Top Places to visit in Bali

Many people think that Bali is too touristy and overrated. If one look past, many tourists who instead of complaining and scorning, enjoy this little business dotted city which specifically caters to tourists and fully fall for this place.

Pura Luhur-Uluwatu Temple

Pura Luhur Uluwatu TempleA very large cliff of limestone with the temple perched on that and it almost looks like the scene from cliffhanger, adding to the temples dramatic grandeur. The temple being situated in the Bukit Peninsula Island includes few spectacular beaches like the Balangan and very good spots for surfing. The temple being a massive and majestic structure was expanded and constructed by many since 11th century. The temple is perched at a steep cliff of about 70meters above Indian ocean. The higher grounds gives a breathtaking view of sunset scenery on either side of the temple.

Puratanah Lot

This is another majestic formation of rock which lays foundation for a pilgrimage temple. It is very popular for the cultural significance and serenity. The temple is associated with Balinese Mythology as one among seven temples which form a ring in South-west of Bali. When there is low tide one can walk across the awesome water for a full experience.

Pura Ulun Danu Bratan

A famous temple in Balin by its lake, is not perched on a cliff like the rest but is serenely rested at a edge of the lake Bratan. The temple is doubly beautiful due to its reflections in the water of Lake Bratan.

Lovina-Dolphin Sightings

Lovina is one of best place around the world for sighting dolphin by a boat trip. The trip leaves at dawn, especially at peak season. Though the place may be crowded, it is worth when dolphin school is spotted which are jumping happily.


It is Bali’s heart where all action, energy and people are focused. Ubud is totally packed with best of the place from culture, nature, temples, people, rolling paddy/rice fields, museums, parks and man-made gardens. One may go in for a bike tour or take up white water rafting and outdoor activities or relax with meditation, yoga or get pampered in massages and spas.

Nusa Dua Beach

If there is more budget to be spared, Nusa Dua Beach has many high end hotels. There are  private and pristine beaches for one to slowly get soaked in sea and the sun. This is ideal for people who are looking for relaxing private getaways not to leave out the honeymooners.

Mount Batur-Kintamani

Up in highland in the Eastern side of Bali lies Batur Caldera Mountain in the place known as Kintamani. A climb on to its 1700mts summit of the active volcano gives a life time experience for active travelers. Many prefer hike at sunrise to get ultimate experience. Treks are well marked making the hike relatively easy.

Ayana Bar On The Rocks

This bar is located on another cliff in Balis Ayana. This is best in Bali, with a long queue of people almost everyday to go inside and grab a drink. With some tit-bits while having a look at the sea that crashes in the rocks beneath.

Top Ten New Year Eve Destination


One million of hipsters and hedonists cannot be wrong. 1.2 mile stretch that is between Brandenburg Gate is a great place ti celebrate the Silvester New Year eve in German. Fireworks and live-band highlight the notorious and fun-ful outdoor party.


LasvegasEnjoy the drinking and dancing in streets which has around 300,000 fellow people who are partying. One can take a pick from nightclub-strewn free-for-all or the exciting 21-and-over experience in Fremont street with nine hours of performances by the live bands in three stages wherein the whole street is closed for all traffic. Listening to crowds roaring at the chime of 12 when beautiful fireworks erupts from the Castro roofs all through the city is worth every penny spent.


Around 4.00pm when the sun is setting in the Reykjavik, visitors bide their leisure time while the locals usually enjoy neighborhood bonfires, mass, comedy shows on the TV. By midnight though the capita; of Iceland explodes with around 500 tons of the colorful fireworks. If one is lucky, Northern lights can be seen blazing above too.


Light parade that is breathtaking on the Sydney harbour and the spectacular fire works are the wonderful things that cannot be missed. More than one million people gather and be among first ones to get ushered to 2015. For a breathtaking and a unforgettable seat in the front row, grab the tickets for the city’s fabulous events with a spectacular view in La Boheme gala at the famous opera house and in Royal Botanic Gardens.

New Orleans

There is no slouch in celebrating and throwing the new year party in this city. The important places to be are Jackson square where the Baby New Year is dropped from top of Jax brewery in midnight while the fireworks scatter all over Mississippi river.


As fireworks are shot from rafts on foot of famous London eye and on Thames, the whole of London lights-up. Best spots for watching these are the South Bank and Victoria embankment. Many areas do require tickets, so it is better to check before going ahead. It is better to hire the Barge for an exclusive view.

New York

New York city is full of world class performers, blinding neons and famous ball drops. Times square is famous for its merry makers who want to enjoy in a classical route. For people who want celebration with a edge then the Official All Access Meatpacking District Party Pass is the right one.


Miami is packed with around 250,000 locals including international visitors to watch the biggest show of fireworks. The Bay-front park is full of festivities and the countdown is done with a descending of 35foot long neon light.


One can grab a Caipirinha and then sink into a massive crowd of about 2 million in a most stimulating city around the world. For New Year eve, recommended place to be is Copacabana which features stages full with something for everybody, including a dance-your-pants of the Electronica, scintillating samba or the sweaty rock-n-roll.

World’s top Christmas destination

Christmas celebrations become monotonous when encountered with a Christmas that is full of festoons, over – cooked dinners and cakes year after year. A smart town doesn’t entertain snowy backdrops, presence of live reindeers. Of course, there can be no better a Christmas as the one celebrated at home. But, a getaway during the Eve, once in a while is likely to bring in a memorable Christmas Eve by visiting places of importance related to Christmas or Jesus Christ. Maybe, for some of the readers, it’s time now to plan for an escapade during Christmas holidays after throwing decorative items and other stuff in the attic. Here are a few of the most sought after destinations to celebrate Christmas across the world.

1. Finland


Legends of the 1820’s cite North Pole to be the official home of Santa Claus (or Sinterklaas) and his Jolly Missus. But the Finns believe that Rovaniemi, Lapland is the Christmas Headquarters. Interestingly, Lapland is located near North Pole – to the North of Arctic Circle.


The Dutch Capital is strong for the legends Santa Claus where the houses of 16th and 17th century of adorned with lights for the entire month of December every year.

AmsterdamThings to do: Not to miss the lingering with a glass of Champagne and enjoy the Fireworks in the Dam Squares or Nieuwmarkt on the New Year’s Eve. Do tour around the city’s rinks with rented bicycles from the locals who trade the same for noren (ice skate with lengthy blades)

2. Barcelona, Spain

The Christmas celebrations don’t end after the December 25th or after the New Year ’s Eve in Barcelona, but extends till 6Th January – The Three King’s Day. There isn’t a better place to catch up than Barcelona with the Gaspar, Melchoir, and the Balthasar. They arrive on the evening of 5th January in the Port landing from their own ship and they dressed with velvet robes and beards.

The event begins with fireworks on the sky, firing canons. The magic of Magi officially begins with the handing over of the key to the three by the Mayor. They troll across the streets of Barcelona in a majestic cavalcade of float that consists of elephants, giraffes, camels, and magnificent costumes.

3. Manila, Philippines

Philippines are known to be country for having the “longest Christmas in the World”. Land up in Manila to holiday spirit while resting in a beach and sipping endless cocktails all day. The Filipinos set in spree the celebrations for Christmas from September onwards and fun extends through the month of January. The reason is simple. It is the only Asian country with the maximum Christian population. The capital city is festooned with lantern Parades, Nativities, and Christmas Bazaar.

4. Queenstown, New Zealand

The conventional Christmas colours like red, green, and white are given with an entirely different and new meaning in New Zealand. Here, the colour “Red” signifies “Pohutukawa” – A ruby red flowering Christmas tree in New Zealand, while white symbolises the immaculate sandy beaches. Of course, not to miss the green colour that represents the Kiwis! Queenstown is one place for people who love Sun attractions like river surf, jet boat or Para gliding are meant to surprise the visitors during summers.

Historic sites in Ireland

Ireland, or poetically known as Emerald Isle is famous for Guinness, Potatoes and Green Country Side.  It has a great landscape and several spots  of interest. The cliffs of Moore, the Blarney Stone, Dinge Peninsula, the Cliffs of Moher are spectacular sights that Ireland offers. It largely famous for its historical sites as well. Ireland has a lot to offer in terms of historical artefacts and sights. Here are some of them:


The Neolithic inhabitants of the Boyne River Valley built this monument in the 3,200 B. C. the ceremonial site, Knowth, is decorated with crescents, spirals, geometric designs and over 200 stones found in excavations. It is said to be the most pre-historic monument in all of Ireland. The Great Mound at the Knowth has a passage tomb at its circular base  which is adorned with 120 huge, decorated stones capped with grassy mushroom shaped mounds.


This is a small, inhabited island over four miles off the coast of Sligo. It was established by St. Molaise in the sixth century.  The primary attraction of Inshmurray is its stone churches and a circular dry stone wall 15 feet high, enclosing a beehive hut. This Island is the beautiful blend of the pagan and the Christian religious traditions. There are several sets of round inscribed stones present here which were used to perform rituals to bless or sometimes, rather to curse. It is said that Hitler’s demise was due to the curse laid upon him during his tyranny in World War II .

Skellig Michael:

This beautiful Island which is built on a double peaked rock, housing a monastery is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was inhabited by monks between the 6th and the 13th century. The stonework on the Skellig Michael is exquisite and also includes several sets of Vertical stair which were used by the monks to get to the destination- which is a cross inscribed stone on a rock that is over 700 feet above the sea. In short-the walk of faith.

Dunluce Castle:

Duncle Castle was the seat of the Clan MacDonnell in the 13th century. Located in Northern Ireland, the castle has a high, jagged cliff jutting out  into the sea which can be reached by a drawbridge. Thsi castle is the famed attraction of the 33-mile Causeway Coast walking trail.

Carrowmore and Knockarea:

It is the largest and the oldest known megalithic cemetery in Ireland. A majority of the tombs were built between 4,000 and 3,500 B.C. which is much older than the Newgrand and Knowth.  The Knockarea also has a 30 feet high rock which has a diameter of 200 feet which was excavated in the country. Scientists believe that this massive rock was used to cover a passage tomb which dates back to the 3,200 B.C. There are over 30 visible tomb passages scattered all over the fields. It is also said that the great warrior queen of Connacht- Queen Maeve was buried here in her complete battle gear facing her enemies. Carrowmore and Knockarea has a rich and exquisite history attached to it.

10 Best Magnificent Gardens of the world

Canada, Butchart Gardens

In 1904, a limestone quarry got transformed in to a magnificent garden. The garden is located on the Vancouver Island, the rolling landscape has about million plants of seven hundred varieties with an uninterrupted blooming for 8 months from March till October.

New York, Brooklyn Botanical Garden

Highlighting about 6,000- species of plants, this garden is located at the heart of the Brooklyn City. This garden was founded in the year 1910. Three hundred fifty sculpted trees are showcased in the famous Bonsai Museum and also being one of largest public display of collection outside Japan. In April about 45,000 bluebells bloom into flowers and the picnickers gather under the blooming trees of Cherry Esplanade.

Jardim Botanico De Curitiba, Brazil

This garden is located in Parana State, in capital of Brazil. The botanical garden is french-styled centering around the towering green house of Londons Crystal Palace of 19th century. Garden of Sensations gives a unique experience wherein the visitors stroll all along blind folded and experience the trickling water falls and surrounding foliage through smell, touch and sound.

Keukenhof Gardens, Netherlands

With about 7 million tulips, hyacinths and daffodils in bloom from the month of March till May, the garden sprawls on 79 acres in Amsterdam. This garden is considered largest garden in the World. For viewing the beautiful tulip fields “ Whisper Boats” are available which glide silently.

France, Monets Garden

The garden is burst with Jonquils, wisteria and narcissus and is open from April till November. It is delightful to watch when sunlight plays over water lilies of Monet.

Villa d’Este, Italy

This garden is a masterpiece of Renaissance located in Rome and features waterfalls, ancient statues and grottoes. Ruins of villa Adriana which was built by Roman Emperor Hadrian with lilies and spouting heads of animals all along the Avenue of Hundred Fountains is amazing and worth while.

South Africa, Kirstenbosch

The garden was created in the year 1913 to conserve Africas Fynbos, a unique plant. This garden sprawls to about 89 acres in Eastern slopes in Table Mountains of Cape Town. The garden is best in the spring between the month of August till November.

National Botanical Gardens, Seychelles

Being one of Seychelles national monument, was established before a century. The garden has spice trees that are rare, bat colonies of roosting fruit bats, native orchids and the giant tortoises of Aldabra, some of them being as old as 150 years.

Botanic Gardens, Singapore

Singapore’s Botanic Garden displays bamboo, bush bougainvillea, native plants and palm trees. The garden was established in the year 1859 in about 128 acres. The place also has a healing garden with medicinal plants from Southeast Asia. The garden’s highest point has a National Orchid Garden in 7.5 acres where about sixty thousand orchids bloom.

Kenrokuen, Japan

Considered as a beautiful garden, was developed in 17th century by the feudal lords. The garden was artfully designed hills, tea houses and ponds. Plum trees show their white and dark pink blossoms in March which is beautiful to look at.