Visiting the Land of Smiles

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Whether you are looking for a cultural tour or a beach holiday or even a bustling city vacation, Thailand has a slice of paradise to offer for each one of you! It is the hub of Southeast Asian tourism and many international visitors find it convenient to have Bangkok as their gateway to this part of the world. With Bangkok as their base, it is easier for them to make trips to various parts of the country as well as other regions in Southeast Asia. Thailand is the perfect destination to go on exotic beach vacations as well as explore the ruins of the ancient country. Tourism flourishes in this part of the world as airfares to Thailand are relatively more affordable and accommodations and food tend to be very cheap. On the contrary if you are looking for a lavish holiday, you can find $10,000 per night rooms at exotic beach resorts as well! Irrespective of your budget and your interests, Thailand is a must-see destination that has something to offer for everyone! Here are some of the top attractions.


The Grand Palace: No visit to Thailand would be complete without visiting the Grand Palace in Bangkok! It is undoubtedly the city