Beautiful Places to Visit in Cornwall

Travel is truly a passion with many people and the urge to discover new places revisit favorite haunts are ingrained in them. For those of you who are bitten by the travel bug and wish to travel to the beautiful and scenic Cornwall, here are a list of must see places. Cornwall has plethora of places to offer even to most jaded traveler. There are beautiful quaint villages, beaches historic places to visit and is child and dog friendly to boot.

Places to visit in Cornwall

Penzance Corn wall is one of the best places to visit as it has very scenic views of lovely Mount Bay .There is a lovely art gallery in the town so that you can indulge in culture as well. Since it is a coast you can also take boat rides to nearby places. Mousehole is a small harbor located near the area of Penzance also to be visited as it has lovely village views of winding lanes and traditional cute cottages lining it. Do not miss their Christmas lights as it will transport you to fairytale Christmas scene. Lovely pubs are also here to put you in the spirit!

Sennen cove is a quiet harbor which is a place to chill out in the beach and observe sharks. It can get busy with people flocking to the place in summer. If beaches are your passion, two more popular beaches Gwithian and Godrevy beaches are your best bet for fun. They are both quite stunning in all weathers. It is a popular haunt for surfers and thrill seekers as there is a lot of activities to do like cliff climbing and kayaking.

Lizard Peninsula is a marvelous peninsula which has a jaw dropping sea view and peaceful atmosphere to soothe your frayed nerves. There are lovely areas to visit like rivers and beaches and can drive into the quiet countryside for picnics. Coverack is another one of those postcard villages set in Lizard peninsula. It has a romantic and adventurous past as a smuggling point. So indulge a few days in fantasy and make believe while you splash about in the little rock pools in the beach.

Fascinating Swimming Pools around the World

The word ‘swimming pool’ conjures up images of crystal clear waters gently undulating in breeze, enticing us to take a dip. While this is true for even ordinary backyard pools, there are elegant, extravagant and outstanding swimming pools in the world.

Fascinating Swimming Pools around the World have lured many people around the world. The idea of swimming pools is to provide a place to cool off and let go of all your worries. Pools have now evolved into perfect backdrops for parties, they are temperature controlled, variously themed and is the main attraction in many resorts and hotels worldwide. So even if you are looking to build a pool in your backyard these ideas.  Let’s look at the best of swimming pools in the world at a glance.

Blue Lagoon, Iceland 2-800x435w

Mariay Sands Resort Infinity pool is a beautiful pride of Singapore. An infinity pool as the name suggest is made to look as if pool is never ending. You can look at Singapore at a vantage point from this pool. The next notable pool is the Hanging Gardens Ubud pool ails; in infinity style and it’s surrounded by lovely greenery so that you can feel one with nature.

If you thought all pools were sky blue, think again! The next pool which is ranked among the best is in Lhasa Tibet, called St Regis Gold energy. The pool is golden in color because of the tiling used. It looks opulent and lovely and temperature is perfectly maintained.

If you are a nature buff who is not attracted to luxury try the Chongwe River hous pool which is the pride of Zambia, Africa. You can swim in the lap of Mother Nature observing wild life all the time.  Tarangire National Park in Tanzania also offers the same features where you can observe animals right from the pools. Immerse and surrender yourself to nature at these beautiful stunning locations.

Golden nuggets Pool in Las Vegas is fitted with water slide so that you can make a splash! There is also a tank which has beautiful fish which gives you the illusion of swimming with them. If you fancy freezing weather there is the Cambrian which is situated in Switzerland which is surrounded by gorgeous mountains.

Apart from the movers and shakers of the world, Los Angeles offers a great luxury swimming pool. There is a rooftop pool called the standard roof top pool where you can chill in and watch celebrities. If celebrities begin to bore you, there are places like San Simeon in California which has the Neptune Pool at Hearst Castle. It has a lovely architecture and gorgeous Greek statues surrounding the pool. You can feel like a roman senator amongst all this opulence! While we are on topic the ultimate is the biggest pool in the world in Algarrobo, Chile. The pool is filled with sea water and is so enormous, that you feel that you are in an ocean!

Top 7 Tourism Trends in 2016

Tourism is an evergreen industry and people of late have started venturing out more than ever. In a country like India with its mighty mountains, beautiful forests and valleys there are plenty of variety even to the most hardened person. All this natural beauty and spiritual places to visit; Indian tourism has to take note of tourism trends and move in tune with the changing times.

Travelers these days have all the information required and they often research the place before actually visiting it. Tourism industry has to keep pace with the informed traveler by fulfilling all the hype and promises made in their glossy websites. Service has to be impeccable to ensure survival.


So what’s trending?

People are going off the beaten tracks and learning to explore the country with an aim to understand local flavor. Luxury hotels jostle with hostel kind of accommodation to cater to the budget conscious customer. Home-stays allow the traveler to actually live with a local family eat their food and generally experience a different way of life. This is a marked trend from staying in luxury hotels and generally looking at our country from a different view point.

Boutique hotels are also a growing trend to cater to the  rich. These are state supported hotels like palace hotels and usually provide luxury dwellings.

Adventure sports offering in the tourism industry has shown a marked increase. From kite flying in Rajasthan to paragliding to trekking and mountaineering, river rafting etc professionals offer the travelers a good time.

Nowadays new trends like customized tours, food walks, cooking tours, village stays and adventure camps are gaining popularity. This allows us to showcase our amazing culinary tradition to the world. Worldwide wine tasting and food trails are common. Of late large vineyards in India also offer wine tasting.

The local people put on culture shows and offer their handicraft for sale in hotels giving the travelers a chance to interact with them. Culture tours are fast gaining popularity.

Another trend is medical tourism. Many tourists are travelling to our country as medical care is of high standards. This holds true for allopathic and ayurvedas as well.People are opting for wellness packages to heal themselves in our traditional medicine systems and while they are here they tend to visit nearby areas as well.

Nowadays the Indians running tourism sites have in turn travelled abroad and learnt the tricks of trade from them.

Infrastructure improvement by state Government and central government has made the travel industry much more attractive to foreign and domestic traveler. But sometimes safety of foreign travelers is also seen as an issue. We need to work on this area in order to make people feel safe. If we can erase such fears of visiting foreigners by our strict vigilance the market will improve dramatically

Best Urban Parks in the World

Urban parks are a boon to residents living in concrete jungles. It provides a welcome respite from the dust and grime of city life and allows the residents reconnect with nature. Typically an urban park would have sprawling wide green spaces, play areas, public fitness trails etc. Worldwide there have been beautiful and stunning examples of urban parks which have been the pride and joy of the local people. Immortalized in several Hollywood movies, the Central Park, located in New York, is a beautiful urban park spread over 800 acres. It has many features like Belvedere castle and a water reservoir.

Another famous park in the United States is located in Los Angeles Griffith national park lies at a vantage point and it is possible to view Los Angeles from here. This park is considered as the star attraction by visitors of Los Angeles. Bosques de Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina is considered an open air community space. City people gather here for farmers market on Sundays. It also has all the features of urban park like lake and picnic spots. Hyde Park in London is a large park right in the middle of bustling city. It has also featured in many movies and fictional plots. Bukit Timah Park, Singapore is a nature reserve situated in a hill at height of 163 meters. It is a replica of a wonderful rainforest. Park Guell in Barcelona in the country of Spain is a marvelous urban park which is considered an architectural wonder and is UNESCO World Heritage site.

Mansanto Park in Lisbon, Portugal is a big park with 2400 acres and wonderful amid varied wildlife and plant life. Luxemburg Park Paris is a testimony to the famous French taste for finer things in life. It has the Luxemburg palace which is home to the French senate. The French certainly conduct their politics also in style! Yarkon Park, is located in city in Tel Aviv Israel There are a lots of sports courts botanical garden It is actually a busy place with millions of visitors.pp full coverA

Phoenix Park in Dublin Ireland is one of the biggest parks in Europe. There is the world famous Dublin zoo very large woodland with a lot of heritage monuments in the park. Sanjay Gandhi National park Mumbai India is also a famous urban park located near Mumbai There are many heritage monuments and wild life conservation areas inside the park. The park is an Ideal getaway for Mumbaikars to escape the busy city life and escape into the lap of nature.

There is no denying the usefulness and sheer comfort of urban parks. More parks and open spaces should be planned in each and every city of the world. Human beings are essentially nature loving and crave the outdoors. We are all living an artificial life locked high in our apartment complexes and busy lives. A trip to these places can renew our cells and breathe new life into us.

Top 5 Ecotourism Hotspots for 2016

If you are an eco-adventurer, your idea of a perfect trip will be to immerse yourself in the natural world. It goes without saying that you are also a responsible traveller who is well aware that any of your actions will have a lasting impact on the ecosystem. We list out top five ecotourism hotspots in India as well as abroad that is on the bucket list of every well-informed eco-tourist.



Kerala, also known as God’s Own Country, is known for its sandy beaches and lush virgin tropical evergreen forests, finest wildlife sanctuaries, national parks and trekking spots. It is home to unique animal species like the Nilgiri Tahr (an endangered mountain goat), lion-tailed macaque, and many more. The Rajamala National Park, Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, Silent Valley National Park, Eravikulam National Park and the Lake Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary are an eco-adventure’s haven. These parks are maintained using the scientific conservation methods, without disturbing the traditional lifestyle of the tribals in the region. Kerala’s highlands are also rich in flora and fauna. The hill stations are also known for its tea, coffee and rubber plantations.


Dubai is known for its shopping destinations and sky-high architectural wonders. However, not many know that the Middle East tourist haven has one of the world’s best ecotourism destinations – Al Maha Desert Resort and Spa, which is Dubai’s desert conservation reserve. You will find here one of world’s rarest animals – the Arabian Oryx. It is Dubai’s first national park, which grows 6000 indigenous trees, grass and shrubs. You can also indulge yourself in camel treks and desert safaris. The resort recycles 100 percent of its water. So here is another reason to visit Dubai.


The island nation of Palau, which is known for preserving its environment, is one of the world’s leading diving destinations with an unbelievable biodiversity. It is home to around 7000 species of coral and has 1,400 varieties of fish. There are untouched beaches and trekking tracks through dense forests. The Palau Conservation Society manages more than 400 miles of reefs and lagoons. It has also earmarked non-fishing zones and 40 protected areas.


Kenya has around 50 national parks and reserves. Its diversity is what sets Kenya apart from other ecotourism destinations. Apart from its diverse wildlife and unique ecosystem, it has mountains, rain forests, deserts and beaches. You can either laze around the beaches or go diving along the coral reefs. Kenya offers some of the world’s most responsible safaris too. The accommodations follow sustainable tourism practices.

Bonito, Brazil 

Bonito is famous for its spotless rivers, mighty waterfalls, verdant landscape and diverse range of wildlife. To preserve Bonito’s natural beauty, the government has regulated the number of tourists visiting the place. The Caiman Ecological Refuge in the Pantanal region of Brazil was named one of National Geographic Adventure Magazine’s “Best Green Adventures” owing to its success in preserving the eco-diversity. This 132,000-acre cattle station practices a sustainable approach to ranching, saving the world’s largest wetlands from destruction due to grazing. The Caiman Ecological Refuge is a working cattle station, surrounded by forests, fields and waterways. Thirty other private nature refuges have been started based on the model.

Best Destinations for Family Travel

Families should vacation together to spend time together and create great memories to reminisce later. Vacations can now be planned down to the last detail online itself. The options of places to visit, tour packages, and travel modes can be tailored to suit everybody needs. So just pack up and go! You will discover new places and reconnect with your loved ones! There are many fabulous destinations to travel along with your family.

Srinagar: It is really a paradise on earth with beautiful scenery great weather. You can take lovely long rides on the Dal lake, loll about in green gardens like Nishat bhagh, Chasme Shahi ,Shalimar bagh and just chill.

Rajasthan: The very name conjures images of desolate landscape with beautiful vibrantly dressed people. It is filled with forts and palaces to explore. You will be transported to the past by travelling on camel back and bullock carts! Pink city jaipur is fabled and lives up to its name. You can visit Ranthambore National park, Jaisalmer, jothpur,pushkar and Udaipur. You can show your children the tigers and animals living in their natural habitat. Just click away pictures and showoff!

If you want to reconnect to your soul and enjoy the spiritual peace, Ladakh is a stunning destination to visit. Visit Buddhist monasteries ,those with an adventurous spirit can try out activities like mountain biking trekking jeep safari mountaineering etc places of interest are Leh palace, Spituk Monastery Nubra valley etc. Shimla is the one of the best hill station destinations to visit with your family.

While we are on the topic of hill stations, another beautiful destination worthy of mention is Manali, which is in Himalayas. Just live it up with blood soaring activities like river rafting, trekking and skiing. To pacify the older family members there are four temples Hidimba Devi Temple, Manu Temple and Vashisth temple.

Nainital is an excellent choice if you are interested in a rustic setting with a peaceful village life. It is a comfortable warm setting with natural surroundings.

In south India Munnar is an excellent choice. The very drive through green tea gardens and low lying clouds makes you feel as if you are in heaven. Anamudi peak (elephant peak) is truly spectacular sight .You can rent cycles and take a leisurely ride to soak in the atmosphere and don’t forget to visit tea factory and buy some.

Kodaikanal Ooty and Coorg are again beautiful hill stations to visit in south India. Each hill station is filled with various activities to keep your entire family totally engrossed. Places of interest in Ooty would be a Doddabeta peak, pykara falls and botanical gardens. On the drive up you can also visit Coonoor which has many beautiful places. Coorg is famous for its coffee plantations and lush environment. Elephant Park and animal sightings are an attraction here. Kodai lake is world famous and boating is a famous activity here. All these hill stations are easily approachable and well connected to nearby stations where you can either fly down to or travel by train.

Beautiful Landscapes in Europe

Europe is made up of multiple countries and has an abundance of has magical looking landscapes. From beautiful coastlines, tall mountain ranges, endless meadows, dense deciduous forests, high rise cities to towns and villages with ancient buildings, Europe is full of scenic landscapes. However, some are more breath-taking than the rest.

  1. Finnish Lakeland, Finland: This is one of the largest lake districts of Finland. The landscape came into being due to the shifting of glaciers over hundreds years ago.The Finnish Lakeland is made up of thousands of lakes, ponds, streams, rivers and islands making it one of the most breathtaking scenery in all of Europe.Tuscany
  2. Tuscany, Italy: Ancient roman architecture along with the splendour of nature has made Tuscany in central Italy a striking landscape. It is the warm climates and the numerous architectural marvels of ancient Rome that attracts thousands of tourists to this beautiful place.
  3. Santorini, Greece: Deep blue waters, beautiful cliffs and the architecture make Santorini a dreamy view. The spell binding colours of the sea and the sky in contrast with the colours of the cliffs make it impossible for one to not fall in love with the landscape.
  4. Bavarian Alps, Germany: The deep, dense forests, endless mountains and the lush green pasture lands, make this place striking. The cool weather conditions and the beautiful scenery make the Bavarian Alps one of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe.
  5. Giverny, France: This landscape has been the inspiration behind numerous painting. The water lilies, the willow trees and the sleepy country side makes Giverny a gorgeous scene.
  6. Venta Rapid, Lativa: The Venta Rapid is one of the widest and shortest waterfalls of Europe. The soothing sound of the water falling over light green moss and rocks makes this site unquestionably beautiful and peaceful.
  7. Lake Balaton, Hungary: Lake Balaton is one of the most longest and shallowest water lakes of Europe. The blue-green, turquoise colour of the lake bordered by greenery and country houses make this a beautiful landscape to visit.
  8. Flanders Field, Belgium: Endless seas of red flowers lying under beautiful blue skies make Flanders Field in Belgium breathtakingly beautiful. The site is made up of World War I battlefields which are now symbolically full of beautiful flowers. Flanders Field is not only a splendid scenery but also one of the most visited cemetery and memorial in the world.


Minnesota Tourist Attractions

Minnesota has something for everybody be it museums, first class theaters, pristine lakes, untouched forests, resorts or scenic drives. You can explore this beautiful place with your family and have a fantastic vacation with endless things to do.

The Mall of America that is located on the outskirts of St Paul is one of the largest malls in the US. It houses more than a hundred shops, the largest indoor entertainment park, a butterfly garden and a dozen restaurants. It also has an aquarium that is home to more than ten thousand sea creatures.

North of Duluth is the North Shore state parks. The north shore drive follows the north shore of Lake Superior from Duluth to Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. There are many attractions along this breathtaking route, that includes Split Rock Lighthouse State Park, waterfalls,forest trails and Lake Superior. The Split Rock Lighthouse State Park has the best picturesque views of the north shore with 130 foot cliff high historic lighthouse.


Grand Marais is located at the northeastern tip of the state along Lake Superior. You can take a picnic and hike to the Artists Point that juts out into the middle of the lake or trek further on the Gunflint Trail. They have a number of local festivals like Dragon Boat festival and the Fisherman’s Picnic. The whole town is filled with enthusiasm and carnival with musicals, tennis tournaments, log rolling, loon calling contests are all celebrated here.

Jeffers Petroglyphs historic site dates back to thousands of years. It has a series of mysterious carvings into the smooth Red Rock Ridge. There are other illustrations like bears, dragonflies, shamans, thunderbirds and many more. There are also many activities and flora and fauna in the prairie.

Wabasha is located on the Mississippi and is famous for its eagle population. At the National Eagle Center you can see eagles up close. There are educational programs about eagles. You could also spot eagles in the open during winters. Eagles migrate from the the northern zones to this place is search of food.

Itasca State Park is located north of Park Rapids. Many visitors throng here to walk the Mississippi headwaters. This park has the massive Mississippi river flowing along the forest which has pines, Lake Itasca and miles of hiking trails.

Mill City Museum houses the largest mill in the world, the Washburn A. Mill that can ground enough flour in a day to make 12 million loaves of bread. This museum gives a floor by floor tour about the procedures followed in a grinding flour in a beautiful glass elevator.

International wolf center in Ely is a research center about wolves. All kinds of information about wolves like how they hunt, communicate and play are all exhibited here. You could also explore the unspoiled landscape.

Duluth’s Aerial Lift Bridge rises at a massive height under which skyscraper size ships can travel between Lake Superior and Duluth Harbor. It has a huge gondola that carries more than 60 tons of traffic.

At the northeastern tip of Minnesota is the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness that is a backpacker’s paradise. It is located along the boundary between the US and Canada and is an awesome place for backcountry canoe, kayaking trips, as well as fishing.

Places to go in Bandra

Bandra is a suburb located in West Mumbai known for its shopping, night life, famous eateries, high class residential layouts and a view of the Arabian Sea. It is also known as ‘Queen of Suburbs’. Bandra cannot be missed in your to-visit list during your stay in Mumbai.


The famous Bandstand has a panoramic view of the Arabian sea with rocks studded on the shore. Watching the sunset and a leisurely walk in the evenings or mornings are refreshing here. Also called the lovers’ point, named so aptly because of the young crowd who throng here for some lonely time. The number of eating stalls are plenty and in variety. The corn stalls, the coffee shops by the shore are very inviting. You could also head to the Bandra fort from where you can have a look at the Bandra-Worli Sea Link.

The Linking road is a heaven for shoppers with its innumerable shops for jewelry, accessories, footwear, clothes, bags at economical price. You can also get designer stuff at a very affordable cost here. Just that you would need to know how to bargain. If you are brand or designer conscious, not to worry, as there are many high end stores around Bandra where you can drop in for some exclusive stuff.

The Mount Mary Church is situated near Bandstand and is one of he famous churches in Mumbai. This Roman Catholic Church has a beautiful Mary statue. This is situated on a hill top which overlooks the Arabian Sea. A week long Bandra fair here attracts a lot of tourists and local people during the month of September. Bandra also has some old churches like St Andrew’s, St Anne’s, St Theresas which has remarkable interiors. A large Christian community resides here hence you can find churches in every nook and corner.

Mumbai being famous for Bollywood, has a Bollywood Walk of Fame for the movie crazy crowd. It is located at the Bandra’s Bandstand and has hand impressions of many Bollywood’s biggest stars. It also boasts of some life size statues of Bollywood legends. This is something similar to the Hollywood counterpart.

Bandra houses a lot of famous Bollywood movie stars. You can find quiet lanes in Bandra which has old residential buildings where people from all community and religion reside. These lanes boasts of huge paintings of Bollywood celebrities on the walls of these buildings. Walking these colorful and bright lanes takes you to the fairy land of hindi cinema.

Bandra has some of the best and famous eateries with a myriad of variety. Theobroma is located across the Linking Road and best known for its burgers, cakes and cupcakes. There are infinite famous bakeries here known for its delicious baked food. Food is available at any budget here but the taste is never compromised.

Top tourist attractions in Al Ain

Al Ain is a slow paced city but that does not deter it from being one of the best vacation spots in the Emirates region. It is also called the Garden city for its lush greenery and fresh air to breathe. Al Ain has a rich heritage and is well known for exhibiting its local culture. It has a plenty of diverse activities to do for the tourists.

Al Ain Zoo is a favorite among the kids. All kids enjoy watching animals, feeding them and petting them. All of this is possible in Al Ain Zoo. The zoo has all kinds of animals like giraffes, zebras, rhinoceroses, white lions of Sambona, mongoose, penguin, Arabian antelope and Oryx.


Wadi Adventure park which is built in UAE style is the longest man made white water channels in the world with three different levels of intensity. It also has a man made surfing pool. Other activities like kayaking, climbing wall, high rope course, zip line and falling swing are all available here.

Al Ain is overlooked by the rough and craggy Jebel Hafeet mountain range. Traversing the roads of this range to the summit is absolutely stunning for its panoramic views. From the top you get a beautiful view of Al Ain city. At the foot of Jebel Hafeet is a large park Green Mubazarrah. This is a perfect family picnic spot with streams, lakes, playground and hot water springs.

Hili Fun City is one of the first theme park in Gulf area. It is a perfect family entertainer which boasts of entertainment for all age groups. A family show amphitheater, play areas, roller coasters, safari car ride and so many more fun things are present to entertain you.

Al Ain Palace Museum also called as Sheikh Zayed Palace Museum is the home of Sheikh Zayed who became the first president on United Arab Emirates. The interiors in the palace are spectacular and displays the high class life style of the royals. It also has interesting collection of Bedouin jewelery, musical instruments, weapons, and a reconstruction of a traditional majlis.

Al Jahili Fort is one of the most historic places in UAE. It was erected to defend the city and protect its precious palm groves. It is located amongst beautiful gardens which is a major visitor’s attraction. This fort currently houses a permanent exhibition of the work of British adventurer Sir Wilfred Thesiger.

Al Ain camel market is the place where you can have a closer look at camels. You can see camels of different types and sizes. You can also see the traders discussing the price and merits of their animals that is so much a part of Al Ain culture. This is a good opportunity for photography.

Hili Archaeological Park is present amidst the oasis of Al Ain. An important historical place where finds dating back to Bronze and Iron ages where found. It is surrounded by palm tree oasis.