10 Apps to keep you safe while travelling – Part 2

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Safety is the biggest concern when you travel to new places and being absolutely safe is the key. Thanks to a few safety apps that do everything from sending alerts, storing medical information to notifying whether a particular action is covered by insurance or not.

image 46. Red Cross

From earthquakes to hurricanes to floods, the Red Cross App stands out in terms of allowing one to be prepared for the unforeseen natural calamities.

7. SafeTrek

The App is designed to rescue lives. If you feel unsafe, but can’t take the risk of calling up the local police, you can simply launch the SafeTrek personal safety App, holding your thumb down on the app’s safe button. Release it and enter your security code if you consider yourself unsafe. If you feel safe, do not type in the code and the police will be immediately notified of your location. This app is functional anywhere in the US (at the time of writing).

8. TravelSmart

Built by Allianz Global Assistance, TravelSmart is free and available for use both by Android as well as iOS users. It is packed with a host of helpful features if you are a policy holder, as you can gain complete access to all the information on your insurance policy. This makes it convenient for you to refer what your policy cover and what it doesn’t. And if you are not covered by any insurance, you still have lot more information left to make the most of.

9. Crime and Place

An iOS-only App, the Crime and Place, a paid App, comes with an interesting “Crime Compass” that allows users on the move to quickly view their surroundings. Other features include completely interactive heat map, search capabilities and GPS tracking. Keep tab on the notifications as they would require running GPS on the background, thereby dramatically reducing your mobile’s battery life.

10. ICE

In case of medical emergency, ICE is the safest best. The app keeps a tab of your medical conditions, your doctor’s or physician’s primary contact details and information related to insurance that can be easily accessed even if your phone is locked. You will also gain access to translation in 10 different languages.

What really is certain during travel is uncertainty.  You are lucky if every little thing turns out as planned on paper, though that’s a distant reality. While travelling abroad, your smartphone can turn out to be greatest asset in case of mishap or emergencies. Therefore, don’t forget to load all or some of the apps discussed in the two-part series of the post during your travel.