Travel Tips to Aruba

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The island has more often a warm weather, photogenic beaches and friendly people makes up for a perfect vacation hot spot. The white sandy beaches and the cool trade winds can make any tourist’s heart filled with joy.Aruba_Palm_Beach

Aruba is located miles north of Venezuela in the warm Caribbean waters. Oranjestad the capital of Aruba lies on the south and west coast. Some of the world’s best beaches belong to Aruba. As you visit interior you will come across Aruba’s famous Arikok National Park which is home to a variety of wildlife that are being preserved here. While the place has some exceptionally breath taking views; nature too crafts out Aruba in her own naturally artistic way. You can see that in the form of some dramatic rock formations as the ocean waters crash against the rugged shore lines. Towards the north east along the windward shore the fofiti trees take a south west graceful bend that looks so neatly sculpted across the coast line. All these Nature’s magic adds up to the beauty and charm of Aruba.

If that really interest you then you might be considering a travel plan to Aruba. We will help you with some handy tips that can guide better.

A tourist is supposed to carry a valid Passport upon the entry and for the full duration of the stay. Further the necessary visa sticker on the passport is mandatory.

A valid to and fro ticket.

Check on the roaming charges if the mobile works in Aruba. GSM phone users need to unlock their SIM. It is better to contact the network service provider before making the travel. The tourist can either rent a cell phone or purchase a SIM at the airport.

While driving be alert on the road signs in the island as they are different here. First one has to familiarize with the signs before actually taking the car on the roads.

Drinking and gambling have age restrictions. Persons should be 18 years of age to be eligible to drink legally in public places.

Buses are in plenty and there is a service once in every 15 minutes. The buses ply till 6 pm.

Happy Information officers are a one stop shop for providing complete information. They provide with reliable information on the activities, routes, attractions and events happening in the island. They can be identified with their uniform colour which is a sea green T shirt sporting a Happy information slogans.

Wear comfortable footwear. Do not forget to bring your sun glasses, caps, and sunscreen creams.

Keep some handy ear plugs always with you. The music is very blaring and that can turn you off if you do not have ear plugs in.

Super markets, Banks and restaurants are mostly closed on official holidays.

There are paid parking slots that can relieve the tourists of the parking trouble in many busy areas.

Bring in your own health and beauty care needs. This is because it can save a lot on the purse and get more convenient for your personal use if you have your stuff handy.

Get your daily medicine drug doses along with prescriptions.