Europe Tour Packages

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Europe is one of the seven continents in the world. Europe is a place where you can see people of diverse culture, rich history and traditions. Ancient Greece in Europe is considered to be the birthplace of Western civilization. Europe has a prominent place in the global affairs and has huge importance when it comes to the world economy. The continent is bordered by the Arctic Ocean in the North, Mediterranean Sea in the South, Black Sea in south east and in the west by the Atlantic Ocean. It stands second in the list of continents that have the smallest surface area and is the third most populated continent after Asia and Africa. It has 50 countries within the continent, out of which Russia is the largest.

European history in brief

In the pre historical period, the earliest civilization traces were found in Europe. The Homo Erectus Georgics (upright man) lived in Georgia about 1.8 million years ago. Europe is also the place where the Neanderthals lived and became extinct. Ancient Greece which was the birthplace of the Western civilization has a profound impact in the policies of the western nation such as individualistic culture and also the principles of democratic nature. Romans also have their share of being the major influencing factor on Europe. The continent as a whole has its part during all the ages such as the early age, middle age and the modern age as well.

Tourism in Europe

It can be said that the more than half of the top destinations in the world for tourism are in Europe. The place also has a wide array of honey moon areas which are unmatched and exclusive. The place is filled with breathtaking sceneries filled with pristine nature, architectural marvels, tranquil beaches, historical monuments and scenic coastlines.
Some of the must see places in Europe:

London – One of the most spectacular places on earth! You can find places where you can soak into culture, art, and history. There are places like the London Eye, British Museum, Madame Tussauds, Tower of London and many more o keep you busy all day long.

Italy – It is one city where you can stay for a year and still feel that you have barely seen anything. Amazing historical places, extra-ordinary art, mouthwatering food and what not, this place has so much to offer.

Paris, France – One of the top tourist destinations, every traveler will make it a point to visit the major places in Paris. It includes the Eiffel tower, Louvre, Notre Dame and the list goes on. The tourists can also find some of the best wines in the world here.

Barcelona, Spain – This is a must see place for the architectural lovers. The place consists of medieval wonders of the Romans. You will be able to find architectures in a fanciful way all around the city.

Istanbul – The place has a mix of various cultures due to its positioning. The tourists can spot a potpourri of Greek, Roman, Ottoman and Byzantine architectures all over the town.

Europe has more than 68,000 attractions and also many places to be visited such as Switzerland, Rome, Florence, Prague, Berlin, Dublin and the list is endless. It is the perfect destination for family and couples looking for an unforgettable vacation.