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How to pack like a pro for your holiday trip

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Everyone loves to go on a vacation, but packing for it is not an easy task. You will be tempted to pack a whole lot of things but there will be hardly any space to accommodate them all. If you dread packing for a holiday we will help you with a few tips, which will make it a little easier.

holidayMake a packing list

You don’t want to miss important stuff. So make a packing list. It will also help you save space. Before making a list ask yourself whether you need a certain item or not. You must add items on the list on priority basis. Ensure that you have covered all the items.

Coordinate your outfits by visualizing your trip

Try to visualise what all activities you will be indulging during your vacation, and then organise outfits accordingly. It is not that difficult. All you need is some time and patience. For instance, if you will be indulging in lot of sports activities, then you should pack your gear accordingly. If there is a dinner date, you will have to carry appropriate dress and accessories as well.

Try to mix and match the clothes. For instance, if you are packing black pants try to pack several matching tops. So you will be able to use the same pants with a number of tops. This will save you luggage space as well.

Don’t Fold them, Roll Them!

While stacking clothes into a suitcase instead of folding them roll them instead. This will prevent the creases and will make room for more clothes.

 Use sunglass cases to keep electronic cables

To keep the wires like mobile phone chargers and earplugs use a sunglass case or a pencil case. To avoid tangling roll cables on a pencil or a hair brush.

Store jewellery in a pill container

Carry jewellery in a pill box to avoid them from getting lost. Pill cases will come in handy especially if you are carrying tiny pieces of jewellery like small pendants or earrings or cuff-links.

Under garments in a separate compartment

To avoid the hassle while unpacking keep your socks, handkerchiefs and undergarments in a separate compartment of the suitcase.

Carry your medicines along with prescriptions

In some countries certain drugs can be illegal so it is always better to carry the prescription copy of your medicines or else the officials might become suspicious.

Reduce by a third

We often pack more than what we want while going on a holiday. For instance, packing 4 pairs of jeans and then using only one. Never over pack.

Towel on top

When you get to a hotel after a tiring journey the first thing that you want to do is take a shower. Pack your towel last so you won’t take much time searching for it in your suitcase. You can also carry a small towel in your shoulder bag in case if you feel like washing your face while on the go.

Wear your heavy items

Make sure you wear your heaviest jacket and boots. This will save space in your suitcase, and also save on baggage allowance.

How to pack smart and travel light

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Summer is here and most people are busy planning their vacation trips. But travelling can become a tedious task if you end up over packing. The best way to make the most out of your journey is to pack smart and travel light. Follow these tips.

travelPlan ahead

Pack only those items you are 100 percent sure you will use. First, lay out the items on the bed and take a good look. For instance, you might have laid out three floral tops while you need only one. Planning ahead will help you not to over pack. Only if you see the entire outfits you will know where you are making mistakes.

Pack lightweight clothing

You should try to fit in as much as possible in one suitcase. But if you have too many bulky items this will not be possible. It is always better to choose thin clothing that won’t take much space. For instance, instead of packing a heavy jeans and sweater opt for lightweight pants and pullovers. You can also pack lightweight silk scarves which double up as tops or sarongs which can be worn as skirts, and pure Pashmina shawl, which can be used as a blanket as well.

Choose fabrics carefully

It is better to choose wrinkle-resistant fabrics that are washable and dry quickly like nylon or silk. Try to avoid linen and cotton as they wrinkle easily.

Wear it on

Make sure to pack lightweight garments and wear all those heavy clothing.

Scale back on shoes

A mistake most people do is packing too many shoes and end up using only the most comfortable ones. Just pack one pair of heels and one pair of flats. Both can be used for pants or dress. Pack your shoes at the bottom of the luggage and make use of the empty spaces inside your shoes to fill small items like socks and undergarments.

Pack for compatibility

Selecting interchangeable and versatile pieces is the key to packing light. Opt for basic colours like white, black, khaki or brown, and then add tops in floral prints and asymmetrical designs. To add a chic touch to your outfit choose standout accessories. By mixing and matching you will be able to create new looks with a few items.

Do a double take

Convertible or expandable luggage is your best companion while travelling. During your return trip you will have lot more things to carry. You must have shopped souvenirs and gifts for your loved ones; you also must have shopped quite a few things for yourself. To make room for all these stuff you need expandable luggage.  Otherwise, you can pack extra bags, which you can use to carry your new items.

Make your carry-on count

Choose lightweight, sturdy luggage with collapsible shelves and built-in compartments for easy packing.

Take a vacation from your toiletries

While on the go why not try new products? You can leave behind your shampoo and conditioner or body lotion. Use the ones provided by hotels. It is always good to break the routine and try something new.  If your toiletries are indispensible you can always buy them once you arrive at your destination.

20 Tips for Travelling with Kids

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Travelling with children on holiday can be a daunting task if you do not make the right preparations.
Here are 20 tips that will make your journey a lot more enjoyable.

1. Keep aside some extra time
You need to always set aside some extra time because children love to explore. Always take into consideration factors like gawping, toilet stops, stalling, and tantrums.
2. Book ahead
Book hotels rooms ahead. In case you didn’t find a room you will have to keep on travelling. And with children melting down it won’t be easy.
3. Give them a camera
You can buy a child-friendly camera. This will keep them occupied and encourage them to observe their surroundings.
4. Be prepared for the climate
Children will be happier in a new environment if they are dressed comfortably for the terrain and weather.
5. For potty training pack pull-ups
During the potty training days public transport and planes can be nightmarish. You will have to carry potty on top of all your hand luggage, extra clothes and stinky, wet pants. Put them back into pull-ups on the plane.
6. Be app-y
There’s no need to cram a toy box, thanks to toddler-friendly apps. You can pack a magic scribbler and book, too.
7. Use public transport
Use public transport wherever possible as most toddlers love the novelty of travelling by bus, train and boat.
8. Invest in a child locator
A child locator (which the child can wear on a shoe or belt) will help you keep tabs on children at crowded places. You can keep the transmitter. You can set off the alarm if you lose your child and follow the sound to find them.
9. Keep bugs at bay
A hand sanitizer is a handbag essential. When you’re unsure of hygiene you can wipe your hands and even the cutlery in restaurants.
10. Don’t forget the medicine
Kids always fall ill during holidays. So pack Calpol as well as Allegra, which is good for allergic cold and sneezing. Also, carry band-aids and a thermometer.
11. Don’t let the children pack their own rucksacks
Most kids insist on packing their own rucksacks but always monitor what they are packing. Sometimes they will stuff all their unwanted books and soft toys and it might become too heavy for them.
12. Keep the activities coming
Have a collection of toys to be handed out once an hour if you’re heading out on a long journey. Tiny colouring books, handheld puzzles, stickers, etc will pass the time on a car journey or long flight.
13. Have a number of family games ready
They will come in handy if there are any delays in flights
14. Avoid sweets
Instead of sweets pack savoury snacks like cheeselinks, muffins, etc to avoid a sugar rush.
15. Encourage them to keep a travel journal
Ask your kids to note down interesting things they saw or food they had. This will keep them engaged. You can also buy postcards and ask children to write messages on them. Once the journey is over it would be great to read those messages
16. Remember the medicine
A small first aid kit is essential, especially if you are travelling with kids.
17. Brand them
Write your mobile number on your child’s arm while travelling through busy, crowded places, in case they get lost.
18. Check your passports
Children’s passports only last five years so check your passports at least a month in advance.
19. Remember the baby wipes
Don’t forget the baby wipes even if all your children are long out of nappies. They’re useful not only for washing hands, but also for wiping down restaurant tables and even cleaning toilet seats.
20. Engage and involve older children
Ask your children’s input while planning a holiday.

10 Essential Beach Vacation Beauty Products

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All set to holiday in an exotic beach resort? For the big trip you need to decide what to put in your bag. Some careful planning is needed while preparing for a beach vacation. The climate in your holiday destination may be entirely different from your native place, and then there are space issues to be taken into account. Here are some tips for the ultimate beach vacation, which will keep you pampered and polished.

1. Summer is here after a long winter break. During winter your skin is not that much exposed to sunlight. To look at least the beach bunny part you need a natural-looking self-tanner. There are tanners available for face and body. Pack it in your beauty kit.

2. Plan your skincare before you hit the beach. Sunscreen with 50+ SPF is a must. Most sunscreens will give you greasy skin so look for formulas that are “dry touch” that won’t stick to the sand.

3. You should not just carry a sunscreen but should also know where to apply it. Apply it on the lips and under the eyes.

4. When dealing with sun, seawater and sand the less makeup the better. Select a couple of lasting waterproof items if you’re hesitant to go barefaced. Waterproof mascara is easily available. They will give your lashes a boost without looking too made-up.

5. Drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated is the key while on a beach vacation. Look for multitasking products for hair and skin to save packing space.

6. When on the go always carry portable wipes. For night-time facial cleansing they’ll pull dual job. They also come in handy for quick cleanups on buses, planes and automobiles.

7. Carry some face masks in your handbag. Just because you are hitting the beach doesn’t mean you must ignore your beauty regime. They will give you an instant glow before a night out. There are de-puffing masks, eye-specific masks, and even those with oxygen-boosters and radiance-enhancing vitamin C. So make your pick.

8. To accentuate your tan, bring along makeup. Carry bronzers and highlighters for a beach goddess’s look.

9. With the basics you can never go wrong. Always carry warm shades, especially for your lips.

10. Normally, beach destinations will be humid, so steer clear of foundation meltdown.  For a mattifying effect apply an anti-shine serum. Smooth over areas that are oil-prone and the T-zone. Then apply a concealer.

Visit World’s Craziest Party Towns

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If you are a party animal, you will be longing to party while on a vacation. There are some fantastic party destinations around the world to party like crazy.

Party TownHere is a list of some of Craziest Party Towns around the gold. So put on your dancing shoes and go wild!

New Orleans, USA

New Orleans, the largest city in the United States, is a party hotspot. It has a multilingual heritage and is famous for its music, cuisine and annual festivals. While in New Orleans, don’t miss The Bourbon Street and try the city’s signature rum drink Hurricane. Another interesting fact is that it is legal to drink on the street, as long as it is in a plastic cup!

Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza is known as the World’s Party Capital. Privilege, the largest club in the world, is in Ibiza. On this hopping island the night parties go on till 6 am. In case you are in it for the long haul most clubs stay open as late as 8 am. To prepare for the long night ahead seasoned clubbers in Ibiza usually take naps early evening.

Las Vegas, USA

The list is not complete without Las Vegas, the Sin City. You’ve all heard the famous term, “what happens in Vegas…” and the legends are true. Its vibrant nightlife and uncompromising party atmosphere is unparalleled. Whether it is clubbing on the strip or throwing dice at a casino, the possibilities are endless.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

You can party on the beach, day and night. Beautiful women, sprawling beaches, and parties 24/7 are what this Brazilian city is all about. No wonder it is called The Marvellous City! In this city the party aura is overwhelming and you will feel it in all of your senses. The waterfront comes alive after midnight, with disco clubs and samba beats.

New York, USA

The city that never sleeps, New York, has endless energy all day and night. Here you will get the best of the best in nightlife, restaurants, music, and more. Its streets are continuously humming with activity. Not only that. Its cultural extremes and romantic grandeur are unmatchable.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

At Rembrandtplein, Amsterdam’s famed party district, most of the dance clubs open only at midnight! You will find an eclectic mix of people here from high-society socialites to flamboyant drag queens, and tourists who are looking to have a crazy night out.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin has the most liberal and diverse nightlife in Europe. You will find techo, rock, and alternative clubs, which are open all night. To indulge a more open-minded crowd, Germany’s capital city is also home to all kinds of fetish clubs. The hotspots are endless in this party city.

Manchester, UK

The city sees more than 1 lakh weekend visitors on a typical weekend evening. The city is known for its dedication to live music and bands. If you love dancing, check out the tons of techno and hip-hop based venues in the city.

If your next trip is to any of these party hotspots, your travel agency will be able to arrange visa and passport services.


Safety Travel Tips for Senior Citizens

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Just because you’re getting older doesn’t mean you have to stop travelling. In fact, travel means more when you are older; you will be able to fully appreciate the new experiences you’re having because of a lifetime of knowledge.

However, you can’t travel the way you used to when you are older. You will have to work around physical limitations. To protect yourself and your belongings you should take a few precautions.

tour packages






Follow these safety travel tips.

Get Insurance

Older people are more at risk of falling and hurting themselves, and getting sick. So they need travel insurance more than anybody else if they don’t want their travel to get delayed or interrupted. This is especially important if they are travelling in a foreign country.

Don’t let people know your hotel room is empty

People assume that hotels are safe places, which is not true. Travellers, especially senior citizens, are often seen as easy targets, and they should do what they can to protect their belongings. Don’t put the “clean my room” sign on your hotel door. It is a clear sign that your hotel room is empty. You normally leave extra money, passports and travel documents in hotels rooms when you go sightseeing. So you don’t want these important things to get into wrong hands. Inform the front desk on the way out and ask them to send someone to clean the room.

Watch What You Eat

Older folks are frequently on restricted diets as they have more sensitive tummies. While away from home they would like to forget those facts, but doing so could have adverse effects. So don’t try to experiment with food while travelling or else you will be spending more time in your hotel room than sightseeing. What you can do is avoid too spicy, heavy or cheesy items.

Mind Your Meds

Senior travellers need to take as much care with their medications as they do with their passports and money. Don’t leave them lying in the open in your hotel room and don’t pack them in checked luggage. In case your flight back home is delayed you should have enough medicine to last you an extra day or two. Also, keep a list of essential medicines and their dosages in your purse so that if the need arise you can replace them.

Essential Medications for Travel

The fact that you can afford things you may not have been able to when you were younger is one of the perks about getting older. But you will be the target for thieves if you carry items like gold watches, expensive jewellery and fancy cameras. Because most thieves believe that older travellers are more unsteady on their feet and less aware of their surroundings. For your safety, leave the bling at home.

Keep Others in the Loop

Keep others apprised of your daily itinerary, including your hotel concierge or innkeeper, if you’re going to be travelling solo. Inform them when you will be back and stick to your schedule. Always carry a smartphone with you.

Stay Safe on Your Feet

In order to get through full days of walking and touring, wear comfortable shoes. To stay steady on your feet and for good balance it is always better to wear flats. If you wear heels you are at risk of falling or spraining an ankle.

Top Places to Visit in Nainital

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Verdant hills, old cottages, and a cool climate make Nainital one of the best hill stations in India. Nainital offers tourists myriad places to visit. From boating and sailing to visiting old temples and heritage buildings, it’s a tourist’s paradise.

tour packages








Here’s a list of some of the top places you should not miss in Nainital.

Naini Lake

In Nainital one of the most popular tourist attractions is the Naini Lake, which is known as its lifeline. It is surrounded by seven lush hills and is a sight to behold! Apart from enjoying the scenic surroundings, tourists can engage in a variety of activities in the pear-shaped lake like paddling, boating and yachting. Apart from watching a beautiful sunset, one can explore the lake from one end to another.

Naina Peak

The highest peak in Nainatal, Naina Peak (also known as China peak) gives an excellent view of the city as well as a magnificent view of the show clapped Himalayas.  The peak is famous for horse riding and trekking. The best time to visit the peak is early mornings when there won’t be much rush and you can enjoy nature’s bounty in peace.

Tiffin Top  

Tiffin Top, built in memory of painter Dorothy Kellet, is also known as Dorothy Seat. It is a popular picnic spot and offers breathtaking views of the town as well as the Himalayas.

The Mall Road

One of the top places to visit in Nainital is the Mall Road. It is a shopaholic’s paradise, with many shops, restaurants, hotels and more.

Snow View Point

The oldest Snow Viewpoint is another must visit in Nainital. From here you can enjoy the majestic Himalayas and it snow clad mountains. You can reach there either by road or by an aerial ropeway or by trekking and enjoy the views of snow-capped hills like Nanda Devi and Nanda Kot.

Nainital Zoo

To see exotic and endangered species of animals and birds native to this region you must visit the Nainital zoo, nestled at an altitude of 2100 meters. Barking Deer, Snow Leopard, Siberian Tiger, Hill Fox, Palm Civet Cat, White peacock and many more species have been housed here.

Raj Bhawan- Governor’s House

Currently the residence of the Governor of Uttarakhand, Raj Bhawan was built for the Governor of North West Province. It is one of the most luxurious places to visit in Nainital. Inspired by the Buckingham Palace, it is built in Gothic-style architecture.

Naina Devi Temple

Naina Devi temple rests over the banks of Naini Lake and is the best place to visit for some introspection. It attracts a great number of devotees. The goddess Shakti is worshiped at this temple.

Bhimtal Lake

Bhimtal, named after the legendary Bhima of Mahabharatha, is one of the most serene places to visit near Nainital. The lake has a small island at its middle and is beautifully centred amidst green mountains.

Eco Cave Gardens

The Eco Cave Gardens comprises seven caves, which can be reached through a narrow and winding road. It is the best spot to hang out with your family.


Binayak is a must visit place near Nainital for adventure lovers. It is a popular trekking spot and offers fantastic trails amidst towering pine trees.

How to choose best tour travel package

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Holidays are so precious to most of us who are caught up with white collar jobs in the city. When time is of the essence, it can feel good to get help from someone else who can plan your itinerary for you. Slow, solo travels would always be the cheapest form of travelling, but are not entirely practical at all times. If you don’t want to quit your job and hit the road for an unspecified amount of time, then you better get it all started with the help of a reliable travel agent who can help you in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Also, here are a few wise tips to save your penny while enjoying your ride.

service_imageCompare place, time and travel

There is no point trying to choose between a 30-day bus trip, a hop-on, hop-off bus tour, and a small group adventure tour operator who utilises some public transport. Settle on the type of tour you want before anything else.

If you’re using a travel agent to book, don’t go in without having done some prior research. Ask the options from the travel agent and choose the operator who is best for you. This is also the same with sight-seeing options. Don’t encourage all the tourist guides who approach you as soon as you visit. All the big travel agencies have agreements with one or two tourism operators to serve their clients.

Don’t go by the label

Don’t mistake trips labelled ‘budget’, ‘backpacker’ or ‘basic’ as automatically better value than that tour company’s standard trips. These ‘cheaper’ versions are sometimes used as a ploy to capture more of the traveller market. Look closely and you may find that the standard trip offers better value.

Don’t buy the extras

To save extra cash, don’t book any pre-and-post-trip accommodation or airport transfers through your tour company. It’s always cheaper to book additional accommodation independently, either through a hotel directly or by using an accommodation booking website. The same goes for airport transfers and private taxi transfers and airport shuttle service.

At last, one of the most important cautions and probably a rule of thumb is never to do shopping with a group. Also don’t get into all the optional activities set up by the tour leader if you think you can get a profitable deal by yourself. But if you feel that the price quoted by the tour guide is reasonable, quit wasting time and book the deal and start to enjoy the views, shopping and all that is in store for you in the place you travel. So instead of running halfway around the town to save money, book your tour right away and make the most out of your itinerary.


Why we still need a travel agent?

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Travel agency business has a very high success rate, despite the modernization and innovation of new technologies that allow travellers to book their packages online, 24/7. This explains why people still opt for the services of a travel agent

pexels-photo-largeHere are a few reasons that explain why we still need a travel agent.

Vast Knowledge

Travel agents are experienced and have vast knowledge in everything about travelling the world. Choosing a suitable travel agency package services is quite difficult for first-timers who travel abroad. Instead of trusting the online reviews, it would be better to take the word of a qualified travel agent to get the proper information about the place you would like to visit.

Value for your money

While going on a trip, travellers prefer to enjoy an all-inclusive trip that covers most of the city’s hotspots. A travel agent can ensure travellers that they don’t miss any of the amazing happenings in the vicinity, like a great restaurant down the street, or a live concert in town.

Setting the itinerary

A travel agent can gather the right information about the days and dates of special events and even make reservations. With a travel agent in charge, you can be sure that your itinerary has everything to take you to some of the exciting happenings around the city.


A travel agent is also an expert in estimating the total cost for a trip that you select. Though you are the decision maker, a travel agent presents a clear view of what will be entertaining to you based on your interests and will also help you determine your affordability.


A travel agent also offers advice on travel insurance and makes sure that the hotel where you are planning to stay is safe and that the company running the excursion won’t rob you. They also insure that travellers have the correct travel documents, so they don’t face problems in a strange country. Even if things take a wrong turn, travel agents have the resources and the contacts to get travellers to safe grounds.

Time Savvy

A travel agent takes care of all your needs by customizing your travel package. Instead of spending hours in researching and making reservations and booking tickets, all you have to do is to ask your travel agent fix it for you and within moments your ultimate travel package will be ready. All you will have to do is to pack your bags.


Travel Agency Trends & Statistics

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Global travel agencies must satisfy the needs of passengers and guests both in person and online, in real-time and across in multiple languages. Visit Emperor Traveline,one of the best travel agency which satisfy all your needs and also offers affordable travel agency packages for making your journey as a memorable trip