Top Places to visit in India in September

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Come September and it is time to explore India’s rich diversity that gets even more captivating with the blissful receding showers of rain, clear skies and pleasant climate that any tour explorer or travellers would not give it a miss. There are a number of alluring destinations that has been compiled exclusively to excite the eager traveler in you.

Let us take a round tour of the amazing places that can offer both adventure and fun.

Lachen in Sikkimgurdongmar

Starting from the North eastern frontiers of India; Sikkim offers the charm, grace and reverence of Buddhist monasteries that fill the atmosphere with serenity and vibrancy. The famous Lachen Monastery, the adventurous trekking trails and lush valleys is only going to leave an awe feeling in the mind of the travellers. Lachen which lies in the lap of the majestic Himalayan ranges is more secluded and therefore retains its virgin beauty to appease the solitude seekers.

Amritsar in Punjab

Punjab is a state that is synonymous with greenery and abundance. Popularly called the ‘The Land of Five Rivers’ boasts of the most fertile lands. The rich landscapes, the strong religious diversity and the rich history draws crowds in increasing numbers here. Amritsar in Punjab is one of the particular highlights as it is hosts to the famous Golden Temple. The moment you think of Amritsar this shrine is the first thing that comes to our mind.

Bundi in Rajasthan

Bundi in Rajasthan holds historical significance for the long battles that took place during the Rajputs and British era. The place is inspired and filled up with ‘Havelis’, forts and the traditional Rajput palaces. Rajasthan which was originally referred as a desert receives less rainfall and moreover around September gets relatively pleasant making it ideal for tourists to brush up their history and also enjoy the Rajasthani Royal flavours.

Coonoor in Tamilnadu

Coonoor is fairly untouched destinations and if only explorers get to know more about this place it could easily climb up the most preferred hang out attraction for many. Coonoor is a delightful place in Tamilnadu which offers some exciting attractions like the more than 100 year old Sim’s Park that is more of a botanical powerhouse. Further the vast landscapes like the Hidden valley , St Catherine Falls can make any nature lover fall on his feet.

Nainital in Uttarkhand

Nainital is the most popular attractions during the September time. There are many exciting avenues that can keep any explorer on his toes throughout the day. The spectacular Naini lake, the Eco Cave Gardens can just instantly delight our eyes. The superior mysticism of Nainital gets all the more exquisitely adorned after the monsoon time in September.

Srinagar, Kashmir

Totting from the North; the beauty of India starts to get unfolded from Kashmir. Srinagar the capital of Kashmir is located on the Jhelum banks is known for the city’s splendid opulence. The naturally gifted scenic beauty of Kashmir and the vivaciousness of the place is an ideal time to explore in September. The Indira Gandhi Tulip Park and the Dal lake are some of the prominent places that makes Kashmir the ‘Paradise on Earth’.

Overall September is a month good for travelling. This is the time when temperatrures slide, rains reduce and summers disappear in most of the places thus making it the most preferred time to seek fun. So plan a trip around this time to discover the true Incredible India.