Top tips for a healthy travel

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A vacation sounds great. It is exciting the moment we even think about it. But too much excitement takes you off-road from seeing the real picture. Of course, a jolly good travel uplifts you physically and mentally but you must never forget that it could come with a few unpleasant surprises too. So it is very important that you prepare yourself to encounter those culprits that tend to ruin your holiday mood. Here are some simple tips that will be of vital help for you to have a safe, healthy and happy travel.

Get vaccinated:

Discuss with your doctor to find out if you have to be vaccinated specifically for any disease that could possibly harm you in the place where you visit. This absolutely depends on the country you visit. By getting the proper vaccination, you can stay safe even in a place where hygiene and healthcare are major issues. Your safety measure will keep you safe from disease causing germs, insects like mosquitoes and other harmful elements.

 Keep your first aid kit handy:

Give priority to your first aid kit while packing your luggage. You may have to deal with a lot of issues like nausea, headache, jetlag, cramps and so on. So make sure to include a liquid hand sanitizer, a couple of Avomine tablets to deal air-sickness and other prescribed drugs to treat stomach problems. Also include some bandages and Neosporin to treat wounds and cuts.

Stay dehydrated:

Drink plenty of water throughout your journey. This will keep you calm and relaxed during long flights. This will also help you take frequent trips to the toilet which helps you to move around. This way you can have a little exercise. Avoid alcoholic drinks on the plane as those drinks might deprive your sleep.

Pack your sunscreen:

Don’t ever forget to pack a good sunscreen lotion in your luggage. It is very important to protect yourself from the harsh sun and heat. Especially, if you are on a beach vacation, using a branded sunscreen lotion is a must.

Change positions:

Staying in the same position during long flights will hurt your legs. This could cause muscle pain and blood clots. As a result you will find difficulty in walking normally. So keep changing your position often. Walk down the aisle at regular intervals to keep the blood flow normal.

Eat light:

Don’t get excited and try all of the local food available. Look for hygienic eat-outs. Particularly, if you have food allergies, stay away from those meals that you suspect of containing such ingredients.

Beware of bugs:

Bug bites are annoying. They could ruin your entire vacation and also after that. When you check-in to a hotel, make sure you don’t let the bed bugs bite. Place your luggage somewhere in an open shelf. Don’t place it on the ground or on the floor. Check the beddings, if you find bugs, inform the authorities to clean the room or ask for another room. When you return home after the vacation, be sure to clean your entire luggage thoroughly so that you will not spread those bugs in your house.

These are some of the useful tips that will help you prepare for a healthy travel.