attraction for waterfalls in Iceland owing to its ease of access and scenic beauty. It is located amidst the most well – liked tourist route in Iceland and it also is the major tourist attraction locations in Iceland. There are two waterfalls in the Gullfoss where one has drop of 11 m and the other falls located below the former has a drop of 21 meters.

West Fjords

West Fjords is one of the most remote tourist attractions in Europe and not many tourists visit this tourist spot. But the tourists who visit this Fjord is never left with a disappointment when they witness unscathed countryside, clear blue fjords, breath – taking coastal roads and huge puffin colony. All these elements add up to the scenic beauty of West Fjords.

Places to visit in San Francisco

San Francisco – a geographical marvel filled water on one side, with mighty hills on the other side of the city. Scenic views and sceneries can be witnessed only in such a unique terrain. San Francisco has a lot to offer its visitors; extensive assortment of actions, attractions, celebrity – filled neighborhood which call the attention of all the visitors albeit their age. Anybody who thinks of San Francisco, attractions like huge park spanning over an area of more than 10000 acres, modern art forms, a long orange colored bridge comes to his/her mind first. But then, he/she who thinks so will be surprised by the fact that there are many other attractions more amusing than the ones enlisted above in San Francisco. Here’s the list of those places to be visited in San Francisco which guarantees an alluring and momentous times in San Francisco to each of its visitors.

San Francisco Bay AreaThe Golden Gate Bridge

Nestled at the San Francisco Bay, The Golden Bridge in San Francisco is a poising icon for the state of California. This place is supposed to be the most photographed place in San Francisco. The most alluring feature of this bridge is its orange colored design supported by the blue colored sea water. Sometimes, the clouds are so low that these peaked structures tend to touch upon. The history behind the bridge and its unique structure brings about a distinguished appeal to San Francisco.

Alcatraz Island

The island nestles the first light house in the Western United States of America which subsequently was made as a penitentiary which housed popular convicts like George “Machine gun” Kelly and Al Capone. It is one of the most infamous prisons in the United States of America during early and mid 20th century. The prison has now has turned out be a famous tourist destination and also a part of the 80000 acre Golden Gate recreation Area of the Bay Area. Ferries are available from Fisherman’s Wharf to reach the Alcatraz Island.

Fisherman’s Wharf

It is one of the most popular attractions in San Francisco especially who are crazy about food, shopping, and wandering along the sea front. Major activities include fishing, going in a cable cars and getting inside the water front through ferries and tour boats. Such journeys give a spectacular view of the sea lions lying under the sun. The Wharf has a rich history in terms of its popular fishing fleets and sea front market places.

Cable Cars

Cable Cars in San Francisco are one of the most famous Cable cars in the world which was introduced in the year 1873 to enable locals to commute across various hills upon which the city is built. Only a few cable cars seem to exist in the world and that too in their historic fashion. Only these cable cars have the unique identity wherein a public transport system has been recognized as a historical monument and eventually a tourist attraction. The most popular routes of these cable cars in San Francisco are Powell – Hyde and Powell – Mason.

Best summer festivals in Europe

The continent of Europe is named after a princess called Europa. It is a continent where Democracy was established two thousand years ago. Europe ranks second in the world’s smallest continent and largest population list. It has forty different countries and five peninsulas. Europe is known for its vibrant festivals and a wide array of traditions and cultures followed by its countries. Music festivals, dance festivals, summer festivals and the categories go on. Here are some of the best summer festivals celebrated in Europe.

Sonar Festival, Barcelona, Spain:

Sonar Festival is one of the many music festivals celebrated in Barcelona, Spain (created in 1994). It falls under the electronic category of music. This festival is a gargantuan celebration of electronic music. It takes place for three days. The programs are scheduled under two divisions as Day and Night. The main goal of the Sonar Festival is to create a link between creativity and technology. Now this festival organizes more than fifty events every year and has become a reputed International festival for music.

Exit Festival, Serbia and Sea Dance Festival Montenegro:

Exit festival was started as a movement for fighting for peace and democracy in Serbia. It started as student movement. This music festival has won many awards all over the world. This festival has been awarded the Best Major European Festival. It has also won awards at UK Festival awards. This festival is celebrated in the Novi Sad city of Serbia. It has got six stages- main stage, dance arena, explosive stage, happynovisad stage and elektrana stage. Each stage is located is different place and used for specific purpose. Now they have arranged Sea Dance Festival for the first time which is celebrated for three days followed by the four days celebration of Exit festival.

Roskilde Festival, Zealand, Denmark:

Roskilde Festival, Zealand, DenmarkDenmark is a country of islands, it has four hundred and six islands. Zealand is the largest of all. Roskilde festival is one of the largest music festivals in Europe. It was started by two high school students and then the festival was taken by its own foundation. Non- profit foundation started for the development music and students culture. Their stages were named by their colour until 2003. The Saturday of the Roskilde festival conducts naked run in which one male and one female winner are given the tickets for the next year.

Festival Internacional de Benicàssim, Spain: 

The four day festival is one of the largest festivals of Europe. It is commonly abbreviated as FIB. The music includes pop, rock and electronic. The other parts are short films, fashion and art. This festival is reputed for being the best among all the international festivals. The starting day of the festival is second Monday of July.

Bilbao BBK Festival, Spain:

Bilbao BBK Festival is a very easy summer festival to reach. It is located in mountain and that adds beauty to the festival. It is a very modern city with exotic bars and restaurants. This is a festival of rock and pop music.

Best bungee jumping spots in New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the beautiful countries in the world. It is an island country. The people in this country are called as Kiwis. English, Maori and sign language are three main languages used in New Zealand. The capital city of New Zealand is Wellington. The animal population of New Zealand dominates human population to a very large extent and they are the home for small dolphins. Blue lake located in this country has the clearest water in the world and it has very beautiful sight. Also the sport Bungee jumping was first started in New Zealand. The geographical conditions made the kiwis to start the bungee jumping. The kiwis are adventurous in nature and Sir Edmund Hilary was the first to climb Mount Everest. This nature made them to start a sport like this. This country has the best bungee jumping spots in the world.

Nevis Bungy and Swing:

Nevis bungy and swing is one of most adventurous spot of New Zealand. It is scattered between the hills and the Nevis River. It attracts most number of visitors for bungee jumping. People who attempt this sport in Nevis bungy experience an undisturbed fall for nine minutes. This spot also provides a ride in sing between the hills. The height below your body doubles up the adrenalin in your body. This swing is the world’s largest swing.  Some people in order to push the adrenalin to an extreme point attempts this ride in swing after the bungee jump. They give you a bungee jumper certificate along with bungee jumper t-shirt.

Kawarau Bridge Bungy:

Kawarau Bridge BungyBungee jumping in this place was started over twenty five years ago. This place represents the birth place of bungee jumping sport which was started by two adrenalin obsessed people.  Every adrenalin junky wants to try this place because of it coveted descent.

The Ledge Bungy and Swing:

The swing which rests fine at a height of four hundred metres in Queensland offers breath taking experience. This spot is the best descent in town and offers breath taking experience to the visitors who attempts this sport. The 400 metre ride in the swing over the town is a beautiful sight to watch.

Shotover Canyon Swing:

The best place to try bungee jumping in a different style is at the Shotover canyon swing. The shotover canyon swing is placed over the turquoise waters of Shotover River. This different style of bungee jumping provides different adrenalin rush. The jump not only gives you the adrenalin rush but also gives you the sight of beautiful shotover canyon.

Auckland Bridge Climb and Bungy:

Auckland Bridge Climb and Bungy has become the famous spot for its crazy adrenalin activity. You also get to have a good walk to the bridge. They offer different options of bungee jumping. Water touch being one of them is the best among all.

Agroventures Bungy:

This spot for bungee jumping is the best for the beginners and people who are concerned about money. It is only for short duration and that’s the reason it is suitable for the beginners.

Top five richest countries in the world

Being rich is nothing wrong until when it harms self and the society around. It is bound to create problems when it is the wrong hands. However this article doesn’t hover around the debate on the pros and cons of being rich. Below are a few good things that some of the richest countries offer to their fellow citizens. The country’s wealth is assessed through a wholesome comparison of the living standards between the countries. This can be arrived with the help of using a using a component called per capita GDP on the basis of purchasing power parity (PPP) un the existing rate of international dollars ($). It is otherwise referred to as Geary – Khamis Dollar, which considered as a assumed currency unit having the same Purchasing Power Parity as that of the US Dollar’s Purchasing power Parity at a given point of time.

5. Brunei Darussalam

Brunei DarussalamFamously known as “The abode of peace” is a country in the East, which is abundant of natural gas and petroleum fields. The country got its independence in the year 1984. Post independence, the economy of Brunei gained its momentum through its two natural resources, which had a huge scope for both domestic and foreign entrepreneurs. The country has one of the best and advanced health care systems in place where health and medical care are availed to citizens at B$1. Health care for children below 12 years of age are provided free of cost. Some of the Government run educational institutions provides free education, boarding and lodging to their citizens.

4. Norway

Nicknamed as the “Land of midnight sun”, Norway is the fourth richest country in the world with a per capita GDP of  $55,000. Only in the late 1960s the country happened to explore its natural resources, which was plenty with oil and gas. The boost in economy was aided by the free market activities and the majority of ownership being vested with the state governments in the important sectors. While blessed with a sound economy, the country has in possession, the scenic beauty like the mountains, northern lights, fjords, and of course, and the midnight sun! Norway provides its citizens – free education, healthcare and subsidized higher education and a good security.

3. Singapore

It is a market-based economy, which is a hub for diversified and globalized investments. The economy heavily bets on trade and manufacturing.The world’s third largest country with a Per Capita of $61000 provides free primary education through government run schools while providing subsidized education at secondary and pre – university level of education. This small country in terms of size has in place, the most efficient health care systems of the world. Singapore has one of the highest life expectancy rates of 80 years (males) and 85 years (Females) as per the World Health Organization’s data. The main reason for such high life expectancy is the quality water and sanitation facilities are accessible to the entire population of Singapore.

2. Luxemburg

The country is bestowed with scenic attractions, lakes, and reservoirs with a per capita GDP of $77000. The economy is highly dependent on steel, banking, chemicals sectors etc.; the citizens are availed with maternity, sickness and paternal benefits. It has the best healthcare system of the entire Europe, providing basic medical amenities to all of its citizens.

1. Qatar

QatarQatar, the world’s richest country has the third largest oil and natural gas reserves in possession. With a per-capita GDP of $102000, the country is under the monarchy of the Al-thani family since the 1800s. The state of Qatar provides free education from school to college, free books, water, electricity and health care. The citizens can easily access low interest housing loans, residential plots.