Places To Visit In San Francisco

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Tourists leave their hearts high on a hill, where lil cable cars welcome you with open hands offering you a ride to the stars. The city of San Francisco, in northern California, that lies on the tip of a peninsula is bordered by the San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean. Renowned for its mountainous landscape, constant fog, iconic Golden Gate Bridge, vivid Victorian houses, cable cars and the notorious former prison, Alcatraz Island, sitting right on the bay, the city sure is a place where many reluctant tourists end their vacation leaving their heart behind. The Trans america pyramid is the Financial District’s most eminent skyscraper. The aforementioned Golden Gate Bridge, though not the tallest, largest or longest bridge in the world, still is the most celebrated one. Well, in contrast to its sister, the Bay Bridge (connecting the East Bay and San Francisco), it is open to cyclists and pedestrians. And of course, it is toll-free. Nevertheless, if you plan on driving into the city, don’t be surprised to be charged with a hefty 6-dollar toll. Now such a majestic structure doesn’t come for free right?

malibustockThe morning fog might get a bit chilly but then who cares, California is a dream-come-true for many to be bothered about such petty things. With its very own unique mythical aura, it attracts thousands from neighboring states and people all over the world.

Artsy – would be more an appropriate a phrase to describe San Francisco that has from the early 60s with its hippy culture loves all things creative and usually different. It is there right in the air, the prominent vibe of the city that enthuses one to be a free spirit always venturing into something unique.

Foggy, that would be best work to describe SFO’s weather as one would be welcomed by the fog almost every morning. Check out the San Francisco Burritos that are bigger than the usual ones. Your next stop would be the Silicon Valley, the land of the young, brainy and triumphant. Well, maybe if luck would have it, you might be the next Zuckerberg. So imagine you fell in love with the place and choose to be there for some time, then Oakland is the place that you gotta head to as SFO can turn out to be a very costly affair, especially the rent. But it Oakland the cost of living is relatively cheap and yet you still feel like being a part of SFO, especially with it being just 15 minutes away on BART.

Yet another attraction in San Francisco for free would be the Lombard Street that prides itself of being the world’s most crooked street. People drive down this street for fun and why not, it is one of its kind now, aint? Wannbe famous, trying dwelling in the crooked section of the Lombard Street with tourists taking pictures from every nook and corner of the street, you might almost get a celebrity feeling with paparazzi right outside your doorstep 24×7!

Next comes the Fisherman’s Wharf which is every tourist’s dream and the most visited too. By the docks of Pier 39 one gets to see a flock of Sea Lions eternally playing, swimming and love grabbing attention of people. Many a street performers take advantage of the site in trying to perform and earning that extra buck. Well, yeah watching is free, but they sure do expect gratuities. Beware of the Bush Man though! Nooo not President Bush, just a homeless man hoping to make that extra buck by jolting people in his shrub bush costume. Then there are the museums, some incredible ones, but the cost might be a bit too high, that is something that you gotta watch out. Again parks and beaches sketch the bay and is indeed a beauty of it. Any nature lover will be fascinated by it. And last but not least is the strange weather of SFO, that is mostly microclimatic. Well, think of it this way, while it gets too cold in one place, trying going someplace else in the city where the climate is quite the contrary. Solves the issue, ain’t it?