How to pack for a family

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* In every piece of luggage, place a photocopy of your complete itinerary, including your home address, all flight information and hotel addresses including all travel dates. If your bag gets lost in transit, it will be easier for the authorities to forward your bag to the place you are in.

* Instead of folding clothes items, roll them into tube shapes, then stack them. Your clothes will fit far more easily, rarely wrinkle and even kids can help pack with this method.

* Too much luggage spoils the vacation. Lighter bags and less stuff to haul around is important.

* A TSA luggage lock comes in handy as the TSA officials can open it with a universal key if they need to without cutting your lock for a random security check.

* Before you go on vacation, buy a collapsible hamper. This can be used for dirty clothes. If you have to do laundry while on vacation, you will have something to carry it in.

* Always tuck a crushable duffel bag into an outside zippered compartment in any of your luggage which can be used in overweight baggage situations as can be used to transfer some belongings to avoid penalty.

pack for a familyIf you are traveling with your baby or toddler, take some denture cleanser tablets for cleaning sippy cup lids, baby spoons, pacifiers, and anything else that is hard to sterilize while on the move.

* When traveling with kids, it is important that to keep your hands free to tow them. Inexpensive carabiners will help you in this aspect.

* It is important to calculate for flight delays and baggage getting lost. Always pack all the very essential items like medicines, a set of dress, some extra diapers and baby wipes in case traveling with a child, some snacks and beverages in a hand luggage, to evade any emergency situation

* A Ziploc bag with laundry detergent and a sink stopper always comes in handy for washing the some items of clothes and also helps to cut down on the amount of baggage.

* If you are going on a beach vacation forget not to pack baby powder which help in shaking off the sand that clings.

* It is good to keep enough sanitizing liquid in the handbag or the hand luggage to clean hands while on the move when even water or soap is not available. This is a