Tips for Indian Passport Renewal in USA

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This is a step by step guidance for Indian Passport renewal in USA with Cox and Kings in the jurisdiction of Indian embassy New York. The process is same for others including Houston, Washington DC, Atlanta, and Chicago and SFO Indian consulate.

Indian_Passport_635_generic_thinkstock_ndtvConsulate General of India, Chicago has outsourced the passport services to M/s Cox and Kings Global Services. For passport services, all applicants must send their applications or walk-in to the new India Passport Application Centre (IPAC) in Chicago, operated by M/s Cox and Kings Global Services, at the following address:

India Passport Application Centre

Cox and Kings Global Services [Passport Services)

Suite 1002, 19 S, La Salle Street, Chicago, IL 60603

Telephone: 213-213 5019

Email: passportusa@ckgs.com

Website: www.passport.in.ckgs.us

Follow these tips to get your passport renewed the right way.

Tip 1:


Apply for renewal 3 months before the final expiry to mitigate any contingency and delays.
Officially, you can apply 1 year in advance and there is no time limit for the late comers.

Tip 2:

Required Documents:


1) Expiring Passport with all other OLD passports.

2) 2×2 Inch photographs (White background, off-white is NOT allowed) – Total 3 in number

Forms (to be filled later):

1) Nationality Verification form

2) Cox &Kings checklist

3) NRI passport renewal application form

4) CKGS (Cox & Kings) Online Payment Receipt

Photocopy – Black and White:

1) Are you Married?


1) Spouse’s Passport’s front (page with picture) and back page (with address) OR Green Card

2) Marriage Certificate (Indian or any other).

No:  Move On.

1) Address proof (India) – Any utility bill (Electricity/gas – not older than 3 months) or driving license or Aadhar Card or Recent Bank Statement from Government bank (like SBI, PNB etc.).

2) First 5 pages of passport + last 2 pages.

First page with Photo, then page numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. The last two pages are supposed to include the ‘Observation’ page. Page number 34, 35, 36 and last page with address. This makes the total number of pages to be 10.

1) (Optional) – For ECR Stamp – Copy of Highest Educational Qualification Degree.

2) Photocopy – Color copy is optional but recommended

3) Address proof (US) – Any utility bill (Electricity/gas – not older than 3 months) or driving license or Rental lease agreement or Home Mortgage bill or State ID.

4) Current Valid US Visa OR I-797 OR Green card OR Employment Authorization Card (EAD) or I- 797 approval notice or Valid I-20.

US Visa – B1/B2 is not considered a valid visa for passport reissue. Also, I94 is not a valid Proof.

Tip 3:


Following documents need to be notarized:

1) Passport Application form – Specifically Q no. 29. If it lands on 3rd page, then notarize only page 3.

2) Address proof (India).

3) Address proof (USA).

4) Copy of Visa or Green Card or I797 approval notice.

5) Copy of Marriage Certificate (ONLY If you are married).

6)  Spouse Passport copy (ONLY If you are married).

Tip 4:

Pay online or Buy Cashier Check Or Money order Or Demand Draft

  • Payment is accepted online by debit or credit card. You will be asked to pay online when you reach the payment step on CKGS website.


Tip 5:

Buy Postal Envelopes:

1) Choose USPS and their standard delivery with tracking which is reasonable.

2) Buy Main envelope – Flat rate Large size envelope from USPS with tracking.

3) Buy Return envelope – Flat rate normal size envelope from USPS with tracking.

4) Go to USPS office and get the two envelopes.

5) Ask and pay for stamps and tracking at this time itself

6) Paste one set of stamps and tracking code slip on the Return Envelope and other on the main envelope.

Tip 6:

Fill Up online forms for Indian passport renewal

CKGS application form.

Sample Nationality Verification Form

Sample NRI Passport Form

Tip 7:

Packaging everything together

1) Final Checklist – The documents to package together

2) CKGS Document Checklist – Just write the name of all documents on a piece of paper that you are submitting. We would call this a document check list.

3) NRI passport renewal form Notarized.

4) Nationality Verification form

5) Photocopy – Passport (first 5 + last 2 pages)

6) Photocopy Notarized – VISA or I-797 or Green Card or Work Authorization proof

7) Address proof (India)Notarized

8) Address proof (USA)Notarized

9) Photocopy Notarized – IF Married – Your Spouse’s Passport (front page + last page)

10) Photocopy Notarized – IF Married – Marriage Certificate

11) Original Fees Payment Receipt – make a copy or scan and keep with you for evidence.

12) Original Passports

13) Use paper clip or paper pins to tie all the above documents together.

14) Return shipping Envelope – Verify that you have written the CKGS address and your OWN address.

Place all the above documents in the main envelope. Stick the shipping label on this envelope. Close the envelope. Write your own address to get the packet back in case it is not deliverable to CKGS, for any reason.

Tip 8:

Mailing and Tracking

1) You can drop it in any USPS drop box (which allows for packets less than 13 Ounces to be dropped) or handover to USPS office.

2) Next step is to patiently wait and track. The tracking won’t activate until the package reaches the CKGS hands and they scan the barcode on the shipping label addressed to them.

Contact your nearby reliable travel agent who is also an authorized passport services personnel in order to obtain a hassle-free passport renewal.