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The general passport issuing or renewing process takes anywhere between three weeks to three months. In case of emergencies though, people usually do not have that time to wait to travel overseas. There might be family emergencies or business situations that require a person to travel immediately. In such cases, the Indian Government has established a “Tatkal Scheme” that allows a certain category of applicants to process their passports within 4-5 business days.

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How to Apply?
The application can be downloaded online and the duly filled in application must be counter signed by an applicable officer from the Regional Passport Office. Along with the regulatory documents needed for issuance of passport, the applicant will also have to submit the following papers – proof of nature of the emergency, a confirmed airline ticket and a copy of the paid tatkal fee. Professional travel agencies that offer tatkal passport services can make it easier for people to apply for the passport.

Benefits of Tatkal Scheme
The purpose of the Tatkal scheme is to issue or re-issue passports in times of genuine emergencies. This scheme is beneficial in a lot of ways for various kinds of people, such as:

• It is of great help when patients with critical illness have to travel abroad for medical treatment.

• Tatkal passports are issued on compassionate grounds when there is death of blood relative. This is a huge assistance provided to people whose old parents are living in another country.

• It is hugely beneficial to students who have travel overseas within a specific period of time to take up their SAT, GRE or other exams in universities abroad and also for students who have secured admission and have to go abroad to join their universities.

• The tatkal passport services also aids businessmen when they have to take up overseas travel urgently for conferences or crucial business situations.

• The biggest benefit of the tatkal scheme is that it provides an option for people in times of emergency. This gives tremendous peace of mind to people who might have to travel due to various emergencies that they might encounter in the future.

The “Tatkal Scheme” is one of the most beneficial schemes introduced by the Government for the well-being of the people. With an additional fee and being present in person in the regional passport office, a person can obtain a passport within a week for emergency purposes.