Family Package International

Sri Lanka

Places Covered: Kandy, Nuwara Eliya, Bentota and Colombo
Duration: 5 nights / 6 days

Srilanka is a land of adventures and romance called Sri Lanka. The island nation ‘Sri Lanka’ in South Asia casts an inescapable spell on the romantic travellers through its eclectic combination of beautiful landscapes, rich culture and history. On family trip to Sri Lanka, many prefer to relish the splendour of sparkling beaches, majestic sea and hill stations.


Far East

Places Covered: Bangkok, Pattaya, Kuala Lumpur, Genting Highland and Singapore
Duration: 9 nights / 10 days

For a fun loving, enjoyable and memorable experience all that you need is a perfect backdrop of sand, sun and sea. The serenity of white stretches of sand blankets and gurgling of streams of blue sea at a little distance away from the shore drives couple little crazy. And when, this entire panorama is added with the charm of lush rolling hills and tall trees, it becomes even more delightful and romantic.

Singapore, the city with diverse culture and traditions, brilliance of art, technology and magnificent architecture, the natural scenic beauty along with exotic food from different countries and warm hospitality makes it one of the sought after tourist destinations of the world today, no wonder Singapore is regarded as the paradise by the tourist around the world.

Imagine yourself surrounded by exotic flowers or at the ocean’s edge on a beautiful beach on your family vacation. Malaysia is one such ideal destination for those families, wanting to combine a cosmopolitan city break with a relaxing beach holiday. The natural qualities of this land are immense and it continues to appeal many people due to its warm blue seas and beautiful beaches.



China / Hong Kong

Places Covered: Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Disney World, Macau
Duration: 8 nights / 9 days

China is one of the world’s oldest continuous civilizations. Ancient and modern merge to create a magical destination for an enjoyable family vacation in China. Experience an amazing culture with centuries of tradition. See such highlights as the Great Wall of China and the Forbidden City. Cruise the Yangtze River or journey to the Yunnan Province that borders Tibet and Myanmar and see spectacular scenery.

Hong Kong is a unique meeting place for East and West, blending Chinese heritage, British colonial influences, high-tech modernity and Cantonese gusto. It offers a diversity of travel experiences, from shopping to dining, countryside pursuits, arts and cultural activities and a unique built heritage including temples, monasteries, walled villages, clan halls and colonial structures.



Places Covered: City Tour, Dhow Cruise and Desert Safari with Barbeque Dinner
Duration: 3 nights / 4 days

A beautiful, romantic and diverse cultured city engulfed within the desert and the coast of the Gulf of Oman, Dubai is a place with high raising skyscrapers, ancient mosques, different souks and malls and luxurious hotels just waiting to be delved by the families. A beach holiday with a different tone, family vacation in Dubai is an experience pampered by desert safaris, all day long excursions, shopping and relaxing.


Egypt with Nile Cruise

Places Covered: Cairo, Aswan and Alexandria on Luxurious Cruise
Duration: 6 nights / 7 days

The stunning, colossal monuments of Ancient Egypt never fail to astonish. The sheer weight of history to be found in Egypt is awe inspiring; an experience that is much more significant if you are there with your family. The longevity and magic of Egypt make it the perfect place for a holiday with your family, as well as the height of happiness as a destination for your family vacation. Egypt has the weather, the monuments and the excitement to make your trip the most amazing experience of your life.



Countries Covered: London, Brussels, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy & France
Duration: 15 nights / 16 days

Flanked by the Artic Ocean, the Atlantic ocean, the Mediterranean Sea and the Black sea Europe has an array of honeymoon destinations; exclusive and unmatched. It might be one of the smallest continents in the world but, it is replete with scenic places of lasting appeal. Adorned with pristine natural surroundings, tranquil beaches, captivating coastlines, architectural marvel, historical monuments etc; Europe stands unparallel. Nothing can be as invigorating as spending a memorable moment with your family by the seaside


Australia / New Zealand

Places Covered: Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns, Auckland and Christ Church New Zealand
Duration: 12 nights / 13 days

Beaches, lots of sunshine and stunning people, this is Australia for you! With cultural and geographical variations, Australia is an ultimate holiday destination. This comprehensive holiday package will take you to the hot-spots of the country like Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns, Auckland and Christ Church New Zealand. Go on city tours and sightseeing trip, explore the unseen and enjoy the time of your life. Let’s take you out on an action-packed vacation with close to 13 days of non-stop fun, exquisite dinners, sightseeing tours, cruises, nature walks and champagne breakfast & dinners. Blue Mountains, Wildlife World, Puffing Billy, Great Barrier Reef, Sydney Aquarium, Air Balloon Rides – just some words and phrases for you to picture what’s in store for you this summer. So, what are you waiting for? Book now and experience Australia!



Places Covered: New York, Buffalo, Washington, Orlando, Los Angeles and Los Vegas
Duration: 12 nights / 13 days

The U.S. is home to some fabulous big-city art museums, but – surprise – there’s also great art viewing in several smaller cities. The United States of America is considered as the top family vacation destination in world. It is a paradise of fun and flamboyance for many families, especially for the fun lovers. Explore the serene locales of Hawaii, Florida, Niagara Falls, Las Vegas, California, Georgia, New Jersey, Colorado or Washington on your enjoyable and memorable family trip.


Peru / Brazil

Places Covered: Machupichu & more
Duration: 2 nights / 3 days.

Peru and Brazil, the largest countries in South America are extraordinary places of interest to visit and they can hold your breath with their stunning locales and magnanimous structures.Peru, a country of diverse resources, is undoubtedly a perfect spot for adventurers and nature lovers. The world’s highest lake, Titicaca and the deepest canyon, Colca Canyon add galore to this country which has many more attributes to its credit.Brazil has the world’s finest beaches, rainforests and architectures that can engross you with nothing short of excitement and enchanting memories.


South Africa

Places Covered: Sun City, Johannesburg, Capetown
Duration: 6nights / 7 days.

Sun City

Sun City is Africa’s premier holiday resort that offers a wide range of entertainment and relaxation activites. The most entertaining feature is gambling followed by golf and other games. Sun City has world-class hotels and many other amenities that make the staying pleasurable.Holidaying in Sun City can be a fun filling experience. It is a perfect destination not only for those interested in fun and adventure but also for those who wish to unwind and relax which is a major attraction for a whole lot of tourists across the globe.


Johannesburg is the second largest and the most happening city in Africa. It is called the economic hub of the country where one can see people working until late hours and the untiring attitude of the people here is simply amazing.The city with its richness and heritage offers the best combination of interesting site visits, convenient stay and good food for tourists.


Cape Town is one of the most beautiful regions of the world. It happens to be a fine blend of varied cultures like that of the Indonesian, French, Dutch, British and German settlers and the local tribes. Capetown is house to many breathtaking sceneries that add to the scenic beauty of the city. With a host of entertainment activities like adventures, shopping and restaurants, Cape Town also has to its credit, a rich heritage and culture.

south africa


Places Covered:Nairobi,Masaimara,Mombasa,Lake Nakuru
Duration: 7nights / 8 days


Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya is popularly known as the ‘Green City in the Sun’. The major attractions in Nairobi are the Nairobi National Park and the Nairobi National Museum. Uhuru gardens, the largest memorial park in Kenya is another interesting place of visit. Nairobi has several museums, sites and monuments that are a must see for tourists. With the most popular restaurants in place, Nairobi serves as the centre place for tourists heading for Safari.


Masaimara, Africa’s largest wildlife reserve also happens to be the country’s most popular safari destination. Masai serves as home to many of the big cats and other wild animals like hippos, rhinos and zebras to name a few. The wild beast migration, the hot air ballooning and the lion sightings are the specialties of this reserve. The “Big Five” – lions, leopards, African Elephants, Black Rhinos and African Buffaloesand more than 470 species of birds are found in abundance in Masai Mara which makes it an interesting place to visit.


Mombasa, a coastal town located in the Mombasa Island is home to Kenya’s only large seaport, the Kilindini Harbour. Mombasa is popular for its world famous beaches, hotels and friendly people. An exciting nightlife with dance clubs and casinos and retreating water sports like scuba diving and sailing can make for an enjoyable trip. With a diversified culture, cuisine and language added to its credit, Masai is the most ideal place for a perfect vacation.

Lake Nakuru

Lake Nakuru exhibits one of Kenya’s most amazing pictures. The sheer flock of flamingoes feeding on the algae on the river bed present a spectacular view. It is not just the flamingoes but one can also spot a herd of black and white rhinos, waterbucks, zebra and buffaloes on the riverside providing a splendid experience to its observers.

Big Five

The Lion, Leopard, Rhino, Elephant and The Cape Buffalo make the “The Big Five” of the African Safari.The term Big Five was coined by some hunters who found it difficult to transit the animals after they were shot owing to their ferocious nature. The same term was later used by the tour operators in this region as a marketing strategy.


Going on a safari could be the most thrilling and exciting thing to experience. For the nature lovers and sporty folks, a safari could be nothing short of an adventure. South Africa is a well known destination for Safari. The Kruger National Park is a perfect choice to spot the wildlife at its best. The Big Five and other species are easy to locate in the Kruger than in any other park.

Big Five


Places Covered: Moscow, St.Petersburg
Duration : 5 nights / 6 days.


Moscow is the capital city and the most widely populated city in Russia. Moscow was the development centre of Russia after its split up from Soviet Union. Moscow is well known for its museums and architectures. The Red Square, St.Basil’s Cathedral, Seven Sisters and The Kremlin- the residence of the Russian president are Moscow’s popular destinations.


With a rich historical and cultural heritage adding to its glory, St.Petersburg is no wonder the world’s most popular tourist spot. The Hermitage, the world’s largest art museum and the umpteen numbers of palaces and theatres in the city mark its significance. The city also houses the most beautiful parks and gardens. Petersburg serves as a reserve of the European architecture styles preserving the ancient heritage even after several crises.




Places Covered: Almaty
Duration: 3 nights / 4 days

The country, well known for its oil industry and magnificent landscapes happens to be the ninth largest country in the world. Kazakhstan is a culturally diverse nation that serves as a hometown for Russian, German, Uzbek, Tatar and other ethnicities. Almaty, the former capital of Kazakhstan is the largest city in the country. The modern architecture and the spectacular mountain views are the city’s major attractions.