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Best places to visit on Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is an auspicious day celebrated by lovers around the world. With dreams in their eyes, couples come together to appreciate each other. This day is considered the best time for love proposals. To make way for this, places around the world offer a great deal of welcoming treats to entertain love birds from various destinations. Here are some of the best places that are a must see to make your D- day much more special.

Valentine-Photo-199x300Paris, France:

It is the first place that flashes our mind when we think of love. It has been an all time favorite destination for lovers. Every couple dreams of spending their quality time, thronging along the romantic lanes of Paris. The Champs Elysees is a famous avenue bordered with lush green trees. Beautiful gardens with fountains and gorgeous buildings reflecting the wonderful craftsmanship are fine sights not to miss. Several cinemas and restaurants line up all along the street. Take your better half for a delightful French gourmet dinner for the later part of the day. Not to mention, the Eiffel Tower is another popular attraction for all ages. The ‘Wall of I love you’ at the Abbesses garden and Luxembourg gardens are places not to miss.

Venice, Italy:

This is an exceptional place, especially if you both are art lovers. Gallerie dell’Accademia features some extraordinary works of great artists. Check out some of the amusing modern art displays at Peggy Guggenheim collection. Stand in awe as you gaze at St Mark’s Basilica and Doge’s Palace. Do some shopping at San Marco and San Polo that has some of the famous brands of footwear, fabrics and jewelry. Movie screenings at the Arena di Campo San Polo is a best way to relax after a busy day.

Hawaii, USA:

If you are ready to have some adventure, then pack up for a memorable dating trip here at the Hanauma Bay. Gear up for some swimming and snorkeling. Take a drive up to Mount Tantalus, passing across a thick rain forest filled with wonders. Diamond Head Volcano, Moana Valley and the Puu Ualakaa State Park, Nuuanu Pali volcanic cliff are other attractions destined for lovers.

Cayman Islands, Caribbean:

A variety of entertaining factors like diving, sailing, snorkeling and hiking await at this popular destination. The Seven Mile beach is a very famous spot for such adventures. If you are a nature lover, take a guided tour down the Mastic Trail to discover some rare flora. Get thrilled at the Stingray City, another hot spot you should go to get surrounded by these massive creatures. Eden Rock, Devil’s Grotto, Bloody Bay Marine Park and Captain Keith Tibbets Wreck have loads of surprises to offer. Indulge yourself in the most amazing Caribbean wonders to make your trip memorable for you and your beloved.

Packing tips for international travel

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International travel can be hectic especially if you are a first timer. The first tip is, be anxious for nothing. Relax and sort out a perfect plan well ahead. Consider the duration of your stay abroad including the travel time. Whether it is a family, personal or business travel, it is essential to learn about the place you are going to visit. You must be aware of the opportunities that would facilitate your stay and those that would be a drawback that you must be prepared to deal with.

Pack Chic:

Pack your clothes in a hanging shelf with different compartments. This way you can hang it in the rod available in the shelf without messing them. Follow mix up and match style of clothing, which will take less space and give more room for other important things in your luggage. Take spill proof mini containers to store things like shampoos, hair gels and moisturizers. Pack all your toiletries in plastic covers so that you don’t have to worry about the leakage. If you have a health condition, then do not take risks of buying your medicines in the place of your stay. Buy all your essential medical supplies including some common medicines for headache, body pain and stomach conditions. Pack all your medicines in a separate box including your prescription. Don’t carry anything sharp inside as it might damage your luggage. Don’t put everything in your luggage, carry a few essential things in your hand bag including your passport and other details so that you don’t have to wait for your luggage to come to you. You can also be relaxed if you have missed your luggage. Choose a suitcase or a bag that could stand out from the rest. Pick bold colors or decorate your baggage with bright stickers, colors or ribbons for easy identification.

Know your place:

If you travel on your own or with a companion, try to learn about the place you are going to stay. If you are visiting a country where you are not familiar with their language, learn something that would help you communicate. Check out and buy a book that would let you communicate during your stay and include it in your luggage.

Have a Back-Up of all documents:

Scan all your documents like your bank details, your passport and photos and store it in your email id. This will help you in case of any mishaps.

Take care of your itinerary:

Plan your itinerary and take a copy of that and include it in your luggage. Place it somewhere visible in your suitcase like the outer zip or place it on top of all the other things. This will help the airport staff in tracking you in case you miss your luggage.

Leave your marks:

Just let your neighbors or relatives know about your international trip. You can also give them a copy of your itinerary so that this would be helpful for them to track you in case you don’t return on the fixed date. Give them details of email id and account number, just in case you are in need of any financial support under some unfortunate situations.

Follow these simple rules every time you plan for an international travel. These handy rules will let you have a pleasant trip abroad.

Interesting Things to do in Singapore

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The Temple of Buddha

buddhaThough it is only six years old it looks like a temple from an earlier age. The temple is situated in the south bridge road of china town district. Said to have a tooth relic from Siddhartha Gautama, it has the architectural styles of the Tang Dynasty. Vesak day is the best time to visit this temple of Buddha, which usually falls in May. It is interesting and beautiful to watch the inside and outside of the temple.

SuperTree Grove of Gardens by the Bay

Though it does cost visit the areas inside the Bay, the super-tree grove is absolutely free. Its image is now the Icon of the Marine Bay area. The Super-tree grove is about twenty five to fifty metres in height. These vase type structures are not only are a visual treat, but one will also get awed about its function. The instruments fitted in these super-tree groves help in the photosynthesis process of plants. The sound and light shows are the best to watch during night time.

Bukit Batok Town Park

Situated in Singapore

Best places to visit in Kerala

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Kerala, otherwise known as

5 Offbeat Destinations From Around the World

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What on earth other than a holiday trip, can revive up your souls and to know the adventurous you! AN adventurous person plumps into a holiday destination, which can regale the Spirit of adventure in him/her. Adventure trips have become the talk of the town for such people categorizing it under experiential holidays. Amongst several other theme based offbeat destinations, adventure based offbeat destinations are gaining momentum in the recent. Here are the 5 offbeat destinations from around the world to have a perfect adventure trip.

Boracay Island

adventureBoracay Island is hallowed with a white sand beach and it is the most popular beach in Philippines. It is otherwise known as the

Five out of the Ordinary Destinations for Adventure Traveller

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Rock Climbing, Yangshou, China

adventureYangshou, a picturesque fishing village is surrounded by Karst peaks and bordered on one side by the Li River and it is easily accessible making it the adventure capital of China. Rock climbing is the major tourist attraction here. Approximately 200 routes are documented and new routes are being established daily. Most of the routes are bolted, single pitch sport climbing routes, however, more multi-pitch sport routes are also being developed as climbers explore over the first anchor. It is also a great place for traditional climbing. The most famous of these crags is Moon Hill with several 5.13 graded lines. Other crags include Low Mountain, Twin Gates, Baby Frog, The Egg, Bamboo Grove and wine bottle cliff. Many routes are well bolted, though the more intrepid climber can still find fresh and in some cases near vertical routes to conquer.

Mountain Biking, Avoriaz, France

It is a French mountain resort in the heart if the Potes du Soleli. Today Avoriaz is one of the major French ski destinations catering for all standard of skiing and ranks top among the snowboarding destinations of the world. Avoriaz is also centre for trekking, golf, mountain biking and other outdoor activities. Though it offers more activities, the man made bike trails and Alpine tracks create a spectacular playground for mountain bikers. The area which includes Les Gets and Morzine, opens 25 ski lifts during the summer for riders who would rather earn their thrills the easy way. There are more often six hundred and fifty kilometers of trails in Portes du Soleli ranging from easy to pro levels. Towards the end of June month, the mountain bike festival draws in about 4000 bikers or an exciting seventy-five kilometer race that is generally downhill.

Stand-up Paddleboarding, Dominican Republic

The rugged northern coastline of the Dominican Republic offers 500kms of empty surf breaks buffeted by North Atlantic swells and stand-up paddle boarding is an easy way to catch the waves. This also gives you the option of exploring the region

Destination Peru/Brazil-Travelling with Emperor Traveline

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Famous for being home to one of the world football teams, the Rio de Janeiro carnival and the remarkable Iguazu falls, Brazil is an exciting world class destination


Largest city in Brazil and also one of the largest in the World for its population. Located in Southeastern part, it is known for its skyscrapers, gastronomical and robust culture. Although known for its concrete jungle, it has a large number of public parks and even a portion of the Atlantic rain forest.


Located in the Brasilian highlands, it is often referred to as Utopia, was installed the capital in 1960. Brazil

International Travel Tips

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Traveling involves careful planning for a smooth and enjoyable experience. While traveling abroad, certain things have to be kept in mind. Below are the list of those things that are to be remembered.



Be aware of any travel alerts and warnings for the particular destination selected. Travel alerts disseminate information quickly about terror threats, weather, or other relatively short term or transitional conditions that could pose a significant threat and affect the travel plan.

Travel documents:

A passport is an internationally recognized travel document that verifies identity and citizenship. All foreign countries require a valid passport to enter and leave. For children, some countries have instituted requirements to present proof of relationship to the child to prevent child abduction. Some countries require that a traveler

Ladakh Travel Tips

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Ladakh, the mesmerizing heaven on earth, is at the Indus Valley at a very high altitude of the Himalayan ranges. What makes this cold, arid, and barren, desert, an epitome of unfathomable beauty is the scenic silence of nature with large snow capped mountains, glaciers, lakes, streams, strips of lush greenery, and unspoiled rich cultural heritage. However, this most wanted magical place on earth experiences scorching heat in summers and freezing cold in winters. To manage these drastic climatic changes, you must be aware of the weather, the best season to reach Ladakh, essentials to carry with and so on. This article on travel tips on Ladakh will guide you for an unforgettable adventure journey to Ladakh.

LadakhWeather and Tips

Due to the extreme chill climate during winter, with temperatures falling below -20 °C, Ladakh is closed to visitors in the months of November to February. Summers experience scorching heat with colder nights. As a rain shadow region, Ladakh receives an annual rainfall of 6”.
In summers, you can carry cotton wear for the daytime and trekking activities; still one needs warmer clothing during the night.
The best time to visit Ladakh is the monsoon season from June to September, as the area receives sparse rainfall. You can enjoy a warm climate, occasional showers, and chill winds. Trekking shoes, extra sandals, wind sheets, rain coats are essential.

Altitude and Precautions

As Ladakh is situated at a very high altitude of 3000 m above mean sea level, altitude sickness due to low oxygen level is most common. Some symptoms include headache, nausea, irregular breathing, fatigue, etc. To overcome this, some basic precautions to follow are:

• Drinking warm water at regular intervals
• Adequate rest for first two days
• While trekking, do not exert too mush strain on yourself
• Spend little time at high altitude passes
• Within one or two days, your body will get used to low oxygen and later you can spend your time with lots of ease.

Do not miss the activities

Trekking at Ladakh’s glaciers is the most adventurous and exciting activity in the whole of the world. As the trekking season starts from June, one can plan the visit during this period. Those not keen on long trekking can opt for short treks and visit monuments and monasteries. Adequate warm water and woolen clothing is essential even during trekking.
Mountaineering in the accessible peaks is another great activity that adventure lovers would enjoy. However, foreigners will need permission from the Indian Mountaineering Foundation.

Your adventure journey to this remote and most wanted place is incomplete without experiencing river rafting at the deep canyon and roaring white waters of Indus and Zanskar. Those experiencing river rafting for the first time can choose the stretch from Spituk to Karu. A guide’s help is always advisable.

Chief attractions at Ladakh

Buddhist monasteries, Leh palace, Hall of Fame, Palaces of Shey and Sto, Museum, and Shanti stupa are not to be missed out.

Dos and Don’ts

• Do not use plastic bags.
• Never litter waste and dispose them effectively by burning or burying.
• Do not photograph the local nomads without permission.
• In national parks, never try to disturb the wild life.
• Always carry a water bottle.
• Try to book tickets and accommodation in advance.

Top Beaches for tourists in India

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India has the most amazing beaches in the world. As a peninsular country, India is bounded by Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal, and Indian Ocean, with the largest coastline having the stunningly breathtaking magnificent beaches. For tourists who want to treat themselves with the scenic beauty of the beaches, India offers the secluded, pristine beaches and even the most surprising holiday beaches that host a lot of action and adventurous water sports. Here is a list of top beaches for tourists in India.

Beaches in India

Beaches at Goa

The world famous Goa lying on the west coast of India is known as the land of the beaches. The clear silver sand, fresh air, palm trees, and the wonderful scenic beauty makes Goa beaches a most sought after destination for all tourists. Goa enjoys a tropical climate all round the year. The most popular beaches in Goa are the Baga Beach, Arambol beach, Colva, Marjim, Calungate, and Anjuna Beaches. With loads of water sports, traditional Goan cuisines, tastier sea foods, beach parties, spas, or even the other way round, for those seeking solitude and relaxing time in pristine beauty, these magical Goa beaches are the best.

Daman beaches

The Union territory of Daman is home to the most famous Jampore and Devka beaches. These beaches are mildly populated and the serenity of the area is well maintained. The rocky beaches and black sand are picturesque assets of Devka beach. The sea facing spas and restaurants offer the tourists a breathtaking view of the vicinity. Tourists will find absolute pleasure in the boat rides and can take cruises to view the mind blowing sunrise and sunsets. Kids enjoying pony riding is a wonderful sight.

Panambur Beach at Mangalaore

Mangalore beaches are a paradise for peace seeking tourists throughout the year. The idyllic environment, the shady trees, and the silvery sand makes the Ullal and Panambur beaches the most sought-after locations for honeymoon couples and other tourists. The Kaupu and the Someshwar beaches are also equally astounding. The view of the sunset from the hill is marvelous.

Rishikonda Beach at Vishakapatnam

It is a must-see beach for all the beach lovers. The ride along the beach road from Kailashgiri hills to the beach is exciting with chill winds blowing on our faces. The sea view from the Kailashgiri hills is amazing. Isolated from the city’s hustle and rustle, it is a place of solitude for the honeymooners.

Marina Beach at Chennai

The second longest beach in the world is the Marina beach along the Bay of Bengal. This most popular beach among the locals and international tourists is also known for the crowds of joggers and those enjoying pleasant walk along the beach. Swimming pool, skating ring, horse riding, and lot of other entertaining activities draws the crowd to this beach. Elliot’s beach and Covelong beach are other beaches in Chennai where one can enjoy peaceful ambience and relax themselves.

Chandipur beach at Orissa

This is the most amazing and a unique beach in India, where the seawater recede nearly 5Km everyday and then returns back to the shore early in the morning. The tourists can take a walk into the sea, as the gentle waves always remain calm. Once the water is disappeared, they can walk back to the shore or even enjoy a jeep ride. The chill winds of the Casuarina trees, the red crabs that enjoy the mushy seabed, and the abundant seashells are mesmerizing sights you can witness when you walk into the sea.