How to fly overseas? Tips to arrive more refreshed

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Are you a first time air-traveller? Early nerves, jittery about the experience associated with air travel? May be you just need a quick refresher to shed all your fears and reservations about flying abroad. Here is a list of easy-to-do ideas you should do when flying overseas and arrive more refreshed:

travel agencyStay Hydrated:

Having a large unopened bottle of water in your carry helps in fighting against dehydration. Dehydration is one of the biggest reasons for fatigue.  Yes there is water on the plane, but they are usually not enough.

Book a Premium Seat:

It is worth paying a tad extra to have a premium seat or exit row if you can afford it, so that you have a little extra leg room. If not try and go for another isle seat so that you can stand and stretch your body often.

Comfortable shoes:

Wearing comfy shoes will not only make check-in lot more comfortable, but they tend to give, and swelling of legs and feet are quite common when you’re travelling; go for a comfortable pair of shoes.

Bring things to do:

You can always carry things that help you while away the time: a good book, magazine, I-pad, tablet PC, etc. Don’t forget to bring your own earphones as they help block noise.


It is important to eat only healthy snacks and remember to pack some like nuts, dry fruits, etc. Remember most airline snacks are usually peanuts or chips that are full of sodium that are unhealthy.


If you are suffering from leg cramps, you can walk up and down the aisles or do simple leg and arm stretches while on the seat. Neck rolls, heal raises and foot circles can be preformed to relax a bit and for your body to be flexible.


It is important to get good sleep even though if it’s a short snap. Don’t forget to carry neck pillow, eye mask, ear phones or ear plugs. Your doctor may come to your help if you are having trouble sleeping during air travel.

Positive Attitude:

Travelling can be, more often than not, strenuous and taxing, but it’s worth your efforts if you have a positive attitude, and once you arrive safely at your destination.