Understanding overseas travel insurance

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Whether you are flying abroad for a vacation, for educational reasons or business purpose, there is a lot more that needs to go into your planning than just stressing about the place, accommodation and your wardrobe. And overseas travel insurance is one of them. Travel insurance is a policy that travelers and students who go abroad may require. When you set foot into an unknown land, alone or with a group, travel insurance can come in handy in a number of ways.

Why do you need travel insurance?

Do not consider travel insurance as an option but as a need. What happens when you suddenly fall ill and have to be hospitalized when on a backpack trip in Europe or relaxing on a beach in New Zealand? You can get help with just a phone call, provided you have your travel insurance. Most insurance companies help you getting cashless treatment. Medical travel insurance also covers emergency medical evacuation and in case of death, repatriation of mortal remains. In addition to medical expenses, travel insurance also covers other aspects like loss of luggage, accidents or delay in flights.

When you lose your baggage and have to go shopping to get supplies for your basic needs, travel insurance can come in handy. All you have to do is submit a claim form to the insurance company with your bills, copy of passport and necessary documents from the airline acknowledging the missing baggage.

In case of loss of passport, you can approach your country embassy directly to get a duplicate passport and your expenses can be claimed easily from your insurance company. Travel insurance also covers other situations like delay or missed connections, financial emergencies as well as loss of valuables.

Things to keep in mind

There are a few things that you must keep in mind before you choose the right travel insurance for you. Look at all the policy options available. Don