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How to fly overseas? Tips to arrive more refreshed

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Are you a first time air-traveller? Early nerves, jittery about the experience associated with air travel? May be you just need a quick refresher to shed all your fears and reservations about flying abroad. Here is a list of easy-to-do ideas you should do when flying overseas and arrive more refreshed:

travel agencyStay Hydrated:

Having a large unopened bottle of water in your carry helps in fighting against dehydration. Dehydration is one of the biggest reasons for fatigue.  Yes there is water on the plane, but they are usually not enough.

Book a Premium Seat:

It is worth paying a tad extra to have a premium seat or exit row if you can afford it, so that you have a little extra leg room. If not try and go for another isle seat so that you can stand and stretch your body often.

Comfortable shoes:

Wearing comfy shoes will not only make check-in lot more comfortable, but they tend to give, and swelling of legs and feet are quite common when you’re travelling; go for a comfortable pair of shoes.

Bring things to do:

You can always carry things that help you while away the time: a good book, magazine, I-pad, tablet PC, etc. Don’t forget to bring your own earphones as they help block noise.


It is important to eat only healthy snacks and remember to pack some like nuts, dry fruits, etc. Remember most airline snacks are usually peanuts or chips that are full of sodium that are unhealthy.


If you are suffering from leg cramps, you can walk up and down the aisles or do simple leg and arm stretches while on the seat. Neck rolls, heal raises and foot circles can be preformed to relax a bit and for your body to be flexible.


It is important to get good sleep even though if it’s a short snap. Don’t forget to carry neck pillow, eye mask, ear phones or ear plugs. Your doctor may come to your help if you are having trouble sleeping during air travel.

Positive Attitude:

Travelling can be, more often than not, strenuous and taxing, but it’s worth your efforts if you have a positive attitude, and once you arrive safely at your destination.


How to take care of your health in-flight and after?

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You are inactive and seated for long periods of time when you are flying. The environment can be pressurised and low in humidity. Air travel allows for fast movement across many time zones unlike other forms of transportation, causing a disruption to the body’s ‘biological clock’.

Here is a list of things you can do to take care of your health in-flight and after:


Cabin Humidity and Dehydration

Humidity levels are less in the cabin. This can cause drying of the throat, nose and eyes.

We recommend that:

During your flight you drink water and juices frequently.

Drinks like tea, coffee and alcohol can increase the body’s dehydration so don’t drink them in excess.

If your eyes are irritated remove contact lenses and wear glasses.

To refresh the skin use a skin moisturiser.

Eating and Drinking

Both during and after your flight proper drinking and eating will improve your comfort.

We recommend that:

Just before and during the flight avoid overeating. When the body is inactive it is difficult to digest too much food.

In-flight Workout

Certain muscle groups can become stiff as a result of long periods of sitting. These exercises will help muscle relaxation by increasing the blood circulation of the body.

Some of the exercises are:

  1. Ankle Circles: Move one foot clockwise and the other foot counter clockwise.   Reverse circles.
  2. Neck Roll: Drop ear to shoulder after relaxing shoulders and gently roll neck forward and back. For about five seconds hold each position. Repeat five times.
  3. Knee to Chest: Clasp hands around the left knee and hug it to your chest. Hold stretch for 15 seconds. Repeat 10 times.
  4. Forward Flex: Slowly bend forward with both feet on the floor and stomach held in, and walk your hands down the front of your legs toward your ankles. Slowly sit back up after holding stretch for 15 seconds.
  5. Shoulder Roll: Roll your shoulders in a gentle circular motion.

Every hour do these exercises for around three or four minutes. Also, occasionally get out of your seat and walk down the aisles.

Cabin Pressurisation

For your health and comfort it is necessary to pressurise the external air drawn into the cabin to an adequate density.

During climb and descent the change in cabin pressure does not pose a problem for most travellers. However, you could experience discomfort if you suffer from sinus infections, or certain cardiovascular conditions.

Use nasal sprays half an hour before the descent if you have nasal congestion. This will help open up your ear and sinus passages.

Try swallowing or yawning to ‘clear’ your ears.

If you are flying with a baby give your baby a dummy during descent as swallowing will help infants level the pressure in their ears.

Jet Lag

When you travel to different time zones without giving the body a chance to adjust to new night and day cycles it can cause jet lag. Your biological clock is disturbed the more time zones you cross during your flight. The common symptoms are tiredness, sleeplessness, and appetite at odd hours or loss of appetite.

Try these tips to minimise the effects of jet lag:

  1. Before your flight get a good night’s rest.
  2. If possible, after arrival give yourself a day or two to adjust to the new time zone.
  3. If you suffer from sleeplessness after your arrival try some light exercise, do some reading, or go for a brisk walk.


Tips to Book Cheap Flight Tickets Online

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Traveling in flights has become very common these days. This is mainly due to the cheap air fares which make them more affordable. More people are attracted to choose flights as their travelling option because flights are faster and now they are cheaper. In order to get cheap flight tickets and the best value for money, there has to be some effort from the passenger side. Booking flight tickets online for a very low and competitive rate is not easy for the weary travelers. There is no real shortcut for locating cheap air fare tickets, hence it is essential that you shop around in the internet and check various sites to find the best deals and attractive pricing options. If you are really ready to save huge bucks on your flight tickets and when you are also willing to put some extra effort and time, then you will be rewarded big time.

Search and compare various sites – One primary rule to book cheap flights is that never book the first price you see. Check your dates and the options with various websites. Doing so will help you in gaining an overall idea about the pricing model and will help you in deciding better.

Change the dates, timing and switch airports – You can save a lot of money when you switch the dates just one day ahead or a day after the normal vacation. When you avoid major airports and choose other options to reach your destination, it will have a major impact on the ticket prices. Switching the timings of your travel also helps to reduce a significant amount of money.

Fly during the weekdays – Ticket prices hike up usually during the weekends since many people will be travelling in the same time. Travelling during the weekdays will help you gain attractive ticket prices.

Plan and book your tickets early – During vacations and the peak traveling season, the ticket fares sky rocket. The ticket prices increase as the holidays become imminent. Hence, it is essential that during these seasons you plan and book your tickets well in advance. When you are planning for international travel, booking tickets 3 to 6 months in advance will have a huge difference in the ticket prices. There are times at which you may get lucky in last minute deals, which leads into the next tip.

Buying tickets late – When the airline is not able to fill their flights they will announce some last minute deals, these prices will be reduced to half or even less. There are other airlines which release weekly newsletters in which they provide information about such last minute deals. If you are willing to withstand the suspense until the last minute then you will be able to find huge money savers.

Check for the deals and discounts –Sign up for alerts and notifications with the airlines and travel website. This will help you gain important information about the season sales, package deals and also many last minute deals.