Things to know before visiting the Dead Sea

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Learning the facts before you experience something sounds like a good idea to keep yourself prepared for any situation. Swimming in the Dead Sea is definitely something amusing, but still getting prepared will help you enjoy this one of kind experience without being smitten by unpleasant surprises.26obku36c

Get dressed in an old bath suit

The salt content in the water is so strong that it discolours whatever you wear. So wear an old bath suit that you do not want to wear anymore. Once you get drenched in the Dead Sea water, your clothes will discolour or it will be so hard for you to clean up the grime that sticks on to anything that comes in contact with the water. It would be better if you just wear an old swim suit that you can discard afterwards.

Avoid splashing water on your face

The salt content is so intense it will burn your eyes if the water gets into your eyes. So be careful not to immerse your face in the water. Unlike the mud, the sea water can make your facial skin rough, especially if your skin is sensitive. So the right thing is to avoid getting that water onto your face.

Avoid shaving at least three days

Avoid shaving at least days prior to swimming in the Dead Sea. If you have any cut, wound or open sores, avoid swimming. When the water comes in contact with the wound, it really burns. The reason is again the salt content in the Dead Sea. The water is nine times saltier than the ocean. If you have a small wound, wrap it with a tight water-proof bandage before getting into the Sea.

Wear water shoes

The salt that lines the sea bottom is strong enough to cut the skin on your foot. Wear appropriate shoes that are designed to prevent water from getting in.

Quit swimming

When get to the water, move slowly to the deeper side of the sea and try to relax and float. The water will lift you high and you will float like you would with a plastic noodle.

Get the mud

Walk down to the shallow side of the sea and pick up the mud right underneath your feet. Rub all over your body, including your face. Leave it on for a few minutes before you wash it. Your skin will feel the smoothest as it would with an expensive spa treatment.