Best Adventure Tours in South Australia

From motorsports to outback adventures South Australia boasts a variety of experiences. We list out some of the best adventure tours you should not miss.

Hot Air Ballooning Over the Avon Valley

Hot Air Ballooning Over the Avon Valley

The ultimate place to experience the enchantment of a hot air ballooning is the Avon Valley in Western Australia. With its rolling hills, meandering streams and lush green fields, this rural landscape provides a charming setting for the purest and oldest form of flight. From the hot air balloon you can not only see the beautiful scenery over the rural landscape but also the breathtaking sunrise. And after the flight you can enjoy a delicious breakfast and champagne.

Escape Room Experience  

If you are looking for a totally unique experience Escape Room is for you. It is your chance to play a famous detective. It is for two people. It will get your heart racing and your brain ticking. You get to solve the crime, crack puzzles and escape before the clock runs out in historical Australian themed rooms. It will be an out-of-the box adventure that is exciting to the core. You also get to dress up in detective themed outfits for a photo shoot.

Tandem Skydive – 14,000ft

Tandem Skydive from Langhorn Creek in Adelaide Region will give you the ultimate thrill. There will be a professional instructor on the ground to brief you and teach you proper body positions. You will be given guidelines on freefall and landing, as well as about what to expect throughout the skydive. You can experience spectacular views of the Coorong National Park, Murray River, and coastal views of Lake Alexandrina during the flight to an altitude of 12,000 feet. After the flight it is time to experience terminal velocity and feel the rush!

F/A-18 Jet Flight Simulator Experience – 60 Minutes

You will be supported through all levels of flying as you will have a qualified flight instructor by your side. There is nothing much to learn here. Even children with no experience can enjoy it. You will indeed feel like a fighter pilot!

Swim with Dolphins


Earth’s most curious and fascinating creatures are the Dolphins. And to swim with them in their natural environment is something you are going to cherish a lifetime. You can watch the pod play and interact. You will be guided by a professional crew so there is no room for worry.

Lion Encounter at Monarto Zoo

Bilbies, addax, dromedary, cheetah, eland – you name any animal and you will find them at Monarto Zoo. You will find animals from all around the world and you can spend an entire day watching them in their natural habitat. The special Meet The Lions is the highlight of the day, and you will be taken on a behind-the-scenes tour. This is your chance to see the world’s ultimate predators up close and personal. You watch them being fed and see the strength of these creatures at close quarters. It is going to be a very special experience indeed!

Many of them offering best international holiday packages for this summer vacations. Choose the best packages among those and enjoy your trip.



Places to Visit in Havelock Island

Havelock Island is the largest of the islands which has a chain of islands named Ritchie’s Archipelago. The island consists of people who are Bengalis and many of these Bengalis have Bangladeshi origin. The government has made steps to develop the eco-friendly tourism on Havelock for a while now. It is the most visited islands but unfortunately it gets only a fraction of spectators that crowd the other islands. The time runs slow, the people are amicable and the basic necessities are moderately developed for the most part. Best time to visit any place is when it has the best weather and Havelock Island has it best during the months of mid-January until mid-May.

 Radhanagar Beach

It is one of the best white sand beaches that anyone can visit. It provides stunning view of nature, set in the beautiful backdrop of sparkling waters. It is a paradise for any nature lover as it is serene and in the midst of nature. It is impossible to resist a Radha Nagar Beach5dip after catching a glimpse of the sparkling water.

As the place has its charm, it has its part of adventure too,through providing some adventurous water sports activities such as deep see diving and snorkelling.

Elephant Beach

The size of this beach has gotten reduced due to the after effects of Tsunami that occurred in 2004. In spite of that, Elephant beach is nevertheless a stunning place to visit and is famous for its corals. It is good place for adventurers as this beach has number of diving and snorkelling centres. One can also enjoy this place with books and some delicious food and drinks. This place is ideal for people who are in search for solitude and peace.

Kalapathar Beach

Kalapathar beach might be question of visit for some people as it is far away from the town but for people who wants to be alone or go alone with friends this is a good choice. One can make their own food and enjoy the day with nice music and drinks. As it the name suggests, black coloured rocks line the coastline here. Forest is found on one side of the road and once crossing, it has the amazing view of the heavenly and silvery beach. One might get immersed by the sheer solitude of the calm and relaxing environment. This is an ideal place for travellers to write some great travel stories.

Emerald Gecko

Benny and Linda, a couple run this cottage resort who also own an expensive resort called wild orchid. But this place is very affordable and is best place to stay. Visitors spend most of the time in beach and come back to the resort only for sleep and this place provides them with soulful food and makes them feel at home. Any budget traveller would love to stay in this place as it is very well kept and provides great comfort and warmth.

Top Places to visit in India in September

Come September and it is time to explore India’s rich diversity that gets even more captivating with the blissful receding showers of rain, clear skies and pleasant climate that any tour explorer or travellers would not give it a miss. There are a number of alluring destinations that has been compiled exclusively to excite the eager traveler in you.

Let us take a round tour of the amazing places that can offer both adventure and fun.

Lachen in Sikkimgurdongmar

Starting from the North eastern frontiers of India; Sikkim offers the charm, grace and reverence of Buddhist monasteries that fill the atmosphere with serenity and vibrancy. The famous Lachen Monastery, the adventurous trekking trails and lush valleys is only going to leave an awe feeling in the mind of the travellers. Lachen which lies in the lap of the majestic Himalayan ranges is more secluded and therefore retains its virgin beauty to appease the solitude seekers.

Amritsar in Punjab

Punjab is a state that is synonymous with greenery and abundance. Popularly called the ‘The Land of Five Rivers’ boasts of the most fertile lands. The rich landscapes, the strong religious diversity and the rich history draws crowds in increasing numbers here. Amritsar in Punjab is one of the particular highlights as it is hosts to the famous Golden Temple. The moment you think of Amritsar this shrine is the first thing that comes to our mind.

Bundi in Rajasthan

Bundi in Rajasthan holds historical significance for the long battles that took place during the Rajputs and British era. The place is inspired and filled up with ‘Havelis’, forts and the traditional Rajput palaces. Rajasthan which was originally referred as a desert receives less rainfall and moreover around September gets relatively pleasant making it ideal for tourists to brush up their history and also enjoy the Rajasthani Royal flavours.

Coonoor in Tamilnadu

Coonoor is fairly untouched destinations and if only explorers get to know more about this place it could easily climb up the most preferred hang out attraction for many. Coonoor is a delightful place in Tamilnadu which offers some exciting attractions like the more than 100 year old Sim’s Park that is more of a botanical powerhouse. Further the vast landscapes like the Hidden valley , St Catherine Falls can make any nature lover fall on his feet.

Nainital in Uttarkhand

Nainital is the most popular attractions during the September time. There are many exciting avenues that can keep any explorer on his toes throughout the day. The spectacular Naini lake, the Eco Cave Gardens can just instantly delight our eyes. The superior mysticism of Nainital gets all the more exquisitely adorned after the monsoon time in September.

Srinagar, Kashmir

Totting from the North; the beauty of India starts to get unfolded from Kashmir. Srinagar the capital of Kashmir is located on the Jhelum banks is known for the city’s splendid opulence. The naturally gifted scenic beauty of Kashmir and the vivaciousness of the place is an ideal time to explore in September. The Indira Gandhi Tulip Park and the Dal lake are some of the prominent places that makes Kashmir the ‘Paradise on Earth’.

Overall September is a month good for travelling. This is the time when temperatrures slide, rains reduce and summers disappear in most of the places thus making it the most preferred time to seek fun. So plan a trip around this time to discover the true Incredible India.

A Shikara Ride in Kashmir

Cruising on Earth’s very own Dreamland

If you have been looking to relax during your holidays then Kashmir is the best destination that offers breathtaking picturesque of nature. The place is generously ornamented with innumerable beautiful sights, amazingly designed landscaped flower gardens, crystal clear lakes; the list in unending when it comes to exploring Kashmir’s bounties of treasure. Amidst this magnificent fairy tale world lies the colourful and sensuous Shikara that provides every Kashmir tourist a unique experience to enjoy the eternal beauty of the place.

Srinagar-1191860_1The traditional Shikara is considered a cultural symbol and is one of the most captivating attractions of Kashmir tourism. Shikaras are narrow boats that ferry tourists from the houseboats to the river banks. The boat ride offers a leisurely boat experience which makes every nature lover mesmerized in the scenic lake view. During such rides you can also see places like Shalimar garden, Hazratbal Mosque, Nishat Garden that come in close proximity to the Dal Lake. At the Nehru park near the Boulevard Road the lake widens up slowly into a vast expanse of water body. You can also see vendors selling jewellery, saffron, flowers all into their Shikara.

Although a Shikara may be an experience to cherish for the tourists visiting here, the locals use it for seaweed harvesting, transportation and fishing. Shikaras are also used for selling flowers and handicrafts that provide a source of livelihood for the local artisans. Shikaras that are loaded with such flower varieties prove to be a perfect feast for the eyes. During the boat rides one can also watch the king fisher, the Kite and the Grebe that are the common birds found here. While cruising on the Shikara we can note these birds trying to hunt their prey on the floating lake water. The rich aquatic vegetation, reeds and humus all put together make up for a rich natural source of food for frogs, mice, grasshoppers that overall balance out the food chain.

As you embark on this wonderful Shikara boat ride, you can see many houses beautifully built around the lake which gives us a feel as though the whole world is centered on this lovely place. The interesting part to watch out for is the Shikara boats that are neatly parked outside almost every house. Just like we see cars parked outside every home in the cities; every house owner over here owns the Shikara boat. Any very much like their counterparts in the cities, these local folks commute in these boats from one place to another.

While holidaying in Kashmir you would be enveloped with two extreme fantasies. The first being the dazzling lakes of Kashmir and next are the Mughal architectural wonders that remind us of the Historical connection. It is even more a delight to have a Shikara ride around the sunset time as the crimson rays of the setting sun fall along the boat that adds even more spark to the already bustling excitement. The closely connected Nagin Lake , the Shankaracharya Temple, Hari Parbat , Chasme Shahi are some of the other tourist attractions to watch out for during the trip.

Come, visit and explore this magical spell in Kashmir.


Places to Visit in Dambulla

Sri lanka the land with strong Mythological and political connections reminds us of a country that has almost everything to its credit for a nature lover and adventure to cherish for in the travel diary. It is an island in the Indian ocean situated in the south east tip of the Indian peninsula. The country therefore enjoys a warm, tropical and warm climate. From being a host to ravishing beaches, high mountains and tropical forests this land definitely looks as though God simply loved art while creating this country.

Let us travel through Dambulla to get a feel of this beautiful cultural hub of the island Nation. Dambulla in Sri Lanka is located in Matale district about 148 km north of Colombo.

Dambulla CavesDambulla-Cave-Temple

The cave temple in Dambulla is the highlight of this place. Dambulla sports the huge rock which sizes more than 160 meters above the land area. The walls of the cave reflects the rich Sinhalese culture and Buddha life history. It is a sight worth watching to see the Buddha statue and the plastic monks at the base of the Cave temple. Some captivating places in Dambulla for travellers are the Iron wood forest and Rose Quartz Mountain. The mountains are believed to be more than 500 million years old. Therefore it is rich in quartz mineral deposits. The quartz stone comes of magnificent colours of red, white and violet. The temple complex alone has 80 caves. The largest cave measures 23 meters in the entrance and stands 7 meters tall at the highest point. The Buddha statue is the main source of attraction here. The second cave is the most impressive as it houses almost 150 statues reflecting the Mahayana tradition on Buddhism.

Golden Cave temple

The main attraction here is the high seated golden Buddha statue that looks huge to fill up the environment with serenity and astonishment.

Iron wood forest

This forest was supposedly created in the 10th century. The Iron Wood forest is a perfect fascination for adventurers as they can get lot of fascinating trek through the thick forests. The forest has rich ecological significance.




Sigiriya is close to Dambulla and is paradise for walkers. People can take a pleasant stroll through the rock gardens. As you trek through, you can see the mirrored walls that are not mirrors but polished plaster that reflects light. Then comes the enchanting Lion staircase which has lion claws carved at its foot. Sigiriya and Dambulla re nominated as the UNESCO World Heritage sites. The topography of this place is completely flat with a huge rock near the fortress. The special feature of this rock is that it has a flat top and reminds us of an ancient connection in which it was used as King Kashyapa‘s fortess. The ruins that are found today take us back to history.

You can also enjoy an elephant ride during the Dambulla trip. This is something people of all ages love to do.

Best of Eureka, CA

Located in the Redwood Region of California, Eureka is enriched with a variety of attractive landscapes offering innumerable ways to spend your day off. Here are a few exciting getaways to enjoy your trip.

144526596_4da51c0fe8_b1.Sequoia park Garden:
The major attraction about this place is the gorgeous giant Sequoia trees. There are several Redwood trees too along with a variety of flowering plants that put on a colorful display. The best time to visit the park is late summer. The ‘wishing well’ is another attraction you will find here.

2.Sequoia Park Zoo:
The zoo is located next to the Sequoia Garden. Though small, it is the oldest zoo in California. It houses some exotic animals like the Red Panda. This is a great place to hangout, especially for the kids. It also houses some pigs, sheep and goats and children are allowed to get close to these animals. There are a couple of cute river otters too.

3.Humboldt Bay:
It is called the Birdwatcher’s Paradise as you can see a variety of exotic birds around the Hikshari Trail that is a part of the Bay. Salmon Creek and Hookton Slough are other interesting places to go for a walk. Seagulls, Pelicans, Cormorants, Kingfishers and harbor seals are a common sight. This bay has everything from parks, wildlife and oceans to make your day adventurous. Kayaking is also another attraction here.

4.Humboldt Botanical garden:

This is a one of a kind garden and the largest Native Plant Garden in all of North California. It has a great many species of attractive native, exotic plants and herbs. The entire park is also accessible to handicapped people as all areas can be toured on wheelchairs. Golf carts are also available for this purpose. The garden shows a gracious transition from red, orange, yellow to blue, all colors of flowers add on to the beauty of the park. The Woodland garden, Temperate garden and Heather garden are the other impressive gardens. The mediation labyrinth sculpture, Santino “All Happy Earth” Sculpture, a natural steam with a walking trail and the greenhouse are other eye-catching spots around the garden.

5.Headwaters Forest Reserve:
This is an amazing place for hiking. The hiking trail is located next to the Elk River and is a great place to be close to nature. It is also a great place for kids to ride a bike. It has some beautiful trees around. The BLM Headwaters Reserve Trail is a part of this place and it is a great place to know about the logging town. You can also enjoy some amazing views of the creek from here.

6.Lost Coast Trail:
This trail is great for camping and hiking. This is a thrilling trail with the sea and beaches along. It is great place to learn about the tides. Though it is exhausting it is definitely worth the effort and it is a truly amazing trail.

7.College Cove:
This is a pretty beach that could be reached by the Humboldt Trailhead. There is an amazing blow hole in Trinidad, California which you can view from the cliffs of this cove. It is amazing to see vegetation in the blow hole from these cliffs. The view of entire Trinidad Bay from the lighthouse is an amazing sight. It is a great place to spend your late evenings.

8.Ghost and Vampire Tours:
This tour includes some creepy inns and motels. The Eagle House Victorian Inn is one such place where there are dark hallways renowned for surprise visitors and paranormal experiences. If you look for something different, then this tour is for you. You will learn all about the old Eureka during this tour.

Top attractions of Snowdonia

Snowdonia is a stunning mountainous National park with beautiful landscapes dotted with picturesque quaint villages. It is margined by the Snowdon Peak which is the highest mountain peak in all of Wales. This unadulterated natural treasure has a lot to offer to every weary traveler. Here are some of the top attractions of Snowdonia for you to explore.


It is an amazing mountain range with interesting hiking and trekking trails. The Llanberis Path is the frequently opted route by tourists which is adjacent to the Snowdon Railway. It is a great trial that kids can enjoy. You will be awe-inspired by some of the fantastic views after reaching the summit. Pyg Trail is the second most popular route that is also easy to follow. Altogether, it is a wonderful experience which is worth the time and effort.

National Slate Museum Site of the former Dinorwig slate quarry Llanberis Gwynedd North Snowdonia Museums Tourist Attractions

Welsh Slate Museum:

It offers you a peek into the slate industry which accommodates some of the oldest machineries used during the Victorian era. It also encompasses the old cottages and office buildings used by the employees. There is a giant water wheel that stands as a stunning masterpiece. A little railway and a lake cruise add more tranquility to your day.

Adventure Tours:

Snowdonia offers a lot of adventure activities for all those adventure enthusiasts. Llanberis and Betws-y-Coed offer thrilling Canyoning and Rappelling tours. A bunch of outdoor activities are at your reach to get the most out of your day at the park. A variety of tree top adventures are also available at Betws-y-Coed. Private day walks with a guide are available to the visitors at Bala. People who expect something out of the ordinary can get their way to the Adrenaline Extreme tours and Zipline and Ariel Adventures Betws-y-Coed and Blaenau Ffestiniog. You can go below underground to explore the mysterious caverns, caves and mines. These activities are well worth the money you spend.

Cader Idris:

This is a mountain trial offering beautiful views. The Pony Trail is considered the easiest among all the trails and is frequently taken by tourists. On the way to the summit, you will be able to enjoy the varying sceneries of the valley and the sea. It is a great spot for a picnic. The peak offers stunning views of the Cardigan Bay and Barmouth.

Conwy Castle:

It is a fantastic place to discover some history stuff. The castle towers offer great views. It is a good place for the entire family, especially for the kids to climb the stairs, enjoy the views and play through the mysterious tunnels in the premises of the castle.

Electric Mountain:

It is located in Llanberis and it includes a 90 minute exciting tour in which both engineering and fun is combined. Visiting the power station in a mini bus moving deep into the cavern is a thrilling experience that you can’t afford to miss.

Dolgoch Falls:

It is an amazing walk through the woods that has some interesting walking trails. You can explore both the upper falls and the lower falls. The walking trail to the lower falls is much easy than the way towards the upper falls, but it’s worth the effort.

Gwydir Forest:

It has a challenging MTB trail that has steep routes deep into the forest with sudden quick jumps. Here is your chance to view some amazing flora and fauna. You can start off at the Pont-y-Pair Bridge and move down the trail and reach the beautiful Llyn Elsi Lake that is a great spot for some nature watch.

Swallow Falls:

It is a beautiful waterfall near Betws-y-Coed. You can also follow a hiking trail that leads to the falls. It is a silent getaway for people who want to escape the madness of the crowd and relax in a peaceful place.

Caerau Uchaf Gardens:

It is located in Sarnau and it is a beautiful garden next to the Bala Lake. There is the Hovel where you can stay. It also has a great café that offers tasty cakes and coffee. A walk through the woods is refreshing. It is a great place to have quality time as a family. There are a lot of fun things to entertain the children like the hammock and the trampoline. The view of the Bala lake from here is breathtaking.

Top 10 tourist attractions in Bangkok

Your trip to Thailand is not complete if you don’t visit Bangkok. This exuberant city has more to offer you than what you expect. No wonder why it has more visitors every year than any other city in the world. The richness of tradition, the liveliness of street life and a diverse gastronomy are reasons enough to enjoy a trip around this stunning metropolis. Check out some of the must-see hot spots around Bangkok and plan your next holiday.
1. Wat Pho:
This is the world famous temple of the giant reclining Buddha. It is situated in the Rattanakosin District next to the Golden Palace. It is known for its astounding architecture, exotic arts and statues that reflect the tradition of Bangkok in every single way.

ID-1001551472. Wat Arun:
This is known as the Temple of Dawn named after the Indian God of Dawn, Aruna. It is located at the Yai District of Bangkok. It is a stunning temple built on the banks of the Chao Phraya River. This is said to depict Mount Meru, the center of the universe according to Buddhist beliefs. It stands as a fine example to the architectural excellence of their people.

3. Grand Palace:
This spectacular palace was the residence of the Thai King and the seat to his government administration and the war ministry. It is situated at the heart of Bangkok and the most famous landmark of Thailand. It is an outstanding example for the creativity of the Thai architects. Today it stands as the spiritual symbol of Thailand. The sprawling palace ground encompasses the renowned Emerald Buddha and several other shrines.

4. Wat Suthat :
It is one of the oldest temples built by King Rama. It is a unique building with beautiful wall murals and hand-crafted teak wood doors. It is the home to a 13th century Bronze Buddha. It is located in the old city in the same neighborhood of Grand Palace and Wat Poh.

5. Giant Swing:
This is a 27 meters tall red giant swing, the spiritual ceremonial emblem in the Hindu religion. It is located at the entrance of Wat Suthat. It speaks of the traditional influence during the period it was built.

6. Golden Buddha:
This is one of the must-see sculptures housed at the Wat Traimit near the Hualampong Railway Station. It is a solid pure gold statue that weighs about 5.5 tons. This depicts the eons of history, culture and religious values of Buddhism.

7. Safari World:
None other than Safari World can give you a better sight-seeing experience. It consists of two parks, a Marine Park and a Safari Park. The Marine Park offers engaging dolphin shows. The Safari Park is a scenic experience that allows you to come close to some rare and endangered species of wildlife.

8. Siam Park City:
This is a 300acre amusement water theme park offering non-stop fun and adventure to visitors from around the world. A tour along with your kids will not be complete without spending time in these jolly rides.

9. Dusit Zoo:
Another kid-friendly spot is the Dusit Zoo located next to the Dusit Palace in Khao Din Park. It is the oldest zoo in Thailand that has attracted visitors ever since it was open to the public.

10. National Museum of Royal Barges:
This museum is located on the klong Bangkok Noi and it houses eight of the Royal Barges of Thailand. These are the last remaining royal boats. It is protected by the Royal Thai Navy. It is also accessible from a canal across a river from the Grand Palace.

What are you waiting for? Plan your itinerary, pack your bags and off you go to Bangkok.

Tourist attraction in Fagu

If you are the kind of person who prefers not to be amongst the rat race of the urban blunder and prefer to be at a quaint village experiencing the serenity of nature, then Fagu is just the right place for you. It is located on the Hindustan Tibet road and it is 23kms away from Shimla. You can access Fagu by driving through the Victory Tunnel towards Chotta Shimla road.

You can go further by driving through another tunnel that leads you through a woody forest offering you great views of the vast greenery. The forest is home to a large number of deodar and spruce trees that fill the air with their exotic aromas. On the way you can have a detour to Wildflower Hall and Kufri to enjoy the spectacular views. The Kufri bypass leads you to Fagu which can be reached in half an hour. En route to Fagu, you can visit the Army Heritage Museum in Shimla that houses some of the rare documents and properties used by the army.

The HP Tourism owns a Peach Blossom accommodation that is clean and affordable. Fagu is populated with numerous Apple orchards and potato fields. It is enchanting to feel the crisp clean winter air embracing your skin along with the sweet scent of apples. The earthy flavor of the local cuisine is influenced by the fresh potatoes harvested from the fields around Fagu. Roaming through the steep and curvy roads gives you a feeling of being very close to the Himalayan range. The village is neatly aligned with the manicured terraced fields that add more beauty to the topography.

The best month of the year to tour around Fagu is April. Heavy clothing is suggested during this month as the snow is really harsh and the entire place is covered by low clouds for most part of the day. Though the climate is extremely cold, it is worth the attempt that allows you to admire the mountain ranges covered by the fresh falling snow. The snow clad peaks refresh your mind while you stroll down the roads in the early hours of the morning and in the twilight.

Hiking is another pastime to stay close to the nature. The village is dotted with very few small shops selling only the essentials. Driving through the Fagu-Mashobra trail introduces you to the stunning nature landscapes and the valley down below.

Fagu is conveniently located for easy access to other tourist spots in its surroundings like Narkanda, Mashobra, Kufri, Naldehra and Shimla. Therefore staying at Fagu for a couple of days can get you to all these places without spending too much on accommodation and also staying away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the places. Another interesting getaway is to take a quick excursion to Kothhai, the apple growing heartland of Himachal Pradesh.

On a gist, Fagu is a great place to escape from the busy city life and plunge into the magic spread of tiny hamlets, luscious orchards and terraced fields.



Fun things to do in Escondido


Escondido is one of the oldest cities of San Diego, California. The city’s infrastructure is elegant with fifteen parks to its credit. There are a number of restaurants, theaters and art expos to entertain the appetite of hungry travelers. Some areas host great safaris and events throughout the year.

Ranching at Daley Ranch:

It is a biological reserve, calm and quiet except for the chirping birds and screeching insects. It has six equestrian trials for hiking and mountain biking. You can experience a rural setting in an urban background.

Harvest festivities at the Grape Day Park:

This park hosts the annual grape day harvest. It is located next to the performing arts complex that holds seasonal shows.

Camping at Dixon lake:

It is the supreme water source for Escondido. It comprises over 38 camping sites, all facing the river offering a spectacular panorama. Fishing and boating is a fun past time.

Sports workouts at Washington Park and Frances Ryan Park:

The Washington Park is a vast area of playground for tennis and basketball. It has a huge swimming pool and a small children’s pool and water slide. The Frances Ryan Park is a soccer field complex with over seven soccer fields. These fields are lighted sufficiently for night time practice.

Wildlife safari at San Diego Zoo Safari Park:

It is wild animal Park that houses several wild animals in their natural habitat. Their tram tour is more interesting as you get to spot all the animals closely in their natural settings.

Bird watching at Palomar Mountain State Park:

This place is an ideal getaway from all the buzzing of the city. It is a quick escape as it is located only at an hour’s drive from the city. It is gifted with a pleasant climate year round and encourages seasonal overnight camping. It is also the bird watcher’s paradise. You will be able to spot deer in large numbers. The Boucher Fire Tower is the highest point with spectacular views of the valley below.

Adventure at the San Diego Children’s Discovery Museum:

It is a great place to hang out with the kids on a weekend. It has some interesting games for the kids and an art workshop to be enjoyed as a family along with kids. The science and Montessori inspired play areas are a hit among toddlers. It is the best place for a fun day from the busy school life.

Nature trail at the Lake Hodges Pedestrian Bridge:

It is the longest pedestrian bridge of its kind in the US and offers a perfect place for hiking and mountain biking. You can enjoy the fascinating nature settings throughout the trails. There is a group of local fauna that graze around. The playful acts of the western grebes are amusing and hard to ignore. It is a great place for a picnic with benches and tables to spread out your picnic basket of goodies.

Kids amusement at the Queen Califia’s magical circle:

It is magical garden with amazing mosaic sculptures created by the world famous French artist Niki de Saint Phalle. It is a colourful children’s park with lots of play area. Kids will love it here with all the mazes to engage them. Kids can climb on these sculptures. Escondido is fortunate enough to be chosen by the famous artist to install this wonderful work of art that is a plus point to the city.