Visit Best Wildlife Sanctuaries in India

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India, the abode of heritage and culture also takes pride in its vast awe-inspiring beauty of flora and fauna. Our country is abundantly blessed with an unimaginable wild home for a vast range of uncommon animals. Such regions are protected by the Indian government and they are none other than the wild life sanctuaries. Being a home that serves to the fabulous wildlife sanctuaries and national parks, India is indeed a spot that can be called the nature lover’s paradise. The country’s untouched landscape invites the enthusiast into its rich wildlife ensuring that they have a different experience each time.

Wildlife Sanctuary

There are around over four hundred wildlife sanctuaries and eighty national parks in India. Visiting these sanctuaries which are spread from north to southern part of India is something that one should not miss during a holiday season. To help a traveler plan his or her trip, here is a list of the top five best wildlife sanctuaries that are waiting to be explored.

1. Rathambore National Park, Rajasthan: Tiger lovers would go spell bound visiting this park. Royal Bengal tigers are found roaming free. Once the hunting ground of the royal Rajasthan Kings, the Rathambore National Park today is considered as one of the major tourist attractions in the country that inspires every wild life photographer. Tigers are spotted throughout the day.

2. Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand: Proudly celebrating the completion of 75 years, this park invites over 75,000 visitors ever year. It is opened from 15th November to 15th June. The rest of the year is closed as a result of the monsoon season. Also known as the Land of the Trumpet, Roar and Song, its breath taking landscapes and wildlife is a worth an experience. The residents of this forest are the Asiatic Elephants, Bengal Tigers and about 600 species of the richest birds. It is great bondage one shares with the nature.

3. Bandhavgarh National Park, Madhya Pradesh: Nestled in the Vindhyas of Madhya Pradesh, this park was once the home of majestic white tigers. Named after an ancient that was built in the region, the park was once the hunting ground for the Reva kings of Jabalpur. Riding on an elephant back, one can easily wander through the forest spotting some tigers and other wild life attractions like the Wild Boar, Chinkara, Chital, and sometimes a jackal or a Fox. It is a place where the serene nature embraces the wild.

4. Periyar National Park, Kerala: Set in the mountains of the Western Ghats in God’s own country, this place is the home of Tigers, Indian Bisons and the Wild Boars. Its great scenic charm gives the visitor an utmost satisfaction.

5. Kaziranga National Park, Assam: This Park located in the lush lap of Mother Nature in Assam, is shelter to the one horned Rhinoceros. A ride by the river would be a wonderful means to spot lovely dolphins. Also known as the birding paradise, this park will definitely be worth the trip.

Wild life enthusiasts and nature lovers should grab this opportunity and put on their ranger’s hat and reach out to the travel agent who would make this trip a memorable and a safe one with cherishing memories carried back home.