Top Wonders of the United States

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AT about 3.8 million sq. miles America is a massive country that houses extravagant mountain ranges, deserts, archaic forests, volcanic features, canyons, swamps, waterfalls, caves and glaciers. And guess nothing beats awesomeness of this country. So let’s a take quick look at coupla wonders that the United States of America has on offer for tourists.

New-York-brooklyn-bridgeBrooklyn Bridge – Brooklyn, NY This Historic Landmark dates back to the early 1800s with the residents of Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn wanting to have a connecting bridge that linked both the cities thus making life easy for people and goods to get across the East River. John Roebling, the mastermind behind this architectural wonder suggested a suspension bridge that got approved only after two years. With Roebling dead by then the same was carried on by his son, Washington and wife Emily. Even before its launch in 1883, the bridge was already considered a symbol of greatness and landmark of New York and continues to regain the 44th longest main span amongst the other suspension bridges in the World.

Empire State Building – New York, NY

Yet another Historic Landmark that was built during the Depression, the architecture speaks volumes about both the the Empire State Building is a work of determination and dignity and will power of the Amercians. What started as a competition between General Motors and the Chrysler Corporation on who would construct the tallest possible building resulted in this marvel with architect William Lamb finishing the building in high speed. It is believed that it is possible for the workers to maintain their speedy pace owing to the fact that the beams, windows and posts were built in factories and transported by trains to the work site.

Golden Gate Bridge – San Francisco, CA

The Golden Gate Bridge is flocked by millions of tourists every year who appreciate warmer weather and unique attractions. With chief architect Joseph Strauss proposing a budget of $35 million dollar that was approved by 6 countries, the project was well ahead of schedule and still continues to be one of the wonders of the US that was won abundant awards including “Distinguished Building Award” bestowed by the American Registered Architects

Hoover Dam – Las Vegas, Nevada-Arizona

After 60 long years of geological studies of the Colorado River, it was not before 1933 when the concrete was decided to the poured for the construction of the same. Despite lengthy negotiations between the 7 basin states on how the water is going to be distributed, bidding companies, site inspections planning and many more, it is a mere 5 years before this mammoth structure stood in its place. Now the dam stands as a tribute to the nation’s talent in constructing a Dam which is also a Historic Landmark.

Mount Rushmore – Black hills, South Dakota

Mount Rushmore also known as Black Hiills and a property of Sioux attracts about 2 million tourists every year.

Seattle Space Needle – Seattle, WA

This 605-foot tall structure was intended to endure winds at 200-miles per hour.

Washington Monument –  Washington, DC

A single glance at this obelisk design would suffice for people to know that they are in America. This monument is intended to celebrate the legacy of a single person, the famous George Washington, America’s first president.

A few other notable places of interest that is worth taking a trip to, especially for roadies and adventure-seekers would be Death Valley (driest, lowest, hottest place in North America); CA;  Kilauea, HI (one of the islands in Hawai’s that sends streams of lava gushing into the Pacific Ocean); Monument Valley, UT; Niagara Falls, NY (also known as the legendary Maid of the Mist), Redwoods, CA (where one gets to be in awe of the tallest trees in the planet), Grand Canyon, AZ (with the Colorado river still cutting); Mammoth Cave, KY (protecting a part of  the longest known cave of the world); Florida Everglades, (a super-slow 60-mile wide subtropical river edging the tip of Florida); Hubbard Glacier, AK; Black Hills, SD; The Missisipi (4th longest river draining 31 US states); Bryce Canyon, UT; Mt. Desert Island, ME; Crater Lake, OR; (a collapsed volcano that now turned blue lake); Arches, UT;Yosemite Valley, CA; Carlsbad Caverns, NM; Old Faithful, WY (a geyser in Yellowstone National Park spouting about 140-foot of water  at frequent 45 to 120-min intervals.