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Places to visit in Varanasi India

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Varanasi – popularly known as Kashi, is one of the ancient cities in the world. It is believed to be the holiest place in the world found by Lord Shiva before 3000 to 5000years. Khasi is an important pilgrimage centre attracting large number of people worldwide. The holy city is placed on the west side of the Holy River Ganges reflecting old Hindu culture, spiritualism, Indian philosophy and mysticism.

Ram Nagar Fort

Since the city is mainly attached to Hinduism, temples form the main attraction. There are so many other attraction to see and are listed here,

Jantar Mantar

Jantar mantar is an observatory point with complex architectural styles. The building was constructed by Jai Singh, the Maharaja of Jaipur due to his passion towards astronomy. It is said that before constructing Jantar mantar, King Jai Singh sent his scholar abroad to study the construction and design of foreign observatories. Tourist can find various shapes in the building each possessing specialised function for accurate astronomical calculation. Jantar Mantar is a perfect combination of geometric form and is very popular among foreign tourist.

Panchganga Ghat

Among the other beautiful Ghats of Kashi, Panchganga is the most popular. This is the only ghat where the five holy rivers, the Saraswati, the Yamuna, the Kirna, the Ganges and the Dhupapapa converge together. Surrounded by about eight water front along with Alamgir Musque in its close vicinity, the Panchganga Ghat is worth visiting at least once.

Alamgir Mosque

Also known as Beni Madhav Ka Darera, the mosque was constructed during Mughals invasion in India by the Mughal Emperor Aurangazeb. It is said the land where the mosque is built was once a temple of Lord Krishna. The architecture of the Alamgir Mosque combines Persian and Hindu style with rich artwork of ancient India. Featuring a Hindu temple underneath, the mosque attracts tourist who visit Panchganga ghat.

Ramnagar Fort

Situated on the opposite bank of Ganges River, the fort attracts huge tourist all over the world. It was constructed during 18th century by Maharaja Balwant Singh using red sandstone. The fort features a temple built for Ved Vyasa, the author of Great Indian epic Mahabharata and a museum within its premises. Glossy marble stone, open courtyards, pavilions and beautifully carved balconies spotlight the fort. Apart from this, the fort possess a big clock of the ancient period which not just display time but also day, week, month and year.

Besides these famous spots, tourist can also visit Dasaswamedh Ghat, Manikarnika Ghat, Assi Ghat, Tulsi Ghat, Kedar Ghat, Shivala Ghat, Harishchandra Ghat, Hanyman Ghat, Man Mandir Ghat, Darbhanga Ghat, Rana Mahala Ghat, Vishnu Charanapaduka and more. For those who wish for temples can visit the famous Kashi Vishwanath Temple, Bharat Mata Temple, Durga Temple, New Vishwanath Temple and Tulasi Mana Temple.

October to March is the best time to visit the holy city; since the temperature remains ideal during these months. Tourist can also opt to travel during Diwali and Maha Shivarathi to see the grand eye catching celebrations for the Lord God.

Top Tourist attractions in Coorg

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Do you have a long weekend coming ahead and want to head out for a lovely holiday or an adventure trip? Coorg is the right place that provides everything you wish for. Also named ‘Scotland of India’, it is famous for its misty mountains and coffee estates. There is so much to see, admire and hook up at this hill station located on the slopes of the Western Ghats. At a height of about 1525 meters, the ‘Kodagu’ as what the locals call, features waterfalls, forest, trekking trails, wildlife, woods, valleys and some mouth-watering cuisine.

Coorg Karnataka

Listed here are the top most attractive and must see places of Coorg,

Nagarhole National Park

Nagarhole National Park is situated between Coorg and Mysore district. This park is also known as Rajiv Gandhi National Park. Spreading over an area of about 643 square kilometres, the park protects rare species of wild life and trees. It is also a home for 270 species of birds which also include rare and endangered birds.

Omkareshwara Temple

The Omkareshwara Temple was built during 1820 by Linga Rajendra II for Lord Shiva. The ‘Shivalinga’ of the temple was brought from Kasi and is named after it. The temple reflects both Hindu and Islamic style of architecture with window bars having made of ‘Pancholoha’ – a combination of five metals.

Dubare Elephant Camp

The Dubare Elephant Camp is a popular elephant training camp located near Madikeri. The deciduous forest features Asiatic elephants, samdhar, spotted dear, gaur, patridges and more. Tourist can enjoy ride on elephant into the forest, wildlife safari in jeep and coracle ride.


Somwarpet is a small town on the north east of the Coorg district. It features ‘Beelur Golf Club’, the oldest club with lush green golf ground. Tourists also visit Malemalleshwara Betta during Maha Shivaratri for enjoying the grand celebration.


Bhagamandala is a sacred place for Hindus where the river ‘Sujyothi’ is believed to join underground. The pilgrims purposely come here to complete the rituals for their ancestor by dipping themselves into the river.

Iruppu Falls

Iruppu Falls is about 140km from Mysore that originates from Lakshmana Tirtha River. On the banks of this river, tourists can find the popular Rameshwaram temple that attracts huge tourist on Shivarathri festival. According to the Hindu mythology, Lord Rama and Laskshmana is believed to pass this river when in search of Sita, Lord Rama’s wife. The ideal time to visit Iruppu falls is during the monsoon season where the fall receives highest flow of water and renders a breath taking sight for its visitors.


Bylakuppe is the second largest Tibetan settlement outside Tibet and is located on the state highway 88. Due to the Chinese aggression during 1960’s a large population of Tibetan settled here and built the most significant monasteries like Great Gompa of Sera Mey and Sera Je.

Coorg is one of the wonderful places to visit at any time of the year with so many spots to look around. All you need to do is plan a trip to Coorg and sit back to relax the mist covered mountains and enjoy the sound of bird-calls in the air.

Visit Bangalore – The Green City

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Bangalore as Bengaluru as people call it now, is one of the most rapidly developing cities in India. With almost more than 50% of the multinationals and other corporate based at Bangalore, it can undoubtedly be called the Silicon Valley of India. However there is a lot more to Bangalore than just big buildings, corporate offices and shopping malls. Bangalore is also one of the greenest and the most beautiful metropolitan cities of India. So if you are planning to take a break, Bangalore might be a good option.


Although Bangalore houses a lot of buildings and complexes along with big wide roads bustling with traffic and people, Bangalore also boasts a lot of places which attract both tourists and locals. With a number of palaces and parks the city has a huge cover of green which allows its visitors to escape the city

Places to Visit in Nepal

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Home of the highest mountain in the world, Nepal is a country that sits wrapped in mystique. The country is a potpourri of ethnic groups and sub-groups who speak over 93 languages and dialects. The peak season for visiting Nepal is from late September to early December, a wonderful time when the air is fresh and skies are clear, giving the best views of the majestic mountains. Based on the elevation from sea level, Nepal can topologically be divided into three regions

International Vacations for 2013

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While each one is claiming different destinations for the right vacation, what are the must-see places you consider 2013? Tremendous attractions, historical places, adventure and action oriented, romantic and pristine locations, or the ones that fits into your budget. So what are your choices? Here is a compilation of few most soughed international vacations in 2013. Go ahead choose one.


Italy, Europe

Italy is the most visited countries in the world because of its cultural heritage, history, and especially cuisine. It ranks fifth in the world in tourism. As a Roman Empire, as a pilgrimage site for Christians and the most loved Italian architecture are few other reasons for Italy to be one of the best family vacations year after year. The Colosseum, Vatican Museums, Milan Cathedral, Leaning tower of Pisa, Venice, Milan, and Pompeii are major attractions in this country. Italy encloses maximum number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, which are must-see destinations.

Zimbabwe, Africa

Africa is just not a desert and the majestic Victoria Falls at Zimbabwe is a delight for family vacations. The pristine beauty of Medieval Highlands and the Grand Medieval Palace, abundant wildlife, rich culture, The Zambezi river, The Lake Kariba, Harare- Sunshine city, and UNESCO World Heritage Site- the Hwange National Park, are major attractions. Further, as UNWTO General Assembly will be hosted at Victoria Falls this 2013, a lot of tourism expansion could be expected.

New Zealand, Pacific

Famous for the movie “Lord of the Rings”, New Zealand is an amazing island of the Pacific and is one of the most wanted adventurous tourist destination. Glacires, snow clad mountains, spouting hot geysers, active volcanoes, huge National parks, and a large coastline of New Zealand add to the beauty. Uncompromising panorama of the land for such a small country is astonishing. , Hiking at the Milfrod Track is internationally famous.

Jammu Kashmir, Asia

One place that is a paradise on earth is Jammu and Kashmir. Located in the northern most part of India, it is the most beautiful, tourist destinations in the world. The amazing Himalayan ranges with its snow clad peaks and glaciers, gorgeous Dal Lake and house boats, breathtaking coldest desert in the world-Ladakh are some of the amazing chill spots at Jammu Kashmir. This is an amazing destination for both adventure lovers and for a romantic honeymoon spot.

Cruising at Caribbean Islands, USA

The warm climate throughout the year along with the chill breeze from the sea together makes the Caribbean islands a best vacation all round the year. Cruising around the islands is another great experience. At the Barbados, one can enjoy swimming with the turtles. In addition, at the Grand Cayman, swimming with Stingray is famous. Chichen itza is a world Heritage archaeological site in Mexico. Rain forests of Costa Rica, Scuba diving in the western Caribbean islands, make this destination a centre of tourism and a wonderful family vacation. Sandy white beaches, clear seawater, versatile culture, luxurious cruises, and cuisine allow one to enjoy the islands throughout the vacation.

South Africa Tour

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Tourism in South Africa has been increasing since 2012 and about 16.8%of Indians are spotted touring South Africa in the same year. Diverse, rich, and ancient cultural heritage, landscape, wildlife, vineyards, the mighty Victoria Falls and the Zambia River and the remains of medieval period are worth seeing. Here is a short list of what one can experience during a trip to South Africa.

South Africa tour

Cape Town

Cape Town, the “Mother City”, is a spectacular place at the tip of South Africa, hosting a picturesque landscape, sandy beaches, magnificent mountains, national parks, and the best wine. This beautiful peninsula is bordered with steep cliffs that give us a breathtaking view. A trip to Cape Town is never fulfilled without a coastal ride. South Africa holds third in its richest bio-diversity. The Cape of Good Hope natural reserves and the world-renowned Kristenbosch Botanical gardens are a must-see. You will be able to watch the mighty “big-5”, say African elephants, the majestic Lion, Rhinoceros, Leopard, and the Buffalo. You can also witness the African Penguins in its own reserve at the Boulders Beach. Moreover, do not forget to shop at the Hout Bay craft market, in the village of Hout Bay, which is sandwiched between the lush green mountains and the silent ocean.

To take pleasure in the abundant flora and fauna and the most amazing panorama of Cape Town, is the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway. Touring at the Malay Quarter, and Milnerton must be a pleasure. Another important site to visit is the Cape Town Diamond museum that unfolds the story of a diamond. It also houses the samples of well-known Kimberlite rock, which is more than billions of years old.


Johannesburg is the second largest city in Africa, with so much to explore. Be it the culture, wild life, shopping, there is something interesting for everyone. The unique Gold Reef City here has a theme park and casinos to enjoy the tour. The sightseeing in a train ride is a unique experience. Love Africa and its culture through the museums, zoo, lake, botanical garden and so on. You can buy souvenirs and handicrafts from the crafts village at the African Craft Market. What is a trip to South Africa without a trip to the gold mine? Johannesburg is the Gold Capital of the world. Witness the pure gold in the Level 5 mine at the only remaining gold mine within the city limits. The gold pour and molten gold are never to be missed out.

Sun City

The luxurious holiday resort in South Africa is the most famous “Sun City” with plentiful entertainment and many exciting activities for kids. Various other amenities include casinos, sports facilities, Cascades Hotel, Madikwe Safari Lodge, and Game reserve, or visit at the Valley of Waves.

Emperor Traveline and the South African Tour

Emperor Traveline offers an ever memorable trip to this wonderful land of South Africa, starting from 24th April to 8th May ; the season most loved and enjoyable at Cape Town beaches. Enjoy 3 nights at Cape Town, witnessing the amazing beaches and wild life. Do not forget to visit the Big 5 while at your 2-night stay at world-renowned Kruger National Park. Enjoy the Sun City Resort and Gold mine at Johannesburg. Never miss out the African tribal dance at the mine.

Visit South African Tour Packages from Emperor Traveline. You can reaches us using contact form or call Coimbatore: +91 422 4500 600 / 2551171 Chennai: +91 442 8525022

Trip to Andaman and Nicobar islands

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Andaman and Nicobar islands, one of the most exotic of islands and popularly termed as “Veritable Garden of Eden”, is an archipelago of more than 500 islands in the Bay of Bengal. The tranquillized beauty of the oceans together with gleaming silvery beaches and fantastic coral reefs attract numerous tourists to this marvelous place throughout the year. Here is what you need to know about these islands!
Andaman & NicobarCultural Heritage

Apart from the Andamanese people, one will be able to see the aboriginal “Jarawas”, and “Sentinalese” who are the tribal people of Andaman Islands. Comprising mostly of these isolated and serene tribal groups, this place is still mysterious and untouched by the fast moving world and other external cultural influences.


Historical places

You can find the historical remnants of British rule at Viper and Ross islands. Cellular jail at the Andaman Islands is a must-see destination. The Palm Beach at Corbyn’s Cove has the ruins of Japanese bunkers. The Samudrika museum and Anthropological museum are some of the other famous places to visit.


Active volcanoes at Barren islands and inactive or extinct volcano at Narcondam islands are must-see places during this trip.

Splendid Islands

Neil islands and Havelock islands are other beautiful islands with thick forests and sandy, isolated beaches. Nature loving tourists will have a joyous time at Andaman and Nicobar islands.

Coral Watch

You can enjoy the oceans and the rich marine life travelling in glass-bottomed boats. There are also numerous passenger ferries to take the tourists to each island.

Sight Seeing

Port Blair is the capital, a port city of Andaman Islands. The important places to visit are the Mahatma Gandhi National Marine Park, Sippighat farm, and coastal mangrove forests. The swamp and rivers host the famous salt-water crocodiles, which sometimes are spotted in the sea. Little Andaman Island and Andaman Strait are two of the islands where you can find numerous crocodile populations.

Things to Do

Adventure activities

Surfing, para-sailing, snorkeling, swimming, scuba diving, deep blue sea diving, sea cow spotting, ferry rides, coral watch in glass bottomed boats, are some joyous activities you can enjoy. Enjoy jungle trekking and overnight camping at the dense forest of the region. Another great ride through the Grand Trunk Road, takes you to the dense forests and you get to spot the Jarawa tribes of Andaman.

Mouth watering menu

Do not forget to taste the abundant seafood dishes, fresh coconuts, and the freshly prepared coconut milk from the islands.


A moderately sunny weather exists all round the year. The month of May experiences heavy monsoon and strong winds, which of course is not the right time to enjoy the pristine beauty if the islands. Tourists can enjoy mild showers from August to November and is the best time to visit the marvelous islands.

The breath taking natural beauty of this wide group of islands provide an unbelievable trip to all those who enjoy and love nature. The peaceful Andaman Islands are a paradise to honeymooners. The adventure options such as water sports, trekking and camping makes the Islands appropriate for youngsters and for all those looking forward to enjoy a perfect vacation.

North East India Tour

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With the lush green meadows, exotic land slopes, thundering waterfalls, and above all the most wonderful climate, North East India makes the most exciting tours for couples and even for adventure seeking youngsters. North East India consists of seven sister states namely Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, and Nagaland. The terrain of all these states is made of rain forests, hills, and snow-clad mountains. North East India is the home of spectacular flora and fauna and astonishing climate.


Assam is the only entry point to North Eastern India. Known as the “tea capital of India”, Assam produces the largest quantity of high quality tea. The Kaziranga and Manas National Parks are well known for their one-horned rhinos and even serves as a tiger reserve.

Arunachal Pradesh

From the foothills of the Himalayas emerges the glorious land of Arunachal Pradesh. The maiden clouds over the Himalayas, the glaciers on Brahmaputra, and the marvelous streams passing in and around the state offer a more enchanting colorful flora, making this North Eastern state a unique destination.


Manipur is the home to various tribes with rich traditions and cultural diversity enjoying numerous fairs and festivals throughout the year. This state has gifted the country with “Polo” and a dance form “Ras Leela”. Manipur is a land of poise and dignity with a number of tribes.


Meghalaya is well known for the enthralling hill station, Shillong, also known as “Scotland of India”. Meghalaya is the house of the most amazing caves. There are more than 700 caves most of which are still not mapped. Meghalaya is a perfect location to chill during summer and to experience adventure. The land of highest rainfall, Cheerapunji is located in this state. The state also has enormous small and huge waterfalls and pristine lakes. Elephant falls, Umiam Lake, Maphlang sacred forest, and the longest cave in India are some of the most important places to visit in the state.

Mizoram and Nagaland

Both these states has perfect climate to chill out throughout the year. The states are withered with wonderful landscapes, and colorful flowers. One can enjoy the hospitality and love of a mixture of tribes in both the states. Bamboo dance from Mizoram is world famous.


Though Sikkim does not cover under the Seven Sister States, this North Eastern state offers the charming view of the Himalayas. Sikkim’s capital Gangtok, is known as the Switzerland of India, because of the mind blowing snow fall during the winters. Mount Kanchenjunga, the highest peak in India and the third highest peak in the world is in this state. The unpredictable showers and pristine landscapes make Sikkim, the most sought after destination for honeymooners.

This serene land stretching from the foothills of Himalayas is a fascinating location for honeymooners. A honeymoon trip to all these North Eastern states of India especially in summer will be an unforgettable experience to share joy, love, and warmth for the honeymoon couples.

New Year Travel Packages

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It is that time of the year where everyone is travelling and taking splendid vacations with their families in various exotic destinations! Emperor Traveline offers great deals on tour packages to several destinations such as Thailand, Dubai and Kuala Lampur and Singapore. Each of these tourist favourites have a multitude of things to see and do. The tour packages are designed to cover most of the important tourist attractions in these places within a short period of time and thus ensure a great value for money. The itinerary for these tour packages are listed below.

New Year Travel Package

Thailand Tour Package

The tour to Thailand departs from Chennai International Airport and on arrival in Bangkok, the tourists are immediately transported to Pattaya by an A/C coach. They will get to see a local show named “Alcazar” in the evening and that will followed by an Indian dinner. The next day consists of a day trip to the scenic Coral Island where the tourists will take a ride on the glass bottom boat and see the amazing coral formation underwater. Later they will proceed to Noong Village where they will visit all the local attractions and see various cultural shows. The following day, they will travel back to Bangkok where they will visit the world famous natural Safari park and witness spectacular dolphin and other live shows. This will be followed by a dinner cruise later in the evening. After an exciting day at Bangkok, the vacationers will take a local city tour the next day and visit all the major attractions in the city. The final day features time for shopping and other personal activities, before they take their flight out to Chennai later in the evening.

Dubai Tour Package

Dubai is yet another most visited tourist destination as it offers a great shopping experience! The tour to Dubai begins at Trichy International Airport. There will be a stopover in Colombo, Sri Lanka before reaching Dubai. The first in Dubai features a local city tour where the tourists will visit the magnificent mosques of Jumeira and the Dubai Museum in the Al Fahidi Fort. They will also get to enjoy the Arabian Dhow cruise with dinner in the evening as they take the breathtaking Dubai skyline aboard the boat. The next day is allotted for shopping and other personal activities during the morning, followed by a desert safari in the afternoon and a belly dance performance in the evening. The final day, the tourists can indulge in more shopping before heading out to the airport to take their flight back to Trichy via Colombo.

Kuala Lampur and Singapore Tour Package

These two cities are perhaps the most frequently visited tourist destinations in the world. The group assembles at Chennai International Airport to begin their spectacular trip. Once they land in Kuala Lampur, the tourists proceed to Genting Highlands where they get to enjoy the casinos and the breathtaking landscape of the island. The following day consists of a visit to the theme park where they enjoy the thrill and fun of the rides and shows. They then pay a visit to the Battu Cave Temple in the evening on their way back to Kuala Lampur. The following day consists of a local city tour which includes the KL Towers, King’s Palace, Merdeka Square, Johor Bahru etc.. The next day, the group travels to Singapore where tae a guided tour of the city which includes tours of the City Hall, Mount Faber and Raffle Hotel. The guests visit the Jurong Bird Park the following day and proceed to Sentosa Island in the afternoon where they enjoy the underwater world and the tunnel walk. The following day is set aside for shopping in the morning and later in the afternoon they take the flight back to Chennai.

All of the above mentioned destinations are must see places and will be great family holiday!

To know the cost of the packages, Call +91 – 422 – 4 500 600 or Contact Emperor Traveline

Golden Triangle Tour Packages

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India is a land known for its “unity in diversity” and each region is popularly known for its vibrant and rich culture and heritage. It is among the most sought after destination in South-East Asia. One such popular tourist destination is the Golden Triangle Circuit which comprises the most celebrated holiday spots such as Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. Each of these locations has unique natural and artificial treasures which contribute to the tourism significance. Thousands of vacationers visit the Golden Triangle every year to soak in the rich heritage of the land. Most travelers start the tour from Delhi and then proceed to Agra and Jaipur before ending the trip in Delhi. Let’s now look at the touristic significance of each of these world renowned tourist spots.

Golden Triangle Tour Package

The Golden Triangle tour starts off in Delhi which is the National capital and melting pot of various cultures. The royal city is dotted with architectural magnificence such as Red Fort, India Gate, Parliament House, Qutub Minar and Humayun Tomb. Some of these are recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Sites and are world renowned tourist attractions which have thousands of visitors every year. This erstwhile city is the power seat of the nation and showcases a royal Mughal experience for the visitors. Recent days have seen Delhi grow as a modern cosmopolitan city which spots numerous shopping malls, amusement parks and glamorous discotheques.

Agra is yet another rustic gem town in Uttar Pradesh which has a strong Mughal touch and features the most finely architectural monuments of the world. The enchanting Taj Mahal, the majestic Agra Fort, the formidable Sikandra and the resting place of Emperor Akbar are all noteworthy architectural beauties that attract visitors from all over the world. Apart from marvelous buildings, Agra is also home to culinary delicacies and affectionate residents. A trip to Agra will be incomplete without paying a visit to Fatehpur Sikri, a city built of red sand stone by Emperor Akbar and is known for being the abode of Jama Masjid, Birbal, Jodha Bhai’s Palace etc.. The city has an enchanting charm which depicts the Mughal greatness.

The final pit stop in the Golden Triangle is the mesmerizing “Pink City” Jaipur in Rajasthan. This city depicts the greatness of the Rajput dynasts and boasts of innumerable palaces and artistic designs such as the Hawa Mahal, Jantar Mantar, Amber Fort etc.. These striking landmarks of the city are a must visit for any traveller visiting India. The desert city also features a camel safari and a sojourn at the famous Chokni Dhani. Chokni Dhani is a small Rajasthan village setting where visitors can enjoy the ambience of a typical village atmosphere and participate in local cultural activities and folklore.

Various travel agencies offer exclusive tour packages to the Golden Triangle cities which cover all the above mentioned significant tourist attractions! Make a call today and book your next family vacation to the Golden Triangle!