Beautiful Landscapes in Europe

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Europe is made up of multiple countries and has an abundance of has magical looking landscapes. From beautiful coastlines, tall mountain ranges, endless meadows, dense deciduous forests, high rise cities to towns and villages with ancient buildings, Europe is full of scenic landscapes. However, some are more breath-taking than the rest.

  1. Finnish Lakeland, Finland: This is one of the largest lake districts of Finland. The landscape came into being due to the shifting of glaciers over hundreds years ago.The Finnish Lakeland is made up of thousands of lakes, ponds, streams, rivers and islands making it one of the most breathtaking scenery in all of Europe.Tuscany
  2. Tuscany, Italy: Ancient roman architecture along with the splendour of nature has made Tuscany in central Italy a striking landscape. It is the warm climates and the numerous architectural marvels of ancient Rome that attracts thousands of tourists to this beautiful place.
  3. Santorini, Greece: Deep blue waters, beautiful cliffs and the architecture make Santorini a dreamy view. The spell binding colours of the sea and the sky in contrast with the colours of the cliffs make it impossible for one to not fall in love with the landscape.
  4. Bavarian Alps, Germany: The deep, dense forests, endless mountains and the lush green pasture lands, make this place striking. The cool weather conditions and the beautiful scenery make the Bavarian Alps one of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe.
  5. Giverny, France: This landscape has been the inspiration behind numerous painting. The water lilies, the willow trees and the sleepy country side makes Giverny a gorgeous scene.
  6. Venta Rapid, Lativa: The Venta Rapid is one of the widest and shortest waterfalls of Europe. The soothing sound of the water falling over light green moss and rocks makes this site unquestionably beautiful and peaceful.
  7. Lake Balaton, Hungary: Lake Balaton is one of the most longest and shallowest water lakes of Europe. The blue-green, turquoise colour of the lake bordered by greenery and country houses make this a beautiful landscape to visit.
  8. Flanders Field, Belgium: Endless seas of red flowers lying under beautiful blue skies make Flanders Field in Belgium breathtakingly beautiful. The site is made up of World War I battlefields which are now symbolically full of beautiful flowers. Flanders Field is not only a splendid scenery but also one of the most visited cemetery and memorial in the world.