20 travel blogs any traveller can’t be without – Part 1

As we are approaching the end of another year, we will try to list some of the most popular websites and blogs in the world of travel this year, not in terms of traffic or popular votes, but by offering online audience infotaining and valuable content that would kindle the spirit of travel, adventure and creativity. These travel blogs have inspired travellers around the world to travel safe, smart and with a definite sense of purpose. The experiences shared by the bloggers, mostly hardcore traveller-writers, have proved more than useful in making travel decisions. Here they go… our favourite blogs no traveller can be without.
(Note: We don’t endorse, promote or intend to drive traffic to any of the blogs mentioned below)

1. Scandinavia Standard

Website: scandinaviastandard.com
A unique blog to understand Scandinavian lifestyle in English.
Tour operators in coimbatore2. Lost with Purpose

Website: lostwithpurpose.com
Started by a backpacking couple travelling full-time, the site takes you to some of the offbeat world destinations.Tour operators in coimbatore3.This Is The Place I Was Telling You About

Website: thisistheplaceiwastellingyouabout.com
By far the longest web address any blog would have had, the founder-couples who started this blog share their travel stories, and pretty much endlessly!tour o

4. Landcruising Adventure

Website: landcruisingadventure.com
A traveller-couple takes you to the various corners of the world on their vintage Land Cruiser, an ongoing, 15-year long journey, to give readers some delightful stories and awesome photos.image0075. Culinary Backstreets

Website: culinarybackstreets.com
Hear stories of a city’s foodways bent on a more traditional side of urban culinary life. image009

 6. Roam Magazine

Website: roam-magazine.co
A unique, creative outlet for travellers, photographers and travel writers that inspire readers to seize the fleeting moments of travel through words and photographs and explore the marvels of Mother Nature rich bounties.image011

 7. Melting Butter

Website: meltingbutter.com
A Pinterest-esque layout capturing some of the coolest and gorgeous spots handpicked by curators with real taste.image013

8. Tiny Atlas Quarterly

Website: tinyatlasquarterly.com
A photography-based lifestyle travel brand and niche social community for travel that is more than life: in their magazine, through products, events and on immersive adventures. image015

 9. Our Wild Abandon

Website: ourwildabandon.com
Started by two best pals, it documents their lives on the run and tells stories about the people in their journey.image017

10. Travel Fish

Website: travelfish.org
An independent travel guide covering Burma (Myanmar), Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand.image019

Though we have covered a handful of travel blogs and website in this post that we love, we promise to bring you some more in the next part series of the blog. Until then, it is happy travel time from us!

How do you choose the right travel backpack for your next trip?

tour operators in coimbatoreTravelling around the world can be one of the finest experiences for most people, be it leisure, business or a combination of business and leisure lately known as ‘bleasure’. For most people it is all about passion and the thrill that comes out of their travel experience. Whatever, no bit of travel can be an ‘experience’ without planning it out well, and the even the best of the travel requires the right travel backpack, if not a lavishly expensive one. Here’s a quick few tips of things you should be aware in order to pick the right travel backpack:



There are tens of thousands of backpack models and types available in the marketplace
to choose from. Whether you choose a traditional backpack or a travel backpack with
wheels for mobility is up to you and your specific travel needs.


A travel backpack with a capacity of 40-80L will just do the thing if you’re plotting a 3-7
days personal or business trip.


Check if your travel backpack comes with a water-resistant or waterproof material to
save your valuable contents from the effects of water, snow, or rain.

Multiple Compartments:

Going for a backpack with multiple compartments helps to keep your contents
organized, secure and prevent overflowing during travel.

Front-loading Compartment:

Those who do a lot of travel may well tell you that having a front-loading compartment in
your backpack can help you access your contents quickly and easily, especially when
you are on the move.


Check for backpacks that are provided with chest straps, padded shoulder straps and
waist strips for higher level of comfort and greater convenience.

Laptop & Tablet compartment:

Any business traveller or tech-savvy traveller would tell you how important it’s to have a
compartment with sufficient padding and foam support for laptop, notebook, tablet PC,
chunky smartphones and other electronic devices.


Empty backpack that weighs 2-4 pounds is good enough to carry reasonably huge
contents. If the weight is too heavy, the backpack can actually pull you backwards, and
this isn’t good news.

Raw Materials:

There is a good choice of materials for backpack to choose from depending upon your
budget. But Polyester and Nylon are found to be lightweight and highly water-resistant.


The price of any backpack may depend upon what your choice of brand is, functionality
and quality it delivers. Therefore, the price range of an average quality backpack may
fall between $50 and $100; if you are looking for premium quality backpacks, you may
have to shell out anything between $100 and $300.

You may add a few points to the ones listed above. However, if you consider these
factors, then you can get a reasonably priced travel backpack with satisfactory quality.
Remember that quality always has a price tag attached and premium quality backpacks
may burn your pockets.

Must-have travel apps for people on the go – Part 2

Folks, we promised last time to bring you another post on the most sought-after travel apps across the world to maximise your travel experience. Here are they, waiting to get downloaded or shared by users based on their experience:

 6. Google Translate


The Google Translate, as the name implies, helps you to translate mostly used phrases during travel: using it as a language training tool for serious learning is beyond its scope. Well, nothing can match the practicality of a language learning classroom. As with this app, if you hold your camera up to a text, for example, such as a menu or a sign, it will translate what is required in a flash, making it a much sought-after app for any traveller. Free, iOS and Android

 7. LiveTrekker


If you want to maintain a complete log of your travel details, this is it. You can maintain a detailed track record of your route, where you captured images or recorded a video,  where you were put up or create a micro blog for every trip of yours. Web: livetrekker.com; Free, iOS and Android.

 8. Wolfram Sun Exposure

image3 Are you exposed to the sun’s harmful rays and excessive heat during travel? This app for iOS is just the thing for you to calculate how much sun is too much, with recommendations on which SPF level to apply. It can also help you in calculating the UV forecast based on where you are, or offer useful info on the UV levels for a five-day period. Paid, iOS

 9. Time Out


This is a fabulous directory of ideas of things you’d want to do in cities around the globe. This app covers almost everything you’d require to hang out from hotels, restaurants, bars, events and local attractions, whether you’re in Amsterdam, Accra, Edinburgh or Singapore. This means you don’t have to run around searching for the most popular concerts, cultural fests or one-off events going on around you in a particular place.  Want to tailor make a travel guide for your holiday or book a concert ticket or a restaurant table? This app is for you. Free; iOS and Android

10. Splittr

Are you someone using complicated spreadsheets to jot down and calculate travel expenses? Worse, you must be having a hard time splitting split group expenses on vacations with your friends, roommates or any other activity that involves a group. With Splittr App, you can go on adding your travel expenses that will tell you who is next in line to pay and who owes how much to whom. This app, which can also work offline, allows you to invite your friends, and anybody can enter his or her expenses using a Smartphone device.

We believe the aforementioned travel-related apps covered in this post and the previous one would help you make well-informed travel related decisions and plan your next trip perfectly. Happy travel; the sun is shining down.

Must-have travel apps for people on the go – Part 1

Would anyone ever want a smartphone that is just full of flashy apps of no real utility and high on eating up space? Emperor Traveline brings you a selection of the best travel app tools that are really light on your phone, powerful and easy on-the-go for the digital-savvy traveller, in a two-part series:

 1. Citymapper


This app is quite popular for what it is intended to do: easy to use, playful and all-inclusive.  App users rate the app higher than the Google maps for its detailed journey/trip planner information, disruption alerts, real-time departures and incorporation of Uber and cycle routes. Currently available in over 30 cities globally, it covers all the popular city-break destinations you’d look for. This app can even tell you the time it would take if you happen to travel by jetpack – not worthy of information, actually, but hopefully, there is something to cheer about in the event of your train or flight cancellation. Web: citymapper.com; Free, iOS and Android.

 2. Duolingo


This free app is a well-designed language learning app and has about 70 million+ users. Though the app cannot be used for foreign language learning or training, it can well teach you a couple of language basics, refresh your grammar skills and vocabulary you may require on a foreign soil. And that’s it. Similar to a computer game, it has various levels with experience points that can guide you through the basics of any foreign language step-by-step.  Web: duolingo.com; Free, iOS and Android.

 3. XE Currency


 This app is the most popular one when it comes to currency conversions on the web; therefore, its addition here comes as no surprise with more than 20 million app downloads since its start. You can find a whole lot of info concerning historic currency charts and rates for precious metals, but it is the ability of the app to convert every world currency that accounts for its huge popularity.  Even if you are offline or with limited connectivity or looking to save on mobile data, you can easily check the last updated currency exchange rates. Web: xe.com; Free, iOS and Android.

4. Tripit


This app is similar to a pocket travel agent. It is an aggregate of various travel related information such as ticket bookings, confirmation status, travel itinerary, etc. All you need to do is forward your emails to the app for it to do the rest. Sharing your travel plan is quite a cinch with the app if you are travelling in group, making it a highly sought-after App for coordinating group travel. Web: tripit.com; Free, iOS and Android.


5. App in the Air


The name of the App may not sound ‘chic’. No, not at all. But this app is highly sleek when it comes to performance. A flight tracking app that is pretty much straightforward, it gives you exhaustive coverage of airlines and airports and keeps you alert on flight status – even without internet connection. This app is a perfect ploy to managing time at the airport, as it breaks down each flight into four chunks: check-in, boarding, takeoff and landing times. If you want to integrate the app with Tripit, do as you may to display flight details import. Web: appintheair.mobi; Free, iOS and Android.

We’ll follow this post up with another one soon comprising more travel apps for you to make the most of, but until then, it is sayonara!

Emperor Traveline’s selection of 20 best inspiring quotes on Travel

Quotes inspire us; they lift our spirits and keep the ball rolling. They let us fall gracefully and make a strong comeback. Emperor Traveline has selected and presented 20 most inspiring quotes on Travel for you:

travel tips

20. “Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.”  – Gustav Flaubert

19. “Travelling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta

18. “To Travel is to Live”  – Hans Christian Andersen

17.  “The journey not the arrival matters.” – T.S. Eliot

16. “Travel and change of place impart new vigour to the mind.” – Seneca

15. “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” – Helen Keller

14. ” Travel makes a wise man better but a fool worse.” – Thomas Fuller

13. “Travel is never a matter of money but of courage.”  – Paolo Coelho

12. “Two roads diverged in a wood and  – I took the one less travelled by.” – Robert Frost

11. “Tourists don’t know where they’ve been, travellers don’t know where they’re going.” – Paul Theroux

10. “I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

09. “Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow.” – Anita Desai

08. “I travel not to cross countries off a list, but to ignite passionate affairs with destinations.” – Nyssa P. Chopra

07. “You don’t have to be rich to travel well.” – Eugene Fodor

06. “Wherever you go, go with all your heart!”  – Confucius

05. “Take only memories, leave only footprints.” – Chief Seattle

04. “To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries.” – Aldous Huxley

03. “A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.” – Tim Cahill

02. “A good traveller has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving.” – Lao Tzu

01. “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – Augustine of Hippo

We sincerely believe that these quotes will inspire you to travel more and more, chart out new territories, carve out routes and explore the traveller in you.  Happy Travel!

Are you travelling with Diabetes? Check out these quick tips.

There is a golden rule for diabetes patients who want to travel:

‘Diabetics can go on their vacation and have fun, but they can’t forget they have diabetes.’

That is because when diabetics travel, either the travel schedule or the effort can break them out of their routine diabetes care; the problem starts there. If they aren’t careful, blood sugar spikes can create quite a quandary leading to increased complications and health emergencies.


There are a few tips that diabetics can incorporate into their travel plan. It becomes all the more important they follow these tips to reduce risk of sudden sugar spike:

The first step will be to visit a diabetes specialist and get documentation about their present condition and the required treatment methods. Insulin users that need to travel for a long time should seek the advice on the timing and doses.

It is recommended that diabetics buy a travel insurance policy that covers medical expenses, protects them from a variety of unexpected circumstances and go on their trips without any worries. Diabetics should pack twice as many supplies, and back up pump is essential if they use insulin pump. Keep all supplies close as it may be required anytime in case of contingencies. Pack supplies in carry case, if flying.

It is important that diabetics carry their own food and drink with them in case of travel delay. Another point to be noted here is that carbohydrate quantities in the food supplied may vary when travelling by air.

Avoid walking barefoot, particularly on hot sand or spiky, rough, rocky, coarse surfaces. This can cause a blister and needs to be covered with a plaster. Keep it absolutely clean and stay out of the sea. Check your feet regularly throughout the day to check the presence of any blisters. High altitude, humidity and heat can, at times, affect test strips and metres, and therefore diabetics shouldn’t take the readings too serious.

Diabetics should keep insulin in a cool place that’s away from direct sunlight. Too much heat or cold can degrade them. If prone to hypoglycaemia, diabetics should always carry glucose gel, blood glucose tablets, or even plain chocolates or candies may come in handy to raise blood sugar levels. Informing the airport security authorities beforehand that you have diabetes can help.  Keeping time zone changes in mind is equally important. Testing your blood sugar levels often can keep things under control and less panicky.

All said and done, Diabetes can still prove a barrier to long-travel. If you are a diabetic, only proper planning and adequate medication administration can make a trip really enjoyable and safe for you.




10 Best English songs to listen while travelling

Music defines life and this is no different for a traveller in his or her pursuit of reaching
destination. This week, we decided to put together 10 English songs that will continue to
reverberate through time and distance. Now take your keys, call up your favourite travel
buddies, roll down the windows, and let the music begin!

1. Song: Cherry Wine

Artist: Hozier

2. Song: Life is a Highway

Artist: Rascal Flatts

3. Song: All Summer Long

Artist: Kid Rock

4. Song: Paradise

Artist: Coldplay

5. Song: Home
Artist: Phillip Phillips

6. Song: Boulevard Of Broken Dreams

Artist: Green Day

7. Song: Life’s For The Living

Artist: Passenger

8. Song: You’re Beautiful

Artist: James Blunt

9. Song: The Nights

Artist: Avicii

10. Song: Hotel California

Artist: Eagles

That’s definitely music to your ears. Isn’t it? These road trip songs will definitely make your next trip an unforgettable one. This is why you are here, right now, to get some inspiration around these epic travel songs, right?

Ten biggest travel mistakes and how to avoid them

Whether you are a frequent flyer, globetrotter, business traveller or on a bon voyage, there are a few mistakes that can happen, either intentionally or deliberately, which may put you on a spot. Check out these 10 big travel mistakes you may commit, and learn how you can avoid them from happening in the first place.

flight 2

Overstuffing your travel bag

Does this seem tempting to you? Yes, for all reasons, it may. But think of carrying and hauling your luggage around you, and the frightening weight limit haunts you forever. Be judicious, and plan your outfit accordingly — as simple as that! Ask yourself if you are going to wear them all. If not, go out and do some laundry you find on the road.

Failing to check your mobile plan

How often do we do that? Have you any measure of your data roaming fees? Does your mobile plan cover data roaming? Do you forget to turn off your data before getting on the plane?  Is your phone set on airplane mode? If data is of utmost importance to you, you need to check international plans or go for a local SIM card at your destination.

Failing to have enough buffer time in between flights for booking

Nothing can get so unpredictable as the flight conditions or your flight booking status. If your flight is delayed, your Adrenaline rushes, and you might not make it in time to catch the connecting flight. Sounds familiar? The point is to exercise precaution, and have a cosy buffer in between. It is advisable that you plan with a buffer time of minimum 2 hours every time, lest you need to go through endless security measures while moving from one flight to another.

Not having enough local currency

Have some local currency and cash on hand to avail for public transportation or for taking a cab once you arrive at your destination.  Don’t be of the idea that every little shop in the planet accepts Credit card. Most don’t, therefore, you will find that airport ATMs offer better exchange rates. Take out cash as required, and maybe, even a wee extra during emergency situations.

Failing to inform your credit card company of your travel plans before hand

This can get serious when your credit card company may well flag foreign transactions, and consequently freeze your account. Now what? Ensure you inform your company before hand of your travel plans, and check out if you are charged anything for foreign transactions.  This may not surprise you later!

Don’t have Travel Insurance?

There are times when you don’t hit your vacation or business trip, as expected. If you are covered by travel insurance, it will help your running out of hundreds of dollars. Check if your plan also covers contingency medical expenses, supposing your health insurance plan fails to offer coverage outside your country.

Not Checking Visa Requirements

We have seen, on numerous occasions, of travellers being whooshed away at checkpoints overseas on account of incompliance to visa requirements.  This is rather time-consuming, off-putting, and expensive, and could play spoilsport of what would have been a memorable trip. There are a host of websites online that elucidates travel visa requirements for several countries. Google, and find them out;  don’t be in for any surprises.

Jam-packed schedule

Scheduling an overseas trip shouldn’t be like overstuffing your belly or over-packing your travel luggage. Trust the locals, Google and find out the must-visit touring spots, and give quality travel time in visiting those places to make the most of your trip. More importantly, relax and enjoy the moment as it comes along.

Failing to keeping track of your reservation details

‘Go digital’ is today’s mantra, and go for web and mobile travel apps that can help plan your itinerary, or online reminder apps. Business travellers are more agile and dynamic in their approach towards itinerary planning. It pays to be a bit tech savvy? Isn’t it

Failing to keep your valuables safe

The last thing you would want in a travel is theft of your valuables, cash or electronic gadgets. Therefore, avoid carrying too much cash, and again — take the digital payment way. Anti-theft bags may help; but then, it is your safety that matters most.



10 Places to Visit in Heilbronn

     1. Experimenta Heilbronn

Experimenta Science Center is an interactive learning centre for children. It is spread across 4 themed zones in a distinctive brick warehouse building. Children will enjoy the activities at this place. It is a great place, packed with popular science demo stations and quite a few tasks.

     2. Church of St. Kilian (Kilianskirche)


Constructed from Heilbronner sand stone it is a Gothic hall church, whose origin dates back to the 11th century. This church is beautiful, inside out. And the most unusual feature is the exquisitely-carved Hans Seyffer wooden alter.

     3. Astronomical Clock

Travel agency & Visa Service

It is an ultimate showpiece. The restoration of the astronomical clock, which is nearly 500 years old, and the whole building was done in 1944 after the flattening of Heilbron. It is a marvel when it chimes — the hour, figures, rams and cockerel all animated in all its glory.

     4. Pfuhlpark


Here can walk in the summer or even winter on flat paths comfortably. There is a playground for children. The great bustard Lake is nearby with a horse-riding centre. The pillow park is accessible by light rail.

     5. Wertwiesenpark

The Wertwiesenpark is right along the Neckar River. It is the best place to have picnics, or play soccer as there are massive amounts of grassy area. Here you can also have BBQs. There is a great play area for the kids with water fountains, toys, massive climbing rope mountain and more. There is also a small golf course, which is not very expensive, and a giant pool area.

     6. Stadtgalerie Heilbronn

The shopping mall in Stadtgalerie Heilbronn is a must visit. It is small but you get to eat a variety of food here.

      7. Trappenseeschlosschen

Trappenseeschlosschen is a great place to stroll around the little lake or walk to the nearby park and playground. In the summer months there is also a great beer garden with pretty good food and beer. Just across the street is the entrance to a nice hiking trail that goes out into the woods with a nice loop with some wood sculptures on the loop back. It is a great peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of the downtown.

     8. Botanischen Obstgarten

You can go for cycling trip through vineyards. It is an Ideal place to be in summer when the apple orchards will be in full bloom.

     9. South German Railway Museum


The railway museum was founded in 1998. Here you can ride on the historical steam locomotives. If you love history this is a must visit. The old buildings and railroads will evoke nostalgia. It also provides a lot of photo opportunities.

     10. Haus der Stadtgeschichte

This museum tells the history of Heilbronn from medieval times to the present. Even if you don’t know German you can still go through the museum and look at pictures and get some feel for the history. There is no entry fee. There is also a theatre that runs films about the town’s history in German. If you know only English you can request films in English.





5 best places to visit near Sujangarh, India


Alwar is 239 kms away from Sujangarh. It offers you a mix of architecture, history, and nature, and is a perfect weekend getaway. It is home to the grand City Palace, the wonderful Sariska Tiger Reserve, the stunning Siliserh Lake, and also the Government Museum. You can book a safari in the Sariska Tiger Reserve. The reserve is home to the Bengal Tiger, Indian Jackal, Indian Leopard, Wild Boars and Sambhar. Another lovely spot is the Siliserh Lake where you can enjoy a lovely boat ride.



Pushkar is 139 kms away from Sujangarh. It is full of culture, colour, joy and warmth! The colourful streets lined with small shops are the first thing that attracts one to Pushkar.  There are lovely markets, numerous temples and a serene lake. The best time to visit the Pushkar Lake is during the evenings. Next to the lake there is also a small temple. You can explore the market next to the temple, and also the lake. At the market you will get stunning silver jewellery apart from salwaar suits and saris.




The City of Rajputs, Bundi, is 284 kms away from Sujangarh. It is a captivating city that is home to a number of forts and palaces, and surrounded by hills on three sides. The Garh Palace is a must visit. It is a monument that has stood the test of time. The manicured gardens and walls with contemporary paintings make the fort or palace a spectacle in itself. The strong engineering skills from centuries ago are well displayed in the many stepwells, which was built for harvesting rainwater. There are many tall pillars, colossal forts and more to visit in Bundi. The Bundi Palace is also a must visit. It houses many frescoes and murals. If you want a royal stay at Bundi, Nawal Sagar Palace is perfect. This quaint town is just right for a relaxing getaway as it is not very crowded like other cities.



To enjoy the true spirit of Rajasthan you must visit Bikaner (132 kms away from Sujangarh). This medieval city is outlined by a maze of fort walls, narrow streets, and old Havelis. The holiest temple here is the Karni Mata Temple where rats are fed and worshipped. In this desert city with palaces, forts, and temples built with yellow and red sandstone Rajput art and architecture shines in all its glory. Some of the heritage hotels are palaces for eg. the Laxmi Niwas Palace and Lallgarh Palace. The Junagarh Fort is a must visit. The grandiose lifestyle of the past Maharanas is preserved in the many museums here. There are also a couple of notable Jain temples to visit. You can have authentic Rajastini delights, go for dune camping and even camel rides in Bikaner.



Ajmer is 141 kms from Sujangarh, and is surrounded by the Aravali hills. The shrine of Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti is a very popular tourist attraction here. The city presents a mix of Islamic and Rajput architecture. A must-see is the splendid Taragarh fort located on the top of the Taragarh Hill. The tomb of Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti – the Ajmer Sharif Dargah – is at the foot of this hill. You can also visit the Akbar Fort and Museum, and several Islamic, Hindu, and Jain religious sites. For shopping visit the women’s market.