Ways to be a Tourist In Your Own Hometown

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Lack of time and low budgets sure does make a dent one’s vacation plans, beyond doubts. Well, that doesn’t mean that you cannot have a good time because you ain’t travelling far! Fondly known as “staycation” by coupla enthusiasts, we would also like to call it playing tourist in your own city. Well, here are  coupla tactics on how to go about them’.

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Sketch it out – like what would you like to do? Where would you like to go? What kinda cuisine would you prefer? Jot them down and try doing them one by one. Grab a brochure from one of the local motels and jot down a few attractions that catches your eye; like some of the archetypical stuff a tourist ends up doing, something you generally don’t pay attention to. Check out with the lady behind the desk as to what she would recommend for tourists wanting to spend a day in your city and also make sure you check out if there is any package or discounts for residents/locals (trust me, you’d be surprised at what you hear)

Explore new horizons – though technically you are a resident of your city all your life, there most definitely has to be places that you would have missed or left unexplored. You’d surprised to see the same things that you once saw as a kid that seem totally and extremely different as an adult. Explore areas that you have avoided all your life.

Asking a friend to take you around as a tourist wouldn’t be a bad idea too. What is special for him/her could possibly be a total alien place for you.

Revolutionize Explore new areas week on week, for eg if you have one neighborhood in mind this week, go up the mountains, if any nearby, the following week. Try a lake or a beach or a waterfront or a famous national park that you had been wanting to explore all your life. With more variety mounting the list, the less bored you are likely to get with it all.

Experiment stuff – Now being a tourist isn’t always about exploring the city, it would also mean changing the way on how to look at things. Try fun stuff like kayaking if there are waterways in your city, or zip-lining of mountains wouldn’t be a bad idea (there has to be mountains in almost all parts of the world, well if not nearby) or how about some new pastime that you discovered while traveling abroad, how about revisiting it again, at the comforts of your own home?

Clicking some cheesy pics wouldn’t be a bad idea too – Try posing in front of a well known statue that you’ve ignored all your life, a view of the downtown, a signboard of your city welcoming you. Embrace the cheesiness of the city by freezing some moments in front of em’.

Exploring new food (one of my favorite) Try grabbing an absolutely new dish that they swear they are best at, immerse in its glory or greasiness and as you grab a bite from some unvisited place also do look around; you never know you might unravel some cool history about that place as you munch on your new found food with some cool photos and history waiting to be discovered.

Finally, if none of the above appeases you and you are still hungry for more adventure or surprises try exploring nearby areas or towns that has been pending for long now. How about parks, or a hike maybe or a yoga retreat? Go on, make it special and check-in to a hotel turning it into a weekend getaway kind.

So for those of you all that miss traveling, but unable to do so owing to other commitments, playing a tourist in one’s own city would be your best bet. Along with getting a tourist experience even as you fulfill your day to day chores, there is no significant spending required in terms of travel/stay and yet adds some oomph to your otherwise dull day-to-day routine. Plus, it is sheer and absolute fun!