Best International Educational Destinations

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Educational tourism is a new and upcoming mode of imparting education, which initially was confined to within the four walls of a classroom! Educational tours are important as they have the ability to make a lasting impact and brings about a significant change in the student’s growth. It enables them to gain a better perspective and be appreciative of what education and the world has to offer them. It is a great opportunity to learn and understand the significance of various historical events at the place where it happened! It brings the entire classroom to life and enables the students to develop a stronger connection to the subject! Here are some of the popular educational tour destinations outside India:

United States of America: The U.S.A is an obvious pick, simply due to it’s diversity and life-altering advancements it has achieved in science and technology. A visit to the NASA can truly be an enriching experience for the student and helps them to better understand the developments that have been achieved in the areas of outer space and technology. Cities such as Boston and Philadelphia depict rich American history and culture. The Harvard Square, Harvard University and the JFK library will turn out to be great inspiration for the students. California in the west coast will be the best place to portray the tremendous advancements in electrical and electronic fields. No trip to the U.S will be complete without visiting the magnificent White House, Lincoln Memorial and the Capitol Hill in Washington D.C!

Italy: Italy is a scintillating country known not only for it’s serene scenic beauty, but for it’s fascinating history, heritage and culture as well. Italy is the most popular destination for student tours as it features some of the world’s best museums and monuments. There is so much of history and legacy associated with the Roman Colosseum and the Vatican City. Moreover, Italy is the abode of Renaissance art of world famous painters such as Leonardo Da Vinci. Italy is a great place to soak in history, culture and architecture!

United Kingdom: London is a premier educational tour destination as it boasts of some of world’s most famous personalities such as Shakespeare, Queen Elizabeth and the Beatles. It is the melting pot of various forms of art, literature, music, entertainment and rich legacy. A visit to the famous Big Ben, the Windsor Castle, Houses of Parliament and the Buckingham Palace will prove to be a truly royal experience for the students!

Spain: Spain is a very vibrant and unique country which is a melting pot of various cultures and this is clearly depicted through the various forms of art, people, cuisine and the infrastructure. It is home to some of the world’s most spectacular churches, museums, monuments, sculptures and cathedrals. Spain is a wonderful educational destination as students can get the feel of diverse kingdoms which have ruled the nation in the past. The tomato festival will add more fun to the tour and will be a memorable experience for the students.

Australia: Australia is a country that is popularly known for it’s rich flora, fauna and the diverse wildlife. An educational tour to Australia will be a great learning experience for the students about the rich diversity of wildlife and marine species of the island continent. Australia also has a very rich and interesting history and a contemporary culture that is unique to the land and can be completely understood only by visiting the native people of the country. It’s advancements in the area of sports is another lucrative point which enables students to combine sports studies along with history and culture as well. Visiting the Great Coral Reef will definitely be the most awe-inspiring moment of the trip!

Educational tours arranged by professional travel agencies are hassle-free and enables the students as well as teachers and organizers to completely focus on the learning experience and not worry about logistics and other travel issues!