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Things to do in Interlaken

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Interlaken is a resort town in Bernese Oberland in Switzerland situated between lakes Thun and Brienz and alongside the Aare river that flows between these two lakes. It is one of the most famous international destinations. The presence of it in the Alps makes it a heavenly place to visit and is the main get away to mountains and lakes of this region. Interlaken is an exotic place for all kind of tourists who love adventure and the ones who admire nature. The list of things one can do in Interlaken is exhaustive both in summer and winter seasons. We will see some of the most important places to visit and the things to do here.
InterlakenFor the best Alps view in Switzerland, you can take aday trip from Lucerne. While riding the rack railway you can get a magnificentview of beautiful landscape of Mts.Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau sprinkled with small villages. A train trip to the Jungfraujoch station is totally an unforgettable experience. The train ride through the Alps is so overwhelming and the walk through the palace of ice is equally good. The Giessbach falls, which falls from a tremendous height creates a beautiful scene when it joins the tranquil waters of Lake Brienz. You can go to terrace of Grand Hotel Giessbach to get this splendid view. A riverside walk on the path running beside the river Aare on a warm day to get away from the busy crowd is very refreshing. Harder Klum is the center point for wonderful views of Brienz and Thun Lakes and the entire the Jungfrau region. Interlaken Castle has its setting in a beautiful location with gardens at the entrance and mountains at the backdrop. This castle features the Tin Figure Exhibition. Hoheweg is the main street in Interlaken that stretches from central square to the east. This street has many hotels, restaurants, cafes, shops. You can take a stroll along this street and keep yourself entertained. Hoheweg is the shopping and entertainment centre. You could also get fantastic views of the Jungfrau mountains from here. Hohematte is a meadow present in the middle of Interlaken. Views of mountains from here are stunning and this place is filled with splendid flowers and holds many sporting activities like paragliding. The casino Kursaal is built in a very beautiful location amidst eye soothing gardens, fountains and magnificent mountains at the backdrop. It is definitely worth a visit to view this splendid scenery even if you do not intend to gamble at the casino. Unterseen is a historic place with wooden buildings and has countryside charm. This place is slow paced with peaceful hotels and restaurants serving Swiss food. There are cruise trips on Lake Thun or Lake Brienz which have special themes with entertainment that you can enjoy. You could either take a half day trip or a full day as per what you would like see. Lake Thun has churches, fortresses, farmhouses and castles. Lake Brienz has pristine water and a beautiful setting that is surrounded by mountains and waterfall. Many adventurous activities like canoeing, rafting, paragliding, parasailing, skiing, hiking, hang gliding, sledging are prevalent here for all age groups.

With a zillion things to do and see in Interlaken surely you would have a memorable trip.

Top 5 Best Places to Honeymoon in Hawaii

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A wedding is a celebration of sorts with traditions and customs, undoubtedly beautiful but terribly tiring as well. Particularly the fact that so little time is spent with your spouse planning for the wedding is flustering. The whole procedure can be emotionally, mentally and physically taxing. The ideal time to unwind and have a fantastic time with your partner is to go on a honeymoon and get to know him/her better.

The perfect setting for the flawless honeymoon is the right combination of peace, privacy and scenic beauty. This and more defines Hawaii, a land where romance is at every corner. It has the quintessential balance of serenity, solitude and picture perfect landscape that can awe every visitor. Honeymoons take place here in many forms from cottage rentals and resorts to elaborate luxury cruises. Given below is the list of the best places to enjoy your honeymoon.hawai

The Four Seasons Resort Hualali

This resort is the best in Hawaii for a romantic getaway. There are outdoor showers, private lanais and not to mention several secluded atmospheric rooms to enjoy some alone time with your partner. Romance packages at the Four Seasons include couples spa treatment, breakfast in bed, portrait photography session and wine, of course.

NOTE- Check out the adventure sports and outdoor activities like snorkelling with an underwater scooter, paddle boarding and outrigger canoeing.

The Fairmont Orchid

The scenic beauty of the Fairmont Orchid is spellbinding. With over 32 acres of perfectly manicured grass along the great pacific, this resort offers the best view. You can lounge in a hale which overlooks the waterfalls and a koi pond. There is also the facility to get a outdoor Waterfall Massage by an expert masseur.

NOTE- This resort has a 10,000 square foot swimming pool, 10 tennis courts and 2 championship golf courses and a lagoon as well. Make the most of it!

Ko’a Kea

This one is for the nature lovers. Quietly tucked in the Poipu Beach, this resort has special rooms just for couples. Each room is equipped with dual showerheads and feature lanais, most of them with outstanding views.

NOTE- They offer a rental car to explore the island. Also they provide a charming dinner at The Red Salt, Kaui’s best hotel.

Hyatt Regency Maui Resort and Spa:

Among the leading honeymoon resorts of Hawaii, The Hyatt Regency Resort is everything exotic you can think of. It has African penguins in the lobby, a sensuous spa treatment and stargazing sessions on the rooftop scopes which are powerful enough to see Saturn’s rings. Its honeymoon package consists of a culinary class with the chef, rental cars and on-property luau.

NOTE- You can snorkel in the West Maui coast, dive into the waterfall fed pools, learn to make floral lei and even learn to hula.

Un-Cruise Adventurers

This company offers 7 day cruises between the months of November and April. The highlight about the cruise is that not more than 36 people are allowed on the Hawaiian cruise aboard the outsized yacht. The Kailua-Kona coasts of Hawaii and Maui, Molokai and Lanai are covered during the cruise bringing you in close quarters with the marine life.

NOTE- Several kayaks, snorkel equipment and paddle boats are available on board in case you are in the mood to indulge in water sports. The fare of the cruise includes a complimentary massage as well.

Places to Travel in December

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The month December is the season of festivities and fun. The most welcomed break from our routine, at the end of the year with Christmas and New Year just around the corner. It is the time with family and friends. Some like to spend this precious quality time at home and some like to have an exciting vacation. For those looking for a vacation here are few places you should not miss during this fabulous December month.


To start with, one of the best places to travel in December would be Goa. Goa is the land of beaches and shores. With its beautiful, vast seas and pristine water, Goa is one of the best destinations in India for the Christmas and New Year’s Eve. The famous Sunburn festival happens here during December which is the Asia’s largest music festival. Sunburn is an electronic dance music festival that is held in the beach with multiple stages with artists playing simultaneously. You can welcome the New Year in a party style here.

To beat the winter chill you can escape to Rio de Janerio. The mighty Copacabana beach has the best party for New Year in Rio. Many pack their bags to this party crazy destination. If you want to stay away from the crowd, there are serene beaches to spend some time for yourself or the enchanting firework display to keep you entertained.

Australia, famous for its Sydney Opera House looks spectacular during the Christmas season. There are some stunning fireworks display across the Sydney Harbour Bridge during the New Year’s Eve which can not be missed no matter where you are in the city. For the foodies you can hop to Tasmania which has Taste Festival. There is also Woodford Folk festival in Queensland which is the Australia’s biggest cultural festival.

Cruising around Hawaii and Mexico is fantastic during December. It is the best family vacation one can look forward to. The weather is excellent around this time of the year. To add to it the Christmas glitter and pomp is a big bonus for all and there are many things to do in a cruise. Spending time in Cancun, Mexico in a beautiful resort is very relaxing with a very nice weather. They have white sand beaches that are a visual treat.

Phuket in Thailand has the most popular regatta during December to celebrate the King of Thailand’s birthday. It is an island with many beach towns, each of these being unique in its own way. If you travel a little further you can go to the best diving destination, Similan Islands. This place is mostly done with rains by December and has clear skies and calm seas and is very inviting for the adventurous divers.

If you want to ski in the snow then head to Colorado. Some of the best ski resorts are present in Colorado which has powder snow. By December it would get sufficient snow for skiing. You can go to Vail, Squaw Valley or Jackson Hole. Also there are breathtaking hot springs in Glenwood Springs.

Last but not the least and if you do not mind the chillness, getaway to New York. With the Christmas and New Year in the season, the whole city is brightly decked up with exquisite lights and decorations. The ice skating in Rockefeller Center is a must during this season.

Top Travel Tips to Bora Bora Island

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Bora Bora , the pearl of the Pacific is indeed a dream destination to most of the travel enthusiasts. The pristine cerulean waters, the exclusive over the water bungalows hovering over the lagoons, the magnificent Mount Otemanu, the lush green volcano surrounded by beautiful islands, all of this sounds like a fairy tale. This is what Bora Bora is all about. It ranks #2 in the world’s best places to visit and the best and the most expensive honeymoon destinations. How cool is that? Here are some travel tips to help you discover Bora Bora, the most beautiful island in the world.

cq5dam.web.1280.1280Best time to visit:

As Bora Bora is a very expensive place, the best thing to do is to visit off-season when the rates will be comparatively less than the usual seasonal rates. This way it would be more affordable for you to have a comfortable stay and enjoy all the goodness of the island without burning a hole in your pocket. The best off-season to visit is between December and March.

Opt a pacific cruise:

Cruising is the best option to visit Bora Bora as most of the cruise lines make a stop at Bora Bora. Moreover, it is less expensive to cruise and enjoy the luxuries at the same time.

Be resourceful:

Have ample supplies for your stay. Pack your essentials like bug sprays, moisturizers, sunscreens and your favourite alcohol in surplus. Though there are several local shops that sell everything you want, it is quite expensive. So pack your own things to last for your entire stay.

Pack light and eat light:

You will have to board another plane from Tahiti where you and your luggage will be weighed. They do this to know the proper weight that can be accommodated inside the plane in order to have a perfect balance. After boarding the plane, they might also shuffle the passengers to make sure the weight is balanced. To have a safe flight, pack light and also make sure to have a very light diet that doesn’t make you all bloated up.

Get ready to beat the heat:

It is awfully hot in Bora Bora, something you cannot imagine until you experience it. So don’t expect the cool tropical climate, you will be disappointed. Be prepared to beat the heat. Pack your sunscreens and moisturizers in plenty. Drink lots of water often during your stay. You can either stay indoors in your air-conditioned rooms or take the risk to get out and tackle the sultry weather and have an excellent adventure. Try it, you’ll find it interesting.

Good news Ceviche lovers:

The place has amazing sea food. They have the best Poisson cru, crisp raw tuna salad marinated in lime, cucumber and coconut milk, yum. But all the other delicacies are shipped in which makes dining expensive. So be prepared to experience the sea food varieties rather than your regular meals.

If you have saved money enough to support you on your trip to Bora Bora and you’re serious about it, follow these tips to get the best out of this dream island.

Best Holiday Destinations in November

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The holiday season is approaching and yes the travel bug has smitten us. You begin to feel a monotony of your daily chores and yearn for holiday break to get your batteries recharged. November comes by and it is time to sit and plan it all in your diaries. Every traveller has some unique preferences and wish to derive different pleasures during holidays. For some it may be pure adventure fun, few may want a change of schedule and some others may want to have a relaxed indulgence in a far away island. November is probably a good time to go on a holiday as the weather gets more pleasing in most of the places and one can also have the share of enjoyment before the Christmas crowd pours in.

Here we list out some really good November destinations that can make your holiday mood come alive almost instantly.


If you are looking for some unadulterated indulgence then this Caribbean paradise is a real treat. An island with a bold personality that has the confluence of locals enjoying a barbarian life and on the other side the sandy beaches, iconic hotels that offer a fine laid back life. The images of the Caribbean fills up our mind with the idyllic beaches, blue skies, landscapes and the Caribbean culture .They also link with many cities in the United States thus offering a good city and country break. Barbados is lashed out by the Atlantic waves on its east and lapped by the azure Caribbean sea to the west making this island a favourite place for the tourists from around the world.

Tenerife, Canary Island

The sun kissed island attracts crowds every year in great numbers to enjoy the lovely weather and engage into some fun adventure. Tenerife is loaded with all the goodies starting from the golden sandy beaches to the lunar landscape of Mount Teide National Park. The place offers a perfect getaway for everyone. Tourists visiting Tenerife are left fascinated with the number of water sport activities, sun bathing and chilling out in the beaches and exploring the endemic plant and discovering the precious gems. Your ultimate excitement gets invoked here from the start to the end of the trip. There are lots to see and get wonderstruck like the island capital Santa Cruz situated in the Northern coast to the deep ravines of Masca lying on the west. Both places and food are sure to leave you in an enchanted spell.


The life giving Nile cruises, ancient Egyptian monuments and the bustling cities make up for a perfect Egyptian holiday. Egyptian Holidays always make up for interesting exploration and exciting recreations. The Pyramids of Giza, peaceful beaches, deep valleys and a lot more that make a great choice for spending the November holidays.

The Egyptian capital Cairo is called the ‘City of Thousand Minarets’ is a very happening place of thriving markets. The famous Khan el-Khalil market is center for local handicrafts, mesmerizing colourful fabrics. The colossal Sphinx and the intriguing aromas of food make your Egyptian holiday worth remembering a life time.


Mexico is a confluence of culture, grand colonial architecture and historic explorations. The vibrant city has endless white beaches, rare gems from the pre Hispanic ruins and some sprawling picturesque of the city capital; the city is sure to make your dreams come alive. The wonderful sights of Chichen Itza, Tulum are a real treat to watch out for the tourists. The Yucatan Peninsula is one of the popular sites in Mexico. Yucatan is lapped between the Gulf of Mexico on the North and the Caribbean Sea on the east and the country of Belize on the South. The riveria Maya offers the accessibility to the beach towns of Cancun, Playa del Carmen and the scenic Cozumel island. The place is worth visiting as it has some exotic historic ruins, warm winters and sunny weather. Then there is a place called Merida which is the capital of the Yucatan state and provides for ample exploration of the Chichen Itza.

Thessaloniki , Greece

This cosmopolitan city of Greece comes into the limelight during the south eastern film fest of Europe. The impressive heritage of Thessaloniki will leave every traveler mesmerized. The city boast of Roman, Ottoman, Byzantine and Jewish heritage that can will float our minds back to ancient history. Everyone are sure to get smitten by the charming beauties of Ano Poli and the ancient churches. The white tower museum, the art exhibitions in the hamams are meant to offer a unique experience. The Thessaloniki cuisine is inspired on innovative seafood and the patisseries have the legendary Turkish touch. There are plenty of night spots with splendid wines and cocktail bars.

The penultimate month of November brings in festive time and holiday mood. Planning a vacation seems just apt and some of the choices listed out could just be the one that you have been looking out for. Get charged up and happily welcome the fun element in life.

Travel Tips to Aruba

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The island has more often a warm weather, photogenic beaches and friendly people makes up for a perfect vacation hot spot. The white sandy beaches and the cool trade winds can make any tourist’s heart filled with joy.Aruba_Palm_Beach

Aruba is located miles north of Venezuela in the warm Caribbean waters. Oranjestad the capital of Aruba lies on the south and west coast. Some of the world’s best beaches belong to Aruba. As you visit interior you will come across Aruba’s famous Arikok National Park which is home to a variety of wildlife that are being preserved here. While the place has some exceptionally breath taking views; nature too crafts out Aruba in her own naturally artistic way. You can see that in the form of some dramatic rock formations as the ocean waters crash against the rugged shore lines. Towards the north east along the windward shore the fofiti trees take a south west graceful bend that looks so neatly sculpted across the coast line. All these Nature’s magic adds up to the beauty and charm of Aruba.

If that really interest you then you might be considering a travel plan to Aruba. We will help you with some handy tips that can guide better.

A tourist is supposed to carry a valid Passport upon the entry and for the full duration of the stay. Further the necessary visa sticker on the passport is mandatory.

A valid to and fro ticket.

Check on the roaming charges if the mobile works in Aruba. GSM phone users need to unlock their SIM. It is better to contact the network service provider before making the travel. The tourist can either rent a cell phone or purchase a SIM at the airport.

While driving be alert on the road signs in the island as they are different here. First one has to familiarize with the signs before actually taking the car on the roads.

Drinking and gambling have age restrictions. Persons should be 18 years of age to be eligible to drink legally in public places.

Buses are in plenty and there is a service once in every 15 minutes. The buses ply till 6 pm.

Happy Information officers are a one stop shop for providing complete information. They provide with reliable information on the activities, routes, attractions and events happening in the island. They can be identified with their uniform colour which is a sea green T shirt sporting a Happy information slogans.

Wear comfortable footwear. Do not forget to bring your sun glasses, caps, and sunscreen creams.

Keep some handy ear plugs always with you. The music is very blaring and that can turn you off if you do not have ear plugs in.

Super markets, Banks and restaurants are mostly closed on official holidays.

There are paid parking slots that can relieve the tourists of the parking trouble in many busy areas.

Bring in your own health and beauty care needs. This is because it can save a lot on the purse and get more convenient for your personal use if you have your stuff handy.

Get your daily medicine drug doses along with prescriptions.

First timer’s travel tips to Davao

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UntitledDavao is the durian capital of Philippines and it is considered the safest metropolitan in all of Philippines. Before we delve deep into the travel guide, here is an introduction about this exemplary city. If you are a smoker, then this should probably strike you as a warning. Smoking is totally prohibited in Davao and tourists breaking this rule will be imposed with a high penalty. The city is very clean than any other cities in Manila. Another interesting thing about Davao is that you can find a lot of durian stalls everywhere. The third interesting fact about this city is, you can find several friendly pawn shops with a friendly atmosphere, unlike anywhere else in Manila that is secured totally. In Davao, the pawn shops are like retail stores having jewelry on open display. The point is, Davao is not worried about burglary at all as it has no such threats. It is a safe city where people enjoy a crime free lifestyle. You can definitely have a peaceful holiday at Davao.

The best time to visit

Davao is subjected to hot weather during April and May followed by the rainy season between May and October. You can visit during the monsoon if you are fond of monsoons. If not, anywhere between December to February is the coolest time of the year and it is very much ideal for tourists. The famous Kadayawan Festival happens in the month of August. If you are ready to pay a little extra on everything, you can visit during this month to enjoy the festivities as everything will be expensive at this peak time. Don’t forget to reserve your hotel accommodation before arriving.

Plan your itinerary

A total of three to four days will be sufficient to visit all the hotspots. If you have ample time, you can visit the nearby Samal Island which is quaint and pretty as a jewel. Spend your evenings here exploring the island. If you arrive in the early hours of the morning, you can check in at your hotel and spend a day at Samal Island. On the second day, you can take a ferry to reach Davao city. Explore the night life of Davao city that has plenty of gastronomic treats.

On the third day, you can start exploring the city by reaching Malagos Garden Resort to taste some of the exotic cheese varieties. After touring around, try the Philippine Eagle Center. Move on to the Eden Nature Park by afternoon as the Skycycing and Ziplining activities at the park will close around 1:00pm in the afternoon. After having a fun time at the park, hit the city by evening to enjoy a tasty dinner at some of the great eat outs around the city that serve hot, mouth-watering food that is just hard to resist. If you plan a four day tour, then visit the Bankerohan Market to taste the notorious durian fruit. Visit the D’Bone Collector Museum to view a large collection of bones that were collected from various animals, huge and small. A total of four days would be perfect for an amazing tour around the city of Davao.


Croatia Travel Guide

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Croatia calling
We have lots of amazingly bright ideas woven together to make your holidays worth reminiscing in every fabric of your heart. While you plan to get soaked in the sun beside the Adriatic Sea, hold on your adrenalin for some exciting tips we have to tell you before you pack your bags to Croatia.
For a first time traveler, you would be eager to know about top sights, beaches, recommended highlights. There is plenty you can do to make your holidays active by indulging in scuba diving, rafting, Kayaking, fishing, rock climbing, or playing some golf . Croatia is becoming an emerging tourist destination. The country is associated with pebbles, National parks, Nature parks and over 6ooo km coastline.
Croatia climate
Due to its history, culture and warm temperature, Croatia is attracting tourist crowds every year. There is temperate climate spanning the mountainous regions and the south side enjoys a quiet Mediterranean weather. Summers are usually hot and dry. Winters are mild and humid. Summer is the peak time for tourists.
Stay in Croatia
Selecting the right accommodation is very important to begin the tour on a pleasant note. You have family hotels, hostels, spa resorts and you can get all the inside information you need if you are planning a trip. The prices of rooms are fairly reasonable and one can afford to have a comfortable stay in Croatia’s rentals and hostel rooms. However it is always best to plan your travel ahead so that you can discover places that require a second visit. The locals are friendly and intriguing. The food is yummy to satisfy our taste buds. Croatian nights are splendid as there is lot of sightseeing in the offing which is one of the best ways to get recharged.
Getting around Croatia
Croatia has a simply fantastic bus system. Croatian bus system runs on intercity basis. This means that you will get to travel from one city to another based on the type of travel pass you have purchased. There are many options and you need to take some time out to plan your transportation. Moreover buses connect between cities and they are inexpensive makes them the most preferred mode of transport. However for longer routes it is advised to buy ticket and get the seats allocated. Refer the Croatia Bus time table for all details.
Taxi cabs are the most expensive means of transport in Croatia. If you are a budget conscious traveler then it is best to take the bus or train to travel around.
Rail network
The Croatian Rail system is partly private and partly owned by public. They have a convenient mode of navigation throughout the cities. Refer Croatia Rail time table for all details.

There ferries too available to cross the Adriatic network. As summer time is peak season it is best to plan ahead and check out the ferries timetable during off season to make sure whether you shall be dropped from where you actually started. Refer Croatia ferry time table for all details.
Best time to visit Croatia
May, June and September could possibly be the best time to tour Croatia. The average temperature around this time is 20 degree C and it is relatively less crowded. The peak season starts in July when you see the temperature rising up to 26 degrees C. Winters could get cold and sometimes it could make the Adriatic coast close down. Mountains get decked up in the pristine snow in some parts of the state.
Currency in Croatia
The official Croatian currency is the Kuna. There are foreign currency exchange centers all around the place.
Get to discover the best of Croatia
Croatia Hot Spots
Dubrovnik Sea Kayak- Set out with a small group out into the blue sea and get some enchanting views of Dubrovnik.
Plitvice Lakes and National park- There are 16 lakes that meet each other through cascading waterfalls around the dense National Park.
Sailing from Dubrovnik to Split
Just sit and recline and enjoy the lazy afternoon. It is yacht time which is meant to pamper you. Just take a cruise in the yacht and explore the secluded islands and beaches. Discover the nightlife and experience the perfect blend mix of country and culture.
Diocletian's_PalaceDiocletian Palace
The Diocletian Palace faces the harbor and is an example of the Roman ruins prevailing today. It looks neither a palace nor a museum in reality. It is situated in the heart of the city covering an area of 31ooo sq meters. An architectural marvel in its own right, the palace is built on white stones brought from the island of Brac. The Diocletian have lavishly imported marbles from Italy and Greece and sphinxes from Egypt.
Mljet Island
Mljet Islands are beauty personified of all Adriatic Islands. The island is covered with Vineyards, National parks and lush greenery draped around. The place also boasts of spectacular salt water lakes and pine forests that add to the scenic beauty. It is like being close to Mother Nature’s arms where you can experience the pinnacle of tranquility in the atmosphere.
You can call it the most lovable of Mother Nature as Istria is a heart shaped peninsula. The 3600 sq km Istria stretches till the south of Trieste in Italy. The rolling hill, fertile plains captivates Nature lovers and adventurers to Istria’s hill top villages and hotels. Further some fresh sea food and the sprinkling historical charms of the place gives the feel as though it is paradise on earth.
Zagreb has it all that a passionate heart would yearn for. The capital city is filled with arts, culture, music, architecture that are right ingredients needed to make a place a hot favourite among the tourists. The modest metropolis is made for walkers to stroll through the streets into coffee houses, enjoy theatre, concerts and galleries. Around spring time and summer, everyone takes a dip to Jarun Lake to sail and swim. Nights are spent dancing away at lakeside discos.
Zlatni Rat
If you love to wind surf and get soaked in the sun then it is great to take time off at Bol in Zlatni Rat. A magnificent beach made of smooth white pebbles that get shuffled due to the wind and waves. The pine trees and rocky cliffs give a sharp look to the beach environment.

Places to visit in Auli

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Auli located in Uttaranchal is considered one of the best skiing destinations in India. So if you love skiing then you cannot afford to give visiting Auli a miss. It is situated in Chamoli district of the Garhwal region. One always feels closer to Nature especially in higher altitudes and nature lovers can relax here at an elevation from 2519 meters to 3050 meters above sea level. The place is naturally blessed with breathtaking views of the Himalayan mountain ranges from all angles and therefore becomes the preferred choice for professional skiers.

Every year this place attracts tourists and skiing aficionados from India and all parts of the world. While we do know Auli is a must see tourist spot, we shall take you through the place and help you with all that you wanted to know about it.

452032394_d9f3befe36_bGurso Bugyal

This is just 3 km from Auli and you shall experience the scenic beauties of the Himalayan ranges from here. This place personifies Mother Nature in her peak youth with lush green pastures during the spring time and shades of ageing notices when snow sheets clad up during winter. Gurso Bugyal has large acres of forest land that are predominantly occupied by Oak and conifer trees.


This is the smartest choice one can ever make to get away from the routine fast paced life. Chattrakund gives you a sip of Nature’s purity with the likes of the Chattrakund lake that holds crystal clear water. So if you are looking for some breath of freshness coupled with innermost fairy tale fantasies then Chattrakund is something you have to eagerly watch out for.

Kwani Bugyal

The Kwani Bugyal is a hot favourite among Trekkers. It is located 12 kms from Gurso Bugyal at about 3380 meters above sea level. The ideal time to visit Kwani Bugyal is June and September.

Auli Artificial Lake

One of the world’s largest man made lake that has been developed to create artificial snow on the ski slopes. A wonderful place with mesmerizing locales is made to recharge every tourist with full energy.


Joshimath is a pilgrimage site and it holds its spiritual relevance since the 8th century. It is said that Adi Shankaracharya had established one of the four Peethas here.

Trishul peak

The Trishul Peak is one of the most preferred destinations for photographers, adventurists and Nature Lovers. It is best to catch a glimpse of this place during sunrise. It is great to ski and enjoy the scenic beauty. Trishul peak is located at an altitude of 3049 meters above sea level. It is good to visit around November and March. Trishul peak is also famous for Nanda Devi National Park, Roopkund which is a spiritual lake on the foot of the mountains. This lake is popularly called Mystery Lake as several human skeletons and horses were found. The peak is just perfect for professional skiers and trekkers.

Auli Overview

Auli is often referred as the paradise of Uttarkhand. It is encircled with snow clad peaks, enchanting ski resorts and surrounded by the Himalayan bounties. On the other side, the place has some intriguing Coniferous forests and bright apple orchards that shine like an stones during the silvery white snow miracles. One can walk through the foggy slopes to experience the lofty mountain ranges of the Nanda Devi, Mana Paravat and Kamat.

How can you reach Auli?

You can reach Auli by air by touching Dehradun which is 279 km from Auli.

You can alight at Haridwar station if you come by train. Haridwar is about 273 km from the hill station.

If you decide to come by car , then Joshimath is the nearest point. It is just 16 km from from the place. There are many state run buses that can also take you to nearby tourists spots like Rishikesh, Haridwar and Dehradun.

Best things to do in Brussels

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Brussels is a vibrant city that the social, political, cultural, and economic capital of the Flanders region of Belgium. It is also the most visited city with lots of fun spots and landmarks to visit.
This is a world famous cute chubby sculpture designed by Jerome Duquesnoy. It is actually a small fountain piece located at the Corner of rue de l’Etuve and rue Chêne. Though he is usually naked, he has an enormous wardrobe of over 600 outfits enclosed in the City Museum at Grand Place.


Grand Place Brussels Tow Hall:
It is today the main market square, though not in the olden days. It was only a small swamp between two brooks which was called ‘Broek Sella’ from which the name Brussels was derived. It developed into a commercial and political centre after the Town Hall was built. This place has its ancient touch with the rows of guild houses and cobbled streets. The best time to visit this place would be between March and October. The flower markets will be open during these months and once in every two years, they put on a 3,200 square feet colourful tapestry made with over 750,000 Begonias. The next celebration is in 2016 and is scheduled to be held on the third week of August. All visitors will be welcomed with live concerts and light shows. The place is flooded with local cafés and bars.

Hotel de Ville:
It is located at the Grand Place, Town Hall. It is one of the ancient structures of the city. It is an amazing example of gothic architecture that has some fine sculptures. The building also consists of a 96 metre high Brabantine Gothic Tower from which you can see the amazing views of the city market.

 Maison du Roi City Museum:
It is also located in Grand Place, just in front of the Town Hall. This is a three storey structure that is also called the King’s House, though none of the royalties ever lived here. It is also called the Bread House as this was the place where the bread market operated before hundreds of years. This museum contains the historical artifacts of Brussels including the colourful 600 outfits of Manneken Pis wardrobe.

Centre Belge de la Bande Dessinée, Rue de Sables:
It is the Belgian Comic Strip Center, the home to the renowned cartoon character Tin Tin. It is   the only comic strip centre in the world to have a large number of comic strip artists. It is located in the Waucquez Warehouse that was designed by Victor Horta. Here you can get a glance of the entire life of a comic character from the development of the concept to the final product.

 Musées Royaux des Beaux Arts – Royal Museums of Fine Arts:
This is where the art and culture of Brussels unfolds. This museum has two different sections. One is the Museum of Ancient Art and the other is the Museum of Modern Art added in the recent years. The first one was built by Napoleon and it has all the ancient art of the Flemish region. The second one has eight floors including underground sections. The entire museum houses all the art collections that comprise of paintings, sculptures and drawings of more than 600 years.

King Baudoin Stadium and the Atomium:

Formerly known as Heysel Park, this stadium encloses a stunning structure called the Atomium designed by Andre Waterkeyn. It is an incredible depiction of an iron molecule. It is an amazing 335 ft model that was erected to commemorate the start of Atomic age in the year 1958. It is made up of large steel spheres interconnected using tupes. It has a glass-roofed lift on the inside that takes visitors in just 23 seconds to the top.

 Bruparck, Mini-Europe:

It is situated nest to the Atomium. It is a beautiful park that extends to 25 hectare. It has a lot of hot spots including the Kinepolis cinema complex, a planetarium, L’Oceade Water Park and several other amusements with a group of cafés. It is called the mini-Europe as it has several miniature models of Europe’s famous buildings located in this place called ‘The Village’.