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How will choose you the best honeymoon package?

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The wedding season is on and you are about to taste its flavour soon. What next? Honeymoon? There can be no denying that. A lot has been already discussed on the choice of honeymoon destinations, but how one chooses the right honeymoon package obviously drives other things in place. There are a lot of options on cards and honeymooners, no doubt, latch on the first available package they find, either online or offline. Remember honeymoon is something that must be remembered for the right reasons.  Some of the initial questions that need to be answered in the planning phase: what type of travel do you prefer? What destinations suit you genre? What is your budget? What hotel or resort falls within your considerations and budget? If you can answer these questions, you are well on your way to your dream honeymoon.

Honymoon packagesWhat do you want out of your honeymoon?

From Europe to Hawaii, the Caribbean Islands to Las Vegas, there are a whole lot of honeymoon destinations to pick from. You need to decide first on the type of travel, what you want out of your honeymoon trip, then the rest of the things will fall in place. It must be noted that every destination will offer its unique feature: history, mysticism romance, adventure, thrill and other travel genres; sometimes a combination of one or two travel genres will turn out to be really cool.

In general, go for something that will offer varied travel experiences for your honeymoon vacation.

Destinations that’ll match your interest

Now that you have some idea on the type of honeymoon you are looking for, let us be more specific on the selecting the specific destination that will match your interest.  While there are some European vacations that offer the ability to travel multiple countries in a single trip, most travel packages are single-country or single-location based.  If you’ve decided to honeymoon on an island, research a bit on the local attractions around, traditional culture, language, foods and information on the beaches and the type of activities the place offers such as fishing, diving, sailing, or chilling on a lounge chair around the pool, enjoying the sun, etc.   There may be a few more questions, but let’s narrow down our focus to the basics.

How much is your travel spend?

Like most things in life, travel is decided on the basis of budget. How much are you willing to spend on your honeymoon trip? How many days have you planned to cover in your trip? This, more often than not, isn’t a difficult one as there are several resorts, hotels, tour operators, travel websites and app platforms all competing for some business space. All you need to do is refine your search a bit, either online or offline, and match your needs with the budget. Look for discounts and offers and check if the available packages cover meals, transportation, and entertainment at the hotel or resort. Some extra bucks will probably allow you to spend outside the all-inclusive travel package that you’ve selected.

Finding the right resort

If you have managed to answer the first three questions, then finding the best resort, hotel or accommodation is only a cinch. As we discussed earlier, it’s always considered a great idea to participate in social media interactions, travel forums, travel blogs, and other social networking sites to say what others have to say about a particular resort or hotel. Find out how from the experience of previous honeymooners on particular destinations; this will go a long way in helping you make the right decision and spice up your honeymoon trip.




Sightseeing in Red Deer Alberta

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An exotic holiday location that is fun and safe is what honeymooners look forward to when they plan an international holiday.

Red Deer, Alberta, Canada, is full of beautiful places, picnic spots, eateries, and museums. It will be an ideal holiday haunt for honeymooners. Here are some of the places you should add to your honeymoon tour package.

Red-Deer-Camping-FeatureAlberta Sports Hall of Fame and Museum

Its easy access makes it a favourite spot for young couples. It offers a lot of fun activities which you can enjoy as a couple. Their Hall of Fame is another attraction. The museum features cool sports related artefacts.

Heritage Ranch

The Heritage Ranch is located next to the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame and Museum. If you are travelling along the highway it is a good stop. There are horse stables, playgrounds and walking paths. At the Heritage Ranch you will also find Westlake Grill. Featuring locally sourced food the restaurant is rustic posh.

Kerry Wood Nature Centre

The Kerry Wood Nature Centre is situated in Waskasoo Park. It has a lot of attractions. There is a natural playground. It is a great place to take a walk as the scenery is breathtaking. You can walk through the nature preserve, which is the perfect spot for bird watching.

Bower Ponds

Bower Ponds, located on a former sawmill, is for couples who would love to engage in some sporty thrills. You can rent helmets, skates, and skating aids and skate on the ponds in the winter. You can rent kayaks, paddleboats, waterballs and canoes in the summer. Take a romantic ride on one of the paddleboats. There is an excellent playground, suitable for all ages. To reach the playground you have to walk a bit, but it is definitely worth it. There are also plenty of walking paths and picnic spots.

Downtown Red Deer

If you are a foodie Downtown Red Deer should be your haunt. It has some great places to eat out. There is also a picnic park, where you will find plenty of picnic tables, large trees, and a great playground. To the South of the Red Deer Rec Centre there is the Red Deer Market, which is open on Saturday mornings in summer.

Sunnybrook Farm Museum

A visit to this farm museum, which is located right inside Red Deer, will give you a taste of the good old farm life. The farm is located on part of the unique farmstead of pioneer farmer James Bower. Thousands of artefacts that have been gifted to the museum are housed here. You will also find many original buildings. If you are visiting the museum during the summer months you can take wagon rides, and visit farm animals.

The Donut Mill

The Donut Mill with its cream filled donuts is certainly a must visit. They stock some creative options, including Rolo, orange creamscicle, and apple pie. They also have a cafe that serves sandwiches, soups, etc.

You will find some of the best honeymoon tour packages in India. If you are fascinated by Red Deer, Alberta, ask your travel agent to include it in your travel itinerary.


Best Honeymoon Destinations in Asia

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Asia is not only a continent with some of the most beautiful places in the world, but also very pocket friendly. If you and your significant other are looking for a honeymoon holiday to relax and spend time within a budget without compromising on the quality then Asia is your best option. Here are some of the locations in Asia that we recommend.Mexico-Beach

  1. Indonesia-Bali: If you are looking for an exotic getaway with beautiful beaches, ancient temples and lush green forests then Bali is your place. Bali offers you beaches to relax in, clear blue waters to scuba dive or swim in, wonderful forests and volcanic mountains to trek in, ancient temples to explore in and serene locations to kick back and relax with your spouse.
  2. Thailand: if you want to enjoy blue waters, white sand during the day and enjoy partying in nightclubs at night then Thailand is where you must head with your newly-wed. While you can enjoy the warm beautiful beaches, relaxing spa treatments, or exciting adventure sports during the day, you can kick back with tasty locally brewed beer in bars and night clubs by night. And if you want a mix of relaxation and partying, then Thailand will not disappoint you.
  3. Srilanka: Srilanka is a beautiful honeymoon destination which offers you beaches, dense forests, safaris in national parks and exotic food. It is one of those beautiful places in the world where you and your spouse can take long lazy walks on the beaches during sunset, go to elephant orphanages and beautiful national parks to make your honeymoon memorable.
  4. Malaysia: Beautiful beaches, exotic spas, beautiful mangrove forests, treks into rainforests, adventure sports, night markets for endless shopping and exotic food is what Malaysia has to offer honeymooning couples to make their honeymoon an experience of a lifetime.
  5. Japan: Regal palaces, beautiful landscapes, high rise cities, scenic mountains, serene parks, monasteries and holy places with shrines, delicious food and shopping centres constitute Japan. If you and your significant other want to spend a memorable honeymoon on an elegant island then Japan is where you should head to.
  6. Maldives: Crystal blue waters and endless beaches are what Maldives offers to newly-weds. If you are looking forward to lazing on a hammock, swimming on private beaches, deep dive and explore the oceans then head to Maldives for your honeymoon with your newly-wed.
  7. Turkey: This nation is a beautiful blend of culture and an ideal place to explore with your spouse. Long relaxing spas, steam baths, hot air balloon rides, amazing cuisine and beautiful landscapes of caves and hills makes turkey a good retreat for you and your partner.
  8. Hong Kong: This beautiful place is a made up of a couple of islands with only a few miles of ocean between them. If you are looking for a place with a vibrant lifestyle, delicious street food, massive shopping centres, huge aquariums full of exotic marine life, serene park and adventures sports then Hong Kong is your honeymoon destination.

Before deciding on a honeymoon destination, research well on the prices and the best months to visit to make the most out of your honeymoon trip.

5 Coolest towns in the Philippines

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Tropical climate with sunny days and cool evenings with a constant flow of sea breeze, Philippines is a beautiful destination to live in Asia. Although ever inch of Philippines is full of culture and beauty, here are the top 5 cities we think are the coolest towns in this island country.
1.    Tagaytay: Just over an hour away from Manila, Tagaytay is one of the best places to live in Philippines. Tagaytay hosts everything that the metro city of Manila has to offer, such as good transport system, shopping places and grocery stores and good restaurants without same level of traffic and congestion. Since it at a slightly higher elevation, Tagaytay has cooler and a more pleasant climate with cool flowing breeze along with its close proximity to beautiful beaches. The town also hosts an excellent view of the world’s smallest active volcano, the Taal volcano.
2.    Baguio: Baguio is located at an elevation which keeps this town at comparatively lower temperatures than rest of the Philippines all year round. Located at the base of the Cordillera Mountains the town enjoys a very pleasant climate. This town is one of the fastest growing educational and economical hubs in Philippines and boasts several resorts, shopping malls, cinema houses, theatres, restaurants and picnic spots along with miniature golf courses, clubs, holiday cabins and nature trails making Baguio one of the coolest towns in Philippines.Top-10-Tourist-Spots-in-Sagada
3.    Sagada: One of the most beautiful towns to live in Philippines is Sagada. Being at an altitude of approximately 5000 ft above sea level, Sagada boasts cool temperatures to an extent that the waters are teeth shattering cold and the weather become winter like after sun down. The town is famous for the variety of fruits that is grown there including lemons, good transport systems,delicious local cuisine and shopping centres.
4.    Canlaon City: This beautiful place in the Philippines hosts numerous waterfalls, hot springs and lush green landscapes which makes Canlaon city one of the coolest places in Philippines. It is also fondly called as the summer capital and has beautiful agricultural estates, old trees, vintage houses and exotic wildlife which make it all the more beautiful.
5.    Subic Bay: This place in the Philippines can be described as a quiet, calm and an extremely safe town. It has an excellent transport system and has a lower cost of living than other larger towns. Beautiful houses, excellent medical and transport facilities, grocery stores and shopping centres make Subic Bay a cool place to live.

Top International Travel Honeymoon Destinations

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Speaking of international honeymoon destinations, lovers can pick from gorgeous landscapes, unruffled beaches, peaceful islands, places of adventures and so on to build up their intimacy for a happy marital life. These serene and stunning romantic destinations make a great honeymoon travel. Here is a handpicked list of some of the most sought after international honeymoon destinations.

International HoneymoonSwitzerland

Switzerland is the dream place for honeymooners. This exotic and mind blowing destination with naturally beautified snow clad peaks, breathtaking landscapes, monuments, meadows, lakes, waterfalls, and what not, makes this place heavenly for couples on their honeymoon. This romantic destination with natural beauty surely fulfills the hearts of the honeymooners.


Maldives is the perfect island on earth for honeymoon. The clear beautiful lagoons with sparkling sand, coral reefs, exotic resorts, rich marine life, apart from water sports like diving, and luxurious cruising are some of the exciting features at Maldives. Honeymooners are welcome any time, as the weather at Maldives is surprisingly stunning throughout the year.


Mauritius is a paradise for couples to enjoy a tropical climate in the Indian Ocean. Mauritius is known for its rich botanical garden with the giant water lilies and the unique Talipot palm, which blooms once in sixty years. There are amazing sights like colored earth of Charmarel, nature parks, diving with dolphins, ferry rides and many other incredible sights that couples can enjoy at Mauritius.

Bali Island

Like Mauritius, Bali Island is also located in the Indian Ocean enjoying the tropical climate. It is an affordable mesmerizing destination for those who enjoy rich culture and tradition and freshest Bali cuisine. Idyllic sandy beaches, cozy nights, scanty showers in the late afternoon during the wet season, and trekking to the nearest volcanic hills, makes Bali Island a perfect spot for honeymoon couples.


Located on the west coast of Malaysia, Langkawi is a group of 99 islands. This is known as the “jewel of Kedah” of Malaysia. The stunning sea on all directions, paddy fields, sparkling beaches, rich marine life, and water sports all make up for the best place for honeymoon couples. With no disturbance, Langkawi shares an ideal location for couples.


Seychelles is the surrealistic group of 115 exotic islands in the Indian Ocean. For those searching for romantic getaways, in a warm climate, Seychelles is the idealistic honeymoon destination. The stunning lagoons, shining, deserted beaches, spas, diving, snorkeling, interesting plant life, and coral watch are some remarkable aspects at Seychelles.

New Zealand

New Zealand is known for its spectacular landscapes, magnificent snow clad mountains, rivers, geysers, and idyllic serene beaches. New Zealand is a perfect place for couples enjoying adventure sports like skiing, river rafting, trekking, hiking, swimming with dolphins, and watching the enormous whales. With amazing scenery and all the exciting sports, New Zealand is the perfect spot for adventure loving honeymoon couples.


Srilanka is a heavenly place with rich cultural heritage. The exquisite corals, roaring waterfalls, amazing scenario makes this island spectacular spot for couples. Parks, beaches, adventure sports, amazing landscapes are in plenty in this maiden island, making it the most enjoyable honeymoon spot for lovers.

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Mauritius Honeymoon Packages

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All newly weds and married to be are constantly trying to think of a perfect honeymoon destination to spend their first cherished moments with their loved ones! They do numerous researches online and check with friends and family to help them decide. The one place that is sure to be suggested by everyone will definitely be Mauritius! Mauritius is an idyllic spot for newly married couples as it completely enthralls you with romance in the air! Pristine white sandy beaches, lovely blue skies and sparkling clear blue seas make Mauritius a lover’s paradise on Earth!
There are several honeymoon tour packages that are offered which enable you to experience all the Mauritius has to offer in the company of your loved one. The honeymoon tours are usually for 7 days and 6 nights and covers North Mauritius, Port Louis and South Mauritius. There are numerous activities that the honeymooners can engage themselves in to get a feel and taste of the natural beauty of Mauritius. The highlights include :

For people who enjoy the beauty of the underwater world, Mauritius is the best place to be to experience scuba diving and snorkeling! The couple can soak in the beauty of the vibrant flora and fauna and explore the amazing magnificence of the underwater world.

The honeymooners can take a romantic cruise into the crystal clear waters of Mauritius and engage in dolphin watching hand in hand. This will truly be a great romantic evening in your loved one’s arms while watching the friendly dolphins in close quarters.

If the newly weds are even more adventurous, paragliding, sky-diving and bungee jumping are all perfect activities to enjoy together while they are in Mauritius.

A great way to see Mauritius and enjoy it’s natural beauty is to go on a Quad biking safari. This is the best way to experience Mauritius’ wonderful landscapes.

The honeymooners can simple just taking relaxing strolls on the beautiful beaches together or wine and dine romantically under a candle light on the beaches of Mauritius and enjoy each other’s company! They can also indulge in a soothing and luxurious couple’s spa that is exclusively arranged for the honeymooners.

They can also visit the gorgeous botanical gardens which span over 60 hectares of land and soak in the wonders of nature.

With such varied things to do and explore, Mauritius is truly the perfect romantic getaway for honeymooners. Honeymoon is a very special time and one that will linger in everyone’s mind for a long time. The honeymoon packages to Mauritius cover all aspects of the honeymooner’s travel and thus they can simple enjoy their time together without having to worry about anything. A honeymoon in Mauritius will truly be the most cherished and vibrant moment of a couple’s life!

Goa Honeymoon Packages

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Honeymoon is a prize for the newlyweds after a stressful wedding-planning marathon. Honeymoons should be the reverse of stressful with the right blend of romantic, calm, restful, and enjoyable elements. Taking all of this into account, Goa can be a great destination for honeymooners in India. Goa is the smallest yet one of the most beautiful states in India. This southern Indian destination is home to sparkling waters, swaying palms, balmy shores, and epic raves, and provides a delightful respite for honeymooners.

Goa honeymoon

What is Special about Goa?

A lot of things! This gorgeously green state packs a scintillating blend of sun, sand, sea, and surf with beaches that stretch into tomorrow. Bounded by the mighty Arabian Sea on one side and the enchanting Sahyadri range on the other, Goa is indeed a verdant natural paradise. This little lush state is rich with natural beauty and brims with picturesque beaches, famous architectural temples and churches while showing some influences of its old colonial rule here and there. From stylish, full-service hotels to sprawling seaside resorts, the accommodation options in Goa are a tempting gamut. Not to forget the refined flavors of its amazing east-meets-west cuisine.

Goa Honeymoon Packages – The Honeymooner’s Dream

A Goa honeymoon package will let you explore various treasures of the state. Whatever be your definition of romantic, Goa will have something in store for you. Happily hugging one of the most beautiful pieces of India, a honeymoon in Goa will take you away from the hustle bustle of city life and put you in a serene, relaxing atmosphere. If you are wondering what you would see in Goa, here are a few places that will be a great beginning to help you experience what Goa has in store:

Dudh Sagar Waterfall – One of the highest waterfalls in India, the Dudh Sagar is natural spectacle that sends milky crystal explosions from heaven.

Ponda – The city and surrounding villages of Ponda are the beating heart of Goan history and culture. The area teems with many spice plantations, markets, parks, and farms.

Dona Paula Beach – This popular beach well known for its sandy shores has ample opportunities for recreation, water sports, wildlife observation, accommodation, and shopping.

Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary – The Cotigo is the second largest wildlife reserve in the region and features botanical and rose gardens, a natural habitat, a sprawling deer park, and a mini zoo.

Agonda – Ideal for those seeking a relaxing beach experience, Agonda is situated minutes from the most famous Palolem beach.

Anjuna Flea Market – Shop till you drop from over 500 different stalls for goods ranging from guitars and electronic items to clothing and jewellery.

Old Goa – A fascinating display of Goa’s history represented through a handful of imposing cathedrals and churches.

Choose a Goa honeymoon package, take the load off and relax!

Honeymoon in Dubai

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Are you looking for the perfect destination to spend your honeymoon? Do you love the sun, sand and beach? Then, Dubai is the ideal choice to enjoy your honeymoon with your loved one! Dubai has grown to be a flashy modern city sporting incredible flaming deserts and splendid pristine beaches. There are multitude of things you can do in Dubai, but when on a honeymoon, there are some romantic spots to be visited that will linger in your hearts forever!

Taking a ferry ride on the waters of the Creek will be a fascinating experience for the honeymooners as you can enjoy the view of beautiful creek and take a stroll in the exquisitely landscaped gardens. If you are interested in culture and heritage, then a visit to the conventional heritage village will allow you to experience the heritage of Dubai in true homestyle. The pristine beaches of Dubai are kept very clean and the best part is that they are uncrowded. This gives the honeymooners the much needed secluded time and enjoy each other’s company while taking in the breath taking views of the gorgeous sunset.

If you are adventure lovers, then you can enjoy the camel racing, desert safaris, the Wild Wadi Water Park, skydiving and other such high adrenaline activities. The best part of the honeymoon would be to of course, visit the Burj Khalifa, the tallest hotel building in the world and experience the view of Dubai from it’s observation deck in the 124th floor. A candle light dinner at the Burj will perhaps be the most overwhelming experience of your honeymoon.

There are several travel agencies that offer extensive honeymoon packages to Dubai that include most of the above attractions along with complete ticketing and accommodation services. Making use of a professional travel agent to plan out and arrange your trip will be the ideal way to enjoy your honeymoon in Dubai without any hassles!